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Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!

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It's finally arrived!!!!!!!!

An anthem for a new generation, Lady GaGa's new single is birthed unto the world today - and it's huge!

Upon first listen, you'll be able to hear it's a massive massive hit!

The first single off her upcoming album, out this May, Born This Way, is the dance diva you know and love about GaGa - but it's also more.

It's growth. It's evolution.

It's pop with depth!

It's everything!!!!!

Listen to Born This Way (above) and download the song on iTunes today!!!!!

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665 comments to “Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Was that "Express Yourself" by Madonna?

  2. 202

    shit! Fail!

  3. 203


  4. 204

    Haters gonn hate, but you do realize half of the people who "dislike" this now, will love it, give it time. As for the people who love BTW now, we are just among a more advanced version of the little monster. (”') (”')

  5. 205

    express urself madonna. be more realistic. come on u call this the anthem of the generation. dont think so

  6. 206

    boooo! underwhelmed.

  7. 207


  8. 208

    this is very - boring!
    especially musical - i'm disappointed.
    far too much hype - that's not epic.

  9. 209

    It's a decent song. "Epic", "OMG, "AWESOME" are HARDLY words to describe it. It's a complete mashup of a few different artists. Ranging from Donna Summer to Madonna to name a couple. WHAT her and her producers bank on is that the current generation doesn't realize that it's all regurgitated sound. The only thing that's changed are the lryics. In fact, it's so close to sounding like a couple other specific songs from the mid 80's that she's going to get a lot of shit for it. But it doesn't matter, as long as you naive

  10. 210


  11. 211


  12. 212

    Not going to lie, I was disappointed at first. However, it is already growing on me and I can't help myself but to keep clicking play!

  13. 213

    OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! IT'S EPIC! :D :D :D And love the modern twist on Express Yourself! :D

  14. 214

    It sounds like she took Enrique Inglesias's song, changed it a bit, kept the beat, and changed the words.

  15. 215

    AMAZING!!!!!! Song of the DECADE! :) Gaga did it again with Born This Way

  16. 216

    Change pop music forever? This is a rehash of 3 songs from the 80's. She's about 20 years too late to change anything. She's regurgitating/bringing back a specific sound from that decade. Unfortunately most of you have never heard of most of the 80's bands. And no, I'm not talking about "Duran Duran" or some other obvious 80's choice. The one hit wonders created music exactyl like this, and much better, on a weekly basis. This type of song was totaly normal for many many years until GNR came and left, New Ro died and Grunge said goodbye. Since then, there's been nothing original in terms of quality and quantity. Gaga is talented. The problem is she's the only choice in a sea of crap. In contrast, music of yesterday hac an ABUNDANCE of talent to choose from. That just isn't the case any more. And because of that people are easily impressed by anyone that can put together a semi-decent tune. It's really that simple.

  17. 217

    um ew it sounds just like Madonnas VOGUE fucking stealing bitch

  18. 218

    Man I see a lot of you like this crap..unless Perez is deleting the real comments..it's terrible. AWFUL. Plus is that horns on her head..I heard this druggie was a satinist…look it up on Youtube. Freakin loser. satinist..how 80's…

  19. 219

    Re: grandma100 – EXACTLY what i said shes a faaake

  20. 220

    I was a little skeptical but its a fun song. It doesn't really have the uniqueness that she usually brings. I think its very safe, very Madonna-like.

  21. 221

    Eh, it's not bad, luv the beat, should be call Beautiful 2.0…. but its GR8!!!! H0pe the rest of her album iz gr8

  22. 222

    I dont like it :( 2 paws down

  23. 223

    The problem with gaga is that her music doesn't match her persona at all. She creates all this hype about being "different" and "daring, yet this song could belong to any given mediocre pop singer. She needs to make the musical equivalent of her meat-dress, or just shut the fuck up already.

