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Girls Wearing Bieber Shirts Get Suspended From School!

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Three high school girls from Yonkers High School in New York have been suspended for wearing shirts with "gang" writing all over them.

The shirts in question, however, were self-made Justin Bieber t-shirts that had the words "Bieber Krew" written on them.

So tuff!

Their high school principal allegedly called them in and suspended them from school for wearing t-shirts that were "inappropriate for school because they were gang-related."

One of the girl's parents responded, saying, "It's ridiculous. They're good kids who love Justin Bieber."

The school is denying the claims though, saying "Students at Roosevelt High School were not banned from wearing shirts displaying the image of Justin Bieber, nor were they accused of being in a gang."

Hmm, that's weird. Who is telling the truth??

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Girls Wearing Bieber Shirts Get Suspended From School!”

  1. 1

    Most of the local high schools in our area have banned ALL Graphic Tees - to be fair to everyone. You can only wear Tees that are solid color or graphic'd specifically for that school's clubs to encourage school spirit. And I have to agree that most of the graphic Tees sold to teens now do not have "nice" things on them anymore. Even Perez's Tees had guns on them, how appropriate for young people??? NOT!

  2. 2

    Yonkers HS and Roosevelt HS are two different schools in Yonkers…

  3. 3

    They should be expelled.

    Fans of him should not be allowed to obtain any sort of education, and should be systematically slaughtered

  4. 4

    well…first you said Yonkers High School was the one doing the suspending. so it makes sense that Roosevelt (I assume a different school, judging by the DIFFERENT name) wouldn't have a comment on it

  5. 5

    Perez your late, this happen in my home town yonkers, ny.

  6. 6

    Re: pamelaclaire1886 – yea roos4evelt is a high school by itself p4e5rez

  7. 7

    that is o sad :( lol

  8. 8

    Be vary of the Bieber gangs in your hood. They're gonna rip you apart, then steal your money!

  9. 9

    thats so stupid. thats not gang related— its justin beiber!

  10. 10

    Word has it the Bieber Krew are kicking the hell out of all those little monster fucks.Go Krew!Nationwide!

  11. 11

    Re: icefire227 – you're a fucking idiot. Go crawl in a hole and die hater!!!

  12. 12

    ooh look out for the beiber mafia

  13. 13

    its new york not some cutsey school in carribian off course the prinicipal has a right to suspend anyone who seems to be carrying gang paraphinalia so what if its beiber gang its says GANG the parents want their kids safe then complain when the school tries to do that. you cant have it both ways

  14. 14

    Justin Bieber isn't related to GANG violence, he's more an aural violence kinda guy. This school's actions might pave the way for tweens of the future that have sh!tty taste in music.

  15. 15

    I doubt a parent would say that exactly. More likely the parent said. "It's ridiculous. They're good kids who like Justin Bieber." LIKE!

  16. 16

    Re: perez posse member 777 – The parents are upset because the subject of the shirts was Justin Bieber and were not in any way gang related. Gang related is wearing shirts supporting the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings and such. It's Justin frickin Bieber.

  17. 17

    Re: Nathiestx – Huh? Why wouldn't a parent state that their child "loves" a pop star? It's not always a literal term.

  18. 18

    Maybe wifey can help you differentiate between Yonkers HS and Roosevelt HS? You know, since she's from there and all :P

  19. 19

    They should ban them for having A. Shit taste in music and B. Shit taste in boys.

  20. 20

    So this morning (tuesday february 15th 2011) ariel and I walk in school and there's all the security guards, principal and assistant principal. They take our bags and go thru every thing. They took my snapple and my cupcakes. They searched me with the metal detector . They were going to take my phone but I refused.
    As I'm walking away the principal and assistant principal call me over to talk. They said they were proud that I'm going to first period and make sure to go to all my classes on time because they were watching.

  21. 21

    Wow, just got off the phone with my godfather Mike otherwise known as Wax Daddy, told me to take a look; well I guess you got your wish kid, keep going, I love you angelique, my sis, buddy I miss you :)