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Lil' Kim Pisses On Her Career Some More

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Seriously? Your deplorable album cover wasn't enough, you had to go off and pull this shiz too!

We're very disappointed in Lil' Kim right now and her new album. In what could have been a chance to catapult her career back into the stratosphere, she's managed to drive herself down into the depths of the gutters by waging a war against Nicki Minaj.

Besides taking aim at the fellow rapper with her album title and cover, she's also taken one of Nicki's songs, revamped it and released it today on her website as the first single.

Take a listen to the track she's titled Pissin' On 'Em (above), unmistakable as being ripped from Nicki's jam Did It On'Em.

We imagine this is supposed to be a slap in the face, but as far as we can tell, it's too weak to be anything of the sort!


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113 comments to “Lil' Kim Pisses On Her Career Some More”

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  1. 1

    lil kim who? lolllll a little nicky minaj wannabe……. shes soooo using nicky'S fame to get herself some publicity… but who the fuck will buy her album… NOBODY! LOL

  2. 2

    That was lame and so terribly horrible. I hope that she does better than that on her new record if she wants anyone to take her seriously. I want to laugh, I really do, but it was so bad that I'm really just embarrassed for her.

  3. 3

    lulz, I LOVE IT

  4. 4

    Yikes! That's terrible!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Sounds like what you do to every celeb you don't like Mario.

  7. 7

    WTF?!!?!??!!! can she not get in serious shit for this? what a dumbass.

  8. 8

    Kim has finally lost me as a fan. That took YEARS to accomplish… she needs to retire, that or move to a foreign country in search of the little dignity she has left.

  9. 9

    What a classless, tragic excuse for a recording artist. It's sad she has to use Nicki's fame to get her name out there. We have to feel sorry for the pathetic excuse that is Kim. What a disgusting mess she is.

  10. 10

    Does Lil' Kim have ANY sense at all? She doesn't think any of this looks desperate as fuck?

  11. 11

    Sad. Lil Kim, not only do you look like a jacked up barbie, but youre trying to hard to get one over on Nicki. Kimmy poo, darlin', just stop.

  12. 12

    WOW she mad!!!!

  13. 13

    Ok Some are not going to to like this comment, but deal with it, Niki Minaj is a joke… she has no real lyrical content, 99.9 % of the time she looks like a clown and NOTHING about her is authentic….and for her to out sale Kanye really proves how down the gutter hip hop has truly gone. Say what you wanna say about kim, but you cannot deny that she is apart of REAL hiphop not this what I now call commericalized hiphop with ridiculous characters and nursery rhyme lyrics.

  14. 14

    Jajaja WTF was that all about diarrhea, shitting, thats kind of nasty like really jaja I bet I could of came out with better dissing words prob ah even better mixed tape she should feel dumb in waisting that little money she has left in dissing a girl who doesnt even care about her I hope Nicky sues her ass leave her in the street for that stupid picture she put of her

  15. 15

    Do ppl actually listen to this sh*t? I couldn't even listen to all of it bc it was so unbearable. That's called music????

  16. 16

    Lil Kim is waaay better than Nikki Minaj. Real Hip Hop fans don't like Minaj She is Hip Pop, and Lil Kim is Hip Hop. Nikki Minaj needs to stop dressing like a clown and changing her voice like a retard and start making better music. Lil Kim should stop the plastic surgery and focus on her career, once the two of them do that maaaybe we cold get a collabo. Flow wise Minaj desn't hold a candle to Kim… she talks nonsense.

  17. 17

    well it seems to me that perez is nothing but a follower!!!!! u just want to be in with
    the new artists and trash all the ones that were here first!!! u are such a hypocrite!!!
    but here is the thing,u will always be in the shadows not front stage!!

  18. 18

    Yeah, Lil Kim, if you want to show her how you are better, try doing something original!

  19. 19

    Wow…this is legit awful. She's not even actually calling Nicki out, It's just like she did a horrible cover of it. This is one of the few songs on Pink Friday I don't like- but Kim's version is actually awful. I'm so over her.

  20. 20

    that is awful…she needs professional help!

  21. 21

    Lil Kim is a fat loser. She takes big stinky shits all day long and smells of whiskey and two day old trout.
    Give it up…pass the torch and suck it up. Your time was up long ago

  22. 22

    This has flop written all over it her career is over this song and her new album cover is shit this makes her look like a such a child and is making nicki minaj look classy. Just go away LIL KIm.

