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Darren Criss Comes Out

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Ugh! We wish!

Out Magazine's hot piece this month is none other than Glee's fresh-faced fox, Darren Criss.

Posing for the mag's cover story, Darren talked about the show and how it changed his life. Darren also confessed to the mag that he is straight (damn!), but that he thinks that is a good thing. He explains:

“It’s more empowering to everybody if I’m articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character. Ultimately that’s more powerful for both communities.”

We can't really argue with that. It's a positive step in eliminating the stigmas and stereotypes. We can't help but applaud that.

We also can't help but STARE at these shots from his cover shoot in the gallery (below). Yum, yum, yummy!!!

[Image via Out Magazine.]

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18 comments to “Darren Criss Comes Out

  1. 1

    Yeah, Tom Hanks did that about 20 years ago. But nice try, Darren.

    Also, Mario - since when is telling people you're straight "a confession?" You make it sound like it's something to be ashamed of.

  2. 2

    Supermegafoxyawesome hot.

  3. 3

    He gay. Him & R. Kelly are trapped in the closet.

  4. 4

    He kinda looks like a younger, darker haired version of Matthew Morrison. Never noticed that before.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Mitchell Nguyen McCormack images of Darren Criss :)

  7. 7

    SOO HOT :)

  8. 8

    There's no such thing as the "straight" community. We're a minority. You're not. You don't need confirmation. And if anything, we need more gay actors repping us, and this just seems like an excuse to keep us out of media. And being straight is not a confession or a coming out phase, everybody assumes, and it's insensitive to suggest otherwise. Nobody says "guys, I have something important to tell you. I'm straight"! It's assumed, which is lame, but what can you do? Still… he looks hotter here then usual, so he gets a B. I'm lenient. If he ACTUALLY came out, though, maybe an A+…. !!!

  9. 9

    poor thing. the life of a heterosexual is a sick and boring lifestyle. LOL!

  10. 10

    I love Darren Criss so much…

  11. 11

    Gorgeous, hot and perfect!

  12. 12

    He's much hotter in his Warblers outfit. He looks odd in these pictures. I have decided he shoudl only wear his warblers jacket and pants, forget the shirt!

  13. 13

    Darren is doing gay people a favor by playing gay on TV when he's straight? All he does as blab in every interview how he's straight. I'm getting a little tired of straight people playing gay roles. There are gay actors out there, let them do the part.

  14. 14

    Wow he really looks different in these pictures than he does on Glee. He's cute on Glee but in these pics he looks like a MAN and is sexy.

  15. 15

    LOL not that it even matters, im clearly not gonna get him :P

  16. 16

    i don't really like these pics.. where's the smile?!?! ok maybe thats the point but i still dislike

  17. Bloom says – reply to this


    These pics look NOTHING like him. WTF @ all that photoshopping. Horrible! Darren is a great looking guy. These pictures make him look fake

  18. 18

    hes become VERY annoying already.
    not to mention that is the gayest gay mans fantasy about a boys prep school..i went to one…im gay, and believe me, ID have beat the shit out of those guys, especially the asian with the gavel