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Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!

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It's finally arrived!!!!!!!!

An anthem for a new generation, Lady GaGa's new single is birthed unto the world today - and it's huge!

Upon first listen, you'll be able to hear it's a massive massive hit!

The first single off her upcoming album, out this May, Born This Way, is the dance diva you know and love about GaGa - but it's also more.

It's growth. It's evolution.

It's pop with depth!

It's everything!!!!!

Listen to Born This Way (above) and download the song on iTunes today!!!!!

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665 comments to “Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 301

    Re: CratersGonnaCrate – this is the final version.

  2. 302

    I really love the meaning and the song, however it does sound like Madonna's Express Yourself…Anyone else think so? I could just be an over obsessed Madonna fan…lol! :)

  3. 303

    Re: stephaniesays415 – I think you question is easily answered by reading some of these comments and the answer is A LOT of people are most definately not going to be blasting this on their way to the beach myself included and I too was BORN THIS WAY, but that doesnt make the song any better.

  4. 304

    It sounds a lot like Madonna's "Express Yourself". Hasn't anyone ever heard of the story, "The Emperor's New Clothes?" Just because you make a lot of hype about it, doesn't mean it's necessarily going to be as great as they are telling you.

  5. 305

    it sounds like High school musical mixed with madonna .. im disappointed

  6. 306

    this song SUCKS. like, i just puked in my mouth.

  7. 307

    It's not a bad song at all, but she really shouldn't have hyped it up so much!

  8. 308

    I'm just going to say britneys new song it's way better !!!! I'm on Britneys teem she is gong to kill it with the new video :) Madonna queen of pop !! Britney & xtina her prodigycal dougthers !!!

  9. 309

    LOL, is this the remix of Express Yourself by Madonna?

  10. 310

    It's good but not really anything new.

  11. 311

    Yeah it's a cool song but I don't see anything "revolutionnary" here. No hate, just my opinion.

  12. 312

    It sounds like a mix of Express Yourself and Vogue by Madonna.
    very good song tho.

  13. 313

    omg….seriously…that sucked. all that hype for THAT?!?! can she stop riding the gay community's coattails too? its just….annoying now. also, she stole from yet another artist on her cd cover (Kylie-Fever). Can this imposter just go away?!

  14. 314

    Boring would be even understatement!!! Stop trying to sell this shit! Such a flop!

  15. 315

    Lady Gaga having a conversation with the Queen:

    “Madonna, if i copy Express Yourself now, would you hold it against me?”


    Gaga failed BIG TIME.

    The song is a straight rip-off of WHEN LOVE TAKES OVER, by Kelly Rowland and Guetta. And Madonna's EXPRESS YOURSELF.

    Shame. Shame. Shame.

  16. 316

    BORN THIS WAY MOTHER FUCKERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 317

    well.. the hype machine proves it's just that.. juvenile lyrics, express yourself redux, will do good in clubs blah blah blah… nothing new

  18. 318

    this is not supposed to be the new bad romance. shes saving that for single #2

  19. 319

    Why is this music player not working on my computer? Also, looked up on iTunes and couldn't find it! WTF?!!

  20. 320

    Seriously, i hope Gaga gives u a raise Perez for all the BS you put in your posts about her. Pop with depth? Its evolution? Its everything? I mean come on, join reality. This is a mediocre song that's for a bunch of gays and trannys. I mean that's fine and everything but it ain't revolutionary.

    Bad Romance, Poker Face, Just Dance even Telephone is WAY better than this song. I mean WAY BETTER.

  21. 321

    It sounds like something i heard before ….it is ok …but maybe she needs to take a break …ready for some new artist ..

  22. 322

    #flopthisway = express yourself madonna #XtinaBeautiful FEMME FATALE

  23. 323

    Wow, lets hope Madonna gets credit in the liner notes…Can we say rip off????

  24. 324

    Uhm Barf.. please as a gay man i dont want this as anthem.. I dont even want an anhtem.. and plus this sounds like a bunch of rip offs put in to one.. Ke$ha shits better music than this. If you want a real song to inspire you. Listen Van Halen - Dreams… this is sad….

  25. 325

    It sounds a lot like Madonna's "Express Yourself"…the chord structure, some of the melody hooks.

