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Streisand Dodges Higher Taxes By Transferring Properties To Her Husband

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Barbra Streisand may be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but that doesn't mean she wants to spend it on silly things like taxes.

Back in 2008, Babs gave 5 of her Las Vegas properties to her husband, James Brolin, via the Interfamily Transfer and Dissolution loophole.

By doing that, she legally avoids higher property taxes.


[Image via Jody Cortes/WENN.]

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30 comments to “Streisand Dodges Higher Taxes By Transferring Properties To Her Husband”

  1. 1

    Ohh look its James Brolin and Karl Malden, together at last.

  2. 2

    Oh yeah I see how the rich pay their fair share of taxes. What festering boils on the ass of society.

  3. 3

    Re: sNaTcHqUaTcH – Facepalm. You had a choice not to be, but you went ahead with being a dick.

  4. 4

    Re: OhBigDeal – lol

  5. 5

    Good for her. Obviously her tax attorney knows the score. Taxes are a fucking scam anyways to keep the average person down & a slave to big government. Go ahead and take all your paystubs for an entire year. Add it all up - then calculate your total income vs. your take home pay. You will soon discover that you give away HALF of your years pay in taxes. And here you didn't know you were a "volunteer." (snort). So basically, you work a whole year & get paid for half. And look out if you don't pay them, because then they'll come after your ass. Just ask Willie or Wesley. Just another way the government bends you over. Fucking thieves. (Oh - and kudos Barbra for landing that silver fox).

  6. 6

    Its not a loop hole, its basic tax planning which uses an allowance your government expects you use, thats why its there and legal.

    It applies equally to poor and rich people. Dont start whinging about it because your jealous or the government will take it away (something to your benefit) which will screw over the average person more.

  7. 7

    Good for her. Its the system, loopholes for the rich. The republicans don't want rich people to pay taxes. Ask John Ballbaby Boehner.
    She followed the lead of Mass. Senator Kerry. He registered his new multi million dollar yacht in Rhode Island to avoid paying the high taxes in Mass. Of course when his nose was rubbed in his own shit he came up with the 600,000 dollars of his uber rich wife's money and paid up to Mass.
    Role model is what they call it.

  8. 8

    So, let me get this straight. Democrats want the rich folks to carry even more of the tax burden than they already do. Yet, Queen of the Democrats is dodging taxes. Shocker.

  9. 9

    So what. If she is smart enough to save a buck or 2 so be it. Good for her. I would do it also and so would all of you ppl if you had that kind of money. Cut her down and it's just jealousy. And Perez, I don't know why you don't like her but this woman has more talent in her little finger than your CA CA has in her entire body. You wouldn't know talent if it was rubbed in your face.

  10. 10

    Re: Scotch Love
    You need to do better maths.
    You do not give half your paycheck in taxes unless you are in the upper echelons. Most people pay a quarter.
    Oh and by the way: how should your 'big government" get the money it needs to pay for roads, police, teachers, doctors, etc., unless they get their money from taxes? Money HAS to come from somewhere (unless you want government to just print and print and print new dollars… that are worth nothing).

  11. 11

    Re: rickraton – That lead is hipocricy. Kerry, as well as her have espoused the virtues of the rich paying more taxes to help the poor and this country and villified the rich and right wing populous for being greedy and not helping out. They both then skirt the tax code. What a sorry bitch she is, and your ignorance is sadly…expected.

  12. 12

    Re: AzureAngel – Ahhh, another fucking retard heard from. You sound like the wealthy liberal you are defending. True, it's there for rich and poor alike. Only problem is, poor people don't own 5 properties, or, wait for it, THEY WOULD NOT BE POOR! That's like saying the KKK is an equal opportunity organization. Black people can apply to join but the odss are, they won't be allowed in. It doesn't count if certain people can attempt to be included in something but literally have no chance of acceptance. Get a fucking clue.

  13. 13

    leona helmsley the 2nd…….. only the little people pay taxes.

  14. 14

    i love these rich libs that talk about helping the poor people thru big government entitlement programs and then do everything they can not to pay taxes.