  24. 224

    The fact that there's 200 plus comments in this short a time speaks VOLUMESSSSSSS as to her continued popularity. It also speaks volumes that she's really the only one that can pull this type of reaction today. T h e O n l y O n e. Which was my point earlier. There were 300 Lady Gaga's in the 80's. Her sound is not unique, rather it's stolen from a great era in music where talent was in abundance. And the talen then wasn't even that spectacular. Madonna was 300x bigger than Gaga will ever be (im not a madonna fan. never was) The reason Gaga is so popular, again, is because people have NOTHING to compare her to. She's the only artist in a sea full of Snooki's. Seriously. "Tardy for the Party" would still be a wild pipe dream in a million years if this were a diff era. However, today, it's a popular song, albeit a complete joke. It is, unfortunately a sign of what this era has to offer. Nothing. Gaga is at the top of her class. In a classroom of 4 people. Not that hard to achieve.

  25. 225

    I'm 20. Lady Gaga is 24 years old, and in the eyes of the world we are both children. Many write her off an annoyance who is just riding each wave of controversy wave all the way to the bank on her vapid tunes-but to her legions of fans (many of whom aren't even old enough to vote, mind you) she is a pillar of hope, a mother to youth looking for THEIR Madonna. 'Born This Way' premiered mere hours ago and I'm already hearing countless stories of kids gaining the courage from this ONE song to come out of the closet, accept themselves and share their love openly with the world. Dance music is dance music, and preachy anthems aren't for everyone, but if one song can make the world that much brighter, I don't think it's value should be discounted. Respect your youth. ∇

  26. 226

    im being honest so dont get mad
    it reminds me of a couple of madonnas songs
    mixed together. personally i dont like it it doesnt feel 2010 it feels 1984 and her voice sounds heaps like madonnas even the talking

    I honestly thought it would be like the aleundro song and really great i heard that today but this one … just isnt anything special im sorry im honestly not being mean. Thats my true opinion. Its very madonniah
    like a prayer and vogue

  27. 227

    I was so excited about this but ended up so dissappointed :(
    It reminds me of the song from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy
    This makes me sad

  28. 228

    OK…Boo!!! relax…sit your ugly fatass down…wifey song SUCKS!!! it's not that great!!!
    yawn!!! next gaga song please!!! it's a mish mosh of songs, beats remix please
    sucks sucks sucks

  29. 229


  30. Pavon says – reply to this


    I'm a big fan of poet/author EMANUEL XAVIER and can't help but notice he wrote a book entitled "AMERICANO" in 2002 which contains a poem titled "BORN THIS WAY". As you all know fellow New Yorker LADY GAGA is releasing an album "BORN THIS WAY" and in her latest VOGUE interview she states she has a song about immigration titled "AMERICANO" on her upcoming album. So this really makes me think GAGA must be a fan of gay latino poet EMANUEL XAVIER;-)

  31. 231

    Sorry Shitney fans but Gaga has blown a manufactured artist away! Gaga is the true meaning of an Artist! Love this song it is amazing I've been replaying this song over and over for almost and 1 and a half!

  32. 232

    sounds like madonna express yourself. Im not even hating on her i think shes pretty cool but her ideas are running out and her colours of being "inspired" by other classical artists is starting to really show. She needs to up her game a bit i think. CMON GAGA!

  33. 233


  34. 234

    Hate it. Worse version of Madonna. And I usually LOVE Gaga.

  35. 235

    Its crap… I like gaga but was hopeing for WAY MORE THEN THIS…….. Its verv b grade. Its like a b grade rip off of Kylie Minogues new work, which was fucken GREAT…. This is crap!

  36. 236

    Not SO EPIC! I'm expecting more. Brit Brit's single is more likeable than Gagita. So little monsters don't HOLD IT AGAINST BRITNEY coz this time GAGA FAILED BIG TIME!!!!

  37. 237

    Re: itsbritneybitch333 – I thought the exact same thing! Sounds like a ripoff of Express Yourself. I'm highly disappointed.

  38. 238

    Now on to Mario an Co comments:

    "It's growth. It's evolution.

    It's pop with depth!

    It's everything!!!!!"

