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New Transformers 3 Trailer!

| Filed under: Film Flickers

We miss Megan Fox!

Check out the film's Super Bowl commercial (above)!

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17 comments to “New Transformers 3 Trailer!”

  1. 1

    This movie actually looks good. Shocking. Fuck Megan Fox and her stupid NEW face.

  2. 2

    Im not going to see the movie. I only watched the others because of Shia AND Meagan Fox. Instead of replacing her with a ACTRESS they get some blonde bimbo who was a Victoria Secret model + poses NUDE? WTF?? There are plenty and talented actresses out there they could have gave the role to. It's the last movie of the franchise ,they should have just kept Meagan.

  3. 3

    He essentially traded one hot chick that can't act with another hot chick that can't act. The two things you are guaranteed with Bay movies are explosions and T&A. Who cares about actual acting ability when you can have CG robots (whom you are unable to tell apart in fight scenes) kick the ever living hell out of each other while a girl in a push-up bra pouts while running away in slow-mo?

  4. 4

    Im gonna watch it!!!!! who cares if the second one sucked the first one was a classic action film in my book

  5. 5

    im gonna miss megan:(

  6. 6

    I know this is just going to be even worse that the really, really shit sequel. Will probably catch it on DVD when a friend buys it or something.

  7. 7

    I'm am glad Megan Fox isn't in this one though, she's funny looking to me, and has 0 acting ability.

  8. 8

    huh! exactly what I thought she`d be like..girlfriend has no sexappeal whatsoever..haha. no megan fox=no transformers movie for me…next please!

  9. 9

    Already missing Megan :( Won't see this one, eugh.

  10. 10

    Transformers is the BOM. Love it I don't care sexy chick they use.

  11. 11

    fucking love it.

  12. 12

    I am so glad megan fox is not gonna be in transformers 3. she sucks so bad at being an actress. i didn't see the other transformers because she was in it. and she sucks balls pretty much. i mean the least they could do is hire a very talented actress to do the part not some skanky no talent wannabe like megan fox. like giselle the beautiful model. she's a good model & actress. she would fit the part perfectly she's drop dead gorgeous and she's a bad ass tough chick. and i mean she's definitely gorgeous. she's a freakin model for crying out loud. megan fox needs to step a side. lol megan wishes she was that gorgeous like giselle. megan fox just looks too slutty. and that's not a good thing.

  13. 13

    So i take it the scenes shown in this trailer will be the ONLY scenes that are not close-ups. Michael Bay…. STOP WITH ALL YOUR CRAP CLOSEUP SHOTS. THEY ARE TIRESOME AND A BAD WAY OF SAVING MONEY!

  14. 14

    Re: HarleyDexter
    You said it!! I hate his close up shots. You can't tell what's what.

  15. 15

    I'll watch it. I don't really care if she's in it or not.

  16. 16

    Re: white_is_ugly – giselle is not gorgeous what the fuckkkk >_> adriana lima over every other fucking model in the fashion world… ESPECIALLY giselle lmfao. u have bad taste buddy if u think shes the most gorgeous, holy shit.

  17. 17

    More robot battles. No thanks.