  15. 15

    Streisand is a typical liberal! She's FOR raising everyone else's taxes, but when push comes to shove, she doesn't want to pay higher taxes herself. Hypocrite!!

  16. 16

    Wow! Greedy rich Jew acting like a greedy rich Jew. News at eleven.

  17. 17

    There should be a limit to personal wealth… But then people say "but she earned it" "its her money". Yeah, and I say shes a terrible human being/we are a terrible race to allow such differences in wealth. So what if she gives to charity, its nothing compared to all her cr*p. Nobody needs that much. "oh it makes her happy" . If youre not happy with 50 or 70 mil. euros as the max. amount for example, youre just a greed SOB. I would never for a second complain if they capped my wealth to 50 mil. Youd have to be insane. Any money above that should produce jobs, build roads, hospitals, education etc..

  18. 18


  19. 19

    I guess this is Bab's way of "distributing the wealth"!!

  20. 20

    Re: Scotch Love – If you want to live in a country with the privilidges of law enforcement, a legal system, a military, an education system, emergency services etc, basically if you want to live in a country with an infrastucture that makes it a civilzed place to live, that makes YOU safe and able to live as you wish, you HAVE to pay taxes. Where else will that money come from?

  21. 21

    Oh I get it…Another Hollywood Liberal elite evading taxes. Why is it Okay for Hollywood stars to bash private corporations for tax loopholes and these same stars,producers,directors etc.. play the same game. I guess since Hollywood owns the media and can control the message sent to the serfs, it is Okay. I can't believe how naive young people are to fall for the leftist political message coming out of Hollywood. They have no idea that they are selling their freedom and future. Their lives and their actions will be controlled and monitored by the government!!!!!!

  22. 22

    Those who complain that the rich don't pay enough taxes are confused. The rich pay at higher percentages than people who make less. Once you make over a certain amount, you get put in a higher tax bracket. And when you add the extra 10% for sales tax, the majority of their income is going to the government.

    Personally, I am not rich, and I think I already pay too much in taxes… 33% of my paycheck, plus 10% of sales tax, means that nearly half my wage is going to the government.

    I don't blame Babs for transferring her properties to her husband… there is nothing illegal about it, and it keeps the government from snatching her money.

    Lots of people commenting on here seem to think that the government is entitled to your hard earned money because they need to fix roads and build schools. The US government is the number one waster of money in the world. If you think your taxes are put to good use and spent wisely, you are a way too trusting person and need to do some research.

  23. 23

    15% Flat Tax For Everyone!

  24. 24

    Typical jew, obsessed with money and a HUGE nose.

  25. 25

    Me Myself and I-I have nothing against the rich, I just don't care for Streisand's hypocracy. She is a big voice for the Democratic party and the Democratic party is all about taxing the rich. The Democrats make a point to demonize the rich and profitable corporations. i agree the rich shouldn't be penalized for being successful. Perhaps Babs should change her party affiliation. Since the government is not accountable for spending,most money the government receives go to waste anyway.

  26. 26

    Another hypcritical leftist

  27. 27

    good for her. Shes still paying higher taxes than most of us, isnt she?
    so dont complain perez

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why give your money away? Most solid couples practice income splitting. You can save a pile in taxes. That wish to save that money has to be bigger than any lack of trust. Besides, she'd have more than enough to retire on even if he ran off with it, and by going public about it, everyone and his dog knows how and why that property came into his possession. Real men give it back if you split.
    That generation still has some real men, btw.

  29. 29

    Re: curiousred – - Yeah I'm the one that needs to do "better maths." What fucking rock did you just crawl out from under? Let me bring you up to date. People pay a helluva lot more than a quarter at the end of the day. The avg. person is not only taxed on income, but real estate, cars, liquor, smokes etc. That's just the tip of the iceburg. And if you don't think the current economic crisis isn't due to inflation as an indirect result from over-printing worthless monies, then you're more deluded than you seem. Pull your head out & go read some Ayn Rand.

  30. 30

    It's always so refreshing to see ridiculously rich people dodge taxes, so glad she is able to scrimp and save anyway she can. I mean those 5 properties aren't going to pay for themselves. oh wait, there are more than five?
    how charming.