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Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!

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We don't hate it, but….

Wasn't she supposed to be dancing in this video????

Like, REALLY dancing????

Where is it????

We blame a lot of it on the editing, but…. it was probably edited like that on purpose, to mask the fact that something happened, like we've all suspected, and our beloved Brit Brit can't dance like she used to.

This video will also do nothing to squash those rumors that a dance double was used for some bits, like the final setup with the black dress.

Britney looks good in the video, but it's not what we were expecting. It's not what we were told we were gonna get!

If she spent weeks and weeks rehearsing choreography, as her reps say she did, we wanted to see that!!!!

Plus, the concept could have been stronger. Really, a soundstage???? Also, she's done the meta/reflection/camera/paparazzi/fame thing before!


We wanted to love it! But at least we don't hate it!

What do U think????

P.S. We enjoyed the fight scene in the video, like the one in Mariah's Heartbreaker where she fights herself. And the day glo paint, like in Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video was cute too! And, of course, the lips, like in Rocky Horror!

Paying homage to other artists is very in right now!

P.P.S. We aren't hating. We LOVED the Womanizer and Circus video! (If You Seek Amy and 3 were disasters, though.)

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655 comments to “Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!”

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  1. 101

    I loved it! Yeah her dancing is what it used to be, but it was still and awesome music video.

  2. 102

    Sorry you didn't like it. I LOVED IT THOUGH

  3. 103

    This video is amazing, truly creative :) and Britney looks amazing. The choreography and dancing is great! So excited for the rest of the album!

    LOVE IT!

  4. 104

    loooooove it

  5. 105




  6. sanaa says – reply to this


    The fight choreography looked hard - it's a good video, worth repeated viewing, I just hate the quickfire editing, the camera should just stay on her for longer.

  7. 107

    Perez is suggesting she coppied mariah's and willow's parto f their videos… In my opinion, it hink she will oversell gaga's new album

  8. 108

    what the hell is britney doing branding for plenty of fish, makeup forever and sony.

  9. LAboy says – reply to this


    not a britney fan, but this is SIIIIIIIIICK. PEREZ ur a retard. you are being a stupid little bi*** about this video nit picking and stuff, When you completely jizzed, died, and was born again when Born this way came out… and its the worst single GAGA has released as of yet.. and thats the least to say about that track. geeeeeee, someone slipping you money under the table?

  10. 110

    I liked the fight scene stuff. Should be re-edited to have stiletto heels dragging across people's fucking foreheads and faces, with blood spurting here and there in slo-mo, maybe a stiletto heel to the jugular, or up someone's love chunnel.

  11. 111

    well, she's had two c sections lol. that kinda messes you up. plus she was on drugs and she smokes. so it makes sense.

  12. 112

    i completely agree. =/ they built it up too much. she looks gorgeous though. we just have to leave her great dancing days behind. =/ oh well. i still love me some brit brit.

  13. 113

    love her soooo much!!!!!! it was amazing!

  14. 114



  15. 115

    perez you don't like anything that isn't lady gaga. give credit where credit is do… the song AND video rock! at least she didnt rip off, note for note, a popular 80s song ala your "wifey"

  16. 116

    Well… I think exactly the same thing as you Perez…
    I didn't hate it but.. the dancing's weak… her movements are kinda dull and stiff.
    Also when she's hanging on the white dress she looks like she can't move because of the harness that holds her, she looks like she has crutches! and as far as i understand, that's not sexy, not britney-ish.
    The fighting thing was unnecessary, completely. Yeah It wasn't what i expected, b***sh**t those ones who say they absolutely loved it, cos that's impossible for a real fan to do! I love her since she first came out, but maaaan, something happened there, I almost feel like she isn't able to do something GREAT anymore.
    Darn it, seen it three times, and I still don't get the "concept".

