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Vinny & DJ Pauly D Are Tearing Up Londontown!

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Those guidos are having the time of their lives…and then some!

Jersey Shore studs Vinny and Dj Pauly D are across the pond this week, celebrating the show's return to the British airwaves. The boys have been pretty busy living it up, handling press events by day and pAArtying hard by night.

Last night, the fellas judged a Miss Jersey Shore UK competition at the Mahiki nightclub. There job was to weed out the "grenades" in the top 10 and select a winner, whose prize was a silver tiara and lifetime of shame.

The boys arrive at the venue in style, cruisin' around the city in a stretch Hummer with their show's logo on it. Unfortunately, the massive car was too big for the small London streets, so it took them awhile to get around block.

However, it didn't take them long to fill that Hummer with ladies from the club. A handful of girls, including the runner-up for the Miss Jersey UK title, piled into the car and went back with the boys to their suite.

And then the real party began! Woohoo! Put them in any town in the world and don't except them to be lonely for long! Such pimps!

[Image via WENN.]

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6 comments to “Vinny & DJ Pauly D Are Tearing Up Londontown!”

  1. 1

    these guys not that hot


  2. 2

    I loveeee vinnie and Pauly D…. say what you want, but imo they don't seem as fake as some of the others. They'll make fun of you openly to your face.. bwahah team pauly d

  3. 3

    At least I can stomach these two.

  4. 4

    The epitome of the ugly American. Just great.
    And- looks like someone has their "their, there, and they're"s mixed up!

  5. 5

    Lookin good, guidos!!!! xoxo

  6. 6

    I hope their 15 min. soon will be up.