  26. 326

    I love that people were first comparing this to Xtinas Beautiful.. haters move on to madonna AGAIN..but w.e the point is that only gaga get this much attention this early in the morning! thank you haters. She managed to get you all up and go online to listen to her song! haha idiots.

  27. 327

    Growth and evolution? As much as I love Lady Gaga and this song is awesome, it sounds just like Madonna's "Express Yourself." You shouldn't have built it up to be some unattainable epic masterpiece of the century, Perez. Nothing can ever live up to that amount of hype.

  28. 328

    LOLOLOLOL!!!!! This is such trash, I'm not even being biased. It's terrible. LOL!

  29. 329

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  30. 330

    Does anyone else hear Madonna's Express Yourself in this song??? I found myself singing Madonna along with it. Either Madge will get upset & sue her, or someone will mash the 2 songs into something grand!

  31. rory! says – reply to this


    Yeah ok so some people don't like it, remember this is only the first song to be released of many others on the album. I don't like Bad Romance or Pokerface but I like all the others, you seeee! So stop with the "I'm disappointed :( " comments because you haven't heard the rest and I bet there will be better songs to come!

  32. 332

    BLEH. Madonna 2.0. Unoriginal, uninspired. THIS took a YEAR?? LMAO. And it's no anthem. It appears Bad Romance was her peak, this pos is no Bad Romance.

  33. 333

    Such a good song! I'm loving it!

  34. 334


  35. 335

    i think it sucks her music used to be ok but this song sucks she could of done a better job and i agree it sounds like madonna sorry.

  36. 336

    lol this is so bad! huge disappointment.

  37. 337

    sounds like kelly clarkson and rihanna "shut up and drvive". nothing new here, im disappointed.

  38. 338

    Message: Great. Song: Meh!

  39. 339

    Hmm I don't know, it's got a nice feel, but definitely nothing innovative or amazing.

  40. 340

    The song is awesome ane message is great. But does anyone else get the Express Yourself Madonona vibe from it. Think she'll get sued like the anyone else would?

  41. 341

    The Lady Gaga promised me
    This song would change my life.
    She said it’s ok I could be a man,
    Or I could be a wife
    But it’s not lived up to the hype,
    It’s just a rip off of an old tune,
    A re-hashed dance anthem,
    To express myself is nothing new.
    It seems we have a new Madonna to anoint.
    Mama Monster I am disappoint.

  42. 342

    I fucking heard this before somewhere in the 90s! I can't put my finger on it but this is a fucking European ripoff, I'm bummed. "put your paws up cause you're born this way"…emm….no I'm not. Fail.

  43. 343

    It breaks my heart to say this but what a horrible letdown…it sounds EXACTLY like early 90's Madonna. It's not a terrible song it's just something I've heard many times before. I hope the rest of the album is a huge departure from this song. I love LG so much but this really bummed me out upon hearing for the first time.

  44. 344

    Why the hate, guys? I LOVE this song! I mean, of course it's no Bad Romance, but you bitches all said the same thing when the Fame Monster came out. "Wtf, this ain't no Just Dance!"
    Her sound changes, people! And besides, this is one song out of 17 to come, so chillax.

  45. 345

    she plagiarizes kylie's "x" down to the font whilst building an over-normalized pedestrian song which nicks madonna's "express yourself"'s most memorable riff. despite the positive and empowering message (again, not unlike christina's "beautiful") in the lyrics, it was a disappointing follow-up to her inevitability just-last-season. will she be as relevant in the times to come or will she be able to become even bigger? aethetically, she failed, IMHO.

  46. 346

    i love it best lyrics ever baby !

  47. 347

    Alright, so I listened to the song, waited a bit to figure out if I liked it or not then took a second listen.

    I absolutely love Gaga's music, I love what she does, I love just everything Gaga. This is where the "but" comes in. This song is just…it's a let down. I was expecting more. I was expecting something different. This just isn't something I can get into. It's not the direction that I was thinking Lady Gaga was going to be going, and it's not something I enjoy. I really WANT to love it but I just can't.

    I hope the album is better.

