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11 comments to “Lindsay Is NOT Doing The Late Show

  1. 1

    Why would she even consider not wearing a bra under that dress? Especially to court.
    This girl is a freaking slob. Deal with your lesbianism and get a clue about how to conduct yourself in public.

  2. 2

    She's got a pretty nice rack. well done.

  3. 3

    Jail Time! Jail Time!
    Instead of the customary bread & water let her eat cake!

  4. 4

    Who cares.. He will put her in his TOP 10 anyway.. LOL

  5. 5

    I love how every1 baits and constantly scrutinies her but expects her still to be a functioning human being. This is women obediently following misogyny and women-hating. Men celebs have been doing this for years so why is it more shocking because a woman is!

  6. 6

    no matter how well she cleans up and trys to look proper…she'll NEVER wash the crackwhore essence away!! why is this skanky beeeeotch still getting PR??!! just disappear into oblivion already

  7. 7

    Dina was bored, thought she'd keep herself busy by fake-booking her daughter on shows. Yawn.

  8. 8

    I see a lot of articles about what Lindsay is NOT doing. Sooo, what the hell IS she doing? Nothing? Too busy fighting legal battles to actually work, I guess. A part of me will always be a fan because I really really want to see her pull her shit together, but I'm sick of her antics in the press and have no sympathy for the position she's put herself in. If she did a talk show, what would she have to talk about? Her addictions. I don't want to hear about that shit.

  9. 9

    she's kind of stupid for not doing her own damage control anyway. She's losing the support of her "fans" and the public because she has no real rapport with them. Tweeting does not count.

  10. 10

    what kind of uneducated piece of trash doesn't wear a bra under a white dress to court??? oh right, lindsay is that kind of trash…

  11. barny says – reply to this


    Granted it was the outfit to wear in Court but you can't deny her body looks great in it.Every time I see this picture it makes me wish i could throw her on a bed and tear it off.God I'd love to have some fun with her bibg BOOBS.