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Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!

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It's finally arrived!!!!!!!!

An anthem for a new generation, Lady GaGa's new single is birthed unto the world today - and it's huge!

Upon first listen, you'll be able to hear it's a massive massive hit!

The first single off her upcoming album, out this May, Born This Way, is the dance diva you know and love about GaGa - but it's also more.

It's growth. It's evolution.

It's pop with depth!

It's everything!!!!!

Listen to Born This Way (above) and download the song on iTunes today!!!!!

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665 comments to “Listen To Lady GaGa's New Single, Born This Way, HERE!!!!!!!!”

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  1. 401

    Exppres youself (Maddy) + Daft punk + Beautiful (Xtina) = FLOP THIS WAY!

  2. 402

    it's time to act honestly and just put a thank u to madonna in her liner notes…now that would be shocking…
    now, let's all buy express yourself on Itunes…get it to no 1…fun times

  3. 403

    This is a complete rip-off of Madonna's classic "Express Yourself". That being said I think it is an ok song. Didn't live up to the hype imo.

  4. 404

    You gays and other creeping things are being used and abused. What folly!

  5. 405

    It sucks. It´s a copy of a Madonna' song

  6. 406

    Sorry Perez, she really missed the mark with this one. It is an "Express yourself" knock off and E Y was so much better. She goes from "Just Dance", "Telephone", 'Paparazzi", to this???? She really needs to stop saying that this is going to be the album of the century. lol. When it most likely be her sophmore slump.

  7. 407

    it sounds like express yourself by madonna. yawwwn.

  8. 408

    so great!

  9. 409

    BLAH BLAH BLAH Lady Blah Blah

  10. 410

    Listen to Madonna's express yourself then this song. They are the same song. I was disappointed with Ga Ga over this. I thought she was more original than that.

  11. 411

    love lady gaga and like the song… but doesnt it sound like Madonna's express yourself? anyone?

  12. GIO says – reply to this


    its alright.

  13. joor says – reply to this



  14. GIO says – reply to this


    Re: lindsey5891 – YES IT DOES IN THE MIDDLE.

  15. 415

    um this is disappointing, but it's only the first single so lets hope the album is good

  16. GIO says – reply to this


    Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean On the Cover of a Magazine….LMFAO….She is rapping like Vogue but saying people from different countries? If you can't hear that your deaf.

  17. jham says – reply to this


    Re: Javier Luciano – Don't forget Annie Lennox's Little Bird

  18. 418

    its good but it sounds a bit like a george michael song.

  19. 419

    this song isn't special.

  20. 420

    let's all buy express yourself on Itunes…get it to no 1…fun times

  21. 421

    its too overrated. I don't think this is life changing. it sounds like Madonna. When Perez or anyone else for that matter hypes things up wayy too much, you know its not going to be great. Like, John Lennon or Paul McCartney didn't brag that their new album was going to change people's lives. They made their songs and hoped for the best. Today, everyone just wants to look forward to something amazing. But nothing is going to come out of it if they just keep making horrible synthesized beats with auto tune.

  22. 422


  23. 423




  24. 424

    I was expecting more…

  25. 425

    omg it's amazing. go lady gaga! and stop saying its a copy of madonna, there are about a MILLION differences between both.

  26. 426

    Woaaah.. takes me back to Madonna huge! Over hyped for sure, but not bad for chore dancing lol

  27. 427

    it's like madonna don't like this copycat! britney rulezzzzzzzzzzz

  28. 428

    Re: A Voice of Sanity – she doesn't have to make herself ugly. She already is.

  29. 429

    I was expecting more. Basically this sounds like a weird combination of a bunch of 80s songs, only for once the 80s did it better. If anything this sounds like a nice filler track. Certainly not of the quality song like when Bad Romance was released.

  30. 430

    2 words: Regurgitated Madonna. Seriously?!?! I was expecting something more original from her…..this has been done before….SOOOOO many times…lame.

  31. 431

    Bottom line: Nothing like Bad Romance.

  32. 432

    It's a good song. I just don't like it that much.