  48. Dale says – reply to this


    nope. FAIL

  49. 349

    Sorry but it does NOT sound like Madonna at ALL or Express Yourself. I do not think is is nearly as powerful as "Beautiful" by Christina Agulera though. It definitely sounds better the second time around on my computer verses my cell phone.

  50. 350


  51. 351

    Re: xcalibur – Um, I believe she was singing about race, sexuality and religion, so I guess she DIDN'T SING THIS FOR GAYS. Stop being close minded. Even if she did, you have the right to take it the way you want. It's music, it's yours as well as others.

  52. 352

    The melody of the verses are exactly WATERFALLS by TLC!!!!!!!!

  53. 353

    I agree…sounds like Express Yourself by Madonna. This song bares nothing new and exciting. Will not download or buy it at all.

  54. 354

    I love Gaga… but the chorus is totally Madonna Express Yourself.

  55. 355

    I am a HUGE gaga fan and I am SO disappointed! This is such an "express yourself" rip-off!! I expected so much more…way too much build up for something that is not original at all. It's the exact same chord changes as Express yourself.. BOOOOOO

  56. 356

    What a joke.. totally reminds me of queer eye for the straight guy camp music they used to play at the beginning and end of the show. Awful.. just sounds like a badly dated Madonna attempt

  57. 357

    AMAZINGGGGGG!!! Here in Ottawa, Canada the hottest radio station here, Hot 89.9 is playing BORN THIS WAY back-to-back ALL MORNING. its amazing, love ittttttt

  58. 358

    I am a little disappointed. I like Gaga but this song… is okay. Maybe it will grow on me if I listen to it a bunch more times. Meh.

  59. 359

    Can you say "Madonna Express Yourself"
    It's the same vibe, ideal and connotation. The ending also does sound like future lovers by Madonna.
    Buuuut, I'm NOT saying I don't like it! It's a cool song and will be a huge hit this year :)
    Go Gaga :)

  60. 360

    It's on iTunes finally! Born this way!!!

  61. 361

    Fun song…but sounds a little too much like Madonna's "Express Yourself". However, creation requires inspiration!

  62. 362

    this "song" sucks major cock, as all of lady transvesti´s crap…u "monsters" should
    A - stop calling yourselves that, u have no idea how EXTREMELY pathetic it is
    B - learn what good music means, because CACA can´t even begin to understand the concept of it

  63. 363

    This is ok … not that great

  64. 364

    Melody from Madonna's "Express Yourself" and lyrics fron Xtina's "Beautiful"… Really Gaga???

  65. 365

    do we think madonna hates gaga or just pities her?

  66. 366

    It's a mix of Madonna's Express Yourself and Robin's "Dancing by Myself".

  67. 367

    OKAY, PEOPLE, calm the eff down! This song being a "rip-off" is irrelevant! Eventually songs are gonna sound like others, it's inevitable.

    IT SIMPLY SUCKS! It's an anthem for all the FREAKS in the world, and that IS IT. THAT THING IS POLARIZING, has serious mental health issues (why else would she make herself look ugly and inhuman?).

  68. 368

    It's growth. It's evolution. It's MADONNA!

  69. 369

    I understand that this is supposed to be a gay anthem, but it could have been such a beautiful song. All in all. Average. Yes fun beat, but average vocals. Nothing is challenging about this song or any of her songs.

    Also, why does Lady Gaga give so much attention to her gay fans? I understand that we should talk about our differences, but this could have been a song about everybody. Everybody who was different and weird. Where is her song for her black fans? White fans? Disabled fans? I thought gay people were fighting for equality, but she is giving them superiority

  70. 370

    I quite like LG but I really do not like BTW. Been heard before. I agree sounds ALOT like Madonna's Express Yourself. Very disappointed!! I think she could have done much better!

  71. 371

    I thought this song was suppose to change the pop world… this sounds exactly like a 90's club song… very disappointed. this song sucks.

  72. 372

    Love it..

  73. 373

    Re: cocoabeans

    ditto to this. I love Lady Gaga but i was not impressed with this song. :(

  74. Laury says – reply to this


    FUCKING EPIC!!!!! Gaga has done it again!!! Can't wait for the rest of the album!

