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Family Of Madonna's Adopted Daughter Wants To Sue Over Visitation Rights!

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This can't be good.

The family of Madonna's adopted Malawian daughter, Mercy James, are threatening to sue the singer, claiming that she broke her promise to allow them to see the girl.

The family says they were guaranteed regular contact with Mercy James, but they have not seen her once since Madonna's adopted her.

They have asked the country's leading civil rights group CILIC to help them with their case.

Director of the CILIC, Emmie Chanika, says:

"Mercy’s family have met me several times over the past year and they have been very upset. They have a strong recollection of being told that they would be able to see Mercy and have regular contact with her – and that when she is an adult she will return to live with them in Malawi.

I believe they have a case in law because there appears to have been a verbal contract between them and Madonna’s representatives. I have already consulted a lawyer on their behalf. Obviously there could be problems as there is no written agreement, but the lawyer is looking into it.

I am preparing a letter which will appeal to Madonna’s lawyer Alan Chinula to intervene on the family’s behalf and ask Madonna to kindly let Mercy meet her family. None of us desires an embarrassing and expensive court case which could humiliate or inconvenience Madonna. The best outcome would be a proper agreement to let Mercy meet her family on a regular basis."

If the family and Madonna agreed on visitations, then they do have a right to see Mercy James. Hopefully, for her sake, everything can be worked out.

[Image via WENN.]

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42 comments to “Family Of Madonna's Adopted Daughter Wants To Sue Over Visitation Rights!”

  1. 1

    They don't care about the girl. They just want money that's it. (:

  2. 2

    Do they really think Mercy is gonna want to go back to Malawi when she gets older?

  3. 3

    I just watched a program about the children in orphanages in Haiti ( I know..Not the same place as mercy is from..bear with me) and since the disasters alot of families have been giving their children to the orphanages. When interviewed one of the orphanage operators (who was an american) said she has to sit every parent down when they bring their child to leave it there, and explain to them that no matter what ANYone told them in their village, they were giving up complete rights and contact with their child, and most importantly, the child would not be coming back to them as an adult. The people in the little villages were being told by friends and family, to give up the children they cant care for, but it was ok, cause they would know about their real families, come back as adults with an education and money and help the family and community. In some cases after she told them that, the people backed out and didn't want to leave their kid after all. It's sad really. But I doubt it was Madonna that told them this, I am sure it was just a concept they just figured was going to happen…and then it was made clear LATER, that it wasn't. and now its too late.

  4. 4

    whatever the circumstances (like poverty) that put people in the horrible position of deciding to put a child up for adoption, i firmly believe once you do it you're done. you're no longer a part of that child's life, so should have no rights to see, be with, etc. the child. these people are either not comprehending what they did or are simply making noise for publicity.

  5. 5

    you know, I can see some type of agreement that Mercey's family gets to see her OR gets pics and updates on her…… like on a yearly basis…. BUT, THERE IS NO WAY LEGALLY TO MAKE HER RETURN TO THE COUNTRY WHEN SHE IS OF LEGAL AGE AND LIVE THERE…. Did Madonna and her people just YES these people? I can see that… But lets be real here, who in their RIGHT MIND would want to go back to a 3rd world country after living all the world, with modern conveniences? She will think they are all BACKWARDS.

  6. 6

    Oh dear, first Madge the Vadge bails on building the school, and now she refuses to keep her word about Mercy. Is there ANYTHING she can do honourably? Mad Donna must be a compulsive liar!!

  7. 7

    what really bothers me is saying once she is an adult she will return there to live them in Malawi. How can you raise a child and then just send her back to a 3rd world country when shes an adult that is psycho. I highly doubt they were told that. That would screw a kid up. Idiots.

  8. 8

    Given this is from the Daily Mail, I highly doubt the quotes are one hundred percent true. If they are, it's all about money. They could care less about the child but are just trying to make a couple bucks.