  33. 433

    is this express yourself part 2??

  34. 434

    I am not impressed.This crooked nose pig is so full herself.

  35. 435

    wtf? u said this would be epic.. and that it'd be great… with all the hype.. the song.. sucks.. SORRY my opinion "little monsters" it sucks. i dont like it. no i am not a "hater" he said "thoughts?" so im sharing my opinion about the song.

  36. 436

    It's ok, not epic. Hopefully it'll grow on me.

  37. 437

    I am a HUGE Gaga fan, Love her! Love my mother MONSTER! However, I was and still am a Madonna fan and I must admit this sound A LOT like "Express Yourself" I think it is a good song but I dont think it is anywhere near as good as her past work. The lyrics are motivational. My mother always used to tell me, " you are beautiful the way God made you" and I love that the whole world will hear that message now. I totally disagree that is an anthem for a new generation. It is not growth nor is it evolution. Call a spade a spade. It is "Express Yourself" for tweeny boppers who never heard old Madonna.
    Gaga had so many amazing songs that never made it to the radio. In my opinion, "Dance in the Dark" should have been a new anthem for a new generation. That song sends a great message. I would rather listen to any song off her last album before this one.
    However, I love Gaga and I will always support Mother Monster. PAWS UP! See you at MSG on 2/21

  38. 438

    I love it! Really catchy lyrics and beat! ^_^

  39. 439

    Re: adriananas – name one.

  40. 440

    Its ok, but you hyped it up SO much you can't help but be let down by it. Its not epic, its not life changing, its OK. And yes, you can absolutely sing the lyrics to Express Yourself over the melody, its fits perfectly.

  41. 441

    WOW……Gaga is a rip off and all of you "little monsters" are her pathetic little minions.

  42. 442

    boooooooooooooooorrrnn this wayyy bitcheees A M A A A A A A Z I N G

    I L O V E I T T T

  43. 443

    express yourself 2011 ?!?

  44. 444

    Why didn't she just COVER Madonna's "Express Yourself"????!! Fail

  45. Dia22 says – reply to this


    It's meh. For all the hype around it, I def expected more. Better luck next time.

  46. 446

    Sounds like another Madonna rip off to me…

  47. 447

    A feel-good song tho it reminisces Express Yourself by Her Madgesty .. but lets just dance to it yay!!!

  48. 448

    Gaga sees herself as a God. Us, the little monsters as her children or slaves. She believes she was born to guide us into musical wonderment, a journey no man has taken before and she will enlighten us, she will become one with the world and we will be forever changed.

    Instead, she is one ugly MoFo that is all hype, no talent and copies everyone. I sit here looking at the comments and thinking to myyself "OMG, this is the twilight zone, is this Scientology? Is this a cult? What are they hearing that I am not? And it isn't just me. I don't know one single person who does like her.

  49. 449

    Madonna, Express yourself. and the cover art…madonna's Bad girl single.

  50. 450

    It's good. Just not as good as the hype was suggesting.
    I was expecting a lot more. I'm not let down, but I do feel the song could've been a lot better. It's the chorus that ruins it for me, I just can't get into it.

  51. G8S7 says – reply to this


    #BornThisWay = The beginning of @LadyGaga's end. Copycats are always caught sooner or later. Don't go for 2nd best baby… EXPRESS YOURSELF

  52. G8S7 says – reply to this


    All this hype just to listen to a cheap 2011 version of MADONNA 's EXPRESS YOURSELF! #FlopThisWay

  53. 453

    Knock off of Christina's "Beautiful"!

  54. 454

    Re: raed – LOLz Dancer in the Dark is a total rip off of Depeche Mde's Strange Love
    Lady G is an IMPOSTOR
    This song it's a Fail and the UNFOLDING OF WHAT IS LADY GAGA

  55. 455

    Re: Marie-Catherine Ayotte – couldn't have said it better

  56. 456

    this isn't going to go well. when i listen to the song i think about madonna and wonder how she got so graveling/talky instead of singing. but the worst part happens when it is over and i listened 3 times hoping it would go away. instead of her tune sticking in my head as is usual, don't go chasing waterfalls starts instead. yes, now i have don't go chasing waterfalls stuck in my head from listening to lady gaga. gotta wonder whats causing that though, the melody? this can't end well either way, i would assume you never want your song to remind people of completely different artists.

