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Ellen Says Shes Related To Kate Middleton…Sorta

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ellen and kate are cousins

Guess we should start calling her Lady Ellen?

During her show yesterday, Ellen explained how according to the New England Genealogical Society, she is 15th cousins with Kate Middleton.

Apparently, a Sir Thomas Fairfax is the ancestor that links the two.

Here's what Ellen had to say about her cuz:

"I'm definitely invited to the wedding now!" Between the Packers winning the Super Bowl and this, I'm having a good week."

"Let me know if you need me to plan the bachelorette party, Because I found some straws that are shaped like. . . well never mind."

Now we're wondering if we have any royalty in OUR blood…what's the number for the New England Genealogical Society??? LOLz.

Do U have any royalty in your blood?

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30 comments to “Ellen Says Shes Related To Kate Middleton…Sorta”

  1. 1

    Oh Perez, you poor, poor guy. Just in case you're curious. Kate Middleton doesn't have royal blood, she is marrying into the bloodline. You are SO cute! Have a great day you silly guy!

  2. 2

    I've got a family member who traced our line back to Charlemagne . The cool part is my 9th great-grandfather is Marilyn Monroe's 11th great-grandfather, John Alden. Not sure what that makes us? I'd like to be related to Ellen though, she's awesome!

  3. 3

    im pretty sure elvis was my great-great-grandmother's 8th cousin!

  4. 4

    Yes I am a descendant of Charlemagne, through the royal Ostrander Dutch line.

  5. 5

    According to some cajun/acadian myth or rumors, some of us may be related to Italian royalty, but it as never been really proven. Would be fun to one day find out, who doesn't want to be related to royalty ?!

  6. 6

    I'm related to William Clark of Lewis & Clark. That's about it…

  7. 7

    I'm related to Catherine of Argon, King Henry's 1st wife. She's my great(x3) grandmothers 9th cousin. *sparks flying from ears* I think that's how it is. Also related to John Wilkes Booth and the doctor that treated Abe Lincoln, something Taft.

  8. 8

    my mom's cousin made "A Night in Paris" if that counts for anything..

  9. 9

    I think Ellen wouldn't mind getting in between Middleton's thighs….

  10. 10

    I'm cousins with Anne Boleyn. *shrugs* kinda cool I suppose.

  11. 11

    my family tree goes back to the Mountbatten family, which is what Prince Phillp's last name would be if the Royal family used surnames. They only use given names (first and middles).

  12. 12

    Kate isn't Royal she's just a middle class girl from Berkshire England like me :) Born in the same hospital and everything lol

  13. 13

    Yes I am. I am a descendant of a French King.

  14. 14

    Re: Red Panda – I have loads of male ancestors who are called 'Sir' something. It doesn't necessarily make them aristocracy it can also mean they earned a Knighthood from the King/Queen for serving the country (as in many of my ancestors cases).

  15. 15

    True Story: My Grandpa had a first cousin named Bonnie Parker. She hung out with a guy named Clyde Barrow.

  16. 16

    Not royalty, but she should be! One kick azz woman.
    My great-great grandmother was Miss Susan B. Anthony.

  17. 17

    Re: SillyLittleGirl – ACTUALLY she does. Her and Price William are 15th Cousins related from Sir Thomas Fairfax who is also One of my Great Great Great times a few more greats Grandfather. Which I guess means I am related to Ellen Degeneres too!

  18. 18

    He is My 15th Great Grandfather to be precise = )

  19. 19

    What people dig up, eh?

  20. 20

    Re: Mrs AFwife to you

    That's awesome. I read a bio on Catherine of Argon. She has a most interesting background. Her parents (King and Queen) were the ones who gave Christopher Columbus the three ships. Small world, lol.

  21. 21

    Kate doesn't have royal blood. Fail.

  22. 22

    isn't most of the European population related to Charlemagne?

  23. 23

    Charles was forced to choose an Aristocratic virgin. Although I loved Diana! Thank god times have changed! William chose health! And health is wealth, who cares about bloodlines!

  24. 24

    Isn't Henry VIII's first wife Catherine of Aragon?

  25. 25

    Princess Diana's 18th great grandfather is my eleventh. Soon i'll be related (very distantly) to Ellen!!

  26. 26

    I'm a direct descendant of Edward III and William the Conqueror. I am also even more closely related to John Speer, the famous editor during the Quantrill at Lawrence.

  27. 27

    I am related to Charlamagne as well as William de Longespee who is a bastard son of King Henry II

  28. 28

    I am related to Charlemagne and William de Longespee(who is King Henry's bastard son from a mistress.)

  29. 29

    Apparently my mums 2nd or 3rd cousin's ex husband is 150th or something like that in line for the throne. they would have to be one hell of a disaster for him to ever become king but its still cool :p

  30. 30

    I have an ancestor who was a knight, he founded a boat race in london that still does on today :) he was related to some king at some point in history :/ I don't know, I get a bit confused with all this family tress stuff but I gots me some royal blood mixed in with my commoners blood … which is quite nice :D