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New Witness Says Lindsay's Stolen Necklace Isn't Worth Felony Charges

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LL Might Get Off For Cheap Necklace

A witness comes forward and thickens the plot of the Lindsay Lohan felony theft case.

The store claims the necklace LL swiped is valued at $2,500, but a new witness will offer solid evidence that may keep our little sister from facing felony charges and out of jail.

"A man contacted Lindsay's camp and told them he went into the jewelry store way before Lindsay did and was interested in buying the necklace. They told him it was $800."

According to Michael Lohan, the man heard about Lindsay's predicament and came forward to tell his side of the story about the necklace, and he has volunteered to testify for Lindsay if there is a trial.

"This witness will completely exonerate Lindsay and prove that the necklace isn't worth $2,500, and prove that she shouldn't have been charged with a felony."

Lindsay's case is scheduled to return to court on Wednesday, February 23.

We're sure a Lifetime movie will follow shortly after.

[Image via WENN.]

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27 comments to “New Witness Says Lindsay's Stolen Necklace Isn't Worth Felony Charges”

  1. 6one9 says – reply to this


    WHY““““““““the FUCK““““ are people trying to help this little TWIT, out? I just don't fucking “ get it!! AND/OR her people are “paying people off to get her out of another CRIME!! If anyone of us everyday people would pull 1/2 the crap Lindsay has “““` WE WOULD BE IN JAIL, already!!

    I just want to see her 'karma' come collecting ““““ ONCE AND 4 ALL!! yo!

  2. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Regardless what it's worth wholesale - if that's the sticker price and she walked out without paying for it quoted that price, then that's the price it's worth. Doesn't matter if she was hosed or not - that's the price she was told it was. Jewlery is such a grey area in terms of pricing - everyone knows this. The jewlery store is not on trial here as to their pricing issues, she is for stealing something she knew the price of. And I don't buy the defense of 'oh, I forgot to pay for it teehee, if that's the case, why wasn't it returned immediately when she discovered it was on? No one is that retarded to not know where things come from - ON YOUR OWN BODY.

  3. 3

    So what if it was $800 instead of $2500 she is still a thief

  4. 4

    Another Hail Mary from the Lohans. Who are they paying off for this?

  5. TCYB says – reply to this


    Oldest trick in the book. Fucking liar. How much is Michael paying him?

  6. Cat S says – reply to this


    umm heresay can anyone validate this, no, well then it doesn't matter

  7. 7

    doesn't matter.. grand larceny is a value of $250 or more.. so he better go back and pay the guy again. She quickly went from borrowing it, forgetting she had it.. to now trying to blame the jeweler ?

    please someone.. make her go away. She should hook up with Courtney Love.. that would be the dynamic duo.

  8. 8

    I have been buying expensive jewelry and watches for over a decade and I know that piece of sh!t necklace is not worth $2,500.
    I said it from day one.
    You have a dirtbag famewhore prosecutor that is trying to make a name for herself and she needs to be removed from her position and investigated.

  9. 9

    Re: 7tizz
    Absolutely incorrect.
    The fair market value is what matters.
    Plus all jewelry stores markup the jewelry and then negotiate is down with the customer.
    No one except complete dumbasses like yourself pay retail in a jewelry store.

  10. 10

    felony or larceny, stealing is stealing- you'd think either is a violation of her parole?Why are they fighting over the cost of the damn necklace? either she stole it or didn't right?

  11. 11

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.. A solid witness that Michael Lohan and convicted felon and notorious liar found. Who will just happen to testify
    to the value as being exactly what it needs to be so Lindsay won't be charged
    with a felon…
    I guess the value thing isn't going well cause her attorney is asking for the surveillance tape and is now trying to discredit the statement of the sales clerk. They must be kissing the hope a plea bargain goodbye.
    Talk about throwing everything against the wall hoping something will stick.
    Next they'll say that isn't Lindsay in the video it's someone pretending to be her. Why not they have tried everything else.

  12. 12

    She really F-ed up her life because people are going to be gunning for her for a long time. People love to see celebrities fall from grace. I have to admit, I would like to see her do some "actual" jail time just because it would be entertaining. Otherwise, who cares what that idiot little girl does?

  13. 13

    It makes a world of a difference. Anything over $950 is a felony. This case is bogus. I don't believe she stole it. Think it was accidental.

