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We Know Why Olivia Wilde Left Her Italian Prince Hubby

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And if you ask us, it's a pretty lame reason.

For eight years, Olivia Wilde has been happily on the arm of her literal Prince Charming, Tao Ruspoli. The two always looked so happy together, but then again, why would either complain? She's a big movie star and he's an Italian prince. It's the stuff chick flicks are made of!

But the love is gone, or so we reported yesterday, as we've learned the couple have split. At first, we heard it was amicable sepparatino, but now that we've learned why they split, we're not sure how that can be.

Sources close to Olivia say that the decision to break up was completely her own and for "the typical Hollywood reasons." Apparently, since she got married so young (she was 18 when they got hitched), she never got to "sow her wild oats" around La La Land and she wants to chance to do so!

Oh hey girl! Look who wants to get her skank on? Ha!

We kid, we kid. We also don't really understand why you would want anyone else other than this handsome piece of royalty, but to each their own!

Meanwhile, while Olivia prepares to sow those oats, Tao reportedly is "heartbroken and really wanted to stay together." Aww! Poor BB! We know where you can find a shoulder to cry on. Come on over!

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32 comments to “We Know Why Olivia Wilde Left Her Italian Prince Hubby”

  1. 1

    Olivia MUNN??? got the title wrong

  2. 2

    they got married at burning man…if thats not soiling ur royal oats idk what is,then again if i looked like her i'd wanna be free to bone the hotness of hollywood too

  3. 3

    olivia munn??

  4. 4


  5. 5

    She just want to "sow her oats" with Justin Timberlake! At least she waited till she was split from the prince

  6. 6

    Hmmm….let's see, because she's only 26-27 years old, with the same guy for 8 years and wants to see what else is out there? How can anyone hold someone who has been with the same guy since her teen years responsible for wanting to explore other paths? Who the fuck cares he's an "italian prince"?

  7. 7

    that's why you don't marry some broad 10 years younger than you that happened to still be a teenager………..

  8. 8

    Change the title to WILDE

  9. 9

    Wasn't he like 28 when she was 18? I think you need to dig deeper for the reason they split, Perez.

  10. 10

    Perez….it's probably like what Samantha said to the therapist, "What can I say? Sometimes you need a big dick!" To which she replies, "I hear that!"

    and maybe she doesn't want to cheat, so she's breaking up with him before she cheats.

  11. 11

    Poor guy. But he's rich and he's cute (that's a bad picture) He'll find someone else. He should marry an Italiana next time though.

  12. 12

    'Losing' a disloyal person is no loss.

  13. 13

    GEE, that is EXACTLY what I posted yesterday as to why it was over. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math. being a nobody = happy with what you have, reaching stardum = dumping those who have been there in order to act however you want.

  14. 14

    Re: cookiepuss71 – Your a fucking moron. I'll tell you who could hold them responsible. Every fucking one. She got married…hello. Just because she was 18 is irrelevant. What a fucking idiot. If she didn't want to commit until 'death do us part' then dont…wait for it…COMMIT.

  15. 15

    I guess the JT rumors are true? lol.

  16. 16

    Olivia Munn and Olivia Wilde are different people. DUH! PS that's very Mila Kunis of her

  17. 17

    Marriage is an archaic ceremony as it is and no one should ever partake of it.

  18. 18

    Re: April 20th
    "that's why you don't marry some broad 10 years younger than you that happened to still be a teenager……….."
    He was an adult and she was just a kid.

  19. 19

    I don't know…I got married young, I've been married for 24 years….I am not impressed enough with what's out there to leave my husband. However, I do give her credit to leave him first and not just have an affair. I feel sorry for the guy.

  20. 20

    The "new" Perez:
    It is still OK to say whatever you want about someone, like calling them a "skank", as long as you follow up with a "We kid, we kid" statement.

  21. 21

    if this is true then i definitely like her less… not classy at all.

  22. 22

    well that's pretty judgemental, first of all you don't know the real reason why they are breaking up unless you've heard it straight from them, secondly i think that is as good a reason as any to get divorced…i mean if she is no longer in love with him, why would she stay married? just because they look happy in photos, and just because he wants to stay together..it has to go both ways. and 18 is very young to get married, it's completely understandable that she now feels she has missed out on dating and having fun, and wants to experience that. what's wrong with that?

  23. 23

    I don't think she's hot, she has a receding hair line and a superman jaw

  24. YUCK says – reply to this


    he looks gay to me.

  25. 25

    she was married for eight years, that's longer than most people I know, not even just in hollywood. It's become this typical thing to have a first marriage at a young age, which is lame, I am surprised she stuck through it that long considering she was a teenager when she married him

  26. 26

    oh yeah…props to her for not being a cheating pig too. He's a prince, Italian and rich, I'm sure he'll be okay. And who knows, like Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner maybe they will find each other when she realizes Hollywood is full of douche bags

  27. 27

    Wow so she basically got divorced to go whore herself around hollywood. She may be pretty but it's been clouded in sluttyness. She will learn when she realizes that it will never be as good or better than with Tao Ruspoli. Poor guy

  28. 28

    He should say, "Good riddance to a piece of garbage." He's Italian royalty. She's just Hollywood trash. Starlets are a dime a dozen. She is not pretty either. Her head looks like a giant potato wobbling around on a toothpick & her lantern man-jaw looks like she can tow a car by her teeth. Yuck.

  29. 29

    what a fucking IDIOT!!!

  30. 30

    Re: Manda756 – i agree, she's hot now or so they say, so why not pull a mila

  31. 31

    Aaand that's why you don't get married at 18

  32. 32

    I think they could've come to some different kind of arrangement in order for her to be a slut for awhile. No need for divorce. Unless he's too insecure and wants her all for himself. A little understanding is in order - humans weren't meant to be monogomous, that's just a fairy tale. My husband & I have been faithful for 10 years, but we have talked openly about exploring other avenues, with the other's permission. We just haven't had the need to yet. But maybe someday…?? who knows?