  17. 117

    i think its a mash up with lady gaga,keshit, and nicki minaj and she kinda copied willow by the pain thing

  18. 118

    She looks like an angel. She is always so easy on the eyes and just so beautiful and charming. I swear she is truly an angel. I wished they had not of hyped up her dancing then that wouldn't be an issue. I can't blv how much you you hate Britney and Christina. If this was a gaga video you would be crying! Its cool you like gaga I LOVE gaga but Britney has been around for such a long time and been through so much. I wonder if you will be backing up gaga in 11 years after shes been ridiculed by the public and gone crazy. WAIT that is already happening…

  19. 119

    Re: Nathan Mudge – I could not have put it better myself. SO TRUE

  20. 120

    She looks better than she has in the past few vids. She dances fine.

  21. 121

    Ahh..You're just Jealous…The Video is AWESOME!!…haha, can u dance like that?No?Ikr…you're just jealous!haha..poor you honey!!!

  22. wocky says – reply to this


    the only good thing about the video is the catfight!!!not schoked at all,nothing new, its like lindsay lohan or charlie sheen without all the drama in their life!!! boringgg!!! i expected more, at least xtina or gaga would have shown me something to talk about….

  23. 123

    It makes me want to go shopping…

  24. 124

    something is gonna happen…the ? sign at the end

  25. 125

    hey, I liked it! How is PlentyOfFish getting involved in everyone's video?

  26. 126

    ALSO- as much as I love Britney… I do not think its fair at all for people to be hating on Gaga. Who cares what Perez says??? Stop hating on Gaga… they are both amazing! No comparisons should be made… anyways this video is about Britney, not GAGA. AND FYI

  27. 127

    YOU LOVE IT ;)

  28. 128

    this is what artists get. they want more style than substance. lotsa editing and effects, might as well make a movie. and a scene where she fights with herself, isnt that concept used like countless times? popularized by mariah carey on heartbreaker, then avril lavigne copied for girlfriend then taylor swift for that one song…

    they run out of originality, like hollywood did. sigh, smh.

  29. 129

    its a great FUN video…. I like it and I think Britney is on the way back to the Top!! At least she marketed it as a fun video.. not some " this song is a message" " this represents" blah blah blah Crap some "artist" pull. (gaga)… It was FUN! just simple FUN!

    PS. Love how gaga had ALL this crap about how she copied Madonna, and yet you have YET to make a post about it…. hmmm bullshit.

  30. 130

    I LOve Britney, but this is not her best video :( . The fight is cool!

  31. 131

    it was pure perfection! if you dont like it dont say "we" jerk

  32. 132

    It's okay Mario it's quite obvious you're upset that GaGa is gonna be taking a back seat for now on. It's cool, have fun crying over it with your lesbian mother. ;)

  33. 133

    are you kidding me? this video sucked. i dont understand it at all! its boring and weird and …doesnt make sense

  34. 134

    "P.S. We enjoyed the fight scene in the video, like the one in Mariah's Heartbreaker where she fights herself. And the day glo paint, like in Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video was cute too! " All right for that back handed comment. You're basically saying she copied others. Whether she did or not I could care less. Everybody gets ideas from others. How can you say that when so many people say your girl Gaga copy's others all the time and you were in Rihanna's video and now she's being sued for copying? You have a lot of nerve.

  35. 135

    Oh shut up Perez! The video is great and she looks stunning! I love Gaga, but Brit Brit is Queen of Pop. She's been around for 10+ years and people still adore her. Sure she doesn't have a power house voice, but she isn't a gimmick ever! Gorgeous!

  36. 136

    Britney the redeemer has set fire to my soul! I haven't felt this way in a long time. I'm completely and entirely in LOVE! *gasps* BUT WHAT THE FUCK I

  37. 137

    LOVED IT :)

  38. 138

    Hmm…I don't get it, and WAY TOO much product placement.

  39. 139

    This is the same old same old. The whole "product placement" thing is a rip off from Gaga's Telephone video. Brit needs to step it up if she wants to stay relevant.

  40. Doxys says – reply to this


    I completely agree. She CAN'T dance the way she used to and the EXCUSE she is older is completely irrelevant check videos of Madonna when she was 30. I think the sparks of what Britney used to be is gone and I don't think she even feels the same passion for her career anymore. She is lucky that her fan-base don't care about the shitty product she did they always support her so she have the BEST fan-base ever. She is been doing the same for the last 10 years; not singing live because she CAN'T and GREAT choreographic but NOW even the dance is GONE so why people still like her shit so much I really don't get it.