  23. 23

    Oh please Perez. Nicki is good but she aint this good. Kim da Queen B, this is what she does son! Nicki started this shit, she knew Kim would retaliate, she aint dumb. You Made the Bed, Now Sleep In it. TEAM LIL'KIM! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN!

  24. 24

    I really don't like lil kim. She should drop this whole beef and do her own thing. I think she's imitating Nicki because she's jealous of Minaj's rise to fame. You're absolutely right Perez, if Kim wants to prove that she's better she has to do it through dope music NOT ripping on someone else.

  25. 25

    Yeah right nicky minaj will never better than lil kim perez ur sweating nicky cuz ur a hassssbeen too! BLACK FRIDAY IS REALLY SHYTN ON NICKY'S pertend gay ass no love how you going to act gay then when you get big you try to spin gay people nicky can kick rocks and that shyt she wore to the GRAMMY'S WAS A HOT DAYUM MESS!

  26. 26

    This is the most rediculous thing I have ever heard. Nicki is new and fresh…this chick was a rapper's mistress!!!! I mean really Kim you think this is funny but you look dumb copying shit!!!!

  27. 27


  28. 28

    I almost feel bad for Lil Kim. She shouldn't have to use someone else's success to make herself relevant again. This song is not good, and all you Kim fans who think so are seriously mistaken. It couldn't be any less original. For now, I'm still Team Nicki.

  29. 29

    Re: jfromdallas – Get a life, you're the loser.

  30. 30

    its not an album, its a mixtape. theres a difference. you should learn it if your all of a sudden think you know hip hop.
    anyways, at the end of the day, Kim earned respect and imo will always be better then nicki. hopefully here album will be better.

  31. 31

    What' s Lil Kims problem with Nicky anyway????

  32. 32

    Re: LizardKinG
    Wow Perez…. I didn't hear you say this to Gaga with "Born This Way"!
    Aren't we being a little biased????
    Hahahaha… there goes your credibility (if you even have any) !
    Maybe I come up with a blog space named "Bias Hilton"… hmmmm!

  33. 33

    Lil Kim tried and failed miserably. There's no way she could ever compare to Nicki.

  34. 34

    I find it kind of funny to be honest. Although Nicki Minaj has her own music, the style of hers is a total rip off of Lil Kim. I personally think they are both posers. Now on to more pressing matters, Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber

  35. 35

    Loves it! I just ordered the black friday mix tape cant wait to hear the rest! Love kimberly jones! She is a true MC. Yes nicki minaj has talent and is "cute" but that aint hip hop, Lil Kim is a fuckin Gangsta! "Kill you and cut the head off your baby sitter". If you like playful pop rap then Nicki minaj is totally right for you! Lil Kim is true Hip Hop! You guys can keep your clone minaj, I'll take the original Bitch any day!!!

  36. 36

    Nicki Minaj is the new Lil' Kim. Kim is old, out, yesterday. Nicki is young, in and now! Kimmie-move on. Time to get a different career-this one is being taken over by Nicki!

  37. Awkif says – reply to this


    Re: Leonardo – What the fuckk, Its a complete rip off of NIcki's song. How is she better, she is a fat ass mother fucking has been. haha. Kim's retaliating is the standard of a 5 yearold. Copying. Duhhhh, Who is she? She is old. and has no new ideas clearly, and is full of hatred against an amazing artist. Maybe kim could of came back, bigger and better, but that is not the way to go about it. You can officially wave good bye to kim and her shit career.

  38. ClubM says – reply to this


    lil kim go home the 90's are calling you done with it foe realz

  39. 39

    aside from all the disgusting scatological references and the absolute lameness of naming her album to reference another rapper's album, she's totally dating herself by referencing JENNY JONES and RICKI LAKE. she can't be considered relevant when she's talking about shows that were on before a lot of kids were even born.

  40. Blunt says – reply to this


    Look at you clueless white ppl. If you know anything bout rap, then you know nicki copied kim's image. Ugh lameass white ppl tryin to sound like they know shit about hip hop lol

  41. 41


  42. 42

    Re: Raynne32 – YESSS!!! EXACTLY I couldnt have said it any better.

  43. 43

    This reeeaaallllyyy sucks.

  44. 44

    They both suck.

