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Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce From Pete Wentz!!!

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Gasp! This totally caught us off-guard!

It's just been announced that Ashlee Simpson has filed for divorce from Pete Wentz!

Ashlee reportedly filed the paperwork this week, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split.

If that wasn't shocking enough, Ashlee is also asking for spousal and child support as well as primary physical custody of their two-year-old son, Bronx.

Wow! Inneresting!

Either she has some nerve or he messed up BIG TIME! It's not like she doesn't have her own money, so why would she want his???

[Image via WENN.]

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102 comments to “Ashlee Simpson Files For Divorce From Pete Wentz!!!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Famous couples almost alsways split. One relationship just can't contain all that bloated ego. Shame for Bronx or Brooklyn or whatever the baby's name is.

  3. 3

    In documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Simpson cites "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the divorce.

    She's asking for joint legal custody and primary physical custody of two-year-old Bronx.

    Simpson, who is repped by Laura Wasser, is also asking for spousal and child support. Wentz is repped by Stacy Phillips.

    Sources are saying there is no prenup.

    The couple married in May, 2008.
    don't worry about the details mario, i did that much for ya

  4. 4

    Oh snap!

  5. 5

    Thats too bad!

  6. 6

    Hm I'm actually kinda shocked by this bc they havent been in the news. Don't care for neither of them but its sad bc they have a kid together and he's so young.

  7. 7

    im not a Pete Wentz fan but im actually in shock.
    i mean just saw pics of them together holding hands with Bronx at the park maybe like 2 weeks ago or so.

  8. 8

    Whoa. I did NOT see that coming.

  9. 9


    when i read about their wedding i called it at only lasting 2 years…they surpassed it but whatever. hes a loser and shes a has been alcoholics..too young to have a kid…

  10. 10

    Not surprising.

  11. 11

    I hope she loses everything. Talentless whore.

  12. 12

    Way to keep those Christian vows, girlfriend! Straights take marriage so seriously.

  13. 13

    She doesn't have any money. What has this dumb bitch done in the last few years besides be an ugly looking disaster wanna be? Loser and a failure!

  14. 14

    I am guessing because he stopped fucking her because she is disgusting…

  15. 15

    Well, to be honest I doubt she has much money of her own. None of her three albums were that big, she didn't have big sellout tours to bring in money and her acting career has flopped. I bet he has a lot more than she does.

  16. 16


    lets see it get nasty!

  17. 17

    He Cheated probably

  18. 18

    OMG! I am in shock…I mean, I probably shouldn't be..but, I am in shock! They made a cute couple. I am guessing he screwed up…drugs?…cheated??

  19. 19

    Re: sNaTcHqUaTcH – and the gays just fuck everybody in sight…………..get the fuck outta here with that shit, the comment about straights was unnecessary.

  20. 20

    Why would she want his??? Ummmmm, because she's a chick. That's what they do, you should know, you are one. Plus, alimony is bullshit. Women want equality, but then demand alimony. Just so people know, alimony was invented in the times when married women did not work, they were expected to stay home and raise a family, which is the furthest thing from reality in todays world. It is an antiquated practice that should have been banished long ago.

  21. 21

    You know a lot of times when someone files for divorce they are told to check everything applicable for legal reasons. If he files he might do the same thing. ie custody and spousal support.

  22. 22

    Anyone who has an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding is destined for divorce. It's not a kids birthday party, it's really immature.

  23. 23

    Yes, that one surprised me a bit because I didnt' think they would be married that long.
    Oh well, one divorce, one marriage in the Simpson family. So it balances out.

  24. 24

    Re: yawatev – Not shit huh! No one does, and it's bullshit. I'm not religious, actually i'm an athiest but what a load of shit. When you say forever, till death do us part, then last for 2 years. What shit. And her family is supposed to be super religious. Her sister waited till marriage…but now fucks anything that moves. She did the same thing, got married, got the attention, then kicked Nick to the curb cuz she wasn't having as much fun anymore. These people are a joke. In hollywood, they treat marriage like we treat dating. Stay with someone a couple years at most, realize you don't want to be with them forever, then move on and a new girlfriend/boyfriend. Except in holywood, they call that marriage. They should both be jailed for naming their kid Bronx, fucking idiots. That's the name of my best freinds dog.

