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56 comments to “David LaChapelle Responds To Rihanna's Music Video Scandal On Twitter!”

  1. 1

    I love david lachapella. But i think its ridiculous when someone thinks they own imagery just because they had something similar first. Like they can be the only creative fun persons in the world or whatever. So sick of that shit

  2. 2

    Perez you are an ass, you started all this, Rihanna shouldent have put you in her video

  3. 3

    You may not have directed it, but I'm sure you had every idea while making it. Either that or you are horribly blind. You were on the leash after all. I can see you saying how hot and LaChapelle it was while making it. Thinking people would love it. Like Slimy Garland Matty et al, you are very wrong again. Enjoy the backlash Punkinhead, you earned it through your own famewhoring and lack of integrity.

  4. 4

    Loser behaviour. He should be flattered instead.

  5. 5

    obviously it was inspiration for the video, why not give him some credit?? all of this could have been avoided.

  6. 6

    You should be used to stealing Mario! You take every celeb gossip story from other sites (a day late). What's new?

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: Achilles Hartsteen – I agree well said.

  9. 9

    oh please, what petty bullshit. everybody thinks they're a fucking genius, but LaChapelle should be horrified - Rihanna's such a poseur.

  10. 10

    O yeah because a POP STAR DIVA like RIHANNA wouldn't jump unless Perez Hilton told how high!! If you have a problem with the blog then don't come on here LOSERS. Anyway, Imitation is the highest form of Flattery Mr. LaChappelle. ♥ Rihanna and ♥ Perez :)

  11. 11

    It's just a stratagem for gettin more viwes.

  12. 12

    Perez your a NIT WIT! First your site has become a kiss ass "nice guy" site, you LOVE everybody, you now have "feelings" for everyone. What a LAME ass! You were in the video FOOL, maybe you actually did NOT know who David was or know his work! Of late your acting like mr know it all, fashion, pets, dieting, fitness. Your not even a good blogger anymore cause your soft and "KIND"! You expect people to believe you are pro at fashion and fitness, I dont want to look like you EVER! I can hear it now, you on the set with RIRI, I love you, I love this concept, I love this song, fucking KISS ASS! The silver lining is that you are portrayed correctly in the video, you are a ugly dog on a leash!

  13. 13

    RIRIdiculous and Perez are nothing but puppets being used to wipe out peoples morals and REAL love for each other with that retarded perverse video.

  14. Stepy says – reply to this


    Usually I dont think that its stealing…but this one is SUPER obvious!! He's got a right to be pissed off. Id sue for royalties if I were him.

  15. 15

    S&M themes and imagery are so over used. its all just one giant rip off after another, people following each other around rehashing the same old rubber and 'pain' - no one has found an interesting or original use for this stuff in years.

  16. 16

    Duh. He is just a dumb. He is not the only guy who is creative in this world. Nice job perez.

  17. 17

    hes just mad he didnt get paid for it, thats all rich people care about. you jipped him on his pay

  18. 18

    I am a Rihanna fan but he is right.
    It was a complete and blatant rip off of his work, to the t.

  19. 19

    First you wanted to say that "we" got the video to #1, and now you wanna say "we" didn't direct it… seriously, shut up.

  20. 20

    Okay, first of all..David's tweet should have been sent to the director of Rihanna's video and not to Rihanna herself. Second of all, Perez didn't start this. I read this in the British newspapers before he posted it on this site. That's where Perez gets all his gossips from. I hardly even come here anymore. He gets all his gossips from the Daily Mail UK (which is always the first in celebrity news), then he repost it here like he's the one that thought of it.

  21. 21

    TEAM LACHAPELLA!!!!! LOVE him, Love his mind! Dont steal rihanna!! Tho shes only the act. like she knows what else is going on.

    Why mention Paris??

  22. 22

    Imitation may be the highest form of flattery. But imitation without any sort of credit is called plagiarism. For those that think this is okay, did you also cheat on your tests throughout school and not cite references on research papers?

  23. 23

    LaChapelle needs to sue her ass.

  24. 24

    The anger should be aimed at the person who directed this video.Not Rihanna. The director was hired to do a job. Rihanna, as the artist, shows up to do her part. That's how it works. Is she supposed to fact check every frame of the video now to make sure its an original idea of the directors?