    Your a total shit-fer-brains. It's people like you that influence the naive ones with no foundation or understanding, yourselves, of pop music history or culture. This is NOT evolution. Is DE-EVolution. It was done a MILLION times by some REALLY talented people in the 80's. It's like calling "Herbie the Lovebug", LILO version, an Oscar contender. You really are mentally challenged, Mario. She DOESNT LIKE YOU. The question is, how much does she pay you to say such nonsense. Some day the Payola charges. AND IT IS PAYOLA, are gonna come smack you like a freight train. It's only a matter of time before your completely busted, along with all the shit you promote.

  39. 239

    It's gonna be a massive hit, for sure!! Although I think she just went for something widely commercial! She could have risked more going for an alternative sound like she did with her Scheisse remix, for instance.

  40. 240


    Perez Hilton being investigated for Payola. Possible charges to be filed this year once the investigations are completed.

  41. 241

    I have had it on repeat for like an hour!

  42. 242

    It's okay. Epic? Eh… I can just see it on a Curves or Jenny Craig commercial… it's like a feel good cheese song … Imagine by John Lennon is Epic - not this…

  43. 243

    I love it,sounds so cool!!!!

  44. 244

    Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it sounds like the theme song to Queer eye for the str8 guy how has that show been over thats were this song needs to go

  45. 245

    Really don't like it. i hope the album is not this crummy.

  46. 246

    I wanted to be blown away. Frankly, I am underwhelmed. It is not a BAD song, but tere is nothing original about it. It could have just as esily been done by one of those song writing factories and given to a celebutard to sing. Too bad. I expected much more.

  47. 247

    it really sounds like Madonna's "Express Yourself"……..no thank u gaga, i prefer the original. fail

  48. 248


  49. 249

    Lady Blah Blah this song is not epic, nor a national anthem and it totally sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself. Over the hype on this.

  50. 250

    eff the haters, we were BORN THIS WAY! It may sound something like a 70's roller ring anthem but seriously, who isn't going to be blasting this out of their cars driving the beach? TOTAL SUMMER ANTHEM - > Love you Mother Monster!

  51. 251

    the best of World

  52. 252

    She said she wrote this in 10 minutes…apparently she was listening to a Madonna CD while scribbling cause' you can sing "Express Yourself" over this track and it matches perfectly…

    If this sounds like nothing Youve ever heard before, Listen to it's parents "If God is a DJ" and "Express Yourself"

    #clonedthisway #expressyourselfthisway

    …just sayin.

  53. doode says – reply to this



  54. Mama7 says – reply to this


    I'm sad to say I'm a bit disappointed… This sounds like any other pop-disco-wannabe-song from the 90's or one of those Swedish songs all artists wanted before when Robyn was a wee bit younger… The lyrics drown in the way too up-beated music, which is too bad, as they're really good.

  55. doode says – reply to this



  56. 256

    OMG, did you ever listen to MADONNA? come on guys please!!! the same tune!!!

  57. 257

    This is some UPSETTING music. She lost her chance of redemption with me. This song is madonna all over again. the first time i was sick.. the 2nd time i heard it… i barfed. im not listening to it again

  58. 258

    Doesn't matter if it's epic, she gives me a voice to hear. She is my inspiration to keep going.

  59. doode says – reply to this



  60. 260

    When Love Takes Over. That is what it sounds like. :/

  61. 261

    Little Monsters there is something completely wrong if you think this is original and an anthem. This song is catchy, don't get me wrong, but it's bascially Madonna's Express Yourself and Vogue 2.0!!! It amazes me how much of it has been lifted, even the phrasing sounded WAY to much like Express Yourself. The fact that GaGa has constantly borrowed from Madonna yet present it as an original idea is wearing thin with me and a lot of other people. She was the most original in the Just Dance video before she sold out and starting stealing Madonna's ideas.

  62. 262

    So copying a bunch of old songs is now growth and evolution? LOL this is even worse than Hold It Against me

  63. 263

    Pretty girls always sing the right things.

