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Who Dat, Darryl Hannah?

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Well lookie here!

We didn't realize that Keanu Reeves had left his sad face and bench behind to go out on a date with HER!

Ha! We kid, we kid!

It's obviously not him. Keanu would never look that elated! LOLz!

Darryl Hannah was spotted leaving The Roxy last night with am unknown gentleman caller (above), and it got us thinking that it's about time for her to reunite with Quentin Tarantino for a new Kill Bill!

Come on, you guys! You've talked about doing it for years!

And we definitely need some Elle Driver ferocity back in our lives!

Make it happen, bb!


[Images via WENN.]

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19 comments to “Who Dat, Darryl Hannah?”

  1. 1

    Perez, you're smarter than this. David Carradine is dead- Quentin would never make another Kill Bill without him.

  2. 2

    Pretty sure that's Rami Jaffee. Keyboardist for the Wallflowers.

  3. 3

    hmm, aside from the little incovenient that david carradine is, elle died in part2, remember? and i think a kill bill before the butchering at the church is pointless. though i have to admit that i secretly hope for a 3rd movie, no matter how bad it would suck(if it were the case)

  4. 4

    Yeah, sorry but Elle is dead. Bill is dead too so Carradine's death wouldn't be an impediment. Tarantino has suggested that Viveca Fox's daughter (in the movie) could grow up seeking revenge…. 'member? I dearly hope they do make another!

  5. 5

    No, Kill Bill is over you dick, it was meant to be one film, and the second one was not as iconic as the first one was.

  6. 6

    guys you got it wrong she is not the girl in kill bill. and on the side of charie good time is that how he wants his kids to remeber him i'm sure it is already hard on him kids tease other kid on everything and he is making it easer for the bullies

  7. 7

    it's not her in the movie come on it 's not that old of a movie

  8. 8

    Um, Rami is now the keyboardist for the Foos. Keep up, suckahs.

  9. 9

    Looks like Darryl's standard in men have declined since JFK, Jr.
    What a freakin mess.
    Probably has dirty underwear too!
    She looks great.

  10. 10

    Daryl looks beautiful in this picture.

  11. 11

    I've seen him on Comedy Central a few days ago… but dont know his name

  12. 12

    Eww that guy looks nothing like the hotness that is Keanu Reeves

  13. 13

    elle died in kill bill 2. had her other eye ripped out and then was left for dead in the trailer with black mamba. bill is dead too in the movie and in real life. its over. i know its sad but thats the way it is. but i understand where youre coming from it is one of the best movies ever! what i dont understand is how people say that part 2 isnt as good as part 1… WTF are you talking about? its just the rest of part one i consider it all one movie and its all fantastic if you cant see that im sorry for you.

  14. 14

    Re: kat@123 – i really dont understand what youre trying to say. and yes she is in kill bill.

  15. 15

    I wish she would do something again. She's an amazing actress. Watched Steel Magnolias the other day and she was amazing. She's a cutie too!

  16. 16

    That is Rami Jaffee and he rules.

  17. 17

    Okay, so that is Rami Jaffe and he was a founding member of The Wallflowers and now is a regular with the Foo Fighters. He's a Grammy winning musician for Christ's sake! He's way more talented than Keanu and has probably done musical scores for Quentin Tarantino. He's actually a handsome dude. Darryl is smart to hook up with him!

  18. 18

    nature girl vegetarian Daryl is dating a smoker?

  19. 19

    she's so freaking GORGEOUS.