  57. 457

    Hated it. Madonna may want to have a talk with Gaga becauase it sounds just like Express yourself or whatever its called. I love Gaga, but unlike Perez, I dont think that this is a great, epic song. Its just so so.

  58. 458

    sound exactly like express yourself. How sad, really. And gay anthems are born because people connect with the soul of the song. they don't need to be told this is a gay anthem and you are gonna love it. I am very disappointed in the Gaga. Failure on both accounts. All it does is make Express yourself seem like a reallly, really, good song.

  59. 459

    I heard it this morning on the Kane Show here in DC, my first opinion was, it sound so much like " Express yourself and Vogue" both Madonna songs.

    Said that, I love Gaga new song.

  60. 460

    blahhh deff not a fan, this doesnt sound like a single they should release.

  61. 461

    Are Lady Gaga's fans that stupid?
    Its clearly a rip off of Madonna's Express Yourslef, right from the talking at the top of the track. Gaga fans must be blind to the fact she is a Madonna rip off, her whole career seems to come from the 'How to be the new Madonna' handbook. She needs to get he own style and stop ripping off Madonna's. Express Yourself is a way better song. Born This Way is also really over produced

  62. 462

    its great but sounds just like express yourself

  63. 463

    Express Yourself copy… she needs to go away for a while, she is SO OVER EXPOSED! I love her, but come on… she is starting to believe her own PR and hype!

  64. 464

    I think it sounds like Madonna's "Express Yourself". So far I like Brittney's 1st single better HIAM!

  65. 465

    Horrible! Very unoriginal. I dont understand why this woman gets praised. She copies pop icon, therefore she will never be one! Sounds awfully like madonna's express yourself and enriques "i like it". Just like alejandro sounds like ace of base. For someone preaching about originality, she surely lacks some!

  66. 466

    i'm not surprised, it came out to be exactly what i said to my brother, "another LOVELY homage to madonna and some 80's and 90's famous songs", plus a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE campaign, and a lot of visual material to compensate the bubble gum song, i really doubt that she will ever do something to top "just dance", and to think that i really tought that she was going to be a decent pop singer….she turned out to be just another product…sad sad…

  67. 467

    FlopGa copied Madonna's Express Yourself!!!!!!!!!

  68. 468

    I liked it the first time I heard it when it was called, "Respect Yourself" by Madonna.

  69. 469

    The Rap Part sound like MADONNA's single "AMERICAN LIFE". Check "American Life" Rap part also. and yeah aside from that is sounds like from another song.. i cant figure out what it is..anyone??

  70. 470

    ahhhhhhhhhhh! i love it.

  71. 471

    I don't hate it. LOL! I know it will slowly grow on me until I just can't get enough. Right now though, it just sounds so basic. You know… it sounds like a class assignment was given to write a ELO/70's Disco Rock song as fast as you can and this was the result. It sounds EXACTLY as I would have expected it to. It was written in 10 minutes? It sounds like it was. I almost wish she put it through some edits and revisions along the way. It's just missing that Gaga stamp that truly would make it her own. Like I said, these are my initial feelings after only listening to it a few times. At least the theme of the song is inspiring and awesome. Good for her.

  72. 472

    She acted like this would change the universe! Lets wait until the music video comes out, imagery has more impact to me anyway.

  73. 473

    This is NOT what's it….

  74. 474

    wow, im so disappointed :( not everyone is a gay man stuck in the 80s gaga. sads. very sads

  75. 475

    its just bad…its really boring and unoriginal…i dont understand gaga or any other fans for that matter they will love what thier idol comes up with no matter how crappy it is……i used to like gagas songs but i can say that this one sux…why are you people so blind to not see that your precious gaga has made a bad song its like you'll buy anything she'll sell you

  76. 476

    Re: aucontrairee – the amazing danc ebit takes like minutes to make and zero talant and inspiration if you know how its done dont be fooled the song sux big time

  77. 477

    Fuck Yes !!!!!!!