  41. 141

    Loved It! an Epic Watch! so gorgeous and visually a stunning video, could not be any more pleased

  42. 142

    I loved it!! LOVED LOVED LOVED!

  43. 143

    Re: zooby – she's been doing promos and teasers for it for weeks!

    Anyway, why does everyone think this has to be an either/or thing, like if someone says they don't like Britney's song, they automatically love gaga, or vice versa? There was nothing about her in this post????

  44. 144

    I'm not a Britney fan, but that video was HOT!!! Perez stop hating! I bet a million dollars, even if the Born This Way video is a pile of garbage you're going to act like it's the greatest video ever made! Perez you're so obvious!

  45. 145

    perez, i agree there wasn't that much dancing BUT. WATCH. IT. AGAIN. she is FIERCE. she is 29 and has been thru HELL and BACK. she is on TOP of her game. i would consider myself on her BIGGEST fans. she is a REAL person and she is BACK. BACKKKK.

  46. 146

    Amazing? Incredible? Epic? Best video of all time? Did I watch the same video?
    To Britney, Lady GaGa, Beyonce, and whomever is releasing any new music in 2011: Stop overhyping your shit. So far, all the new music this year has been a letdown.

  47. 147

    I think it was the biggest Ad-Placement piece of shit ever. And she didn't dance at all. At least not to the level she always does. So I have to agree with you Perez.

  48. 148

    Booyah! The 90s are officially back! Gaga's alien themes, britney spears (especially the reference to her 90s music), rainbow colours, sci-fi-esque tech themes, blantantly obvious sony advertisements, music taking a more techno feel, bring it on!!

  49. 149

    Ya it isn't the same Britney we all expected to see from the olden days, but this Britney who is back in her own way. She isn't a 16 year old girl or a young 20 year old who is oversexed…She is a mom. Brintey's music is different because she is different. There was a lot of choreography in this vid too, whether it was all dancing or not most of it was choreographed…like the fight scene and stuff. Also not every Pop star has to try so hard to be "unique" and different to get attention and status, like your beloved Gaga. Britney has been around a lot longer than Gaga…just remember that.

  50. 150

    I agree with Perez! Did not hate it, but did not love it!

    No consistency, no theme…..

    And I disagree with many of you, Gaga's Born this Way is an epic song! You cannot compare Britney, who never writes her songs, to Gaga! Please!

  51. 151

    Brit was cute once, but her talents hasn't matured at all. over her.

  52. 152

    Wow, you're just pathetic now. Especially with the PS. We get it, you're hurt because Born This Way wasn't recieved well by the majority. Well, too bad. This post is just too much for me, that was the last time I went on your site. Bye!

  53. 153

    I forgot to mention J-LO RIP OFF MUCH!?!!?!!

  54. 154

    Perez you're an asshole. I love Britney and glad to see her dance. I don't like the product placement but otherwise I like it. She needs to stop bleaching her eyebrows though

  55. 155

    Oh perez C'MON! you are just a gaga lover and that's why u "dont love" the video! if the video for Born This Way is just Gaga singing with a guitar u'r gonna be like "OH OH MY GOD, BEST VIDEO EVER' so f*ck it up!

  56. 156

    PEREZ HILTON!!!! i am a fan of you and i always think your comments are right but you are SO WRONG on this one this is a amazing video , her most creative and entertaining one yet!!! dont hate we should support

  57. 157

    I'm tottaly agree with Perez opinion about HIAM.. we expected more, there's a lot of product placement on video.. It is nice! but just that! There was a lot expectation with the teasers on line… Maybe this is not the official video and it was just for main selling of several brands showed on the video.. Anyway good luck Britney! Nice but give us more! more!

  58. 158

    you cant caompare Ga Ga and Britney. They are different artists. Ga Ga is more theatrical. I love them both!

  59. 159

    Re: walteribarra – you're probably confused with life because not only can you not spell"confusing" you can't even spell 'understand'.

