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Fox News Number One In Egypt Ratings

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Fox Is Number One Yeah


Looks like the battles between protestors in Egypt aren't the only ones going down, as we get reports of which media outlets are scoring the most viewers off the strife of those in very real, very dangerous situations!

According to the numbers, Fox News is on top in ratings, beating out the former go-to coverage champs, CNN.

"Fox News leads the cable news ratings for the coverage of the unrest in Egypt so far by a wide margin, but the continuous coverage of the turmoil in Cairo has lifted CNN from No.3 to No.2 in most categories. From Monday through Thursday, Fox News drew 2.5 million viewers (628,000 in adults 25-54) in primetime and 1.2 million (344,000) in total day."

Hopefully this week will be much calmer in Egypt!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Fox News Number One In Egypt Ratings”

  1. 1

    Why does this surprise you? Fox News is the #1 news channel, always will be.

  2. Blunt says – reply to this


    lmao let's be real 50% of the viewers watch to see glenn beck have a bipolar manic attack,orielly calling people "pin heads" and to see the rest of them spew hate. lol Just because ratings are high doesnt mean ppl believe their bigoted reporting. I mean look at the jersey shore 8mill viewers doubt ppl watch because snooki is "intelligent person to watch" lol fuck hoax news, i mean fox news

  3. 3

    not true

  4. 4

    Re: IhateObama1 – It's not really surprising that you love fox news - your name is IhateObama1 - I'm glad to hear the phrase "ignorance is bliss" ring true - what are you going to do with that name when Obama is out of office and you hate the next Democrat who wins??

  5. 5

    You must be so proud getting rich off the backs of the suffering. That's why American journalists tried to provoke the protesters, to make the story and the conflict more sensational. I bet that finger has all kinds of stink all over it.

  6. 6

    They always beat CNN!
    BLUNT~ yes you are soo right~ idiot, obviously a factless statement as always, nice try, calm down now.
    Truth hurts, man up!

    I'm not white, I love Fox, not an Obama supporter, and it seems slowly but surely most people are not liking Obama. AND THANKS

  7. 7

    IhateObama1 took the words right out of my mouth…

    This should not be a surprise whatsoever! Fox News always had/have the highest ratings. Don't be jelly Chris Fatthews & Rachel MadCow fans ;)

  8. 8

    That's right, O'REILLY RULES, while the libs DROOLZ! Loving every second of every day of every year of it!!!

  9. 9

    This is sad for America. Watch Outfoxed!

  10. 10

    Re: big_momma – Your statement "slowly but surely most people are not liking Obama right now" is the most factless thing I've heard ever!! (clearly an exaggeration) However, beyond the point, Gallop had Obama's approval rating at 50% at the beginning of the month which is the highest it's been since May, so I don't know who these "people" are that "are not liking Obama" but next time you trash someone for their facts, get yours straight.

  11. 11

    The only reason I'd watch fox news is to see how far off they are from reality. I hope in the past two years they figured out where Egypt is, or was that a prediction they had.. switch out Iraq with Egypt. Maybe they had inside info. Look how many people watch things like Jersey shore. Ratings do not equal "better."