  75. 375

    I'm totally agree with some comments, i spend a little while thinking what song i remember when i heard the new song of lady gaga, and FUCK YEAH! it's express urself from madonna!!… stop the nonsense with this artist, and calling her "ORIGINAL"!! because she doesn't, this kind of music and outrageous clothes started so many many years ago

  76. 376

    Not bad but it's very madonnesque. It also reminds me of Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

  77. 377

    not impressed!

  78. 378

    d-d-d-d-don't believe the hype. girlfriend made such a fuss about how she was basically jesus reincarnate to queers and pop music and this is the best she could come up with? it sounds like a cheesy number in a psa or musical. i believe in her ability to write and produce music, but she's got her head in her ass if she thinks this is the future of music. if it is, i hope i go deaf soon.

    also, how come perez hasn't pointed out that lady gaga is peddling this song and this album to hate mongers? her exclusive deal with target is so hypocritical. target donates a ton of money to politicians with a very blatant anti-gay agenda.

    this woman's ego and need for attention & money is disturbing.

  79. 379

    The song is unoriginal = fail!

  80. navik says – reply to this


    on originality or whatsoever !!! that's just a COPY of Queen Madonna's EXpress Yourself !!!

  81. 381

    some people here are either delusional or i'm wondering what they're on.."OMG this is like something i've never heard before…" "OMG this is soooo epic"…i mean, yeah, it's new so of course you haven't heard it before, but all the "SOOOO EPIC" "SOOO AWESOME" thing, i mean, seriously???

  82. 382

    Epic stealing is more like it, wow that's Madonna's Express yourself.

  83. 383

    express yourself ..hey hey!

  84. 384

    Sorry Perez, but all I heard was 80s dance music. She was promising something greater than Bad Romance and she didn't deliver. It's catchy, but not epic.

  85. 385

    Nice rip-off of Express Yourself!

  86. 386

    Re: onne2slick – I totally agree with you!The way they promoted it and got everybody hyped up about it,this sounds really average.

  87. 387

    Yeah… I've listened to it five times now…. I REALLY do not like it!

  88. 388

    i love GaGa but this is a BLATANT rip off of Madonna's Express Yourself and she not even being subtle about it. what a shame.

  89. 389

    what a disappointment! blah. don't care for it.

  90. 390

    Is this Pink's new single? Too pop.

  91. 391

    Re: pineapplestar – I agree!There's nothing new and something-that-will-change-the-world in this song.It could have been sung by any decent singer.She has put her bars pretty high,but she didnt top it with this song at all.

  92. 392

    you can't idiot, fix your post.

  93. 393

    It's good, but I feel it could've been better and yes I agree it kinda resembles Madonna's Express Yourself

  94. 394

    yea. Im TOTALLY underwhelmed…. all the hype over this????? Its an ok song, but not groundbreaking.

  95. liza says – reply to this


    The FIRST thing I thought of is Madonna: "Express Yourself"!!
    Then I looked at the comments here and couldn't believe other people thought so too! I thought I was imagining the rip-off of Madonna's iconic song. I guess not. It's a FACT!

  96. 396

    she's disapointed me ;( I waited for months to hear THE SONG who's gonna change the world…eeee…this is pretty bad to me and it sounds like Madonna.

  97. 397

    it's time to act honestly and just put a thank u to madonna in ur liner notes…now that would be shocking miss gaga
    now, let's all buy express yourself on Itunes…get it to no 1…fun times

  98. 398

    This song has been so over-hyped. Its not great at all! It sounds too jumbled and messy, lets be honest here its hardly going to change the world. I expect it to be a massive flop.
    As for it being a "gay anthem", I'm gay myself and its kind of embarrassing to have to be linked to this song.
    I do like Gaga but Bad Romance was her best.

  99. 399

    its so-so..not my fave from gaga

  100. 400

    Gaga says she can "master" fame.
    None ever could.
    Gaga says her new release will be epic.
    How presumptuous.
    2008 she was great.
    "Speechless", "You and I" and now this…
    Superficiality can't last without a real core.
    Gaga musical talent is compromised.
    By the monster?
    None wants another "Amy Winehouse" situation.
    Time for some humble honesty Gaga.
    Writers block is nothing to be ashamed of.
    Stage-dive into the arms of your fans.

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