  60. 160

    Perez…take some advice, from one asshole to another…shut…up! We got the memo that you're pretty much lady gaga's personal spokesperson would bend over and let her shove that giant egg up your ass if you let her, but seriously, get off it. NOT EVERYONE was too thrilled about "born this way" and no, i'm sure not everyone will b thrilled with this video, but as for u and your opinion on anything thats against gaga, you really need to stop! this site has become GAGA-LOVER.com for god sake. take the time and make GaGaPEREZ.com and put all your "thoughts" on the bitch there, ok? cuz the world is getting tired of her and her insane outfits. the grammy performance was SO UNDER EXPECTATIONS that it wasn't even funny. and she should be ashamed to call that a performance. when Cee-Lo Green out does ya, yea, feel ashamed. so perez, stop! we get it, you are GA GA"s bitch….

  61. 161

    The worst video of the story, bad, does not dance to anything
    well, that kind of videos already seen it, it's pathetic, it lacks creativity, and some dance classes would not hurt. of disappointment on disappointment.

  62. tasha says – reply to this


    I thought it SUCKED. What a disappointment. We all know Britney can't sing but now she can't even dance.

  63. 163

    nothing serious hear…thing clear hear…do u all miss how great dancing brit was..:)
    its not here timing anymore..

  64. 164

    She looked a little sick to me, like it hurt for her to move.

  65. 165


  66. 166

    Re: sanaa – I've noticed that type of quickfire editing with a lot of pop videos these days. I can't stand that. :(

  67. 167

    It's official… She's hot again. I'm not diggin' this song, but she's always fun to watch. I don't like the product placement either. But hey, that's just my opinion.

  68. 168

    YOU JUST SAID EVERYTHING. I'm a huge fan of hers in Brazil and I'm soo Disappointed. They are overproducing her and she don't need to work anymore. Just smile. They said it would be a dancing video? WTF!!!!! Are they thinking the fans are dumb? Starting from now I will not spend 1 cent with her anymore. Let's go gaga and Cheryl… you do care with your fans…

    Thanx PEREZ!

  69. 169

    Gotta love Britney for her effort. The editing was way too spastic, made it hard to focus on the Goddess herself. Gotta admit her dancing isn't as top-notch as it was pre-Kevin Federline, but she can still kick it after having 2 babies and a major public nervous breakdown. Will love Britney through thick and thin.

  70. 170

    Wow, check out those product placements. I spot at least five.

  71. 171

    what happened to you being nice? this is mean. especially that final jab with the PS comment.

  72. 172

    mehhh too much product placement. Kesha's video for BLOW also had an ad for plenty of fish wtf?

    she can't dance anymore, her hair looks awful, the concept was garbage.

    i was rooting for you brit but you failed

  73. 173

    That last dance bit was AMAZING. Perez why are you so horrible? I'm annoyed I had to watch it here because your videos are shitty quality but it's not on youtube yet

  74. 174

    omg you are ridiculous -.- fuck of, you gaga lover.
    always wanting more more and more.
    Gaga doenst dance a shit in the videos her coreography is shit and for Perez its perfect, but when we speack about britney you want always more. jurk
    Love you Brit, the video is amazing

  75. 175

    First off.. I LOVE Brit and this video is better than anything gaga could do! When she is in the black dress thats when she is fighting herself, so obvioulsy there has to be a body double Perez! Her dancing isnt amazing, but choreography isnt JUST dancing. Everyone expects her to dance and look like she did when she was 18, she is almost 30 now! She has had 2 kids! Considering that, she is is AMAZING! Gaga is 24 and cant move like Brit does now.

  76. 176

    WOW Perez i don't think i want to come to this site you fucking asshole.. you compare her video to other people but don't say ANYTHING at all about Gaga's COMPLETE copy of Express Yourself.. you are the worst person i swear.. and yea pissed there wasn't dancing enough but stfu and stop acting like you know so much dumb shit.. you say nothing about Gaga's shitty performance but tare the shit out of this video .. fucking bias dick.. the only part i don't love about the video was i thought there was more dancing.. other then that she is so beautiful and it's not a COPY off of anything.. stupid ass.. get the fuck over yourself.. just a hateful piece of shit idky anyone let alone me comes here .. you don't make any since at all.. you favor people it's dumb as hell…

  77. 177

    I couldn't agree more with some of these comments. You are soooooooooooo obsessed with GAGA, its sickening…so much to the point where I'm no longer a GAGA fan. If this were a GAGA video, you would be applauding it all. And making comparisons to Mariah and Willow Smith, come on. You're ignorant. For you to call those simple comparisons, but have failed to make any from Born This Way to Express Yourself…I simply despise you.

