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Rumors Of Mexican President's Alcoholism Gets Anchorwoman Fired

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Carmen Fired Over Rumors

Not good!

And, quite frankly, a bunch of bullshizz!

It looks like Mexican anchorwoman Carmen Aristegui was fired from her job for talking about rumors of the Mexican President's alleged alcoholism.

The firing took place after Aristgui made these simple remarks:

"Does the president or does he not have an alcohol problem? The presidency should give a clear and formal answer with respect to this."

As he is a leader of a nation, absolutely does the nation have the right to know if an alcoholic is making decisions for their country! It's appalling to see someone silenced for this, and just working to prove or dispel what the people are privileged to know!

This is what the station had to say about her firing:

"The reporter Carmen Aristegui gave validity to an assumption, transgressing our code of ethics, and in [her] refusing to offer a public apology, as requested by the company, we have decided to terminate our contractual relationship [with her]."

Doesn't make much sense to us. Taking an assumption of something so important with the intent of finding out whether or not it's true seems like the right thing to do!

Stay strong, bb! We hope everything works out for U!!

What do U think of all this??

[Image via WENN.]

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26 comments to “Rumors Of Mexican President's Alcoholism Gets Anchorwoman Fired”

  1. 1

    Its Mexico! She is lucky they didn't cut her head off and roll it down the street.

  2. 2

    She should've backed up her assertions with cold hard facts, i.e., video, photos, testimony, not just innuendo, so basically, yes, she deserved to get fired. What's going to stop another over-zealous reporter from saying is so and so a paedophile or not, or is so and so fuck dogs or suck curly pig cocks, or not, etc, etc. !!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    Oh no, not President Mexican President. I hope President American President can send aid.

  5. 5

    Anchorwoman should have stuck to the station's policy. It was not her business to address "rumors"; she is PAID TO GIVE FACTS NOT RUMORS OR HER PERSONAL OPINION. That being said being fired was harsh, but if she knew the policy than she deserves what her actions caused.

  6. 6

    when ur on the news they have a schedule and timeline set up for stories… she wasted their time… plus as a Anchor she doesn't have the right to offer her opinion… she stated something she thought with no evidence or ne thing… that is her faut and people get fired everyday from news stations because of stuff like that

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Hey lardass. As hard as it is to believe..Back in the day news outlets were not allowed to print something about anything unless it was 100% true.

    Today, Idiotic magazines can basically publicly call someone a meth head and not suffer any consequences..In the 1920's that shit would get the entire news shutdown.

  9. 9

    This is Mexico. She should be happy she has her life. Next time You better have some cold hard facts before you start accusing Mexico's elite of such things.

  10. 10

    WOW…GOOD FOR MEXICO! Heaven forbid a journalist be required to show proof before trashing their president! News should be about facts, not assumptions, guesses, or opinions. Very happy she got canned. Hope that the USA picks up on that trend and gets rid of a lot of the garbage rumor-spreaders (read: today's news journalists).

  11. 11

    @rickraton and @makyzhi shut your piehole
    probably your pejelovers damn!!!

    Aristegui should have presented facts, and that's it, she was just dancing like her bff Noroña, who is a clown, big assed clown.

  12. 12

    This post doesn't actually make sense - it's grammitically pissed

  13. 13

    thoughts? well here we go…your reporting is horrible, you still think its cool to post "as if you were talking w/your friends", its not objective.for all we know she could be a "journalist" like you,who prints any tip they get-how many times have u retracted stories? ALSO, why do you care? You are ot even Mexican, you ALWAYS print stuff of MExico, ar there no other places you can report on? Specifically the US because thats where ppl actually care…if u want to report on Leaders that are blah blah blah start with your ppl in Cuba

  14. 14

    First of all, I'm mexican, I know and all mexicans know that Carmen Aristegui is one of the best journalist in this country and she's very professional, rumor has it that it was the company who fired her, not the President, even though I don't see why she just asked a question, it never was an acussation at all, it's just unfair .

  15. 15

    What about John "Boner", Speaker of the House? For crying out loud!

  16. 16

    she is a lesbian, whore, leftist, she deserves to be fired. go to cuba or chine we will see if there is a freedom of speech? a chingar tu madre puta de mierda. ni siquiera del closet sales, porqueria de lesbiana.

  17. 17

    Mexico doesn't have a first amendment privilege douchebag. You know what the first amendment is right Mario? It's that thing that allows you to have a fuckin job.

  18. 18

    Shame on this website for perpetuating the stigma regarding alcoholism.
    The Station has a better set of ethics than Perez.
    And for what reason?
    This is not a poitical website.
    This is not a foreign poitics website.

  19. 19

    Shame on this website for perpetuating the stigma regarding alcoholism.
    The Station has a better set of ethics than Perez.
    And for what reason?
    This is not a poitical website.
    This is not a foreign politics website.
    Also, the RUMORS did not get her fired, it was her acknowledgment of them and then attempting to turn it into a poilitic issue.

  20. klko says – reply to this


    Ok, let me help u guys out so u actually know what you're talking about:
    Carmen was commenting on a banner made by senators and representatives that read:
    You wouldn't let a drunk drive your car, would you let a drunk run your country?
    Considering the rumors about Calderon's alcoholism have been around for a very very very long time. Substantiated by hundreds of the "mexican elite" who have seen him (for example recently at Carlos Slim's son's wedding where he was more than a little tipsy), all that Carmen did was suggest the presidency should address the issue to either stop the rumors or truthfully respond to them…This is a total overreaction on behalf of Calderon, which demonstrates the totalitarian ways of his regime.
    1) Carmen Aristegui is an editorial journalist not just an anchor, and one of the most respected in LA.
    2) Free speech IS PROTECTED by the Mexican Constitution.
    Hope that clears this situation up a bit.

  21. 21

    Is that a sake bottle? Is he a "sake drunk"? Does he love jap food? I'm confused.

  22. 22

    I've been living in mexico for the past 10 years and i can assure you the situation we have been living in since calderon is president has been miserable & yes many people (even close friends of his) have confirmed that he has an alcohol problem … the thing is that carmen aristegui is on of the few journalist in mexico that have the balls to speak with the truth most of the local news & national news are controlled by the mexican goverment wich sucks because they never say the real situation we are living in .. so i recomend that before you start talking shit about her , do a little research

  23. slite says – reply to this


    And according to your graphic, the Mexican president loves to drink Chinese beer….I know you are laughing all the way to the bank, but we are laughing at you too. Hope that works for you.

  24. 24

    Re: rickraton

    I feel sorry for you, how can you write these kind of stupid things. Go read a book asshole

  25. 25

    Re: mochito
    you're so fucking stupid. first of all, she's one of the most respected journalist in mexico. She didn't assume calderon was an alcoholic, she was just referring to a banner held by senators that accused calderon of being an alcoholic.

  26. 26

    You know what Perez? You are so ignorant!!! I can't believe all the bullshit you write. Why don't you write about stupid celebrities in LA? You don't even know about who started this rumor, it was a congressman who, since 2006 when his party lost the presidential election, they are trying to break the system here, they are always making protests at Mexico City, and they are driving this country crazy! I'm not saying the President is a hero, cause he isn't, and I don't agree with most of the things he says or does, but still, he's the president and starting a rumor about something that ridiculous at the Congress, its such a disrespectful thing to do! And about this woman, her job is to give the truth, the facts, not a fucking gossip that a vulgar man started just because they are so desperate for winning the presidential elections in 2012. But I guess you feel related to this case, because you are always posting bullshit about everyone that you don't like.