  45. 45

    i hope nicki minaj does wrap lil kim's coffin wit a bow.
    pathetic ass bitch. go crawl in a hole where you belong
    because since nicki got big you all of a sudden came out of nowhere.
    you had like what 1 big hit? MAYBE 2?! seriously go play in traffic LITTLE KIM.

  46. 46

    So sad. Jealousy is never a nice color on anyone, but when you take it to this level…it's just pathetic. I hope Kim realizes this is just going to push people TOWARDS

  47. 47

    this sounds so amateur-ish. I'm sure there's plenty of room for Lil' Kim and Nicki- they're both totally different artists and Kim was amazing back in the day, so I don't see the need for this feud just because they're both women. She should worry about getting back on top of her game rather than starting unnecessary trouble to get some publicity.

  48. ~E~ says – reply to this


    Wow. She has officially fell off the map with that. That was absolutely terrible. I thought Lil Kim would come back hard. How embarrassing for her :(

  49. CMMC says – reply to this


    That's right dumbass, now pay NM for using her song………………You hate her so much, you just gave her cash to use her song to try to diss her……… AND it sucked!!! dumb, dumb, dumb!!!

  50. 50

    This is a mix tape. She just playing around. She already killed Nicki M with Black Friday rap. I like Lil Kim this isn't the best rap BUT she will always remain before Nicki. I cant stand Nicki and how fake she is. If you look at Nicki mix tapes BEFORE she was transformed into this barbie i would have probably been a fan but all this voice changing and wak ass lyrics. Nicki is TRASH and just because she sold that many albums doesnt make her a true artist. If that was the case than you're telling me Souljaboy is an artist. Perez is so far up Nicki's big fake ass. and seriously what she wore at the grammys was retarded. She is trying way too hard to be like the beautiful lady gaga.

  51. 51

    Pretty hard to take anything you say about her music seriously since you have PICKED SIDES — you are so transparent, Perez and so pathetic when you do it.

  52. 52

    WEAKKKKK. What a joke. I have zero respect for her now.

  53. 53

    Lil Kim was being silly with this song first off showing you all how elementary Nickis lyrics are this is a fucking mixtape are you fucking ppl deaf, dumb and blind half of yall not even rap fans so yall should get your fucking lives together omg

  54. 54

    she sounds like a 5 yr old trying to read. stuuuuuuupid.

  55. 55

    Do yall fuckers no how many Lil Kim songz Nicki hopped her azz on comeon now do your fucker homework you pink hair queen.

  56. 56

    OH - so it's obvious to you that Li'l Kim is a rip off artist!
    Funny, you couldn't say the same thing on "Born This Way"!
    There goes your credibility (if any)!
    I think I'm gonna start a blog page and will call it "Biazz Hilton"… hmmmmm.

  57. 57

    You can take the girl out of the jungle but you cant the ___ __ __ __ __ __.

  58. 58

    She has got to be kidding me!! she sounds and looks like shit!! I'm sorry!!! Lil Kim needs to stop it!!
    Nikki Minaj is so much better!! lil Kim is trying way to hard!!

  59. 59

    Re: Brina411 – She's playing around? She's coming across as a desperate bitter has been with no ideas of her own anymore.

  60. 60

    Well that certainly put me off my dinner..

  61. 61


  62. 62

    Re: Blunt – Uhhh wtf does race have anything to do with any of this? You need to shut the fuck up stupid. ANYWAYS…

    Kim is mad cuz she was the "original" black Barbie and Nicki is in her spot now…my thoughts are Kim shouldn't have left her spot vacant for so long. Leave an opening and someone is gonna take that shit. I personally love Kim & Nicki but I think that Kim is comin back mad weak…she can do sooo much better than she is puttin out there. Right now it's lookin like Nicki got the upper hand.

  63. 63

    this bitch can't afford her own instrumentals

  64. 64

    Take your head out of Nicki Minaj's ass…theres no comparison between the two Lil kim is straight hood and half of these people that comment on this shit don't understand that if they were to battle one on one freestyle Lil kim will tear her apart I'm a big fan of nicki actually going to her concert but you people are the ones that encourage this garbage and im sorry Lil kims black friday song killleeddddd romans revenge(minus eminems part) thats an old school bitch and shes smart cause shes getting your attention!

  65. 65

    lil kim is the original there is no other like her…nicki minaj is the one trying to be like lil kim!!!!!