  25. 25

    Of course they are getting divorced. When you get married because you got pregnat it almost never works!!!!

  26. 26

    Well, that's sad. I hope she's ok. I always thought he looked a bit femme. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Unless you marry someone to stay in the closet. I am sure we'll hear more about this as the legal case proceeds.

  27. 27

    I'm usually a cynic about these things. But I'm a little surprised these two are splitting. I'm sure the real reason will come out soon enough. Too bad they couldn't make it work.

  28. 28

    Well they were young and dumb and she was knocked up. Plus maybe Pete got tired of and creeped out by Joe Simpson. Neither one of his daughters will ever have romantic success. Two divorces now…..

  29. 29

    Re: sNaTcHqUaTcH – — really? i love your comments and some others. because you kno her personally? and she's done so much to harm you? i love how people read about celebs and assume they kno what's going on behind closed doors, or wish bad things upon them because they may not like the way they look/dress/sing/etc. get a clue. people divorce all the time, in some cases it's mutual, in some cases there's drama, and in some cases it comes out of no where. it's still a hard thing for people to deal w/, famous or not, and it hardly calls for someone to "lose everything" — someone needs to go back to elementary school and learn basic manners.

  30. 30

    Re: hoochpit – — a lot of marriages end quickly. even if the actual divoce isn't petitioned or filed. celebs have enough $$ to get the divorce, hirer the lawyers, etc. while a lot of normal, everyday people stay together because frankly, it's expensive to divorce and hire lawyers to fight for what's yours, or to deal w/ child support, etc.

  31. tasha says – reply to this


    Re: Alicia1989 – Actually her first album was huge. Sold millions and she had a sold out tour. It's been downhill since though so she's probably used up that money.

  32. 32

    Re: sNaTcHqUaTcH – Brief me on this one…can an asshole create a child? You have your right to marry and that is fine… but don't compare gays to straights when it comes to vows. the statistics would not work because not even .001 percent of marriages are gay marriages…so yes straight marriages probably involve more cheating…just like McDonald's sells more hamburgers then Pizza Hut does.

  33. 33

    Lucky she has all that talent and a great career to fall back on.

  34. 34

    I'm actually somewhat surprised

  35. 35

    Who is ashlee simpson???????????????????? Who is Pete werever ??????????????????????

  36. 36

    oh really?! I thought they were perfect together, even though i'm not a fan of these two. (remember ashlee screaming at trachtenberg-or whats her name- that she slept with pete as he was still with her? classy..) But still.. i found them perfect for each other.
    and the best is i dont think pete expected it.. i think 2 or 3 days ago i saw some video of him speaking how he loves her new pixie-hair. and as someone wrote: they were seen together lately.
    i'd say something BIG happend.

  37. 37

    its sad to see yet ANOTHER hollywood marriage breaking up.. but I am glad that unlike most Hollywood splits.. this one wasn't splashed all over the tabloids (yet anyway) they did a good job of keeping their issues private and thats the way it is supposed to be. unfortunatly now the media will go on to speculate what caused the divorce and I;m sure there will be a ton of trashy articles abt it… =/

  38. 38

    Re: Tabularasa24 – i'd say the same, only such thing can do the damage so fast.

  39. 39

    Ask for a child support ????? Upsssss some one has not money ??

  40. 40

    My prediction: She'll withdraw the divorce petition after four more days…once her PMS'ing is done.

  41. 41

    Re: hoochpit – I hate to point out the flaw in your argument.. but Alimony does not apply only to women…. If the woman is the primary bread winner and they get joint custody… the man can get alimony. My cousin divorced his wife who was the sole provider for his family for their entire 12 yr marriage.. and now he gets paid almost 1,500 a month in alimony.. and then some other amt of child support because its joint custody… Don't be so sexist. Usually women get alimony because we tend to not make as much as the men…. Even w/the same job we'd get less. glass ceiling.