  14. 14

    it doesn't matter if the necklace was $200….she STOLE THE NECKLACE! if i would have stolen it my ass would be in jail…i'm so sick & tired of this bitch getting off….throw her in jail and be done w/ it….i hate seeing her face on the news, in magazines….if she wants to ruin her life (which she is doing) then let her….seriously, she didn't know she had it on when she left the store?? please, she's a lying little bitch….NOTE TO LINDSAY….PLEASE STOP FUCKEN UP YOUR LIFE. ONCE UPON A TIME YOU WERE A GOOD ACTRESS…NOW YOU'RE JUST A PAIN IN THE ASS….MOVE OUT OF LA….THAT PLACE IS NO GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

  15. 15

    Oh for the love of God, WHO CARES! They paid off the girl that owned the mink coat that Lindsay stole, paid off the Betty Ford worker Lindsay assaulted and I'm sure there are many other shady pay-off's made by these awful humans, the Lohans. She stole the necklace that had a price tag of $2500. You can get as many appraisers as you like, that was the price and she STOLE it. Are Bentley, Birkin, Manolo and Tiffany items over-priced? You betcha, you still can't steal because they cost more than they are really worth. Too bad you can't teach these clowns morals.

  16. 16

    I have little doubt that poppa Lohan sort of manufactured this witness, but, it is easily verifiable by the store simply producing the invoice from the artist. The retail price is generally about twice the wholesale price and if the wholesale price was $400.00, poppa wins. If it was $1,250.00, ooppps.

  17. 17

    No worries if she doesnt go to jail for this she will for something else it is jus inevitable. In the meantime she should see if she can get paid for court appearnces since it is pretty much the only work she has these days.

  18. 18

    I guess thats how you get awarded Mother and Father of the Year! Shady dealings and payoffs to keep your children out of jail.

  19. 19

    So the big developments in her career are whether she'll be charged with a misdeameanor or a felony, what a winner! When you steal and item I don't think the price is negotiable regardless of value or what another consumer was priced. How many items are worth the retail mark up, please!

  20. Wrenn says – reply to this


    So what!! Most things aren't worth the retail price. I was at Bergdorf Goodman and I saw a brown canvas 16 x 16 pillow for $750 and a white cotton ladies t-shirt for $275…neither was worth anywhere close to that price. I'm sure there was no more than $3 of materials in either, but I bet I couldn't use that excuse if I stole either of them. If Lindsay is going to keep using lame excuses and the judge keeps falling for this shit…why are we wasting tax payer money, in the worst economy of my lifetime, arresting her????

  21. 21

    If this were Reese Witherspoon or Sandra Bullock, I'd say, yeah, they're being set up or it was accidental. Lindsay has a LOOOOOOONG track record. She has had NUMEROUS slaps on the wrists, where you or I would have spent considerable time in jail. I think she thinks she is invincible AND she loves the press it generates. Face it, WTF else does she have going for her? NOTHING! We like our Lindsay bat-shit crazy! And, the fact someone pops out and says, "that necklace is worth $800", means ZILCH long-term. Is it worth $2500, DOUBTFUL, but I do NOT think it's a stretch for it's fair-market value to be $950 or above. Regardless, she STOLE it. Felony or misdemeanor, the skank is a criminal and this is a CLEAR violation of her probation.

  22. 22

    Seriously people…. she needs to pay for her crimes. I'm tired of people going over the moon to save her ass from facing any consequences. They need to realize that she will NEVER stop doing it otherwise!

  23. 23

    A couple of poor black girls somewhere spent years in prison over the theft of $11, and Lindsay is hoping to get off on a "the necklace was overpriced" technicality? The US justice system is seriously biased and fucked up.

  24. 24

    did i miss something? why are you calling lindsay lohan you're little sister? so confused…

  25. 25

    Look…this little WHORE SLUT SKANK SLUT MUFF DIV'N, COCK SUCK'N THIEF BITCH needs a good lesson, so let us all say it is actually worth $12,000… Hey ! This guy can price his jewellry any way he wants, and IF it means this little LIAR gets the book thrown at her, has to go to prison, gets the help she needs, gets clean, learns humility, and gives up her whorish behaviour, I am all for it….This Tart Twat has had MORE than enough chances…let the book be thrown at her ugly, bo-toxed face, and let us hope the recovery begins. She really is beginning to bore the CRAP outa me !

  26. 26

    Will someone please clean up this HoHan mess already … ? ! It is beginning to SMELL ! Just like her twat after a night with the boys and girls @ PURE….

  27. 27

    FUCKING STUPID. Orange County taxpayers should be furious that their taxes are being wasted on this bullshit. I work in an attorney's office & petty charges like this are a waste of time & usually dropped. ESPECIALLY if the merchandise was returned. The item is no longer "stolen" - it is back in the businesses possession. What damages are they seeking? They have the item back - there was no loss in dollar value! If anything, it's probably worth more as they can sell it & tout it as the one Lindsay Lohan "stole." Idiots.