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RIP Skinemax! Hello Revamp!

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Statham Transports For Cinemax

Worry not, dear readers! Cinemax isn't leaving, and they technically aren't even removing the award-winning dramas softcore shows late at night!

They are, however, going to be moving away from the image people have of Cinemax. You know, it solely being about movies and awesomely named things like Bikini Frankenstein (thus, us calling it Skinemax, LOLz!).

Instead, it will be starting to focus on original content — and so far it looks to be highly action-oriented!

Such as a show based on The Transporter franchise, with the movie's original seksi badass Jason Statham! But the first show that'll be up and running will be Strike Back.

Here's what to expect from that:

"Late last week, the 30-year-old movie channel announced its first-ever primetime series, "Strike Back," a frenetic action series about a two-fisted secret agent for the U.S. who teams up with a British military unit to fight terrorist groups."

So why the change now? It's easy:

"Re-creating Cinemax as a channel for tire-squealing shoot-'em-ups — with a good measure of sex thrown in, of course — is one of the few ways HBO can expand."

That has been, and always be the name of the game, folks!

We are super pumped about more original content coming from another HBO owned station!

And of course, that Pleasure Cove still has a home! LOLz!

What do U think about this?? Will U watch Strike Back??

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3 comments to “RIP Skinemax! Hello Revamp!”

  1. 1


    We already had an HBO. I liked Cinemax because it was different and played lesser known and B movies that weren't on HBO or the other pay channels. Oh well, I guess if it sucks I can just cancel.

  2. 2

    Holy crap, you called Cinemax, SKINEMAX? Where do you come up with these clever play on words?

    And thanks for pointing out the source of your inspiration. Really, I wouldn't have understood it otherwise.

  3. 3

    I used to really like Jason Statham…now I just think he's a twat