  42. 42

    Oh yeah and pete was talking about valentine's surpirse. please…

  43. 43

    WOW I'm shocked I hope she gets back to singing again. I didn't think he was attractive. I wish them both the best & I hope Bronx grows up to have a good sense of who he is & he won't have issues.

  44. 44

    Re: Crabbey – hahaha she is a total muff diver!

  45. 45

    I am a fan of Pete Wentz and it is always sad to hear when any family is going to divorce. Too bad. They seemed to have had it all…

  46. 46

    Re: April 20th – You probably went to a different blog site and then copy and pasted, dumbass.

  47. 47

    Re: yawatev – Exactly. Doesn't anybody last together anymore?

  48. 48

    I swear last night when I was watching E News I was like these two are still married?! I'm not surprised at all. They live in Hollywood, they are young and they had a shotgun wedding- three recipes for failure.

  49. 49

    em… this man is not straight. it doesn't surprise me very much. both of these people are incredibly self satisfied and unlikeable as most people have pointed out but its a shame they brought a kid into a sham marriage. i think ashlee did love him but she couldn't deal with the lack of attention anymore.

  50. 50

    OOPss did she catch Pete playing with boys? mmmmm interesting?
    who knowS? do tell Perez find out!!!

  51. 51

    Re: Reginald Perrin
    Exellent observation!
    Perez…. Ah it's intertesting Not "Inneresting!" Gawwwwd. You probobly say it wrong too. Learn proper english - get a proofreader and new writers and a stylist cuz your' is not cute at your age.

  52. 52

    Woah weird, he tweeted something about her like two days ago. Hope she actually thought this through.

  53. 53


  54. 54

    Re: tasha – Autobiography sold 5 million, back in 2004. Her tour was 2005 and wasn't *that* big. Considering she's been living the Hollywood life that money would have dried up years ago.

  55. 55

    Re: sNaTcHqUaTcH – Actually, Pete Wentz is a definite supporter of gay marriage. He has attended numerous No on Prop 8 fundraisers and they both taped an ad against H8. I feel bad for them, divorce is hard.

  56. 56

    Re: MsJules – you are right!!

  57. 57

    They were too young to be married.
    He's a peasant.
    She trashed her own lovely look to fit in with him and ended up looking as trashy as Taylor Momsen.

  58. 58

    Re: Alicia1989
    just FYI but her only album that flopped was the third one cuz that one sucked. only had like 2 good songs on it. and her tours always old alot.

  59. 59

    It's like the end of the world, really.

  60. 60

    He probably cheated.

  61. 61

    "irreconcilable differences"
    Isn't that the reason behind ALL Hollywood divorces??? Jeez.

  62. 62

    She finally realized he was gay!

  63. 63

    He prodablee cheetaed.

  64. 64

    Re: leashyb – I have always thought the same thing!!! Please does anyone else agree….she probably finally realized this or caught him in some homosexual affair…..

  65. 65

    who are they ?

  66. 66

    Well Pete was just in Dominican Repulic for 4 days with the guys, then off to Dallas for a nite & charity for Super Bowl & right back to LA.

    Maybe just maybe sexual oreintation is part of the struggle. It is sad either way. They have a beautiful boy.

  67. 67

    Meh.. And we care because…?

  68. 68

    hahahahahahahahaha!! aw 2 more H-wood douchebags split up, boo fucking hoo!!

  69. 69

    Re: angyola(!!!SEMICOLON!!! – that's my point Dumbfuck

  70. 70

    Another "christian" Simpson sister gets divorced after marrying too young… how do you like that, Papa Joe?? Ashlee hasnt done anything in years… after riding the coattails of Jugs (I mean Jess)… so of course she wants spoucial support. She's talentless and useless. The best thing she ever did was get a nosejob.

  71. 71

    Ten bucks Pete Wentz slept with 15 women and is now going to rehab for sex addiction..

  72. 72


  73. 73

    What The Hell Happened?
    They Were Seen Together, Like, A Week Ago…

  74. 74

    He cheated.

