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Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Tops The Billboard 200 Albums Chart After An 11 Week Climb!

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Unbelievable! Such a success story!

After 11 weeks of release, Nicki Minaj's debut album, Pink Friday, has hit the number one spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, selling a grand total of 1,035,000!

Congratulations, bb! You truly deserve it!

We cannot wait to see what else you've got in the works! Keep it up!


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21 comments to “Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday Tops The Billboard 200 Albums Chart After An 11 Week Climb!”

  1. 1

    congrats nicki

  2. 2

    i totally understand her album effing ROCKS! every single song is like a single! theyre all amazing!

  3. 3

    Took me awhile to appreciate her album since I liked her better when she was underground. But I'm in love with it now.

  4. 4

    I'm delighted. I was hoping for this. Now she just needs a number 1 single on the billboard singles chart.

  5. 5

    YAYY!! :) dont underestimate her Barbz. congrats Nicki!!

  6. 6

    her appearances/verses in songs are better than her album.

  7. 7

    I bet Lil Kim is seething.

  8. 8

    That doesn't change the fact that she has no talent.

  9. 9

    LOVE Nicki Minaj! Somewhere Lil Kim is currently stabbing her NM voodoo doll.

  10. 10

    LMFAO, what would you do without tttmmmzzz.com as your 'source'? In virtually every post you make Perez you quote their website as a link.

    do you ever get any info of your own nowadays? or do you hire browsers to copy and pasate for you? lol down the drain Perez, your time has expired.

  11. 11

    Nicki can thank Taylor Swift and Serena Gomez for this. Looks like all their teenybopper fans ran out and bought her record when they saw those two rapping to her song on youtube.

  12. 12

    Aren't you obligated to identify that this is a paid advertisement and not a blog post? Nicki is scum.

  13. 13

    the majority of people are sick of no talent hoes which is why perez's readership has gone down. Just because something is written doesn't make it true. I don't know one person that has bought this album and I live in a major city. THIS GIRL NEEDS TO GO AWAY she's nasty

  14. 14

    Yeah, Nicki's album debuted at #2 BEFORE Selena and Taylor talked about her. The album kept going up and up thanks to her fans! u mad? stay mad *nicki minaj voice*

  15. 15

    The funny thing is, it only sold about 45,000 copies to reach this #1 position. So it looks like it just happened because nothing new was coming out. Don't get me wrong, I love Nicki but it's kind of true. However, Kanye's album debuted bigger but it's pretty far down the chart…

  16. 16

    Pink Friday is perfect. It's on my permanent rotation from the first spin. I zone out to it when I work out. Yo Nicki!

  17. 17

    dont get involved with this fat ass freak ull regret it later i saw on another site her saying something about her parents something really weird .. shes shes truelly revolting

  18. 18

    Selena and Taylor sang Superbass which is not even on the album. Nicki is successful because of her talent and her fans and she can be #1 on her own.

  19. 19

    e nicki!! ctfu lil kim kill yaself!!!

  20. 20

    i love her music to bad i dont love her i think that shes a spitty image of lil kim google it people realize that diddy set them both up get off there back and get ur facts straight before downing anyone

  21. 21

    but she still don't got no ARMS on her record cover…WTF ???