  66. Keys says – reply to this


    Re: Blunt – why are you stereotyping all white people as people that don't know shit about rap? if you think that your fukking ignorant and blind. color of your skin has nothing to do with knowledge of rap history and true hip hop artists. if your gonna try and sound like you know what your talking about, get your facts straight.

    and to the people saying lil kim who? lil kim has been around way longer than nicki, so asking who she is proves you don't know anything bout hip hop artists. i dont like lil kim, but have respect for her past.. that being said, this diss song just shows she has the desperation to attempt to hack nickis work, when shes just givin nicki more publicity ….

  67. 67

    Re: skarsgardian – its a mixtape. its not an album. ppl are taking this too serious. she aleady shut nicki down.

  68. 68

    Re: fam0us1291 – Kim didn't come out of no where when nicki came out. Nicki TRIED to diss Kim in Romans Revenge which is such a horrible fucking song, and Kim shut her down with Black Friday. Why would Nicki even try to come at Kim??

  69. 69

    While I'm 1,000,000,000% on Team Nicki here you failed to mention that this is only a mixtape. Rappers always take well known songs or beats and rap over them for these promotional items, it definitely wouldn't be on her new album. It still sucks though.

  70. 70

    Blue in the face ..Avatar?????????? What a lame ass B****! Lil Kim aka "old and busted" needs to stop hating and worry about her career! The last song I remember you on was Freaky Gurl and Nicki still out did you on her version!!!! Sit down and shut the hell cause no one cares about your Black Friday shit tape. Nicki is "The Best!"

  71. 71

    Re: Awkif – is you fucking stupid, it's a mixtape, thats what you do on a mix tape,you take others people shit and turn it to your style,lil'kim old,whats wrong with you, lil'kim is the top female rapper listen to hardcore, ain't no bitch can top it.I know why you like nicki because her rap is soft and gay.

  72. 72

    Re: Ryan Farmer – while you are stupid, the reason why kim rap like that is because thats how nicki raps. I guess your to fucking stupid to notice how your own gay ass rapper raps.

  73. 73

    Re: deveal2009 – You really sound like an idiot.

  74. 74

    Re: GaGa#1
    You do realize that Kim is known for not writing her rhymes…she was a ghostwriter's dream. Especially back in the 90s. Her delivery is on point but to see Kim in a battle…hmm you would realize that these "silly" rhymes she using on this track is as good as it gets when she is not jackin someone else's rhymes.

  75. 75

    Re: patsy79
    You fools don't get it, huh. Nicki played the game. She jacked kim's style in the beginning to get people's attention. She clearly, being a smart woman, realizes that she can't be like Kim to succeed. She switched her style up and is nothing like Kim now. Kim is just riding the whole "swagga jacking' schtick because of Nicki's image back in 07 and 08. Now Nicki sounds nothing like her and can actually address topics outside of sex, drugs, clothes and giving guys deep throat.

  76. 76

    Re: Brina411
    Why would Kim play around on a mixtape that is really one of her last chances in her career? Does she have a record label. What she needs to do is make sure that she can put out good music to be relevant again. Her playing around is a lame excuse and if true is dumb on her part.

  77. 7tizz says – reply to this


    It's just as terrible as any other rap track in hip hop history - how is it any different than what Nicki Manaj puts out? Oh, and aren't you supposed to have fueds with other rappers? I think this little fued is cute - why is she so pissed anyway? Lol Lil Kim - if anything, she's the one 'keepin' it real'. People need to remember - we're dealing with 'rappers' here…not brain surgeons.

  78. 78

    omg this bitch is RETARDED, way too be original. Her voice sounds like shit and her rhyme is LAME

  79. 79

    Perez, As much as you like to think of yourself as a music expert. If you knew ANYTHING about hip-hop, you would know that Kim did not "rip-off" the title of Nicki's song. It's a diss track and they are always some variation of the title of the song by the artist they are battling. And as much as you love Nicki, without Lil' Kim, there would be less of a place for Nicki in the world of hip-hop.

  80. 80

    Re: in_wetrust – Thats some BS dont even go there for real…she started off with people helping her and shit of course every artist needs work before they get out there but she wrote her own shit…People believe everything they hear these days its fuckin sad!! Its all about trend these days she made the bilboard when it was hard for rappers to make the billboard. Thats why they shouldnt even be compared Queen B is a LEGEND GET IT RIGHT!!!!

