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Ouch! Fox News Reporter & Camera Man Return From Egypt In Bad Shape!

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To say the least! These poor guys!

Fox News reporter Greg Palkot and cameraman Olaf Wiig, who were brutally beaten while attempting to cover the ongoing unrest in Egypt, appeared on Fox News Saturday to share their story…and their battle scars.

Both men sustained terrible injuries to the head and Olaf's face was deeply bruised and battered, all received by the hands of supporters of President Hosni.

Watch the video to hear their harrowing story. (above)

This is so sad to see. We can't imagine how many countless others there are with even worse injuries, on both sides of the fight.

Violence is never the answer. We wish Egypt would see that more clearly.

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12 comments to “Ouch! Fox News Reporter & Camera Man Return From Egypt In Bad Shape!”

  1. 1

    "Violence is never the answer. We wish Egypt would see that more clearly" - It isn't EGYPT Mario, it's Mubarak (AKA President Hosni Mubarak not President Hosni). It's not right to blame a nation for one man. This is a revolution rooted in peace and the desire for freedom. What incentive would the average citizen have in creating a violent atmosphere? The only way for Mubarak to stay in power is to create unrest in his county. He hired these people for 100 EGP to create this unrest. Only then did it get violent.
    Beyond that it is heartbreaking to see what was done to people that were simply doing their jobs and trying to give us a glimpse of the truth. I'm glad they made it out alive!

  2. 2

    If people continue to lose their jobs, homes, hope and the rich get richer while the middle disappears unrest like this will look like a cakewalk. The middle can't take much more, rich freeloaders take note.

  3. Blunt says – reply to this


    serves these fucks right, mind their own buisness and stay out of Egypt.

  4. 4

    President Hosni ?
    Mubarak, poor moron.

    Violence is never the answer. We wish Egypt would see that more clearly.

    Who made you the judge of a whole country?

  5. 5

    "violence is never the answer". Yes it is when you're fighting for your freedom, human RIGHTS and democracy…do you recall mention of the Revolutionary War in a history class? How do you think we got here? It wasn't laying down passively. It's unfortunate, but in the fight for power things get violent.

  6. 6

    Re: erinelizabeth11 – youre retarded. how can you compare this to the revolutionary war? these men were attacked while reporting the news. last time i checked thats assult with a deadly weapon. if thats not illegal in egypt, then yeah, fuck egypt as a whole country. and dont even get me started on the division of the sexes over there. we should build indetructible walls around all these fucked up countries and let them kill each other. irrational psychopaths.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Re: sunandsand – LOL — have you ever been to Egypt, dear? Well I'm from there (and I'm a woman) and we DO NOT have "division of the sexes." Stop watching Faux News and educate your little pea brain.

    As far as Perez pinning this on the ENTIRE country of Egypt, what do we really expect? Perez is a dumbass who has no business reporting on complex political situations anyways. Seriously, stick to telling us about Celine Dion's arm hair and leave the real news up to the big boys.

    Practically ever injured journalist I've seen on TV has said that the Egyptian people have been nothing but kind to them and supportive of their being there. Don't confuse **Mubarak's** hired thugs (President Hosni, really?), who are a small and pathetic percentage, for the vast majority of peaceful protesters who just want their rights like everyone else!

  9. 9

    Arabs are savages.

  10. 10

    Leave it to Fox to force their people STAY to cover this amist all the violence against the press. "No blood, no paycheck. got it?!"

  11. 11

    AmeliePoulain-Are you that much of a "pea brain" that you believe everything that the Huffingon Post and MSNBC tells you to believe?? If you would have opened your eyes and listened to the Fox reporters' accounts of the situation you would have seen that the reporters sensed the attackers were Pro Mubarak and the government military was reluctant to save them and the milatary just watched as the reporters were beaten within an inch of their life. Fox did report that the crowds were nonviolent prior to the influx of the pro Mubarak protesters. The Faux news comments are sooo yesterday.

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Perhaps Palkot and Wiig will pursue the who and why of those 'supporters.'