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19 comments to “Sad! NO Madonna Concerts Being Released On DVD!”

  1. 1

    It's GUY not Gus…. Your sister is so clueless Perez…

  2. 2

    i love madonna i remember when i first saw her material girl video on tv i was transfixed to the screen then i was doing aerobics to her songs they have just the right beat.. i still like her but why does her forehead look like a flat screen tv

  3. 3

    dude, english.. do you speak it?

  4. 4

    This is why you need to stop spreading untrue rumors. I love it when you or your fat sister have to write a retraction. Stop talking about things you know nothing about.

  5. 5

    i have lived my life like madonna she sipped lemon juice in the morning so did i..

    perez i watched ur great video thanking fergie etc, people dont hate u because u were mean they hate u because ur walking on the red carpet and they are on the other side . because u crossed the rope and they didnt.

  6. 6

    CUE the weird Madonna stalker troll..

  7. 7

    Hello! You And Britney spears have forgot where her style really comes from, it came from the First Female, not one of, but the the first too dance and sing's some times live, mind you… "Janet jackson" and just because Britney isn't Black, doesn't mean her and janet dont have anything common…

  8. 7tizz says – reply to this


    So instead of being a bully (btw, you still are), you're making up fake stories now and having to refute them now? *see fake Sex & the City story below as well

  9. 9

    What, no new dvd of her singing the same songs she's been singing for 20 years. No Way, how will we ever survive without seeing this dried up twat do the same shit she's been doing just to make a buck. Skank.

  10. 10

    Who cares? Her best-before date was 15 years ago.

    Protip: Stop running with every little rumour you hear. It helps you look like less of an idiot when you post the inevitable retraction.

  11. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: Deadwing – You don't think he makes them up as filler due to his supposed 'anti bullying' campaign? Interesting. I've seen this story no where else than here so it's obvious he made it up.

  12. 12

    lol all the Madonna fans who were parading this news around in the comments and bashing all the other artists probably feel stupid right about now.. tell your old haggard Queen its time for her comeback.. and none of that Ray of Light bullshizz

  13. M: says – reply to this


    well dont thrust in guy oseary a lot. he didnt denied the dvds only the box with 3. he cant talk abvout it yet. cause of warners. cause the person who said she will release blond ambition is a secure source,so i believe she will release it and yeah we are PRETTY EXCITED ABOUT MADONNA COMING BACK SOON WE MISS HER MADGESTY

  14. M: says – reply to this


    madonna rocksss cant wait late this year we will ahve enw material from the queen and live nation said she will prepair the biggest prodution in a tour ever

  15. 15

    Who cares, why would anyone need a new video of her singing old songs. We have youtube

  16. 16

    GOOD!!! cuz she SUCKS people STOP! wasting your MONEY on MADONNA!!!

  17. 17

    Perez, How many stories can you get wrong this week? Do some fact-checking before you run with it. You look like a FOOL.

  18. 18

    oh lovely, maybe ABBA will let her "borrow" another one of their songs to get her another (s)hit.

  19. 19