  75. 75

    wait….. so are you saying this this marriage that blossomed out of a shot gun wedding didn't work out? hmmm, goes to prove that having a baby mistake doesnt mean you should get married.

  76. 76

    Having a screaming kid around the house will send things down the crapper fast, women tend turn in to bitches after child birth

  77. 77

    Personally I think he DOWNGRADED when he married her, so it's her loss not his. It sounds like she's trying to get every penny that she can…which isn't surprising because her family threw away their religious values for money and fame, so she probably see dollar bills when she looks at her baby (sweet sweet child support). Marriage is such a sham I don't know why people do it anymore! This thing is supposed to be SACRED and HOLY? Vows are supposed to never be broken?! Yeah tell that to the 70 percent divorce rate in this country. We deny the gays this wonderful joy?! HA! Let them have it, it doesn't seem like that big of a deal to me!

  78. 78

    Re: D-INCARNATION – love this.

  79. 79

    Re: Alicia1989 – Actually, her first album was pretty huge. It did really well when it came out. Her second album wasn't exactly a flop either. Both went to number one.

  80. 80

    this caught me by surprise, but i'm kind of glad. they both seemed to change their personalities so much for each other and that's just not healthy.

  81. 81

    Re: yawatev – completely agree with you. Especially these celebrities, it's pretty ridiculous and sad.

  82. 82

    OMG!!! Didnt see this coming! how sad :( they were pretty great for eachother, & the marriage is still pretty new. Youd think shed try to work it out longer for the baby. WEIRD.

  83. 83

    Do us a favor and fire this idiot that doesn't know how to spell "INTERESTING". Or edit this, and the Miley post, too!

  84. 84

    Do us a favor and fire this idiot that doesn't know how to spell "INTERESTING"!

  85. 85

    i honestly don't believe this. who's the source, perez?? they are my favorite couple

  86. 86

    lol called that. Poor kids, maybe celebrities should just not have kids? Cause it seems like they do, then they get married… and end up divorced.
    But they say gays are ruining the sanctity of marriages? Lets look at this again, people…

  87. 87

    Re: mustbenargles – its not just celebrities.. a majority of non celebrity couples end up divorced as well. Pretty sad statistics :(

  88. 88

    didn't ashley get knocked up then married?
    typical when your not the golden child like her sister was thats a real FU to daddy

  89. 89

    Yep, this is what happens. She woke up one morning saw his afro and said "I'm outta here"

  90. 90

    Do people even TRY to make it work anymore. The first few years are the hardest to get through; of course it's going to be hard adjusting to a new lifestyle.
    2 years is hardly enough time to see if this is going to work in the long run, maybe they should have waited to get married.

  91. 91

    What a shocker! Shotgun marriages usually never last. Too many people get knocked up before they even know the other person. Not a good way to start a marriage!

  92. 92

    I bet anything that he cheated on her.

  93. 93

    Re: April 20th – get the fuck outta here with that shit, the comment about gays was unnecessary. oh and thanks so much for post #3. gosh you so informative. you should get your own blog. LOL!!!!!

  94. 94

    It's hard for me to feel sympathetic for these stupid celebrities. Quick to get married, and just as quick (if not quicker) to get divorced. I'm over it.

  95. 95

    did anyone really expect this to last??? sure they haven't been in the news lately so it did kind of come our of left field but I am sure many people thought it would end sooner then later.

  96. Dxxx says – reply to this


    Re: BITCHyoulostyourmind – here's to hoping it gets ugly and amuses the hell out of us.

  97. 97

    Re: maxie pad – LMAO….the best comment on this thread. Thanks for the chuckle.

  98. 98

    as an Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz fan i believed he cheated on her with a man, we all knew he is gay

  99. 99

    publicity, obviously getting together, having 2 kids didn't propel further up the fame ladder, maybe getting divorced will. sadly these are serious D listers

  100. 100

    Then there's that slutty looking chick in his new band, Bebe Rexha. That he has spent a bunch of time with recording and whatnot. He basically picked her off the streets of London and made her his lead singer. Yeah… He def cheated.

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