  64. 264

    yeah!!! Express Yourself => Madonna should laugh

  65. 265

    All these people are comparing it to Madonna's Express Yourself saying it sounds the same? I don't hear or see that AT ALL. Express Yourself BTW is far more memorAble and impressive.

  66. 266

    Sounds a bit like Madonna but thats not a bad thing. Express Yourself?

  67. 267

    LOVE IT!!!

  68. 268

    I cant play it????

  69. 269

  70. 270

    It sounds exactly like Express Yourself except with a faster beat.

  71. 271

    Sounds a lot like something Madonna made in the 80's… Not to be a hater, but expected a whole lot more.

  72. 272

    how the fuck do i listen to this???!!!!

  73. 273

    Not only does her voice sound like Madonna's , but the song is so much like "Express Yourself" by Madonna. It's not that it's bad, it's just that I've HEARD IT BEFORE!!! Oh well, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I hope Madonna will see it this way too…

  74. 274

    All you people are fucking idiots led by the king idiot perez. This song fucken sucks. It's just another cookie cutter pop piece of trash. Foolish fools. Grow a pair of balls and get a clue. MORONS

  75. 275

    Thank you Lady Gaga

  76. IVIV says – reply to this


    Does anyone else think this kinda sounds like "Glass Danse" by The Faint, too?

  77. 277

    I like it but it reminds me of Express Yourself by Madonna

  78. 278

    Did not live up to the hype you gave it. Its not horrible but this song is not gonna change music. lol

  79. 279

    At 1:29 in the song, she could very easily sing instead:
    "Don't just stand there, let's get to it
    Strike a pose, there's nothing to it………..Vogue."

    So not one, but two Madonna songs in this one.

  80. mabe says – reply to this


    It sounds too much like Madonna! Sorry but you have to be more objective!!

  81. 281


  82. 282

    I agree, sounds like Madonna…express yourself

  83. 283

    Team Britney here: Its good, a nice hear, but all the hype for this?? I dont get that. Its a good average pop song. Hold it against me is much stronger!!!

  84. JCPR says – reply to this


    im not amazed by it! was expecting something better. im very disappointed.

  85. 285

    I don't understand what is so epic about this? Sounds like all the other pop songs out there.

  86. 286


  87. 287

    Quite like it, but isn't as good as I was expecting it to be, after all of the hype…

  88. 288

    Madonna rip off to the max!

  89. 289

    Wow this is crap! Maybe it will grow on me (like a fungus) but I doubt it. Madonna did this, way better, like 20 years ago. And who the fuck is Orient?

  90. 290

    i dont like it..

  91. 291

    2 paws down.

  92. 292

    bored this way… hiam is better.

  93. 293


  94. 294

    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta
    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta
    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta
    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta

    Such a rip-off. Such a copycat. You're not saying that Perez? No, you don't have the balls.

    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta
    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta
    WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and David Guetta

  95. 295

    haters will hate. this is a great song, with great message. drink your haterade elsewhere you fucking losers.

  96. 296

    Re: toyboy25 – It can't really change music, because it would have to be something different in the first place. Yes, the message is semi-different - not many 'equal rights,' songs out there - but the sound really isn't… I don't know, it just sounds a bit… generic. Nothing I haven't heard before, if you know what I mean. Don't get me wrong, I like Lady Gaga, but it's nowhere near as hard hitting and different as Bad Romance. Besides, I don't like the whole dance club sound to it. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest, after all of the hype.

  97. jham says – reply to this


    The lyrics are great and her voice is amazing . . . BUT . . . oy, the music . . . it sounds exactly like what would be played in an 80s Movie Montage. I picture a bunch of down on their luck kids getting motivated to paint an old wharehouse and turn it into a dance hall to make enough money to pay mean old Mr. Moneybags enough to save their beloved park. I mean it's THAT bad. UGH - I'm SO disappointed. Bad Romance to THIS? What the?????

  98. 298


  99. Shubs says – reply to this


    It's just ridiculous. Now it's clearer than ever that she's just copying Madonna! Evolution? Pop with depth? C'mon, wake up! This woman is a farse!

  100. 300


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