  9. 9

    This sounds like extortion. They want to avoid an "embarrassing" trial? Fat chance! They dumped their kid in an orphanage and now this? Madonna has been making regular trips with her whole family to Malawi and she's not just building one school, she's building several schools and I think she is truly trying to do something good. And, as usual, people can be so ugly.

  10. 10

    I am from Haiti, and all orphanages are different but THERE IS DIFFERENT TYPES OF ADOPTION people. The common one is full adoption, where the parent gives up the child, and then the child is adopted, but now a days. Alot of parents choose OPEN ADOPTION: where the biological parents and family keep contact with their child/ren but the adoptive parents are considered by law the legitimate parents, and FOSTER ADOPTION: where the child is not legally the adoptive parents and the bio parents still have full rights to the child
    In Africa–especially Malawi–full adoption is NOT the type of adoption granted in a majority of countries because like Haiti, the bio parents and families do NOT want to GIVE UP their children, the just want the best opportunity for their children. Usually relatives are the first opp, then foster-adoption, but most want and prefer OPEN adoption–but as the last resort before Full adoption because children are an assent to them. So if Madonna knew this, Mercy needs to go home to see her family, this is what she and they agreed to–it's that simple.

  11. 11

    My my, aren't we interested in the little girl now that she's been adopted by a rich and famous person. Too bad they had no interest in her when she was rotting away in that orphanage and they never came to see her like she didn't even exist.

  12. 12

    these people think that she be back too malawi when she is a adult haha as if she ever return to that 3rd world country to live. That baby has the life of living the rich life now madonna is super rich that baby girl has everything she could want. at least madonna will give her food…. and clothing and a education. what can these people give her? nothing but the suffering of living in poverty. these people only want money from madonna they don't care about the little girl.

  13. 13

    This smells publicity stunt by a bunch of knowledgeable opportunists working within the civil rights group. The illiteracy rate is rock bottom in poverty-stricken Malawi.. I wouldn't believe Mercy's family priorities and needs would include visitation rights at the moment. Either they have brainwashed Mercy's family under false pretence that Madonna owes them something after what has been agreed upon, then using Madonna's name to get attention and advance their career obver the false pretext of civil rights.

  14. 14

    Madonna did this family a favor by taking the girl and raising her as her own and these people have the audacity to sue her? Shame on them. If they wanted to see their daughter they should have kept her at home not sent her thousands of miles away, but they chose to do whats best for the girl. It's sad that Madonna gets taken advantage of for trying to be a good giving person.

  15. 15

    In Malawi, "visitation rights" translates to "fly all of us to the U.S., put us up at Cheateau, entertain and feed us, and let us return when we feel like it." The chances of Mercy James returning to Malawi to live when she is grown are somewhere between diddly and squat, and they know it.

  16. 16

    Madge the Vadge to one of her obseqious servile cretins late 2008 :
    M - How many children do I have and how many does that shrew Angelina have?
    aide - You've got the three, your queenliness, but the Jolie-Pitts are up to 6.
    M - Well, get on the horn to Malawi. They worship me there. See if you can round up a couple of strays. Promise them anything… rights of visitation, free schools, blah blah blah! Don't take no for an answer or you're fired.
    aide - Yes, your eminence! Right away!

  17. 17

    If both parties agreed to open adoption, that's one thing, and they may have legal rights to visitation. But there is NO way they can force Mercy to return to her birth family as an adult. She'll be of legal age to do what she likes.

  18. 18

    Whatever is written, should be done. If there is a written agreement for visitation than it should be followed through. Otherwise this family needs to shut up. They sold their baby like a sack of potatos. Now that the money is gone, they are trying to extort more. Madonna needs to use her lawyers and crush them legally like bugs. Everytime I see a picture of that little girl she is smiling. Why the hell would she want to leave her current lifestyle and go live in a mud hut.

  19. 19

    I'm pretty damn sure that once Mercy is an adult she won't want anything to do with that Malawian scum, although her PR will find a better way to express her wishes. Mercy is just glad her mommy coughed up the $$$$$$ to buy her! It's funny coz it's true.

