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Star Jones Vs NeNe Leakes Reaches A Boiling Point

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Think back, if you can, to the final days of Star Jones sipping on coffee alongside Joy Behar on The View. Those were turbulent times. Lots of tension. LOTS of drama. And yet, we are here to tell you that nothing that happen at that table begins to compare to the shenanigans that are happening between Star and Nene Leakes on Celebrity Apprentice.

First, there were all kinds of rumors that the ladies weren't getting along. Then, Nene appeared on Wendy Williams' show and proclaimed she "wouldn't spit on Star if she was on fire."

So, now that Star is burning, she's decided to respond to Nene's comments via Life & Style Magazine. She kept her statement pretty classy, but if you read it out loud with one sassy finger in the air, we think you'll get a better idea of how Star is feeling. She told the mag:

"I did Celebrity Apprentice to raise money and awareness for a charity [the American Heart Association] that has been instrumental in my life, not to see it reduced to a cliché where black women attack one another for publicity's sake…I haven't commented on any of her comments in hopes that she would remember that we all participated in this show for charity and not as a vehicle to promote ourselves and such hatred. I was clearly wrong and I decided to finally respond."

You absolutely were wrong - reality shows have nothing to do with charity work.

No, we kid, we kid. We believe her when she says she was expecting to do some good by being on the show. We just also think she should have been wise enough to know there was no way she was not going to be on a reality show and not have to deal with DRAMA! That was kind of naive.

Oh well! Makes for great ratings! Right, Trump?!

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20 comments to “Star Jones Vs NeNe Leakes Reaches A Boiling Point”

  1. 1

    Why is Star Jones on t.v. again??
    Here she goes "trying" to act all superior to everybody else!

  2. 2

    Let's see Star Jones is an attorney, former network daytime talkshow person, etc.,.
    Nene Leakes is a person/trainwreck on a bad reality show…
    Looks like Star has more cred than you Nene…

  3. 3

    NeNe has turned into a very mean woman. She is constantly attacking ppl verbally screaming and yelling. It's very annoying. Star Jones, well she is nothing but a has been and didn't and won't amount to anything. They can both go away and stay away.

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Star is established…who is NENE??? that nene person looks like trash…Star took the high road…as for u perez….yeah she prolly knew SOME lil drama would come out of it but DURING the show…nene , since she has no class…is still talking smack….AND she does it with Latoya Jackson too on the show…i bet she wouldnt step to Janet or Woopi G like that….its easy to pick on moving targets..

  6. 6

    i stumbled upon a taping of celeb apprentice in nyc a few months back. star jones was such a bitch to everyone. they were selling pizza to make money for charity and while the other females on the team talked to fans and took pictures, star was being a royal c u next tuesday. Nene on the other hand was soooo sweet

  7. 7

    Star Jones is a lawyer, a former prosecutor in the Brooklyn D.A.'s office.
    NeNe is a former stripper, a loud mouthed, confrontational, angry person who has banished her estranged husband to living in the basement of his own Georgia home.

  8. 8

    Trump knew exactly what he was getting when he signed on NeNe.
    Someone who was a bully, rude, obnoxious, loud and self important.

  9. 9

    I cant stand NENE from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I loved her in Season 1, WHAT HAS SHE DONE TO HERSLEF!!

    NENE: YOU ARE AN ANGRY WOMAN, WHO WILL BE HATED BY MANY…Dont forget Omorosa, hated by many and her 15 minutes are done and all people remember is The annoying bitch who thank GOODNESS is off the TV!!! You will be one of those

    YOU ARE JELOUS, ANGRY, BITTER, ANNOYING, GET OFF TV ALREADY….If I saw Nene in person I would throw up…. I cant stand who shes become!

  10. 10

    NeNe and Star = typical black women

  11. 11

    Re: SOOTHE – Agreed!

  12. 12

    I don't like Star Jones but NeNe needs to be slapped. She just can't shut up and the way she gets in people's faces is so obnoxious. Aren't her 15 minutes up yet?

  13. 13

    On season 1 of RHOA Nene was everyone's fave, including mine, but fame went to her head. I can't stand her now. She is rude, mean, jealous, and obnoxious.

  14. 14

    Star made a great point! Celebrity Apprentice with Star and NeNe in it was for a charity.. NeNe is a “Mad Black Woman” in true fashion.. She also claims to support a charity against violence however on every episode she is threatening Kim and others with violence.. she is a gross beast! I am glad Star spoke up with class against that giant loser!

  15. 15

    Yes NeNe has blew up to be a total bitch and really embarassing to black women….BUT I still can't wait to tune into this show!

  16. 16

    Re: luvs2tango – What tha hell is THAT supposed to mean??? Yes NeNe give black women a bad name but what the hell has Star done?? Looks like you're a dumbass. Get tha fuck outta here

  17. 17

    both of these women are just cheap,shoddy messes. go away go away go away. the fact that they are called celebrities is a friggin joke. that other one, what's her name ? perfect example of how money can never buy class or talent. if she really had money she'd pay someone to fix her damned hair. total hooker.

  18. 18

    Re: SW33tS3R3NITY27 – NeNe gives herself a bad name, as far as I'm concerned. She doesn't represent black women any more than Lindsey Lohan represents white women.

  19. syd3 says – reply to this


    Nene and Kim — when they were getting along — made for some of the best reality TV around. Physiologically, something seems "off" about Nene this season — and it's a bit concerning. It's like her amygdala in her limbic system is at full tilt all the time. Perhaps all the stress of having to be "on" for people so much of the time is emotionally exhausting her (besides her personal problems inside her family). In a distorted kind of way, she is "safe" with Kim — Kim is a reliable emotional punching bag that she depends upon right now — she knows what buttons to push to get that quick fix out of Kim's predictable responses. Think about this: if Kim was out of the picture/off the show, who or what would be the outlet for all of Nene's rage (suppressed and otherwise)?

  20. 20

    Star Jones is one of the most stupid BITCHES on this planet. She used The view to get freebies for her wedding tom a gay man, lied to her fans about her weight loss, and couldn't make a success of her own show. Now she's fighting with NeNe.