  25. 25

    He has a right to be mad and Rihanna is to blame as well after all her videos are a representation of her and her so call artistic work. She wants to be taken seriously and poses as a real artist then here are the consequences. Yes of course the director played a major role in this but for someone who acts like they know about fashion she's going to sit and say she had no idea who lachapelle is? It's not like he's Joe from across the street lachapelle is an artist in his own right. But as far as I know Rihanna nor her camp have spoken probably hoping it will just go away.

  26. 26

    this is soooo lame! this is the same shit that christina went through with not myself tonight! I think its funny that you talked hella shit about her and now ur going through the same shit, who's the Clone now? I hope this makes u realize that everyone takes inspiration from everyone. lame

  27. 27

    First of all, you're an unbearable disloyal kiss-ass. You post a thousand videos of Rhianna's "hot new video" to promote it (i.e., show off) and talk incessantly about it. Then, the second you get wind that it's not going over so well, you throw Rhianna under the bus and go tweeting to LaChapelle, acting as though you had no idea his imagery had been imitated. That's real loyalty and integrity, Perez. (And please. If you were familiar with LaChapelle's work, you knew perfectly well the similarities. So stop trying to shirk responsibility and put it all on Rhianna, you shitty friend.)
    That being said, I agree with @Achilles Hartsteen. It's perfectly plausable that more than one person has a similar design aesthetic. Just because two things look alike doesn't mean someone blatantly copied. What, other people can't employ latex and bondage elements into their work because LaChapelle did it? Ridiculous.
    Long story short, you're a worm of a person, and everyone else needs to calm down and realize that things can be similar without plagiarism.

  28. 28

    It was a blatent theft but technically it wasn't Rihanna's fault, the director should be the one he's tweeting.

  29. 29

    He should be impressed and honored!! That greedy fuck has soo much money! He better not start a war with Rhianna's fans. Fucker. Besides, Its a colorful video! It didnt have his name on the clothing or anything! He's despicable. Ugh.

  30. 30

    Re: TORTEZ – LMAO! You boring prude. Get over it! It's fresh, new, and exciting. Unlike you hunny. What's the best you got? Besides sitting at home hating on others. LOVE not hate girl.

  31. 31

    Haha last time you'll ever get a call from Rihanna now.

  32. 32

    You didn't direct the video but you were certainly happy enough to throw Rihanna under the bus.

  33. 33

    Re: BogachanKaradut – "Duh. He is just a dumb. He is not the only guy who is creative in this world. Nice job perez."

    wtf? "he's not the only guy who is creative".. oh yeah cuz the director of this video was really creative by copying all this.. I FORGOT my bad! djeez

  34. 34

    I would be pissed too.

  35. 35

    Re: abunnyfish – Lmao I thought I was the only one that read his tw eets from here. I like how perez wrote to chapelle sorry but they made me their bitch.

  36. 36

    Re: Carver09

    No, not really. It would be different if there was one, maybe two similar images…But perez posted at least seven.

    So I believe David has just a bit of a right to be pissed off.

  37. 37

    someone's acting a little too catty!

  38. 38

    definitely ripped him off

  39. 39

    Maybe he should speak with the director?

  40. 40

    Re: Bella Love

    There were at least SEVEN, mind you, SEVEN, side by side exact rip offs of chapelle's work. It was also REPORTED that the director had chapelle's pictures hanging around set.

    That is not showing flattery, that is proving that the director didn't have an original concept in his damned mind. Chapelle has every SINGLE right to be pissed off. Maybe one, or two images could have been 'inspired'. But SEVEN? I don't think so.

    This isn't about greed. It's about plagiarism.

  41. 41

    i rather hear your own thoughts on this perez !
    to be fully honest , when i saw flashes of her s&m video , i wanted to ask ytou if it was directed by david lachapelle ,
    quite smart of rihanna to ask perez to be in her copycat video . quite ignorant of perez to not understand what you are shooting . its a perfect example of of being a famewhore . but not knowing ypour photographers ,stylist set ideas and all that what comes with it makes you quite an idiot . saying you didnt direct it , is almost the same of trying to step away from something that you worked on .
    i somehow cannot believe you didnt feel the david lachapelle fibe while on set .

