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16 comments to “Jessica Alba Is Preggers!”

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    aww good for them

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    As the world’s population grows unsustainably, so do its unyielding demands for water, land, trees and fossil fuels — all of which come at a steep price for already endangered plants and animals. Most biologists agree we’re in the midst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction event; species are disappearing about 1,000 times faster than is typical of the planet’s history. This time, though, it isn’t because of geologic or cosmic forces but unsustainable human population growth.

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    Congrats to them I hope it's a boy

  4. 4

    Re: jcrhode – shut the fuck up malthus

  5. 5

    Congrats to the happy couple. Nothing bad to say about Jessica. So she doesn't always smile—big deal. I'm glad Perez is being a bit nice now but I don't get the reason for the HA after the comment on how big she'll be getting. Getting a bit snarky again P?

  6. 6

    I will never understand why she is so famous. Has she ever been in a good movie? Isn't she nominated for a Razzie award for every movie she does? I just don't get why anyone cares about her at all.

  7. 7

    Re: jcrhode

    Not like she has 6 kids and is living on welfare! *rolls eyes*

  8. 8

    sounds like someone wants attention.

    why not get knocked up….everyone else is.

  9. 9

    Re: like!!!COLON!!! whatever! – yet everyone complains about the Duggars.

    They have 19 and are completely debt free!!!!

  10. 10

    Who cares? She is such a nobody and a total hag to boot. I hope the next one is better looking than the little girl, she is so ugly. She looks like a total wetback child.

  11. 11

    YESSS this means she won't be in any movies for a while

  12. 12

    i pretty much want to die now.

  13. 13

    Re: Lovey10 – Someones been hiding under a rock. Who are you to judge when you're even uglier?

  14. 14

    Re: Lovey10 – i bet you inbreed
    you honkey ho!

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  16. 16

    Jessica is such a seahag, it's hard to care about anything she does.