  81. 81

    Lil Kim>>>Nicki Minaj

    the anti-kim sentiment on this site just goes to show how soft and fucking stupid the majority of the people who visit this site are…there are no rules in a rap beef…deal with it you fake house ass motherfuckers…I am far more eligible to pass a reliable and worthy opinion on the subject over the 98% of squares who posted on this comment yarn and I can honestly say that lil kim has destroyed this plastic assed moron…

  82. 82

    So…Kim wants to reclaim her crown by clowning Niki…Kim is a real rapper and Niki is a joke. Just make some good rap songs, no gimmicks. No real rap fan likes Niki. This is terrible.

  83. 83

    this is embarrassing for lil kim….. this is justt really sad. lil kim fans can't even answer to this…..i am or was a lil kim fan…she's really lost her mind.

  84. 84

    Lil' Kim is just making herself look like an idiot. I used to like her and what she stood for but she's taking this way to far. Everything she does now is just to take a stab of Nicki Minaj. Get over it Kim, you took your jab, no one gave a shit now shut the fuck up. Stop trying to send the same message over and over again about how you hate Nicki for taking your place in the female rap industry.

    Find a new hobby gurl

  85. 85

    This is one of those uncomfortable moments where you just feel embarassed for Lil' Kim doing something like this.

    She needs to stop worrying about what other people are doing and just do her own damn thing. She has the talent, why the hell is she even doing something like this to prove a point?

  86. 86

    what the fuck, so she's hoping this whole 'war' is going to get her lots of attention? nah, this is fucking lame lame lame. what kind of artist puts out music just to put down another artist? what kind of talent or originality is that? what a dumb bitch, is nicki minaj even responding to any of this shit? so she's just gonna hate on her what the fuck - this is the weakest attempt to sell an album everrr. she's fucking nasty and vile for keeping this up. go away you hag lmao.

  87. 87

    Re: Raynne32 – yup, she's part of history and she's trying to bring herself back in the WRONG way. i dont CARE if she was big in the past. she's just making herself look extremely pathetic now. people come and go in the industry, but she's being very bitter about it.

  88. 88

    i mean she is dong nicki minaj a favor,
    she is making herself look like an ass and ppl side w. nicki

    this is bad, so she is pissing on herself. she should embarassed for herself
    she hates nicki but gives nicki so much energy
    i mean she even took a nicki song and changed the words up
    damn, its nice to know she was inspired by nicki

    i love nicki, as long as she doesnt respond, lil kim just looks like an ass and really does piss on hereself

    so keep your mouth shit nicki!

  89. 89

    keep your mouth shut nicki *****

    (my bad for the typo lmao)

  90. 90

    Re: Raynne32 – i think what you fail to realize about nicki is that her lyrical style is just how rap started out. it was very simple

  91. 91

    she sounds like a grandma attempting to rap. hahahahaha

  92. 92

    That sucked, but if I step back and listen objectively… still bad.

  93. 93

    OMG! No one cares about this bitch! She sucks. And I have never ever seen someone hate on another person like this. This is sad. It is never that serious.

  94. 94

    how pathetic is lil kim???? how can she dedicate AN ALBUM to nicki minaj if she hates her that much, can write songs about her.. that only making her more famous and burying lil kim's name way deeper

  95. 95

    People are ripping GaGa a new asshole when Lil' Kim basically changes the lyrics to someone elses song and that's about it? Same beat, same flow, everything. Wow.
    I'm a Nicki fan, but I give credit where credit is due…and it's not here! I would be so embarrassed if I were a Lil' Kim fan now-a-days. She was fierce back in the 90s but now she's just plain desperate. If you're going to COMPLETELY copy someone else's song, you should probably try to do a better job than them. Nicki's verses on "Did It On'em" are sharp, malicious, and arrogant for the sake of being arrogant. This is just desperate. "Did It On'em" is my favourite Nicki Minaj track and Lil' Kim DEFINITELY did not do it justice. At all.

  96. 96

    WOW this was awful. Kim if you are going to come at Nicki you better come better than that. I think it's time to retire sweetie.

  97. 97

    She just talks the whole song i wonder if she knows how to sing cuz iall i hear from her is just words, dissing on nicki or speaking in her songs ..i can do the same ¬¬ but i wont get nothing with that

  98. 98

    yikes that embarrassing…
    did she do this on her break from the retirement home?

  99. 99

    Wow… this doesn't sound like Lil Kim at all. She has even taken on Nicki's pop flow.

  100. JCPR says – reply to this


    wtf stop being so desperate lil hasbeen!

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