  42. 42

    honestly, maybe you should give Perez the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he didn't realize that him being on a leash was a total ripoff of Lachapelle's work, I mean he only had ONE part so it isn't like he KNEW what the final product would look like so therefore you can't blame him. However, the director definitely did ripoff LaChapelle's work and it would be safe to say that Rihanna had some input into it to because come on, which artist now just 'shows up' to the set and does what they are told? They all have some input so Rihanna and the director knew they were ripping off LaChapelle's work. That, and Rihanna is a poser and fake. She keeps changing up her look so much that I find it hard to take her seriously now.

  43. 43

    Serves you right.

  44. 44

    Before everyone goes blaming the director, you should probably find out who's idea it really was… music video directors are RARELY the ones who come up with the concept for the video, they just make it come to fruition… it's usually the artist or their management who have the initial idea. Can't say for sure in this case since I'm not in their heads - but I would like to know who's idea it really was. Having creative ideas that someone else already had is one thing - this is a blatant rip-off.

  45. 45

    Re: Skate 08 – Management has zero to do with concepts for videos. Directors are usually the ones that come up with treatments for videos. Artists might be the ones that approve them, but for the most part, the director creates the vision. Nice try, but Rihanna is not at fault here. This is also not the first time this particular director has been accused of ripping off someones work. He also stole the idea for Rihanna's Rude Boy video from Mia's video for "Boyz". I think the only mistake Rihanna made was in rehiring this particular director after that. If I were Rihanna, I wouldn't work with them again after this because it reflects badly on her. Also, its funny how everyone just assumes that people automatically know who LaChapelle is and that everyone is familiar with every single photo he ever took. I have never even heard of this dude or seen any of his work until all of this came out about the video. I'm sure the director knew who he was, but that doesn't mean Rihanna or Perez were automatically familiar with his stuff.

  46. 46

    Yeah i hope david Lachapelle sues !!!!

  47. 47

    Re: Captive – Shut the fuck up slut. Perez has nothing to do with this.

  48. 48

    I'm definately with LaChapelle on this one. If Rihanna and her team found his work so interesting and inspirational, why not take it a step further and ask for his creative input and involvement. Or at the very least they could have told him about their idea's and kinda asked for permission.

  49. 49

    I think it comes down to the fact that he makes music videos and that is what makes this so disrespectful. He is an incredible photographer and director. She made no great addition or interpretation of his work, it was simply derivative of Lachapelle. That is pretty crummy for an artist, because we have all felt the sting of something stolen.

  50. 50

    He's right.

    You can't just steal someone's work. They should've hired him

  51. 51

    Re: lacey1 – You not knowing who he is is perfectly understandable Rihanna not knowing who he is NOT understandable. She works in this industry and she is bound to have ran into his work at one point in her life. He has photograph and directed current artists so there is no way she didn't know his work. Basically they run in the same ciricle so she's got to be pretty navie not to know. This is not just one shot that was similar but multiple shots with the same color scheme etc., why does it seem like ppl are blaming Perez more? This video is not representing Perez b/c he's not the artist singing the song he is the one who just showed up to be film in the video. But Rihanna is the artist and she should be more careful that anything representing her is not a copy of someones elses work. Unless now Rihanna is just a puppet who does what she is told which seems to be what her fans are indirectly saying by casting more blame on Perez than her which is just ridiculous.

  52. 52

    Re: MJJ – he has actually photographed her before. check out his website.

  53. 53

    Re: MJJ – That still doesn't mean Rihanna knew every single solitary photo the man has ever taken in his entire career. You can be familiar with someone's work and still not have full in-depth knowledge of everything they've done. The lady that directed this video has track record of stealing ideas for Rihanna videos. This ain't the first time she's done this. Place the blame where it belongs. On the director.

  54. 54

    Re: lacey1 – Of all the dozens of bands I have worked with professionally over the years, they have always been the ones who came up with the concepts for their own videos and then hired the director who would best bring that concept to life. Again, I never said it was Rhianna's fault, but you can't go blaming the director either before knowing who's idea it really was. My point is that WE don't know whose idea it was, so WE shouldn't be blaming anyone… thought it was clearly ripped off from one of the best known photographers in the world. Look him up. You may not know his work, but lots of people do - including the person who came up with the concept for this video.

  55. 55

    Re: lacey1 – your right, rihanna has better things to do than research every single picture that has been taken in the past…

  56. 56

    its not ideas its actual physical work thats been directly RIPPED OFF anyone would be fuming especailly when its as effed up as it was by them.
    dont blame perez he didnt know till later.

    surely he could sue for breach of something .