  78. 478

    Madonna sang this song ages ago.

  79. 479

    epic!!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just admit it Perez, Britney's song is soooo much better and you said it was just ok. but compared to this shit! ugh!!!! I was expecting something totally different! she be slacking!

    and i know i know, its gonna get a lot of attention for its message but i see that as a STUNT gaga is going for! ppl dont like the song but since its a good message they will get all into it! …..

    Now we know who still and forever be the REAL QUEEN OF POP!!!!

    and…… scene!

  80. 480

    Re: MissNice – - Never heard Depeche Mde's Strange Love
    but I am defnietly going to check it out.

    Gaga has been working hard and I really think she needs to take a lot of time off to relax and just be out of the spotlight for a minute. I think she should write and make music coming from her heart and not from what she thinks is in the hearts of her fans.

    This song is a little dissapointing to me because I am 27 and grew up with Madonna so I automatically thought Express yourself. At the end of the day, as much as I love Gaga, I fell in love with Madonna a long time ago and songs like "Everybody, Jimmy Jimmy, Into the Groove, MATERIAL GIRL!, Like A Virgin, EXPRESS YOURSELF, Dress you up, Border Line" will always hold a special place in my heart.

  81. 481

    IT SOUNDS LIKE EXPRESS YOURSELF by THE REAL QUEEN MADONNA. Seriously, I like a few songs by gaga, but this one, it the same as Express Yourself

  82. 482

    This song sucks! Good Job Gaga… At RIPPING more people off!!!!

  83. 483

    Sheer and utter crap. Seriously. That was about as deep as the cesspool you crawled out of Perez. All that hype? Really? I got off more by my mediocre masturbation this morning. pathetic.

  84. 484

    Madonna express your self rip off;( what a chiper copicat;(

  85. 485

    Re: Mushu Baby – Not sure how good it will do? Well, your clueless then… because it will be #1 within a week. Watch.

  86. 486

    Not as good as Alejandro imo, but it was good. Not as great as I was hoping though. I don't like the whole "message" concept in a song.

  87. 487


  88. 488

    Re: xcalibur – As you put it… I actually do really give a fuck about these lyrics. They're beautiful.

  89. 489

    Re: Luis LopezRe: Luis LopezRe: Luis LopezRe: Luis LopezRe: Luis Lopez – OMG. This song sucks harder than Perez Hilton on a cock.

  90. 490

    Re: sharre – It's not just for the gays, it's for everyone. It's saying embrace everyone, it's beautiful.

  91. 491

    I dont think this is a very good song. I totally support her and everything she stands for but her music is getting way too political for me. Its like a pop version of rage against the machine. also its sounds a lot like madonnas song "express yourself" Its exactly the same!

  92. 492


  93. 493

    Perez, I know you have to say you like this, but honestly calling it the anthem of our generation? This song may not necessarily be a rip off, fine. But is it a well made song? absolutely not, I feel like this sounds like a demo she was supposed to send but forgot to send and decided to release. THE SONG IS NOT showcasing her artistry its showcasing her capacity as a conglomerate pop music artist! Be real perez.

  94. 494

    I really lika Gaga, but it feels like I've heard this berfore.. This is not epic at all.

  95. 495

    I like the song, but it sounds like Madonna.

  96. 496

    I just heard this song and omg its madonna's express yourself the minute I heard it I thought of madonna and I don't even like madonna. Wow am shock can't believe the mainstream media is not calling her out on this.

  97. 497

    YES! This is even better than I thought it would be (and I had very high hopes!)

  98. 498

    Seriously, you people like this?

  99. 499

    wow!! she has surpassed my expectations!!!! Love it!

  100. 500

    Kinda sounds a little too much like Madonna..

    Still love her, but Ive herd better. I got wayyyy to hyped up for this song..

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