  20. 20

    why can't these rich assholes adopt kids from the country they live in? what there are no orphans here or in the UK?

  21. 21

    This little girl was in an orphanage when she was adopted by Madonna and was given to the orphanage by her family. When you give up your child you are giving up the rights to that child. The same thing happened with David, the little boy she adopted. IF you don't want your children adopted then do not place them in an orphanage. It's interesting that this family didn't want her when they put her in that orphanage. Madonna will give her a life she could only have dreamed of and it is highly unlikely she will return to Malawi to live.

  22. 22

    They shouldn't have been granted visitation rights.

    I know that may sound cold, but I am adopted myself. I am speaking from experience. Nothing is more confusing then being with your family, and then having those that are biologically related to you, coming in, and expecting something of you.

    They could not take care of their daughter. She now has a better life. They should give her some space.

  23. 23

    I've got to call bullsh!t on this one. While they may have agreed to some sort of visitation, I can't believe that Madonna adopted the girl agreeing that she would return to Malawi to live once she is an adult. Sounds like that part is completely fabricated. Is it fabricated by the birth family or did maybe someone else who was involved? IMO if you add lie to truth, your story is no longer believable whatsoever.

  24. 24

    I used to hate Madonna so much. I even had a web site about her. But now I love her.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: annoyedbyignorantfools – Intelligent post. It's incredibly sad for the very poor who are sometimes forced to make such a terrible choice by dire circumstances.

  26. 26

    o my god, they have millions of orphans, why the hell cant she get one w/out a family. im sure they'd appreciate it just as much

  27. 27

    Little Mercy James was given up for adoption. Her parents decided she's be better off with another family, hence he new mother and new siblings. I hope the Malawi people can leave madonna and this little girl alone and allow this child to grow up in the family that actually wants her and loves her dearly.

  28. 28

    The natural parents' motives don't matter. If Madonna agreed to these terms when she adopted the baby then she needs to be held to them.

  29. 29

    Hagdonna has always been a thief, liar and an opportunist. What's new?

  30. 30

    so now they're wanting to see the kid ? where have they been until this point ? what could they possibly offer her that she can't have a million times over with momma madonna ? return to malawi ? yeah, right….

  31. 31

    You don't abandon a child in an orphanage and then pretend to have rights to visit her, too late.

  32. 32

    what the hell is a "verbal" contract? there is no such thing!

  33. 33

    LOL to her going back when she's an adult

  34. 34

    Um sorry, but Madonna and her people would not be able to promise that Mercy would return as an adult. Mercy can live wherever she wants when she is an adult and I imagine she would decline to return to such a horrible country as Malawi.

  35. 35

    Re: Ghostpiratezombie – That's what I'm saying. Agree.

  36. 36

    She should have adopted orphans, not kids who have relatives that are still around. They always want something.

  37. 37

    This is disgusting - Madonna has no business adopting a child who already has a family. There are so many orphans in the world who need a home. Madonna fail!

  38. 38

    This may sound a bit obnoxious but why would she not adopt one of the millions of orphaned children? Surely that would remove any controversy pertaining to the family.

  39. 39

    When you are in an orphanage, you are an ORPHAN. Madonna's heart has been in the right place, but she should have realized how backwards this country is. Instead of praising her, they are trying to tear her apart. But this story originated in the Daily Mail, so I question the truth of it.

  40. 40

    OK M…give back the chimp!!! ok…stop it!!!

  41. 41

    Here is a question, if being able to see her whenever they wanted was so important, then why give her up? I understand maybe they are not financially strong at all but still! Just my opinion as someone who has lived in Africa and see people give up their kids, this little girl is probably just a meal ticket, give up enough of her to maybe get a handout from Madonna but still have some control. A lady in Africa gave up her Daughter to my aunt when my Aunt was living in CA but when she decided to move back to Africa for good, they wanted her back coz now she was no longer their gateway to ever moving to America. I am not a believer in Open adoption, too messy!

  42. 42

    The girl would never return to Malawi when she gets older. Are they nuts ?
    And why would she afterall ?