  78. 178

    Anything that is not CACA, you are going to criticize. I bet you begin a smear campaign against Britney just like you did to Xtina. WHY? Because she is not your beloved freak CACA.

  79. 179

    Perez, that P.S. comment was a cheap attempt to paint Britney with the same brush that everyone is painting your dear Gaga with… Saying that she is "borrowing" or "using" ideas from other artists' videos in HIAM? REALLY!!! You seriously need to stop. The reason why many people respected you at all was b/c you handed out constructive criticism and told it like it is. Now you seem to bash everyone who you feel is a threat to Gaga. Even now when you say you are trying to stop your hurtful comments, you still do it but now you deliver it with backhanded compliments!!! I'd rather you not post anything on Britney than comment with your snide remarks filled with covert insults. Anyone who has a brain can see what you are doing so please dont pretend like you want Britney to do well and support her cuz the truth is that you are only willing to do so as long as you put Gaga first. You have let many ppl down… For the record… this video was EPIC!!! Great job BritBrit :)

  80. 180

    Was it just me did she give birth to four full grown men or did they escape?

  81. 181

    How come you haters manage to find a way to bring Gaga into ANY/EVERYTHING?? Obviously it's because she a force to be reckoned with. Born This Way and HIAM aren't similar at all, stop comparing them…. I liked this video btw.

  82. 182

    Your such a douche Perez. For the way you say you "love" Britney, you sure do treat her like shit. What ever happened you your resolution about not being rude and treating people right? I am so happy it lasted so long. I can't believe Britney even honored you in the circus tour or during her Q&A. Such a shame. You should be embarassed

  83. Laury says – reply to this


    So…. is this the video that was supposed to blow us away? Yeah, okay. Britney fans can tell Perez to go fuck himself and to get his head out of Gaga's ass all they want, but he happens to be right this time. There was a huge buzz surrounding this video, it was supposed to be epic, and Britney was supposed to be dancing her ass off, and I'm sorry but she barely does. I enjoyed the fight scene, kind of reminded of Toxic for some reason, but there is nothing epic about this video.

  84. 184

    Why does it seem like when she dances and sings it is in slow motion… It's like she's lost her spark, or love for what she does..

  85. 185

    so im confused? what happened to your promise to not bully anymore? You are seriously the worst kind of person perez. if i was britney and made a video like that, only to have some blogger post 15 seconds later that i couldnt dance and 'sigh' i would be pretty goddamn depressed. it takes months of preperation to get to that point that britneys gotten to. i dont care for britney but this site is a travesty of epic preportions. you do nothing but peddle what you like and your opinions are ugly and hurtful. its this sort of website that causes problems. hollywood would be a lot better off if you just reported the news, rather than writing bitchy comments and then crossing them out as if it makes it better. shame on you.

  86. 7tizz says – reply to this


    Re: JCPiscool – quote"I'm disappointed she didn't copy Madonna like your wifey did. Oh oops." Actually, doesn't Madonna have a video where she beats herself up too?

  87. 187

    I dont like the vid at all nor the song..I mean..like nooo
    Yah she totally did the paint thing like willow smith..but watever!

  88. 188

    Love it, one of her best so far. Reminds me of oops.. I did it again only 10 times better and stronger. Much better than all the other Gaga weirdo music videos at least.

  89. 189

    For all you people talking about Lady Gaga, STFU! That is Perez's BEST FRIEND and if it was me or anyone else we'd probably acted the same. Shut up and enjoy the "HAIM" video like it was intended. Perez is Perez, he's a douche it's just in his nature.

  90. 190

    Re: BritneyLand – u need 2 face it, it sucked.

  91. 191

    I've just noticed her legs look weird in the first bit. I wonder did they do what they did with Piece of Me

  92. 192

    Maybe if you didn't hype shit up so much you wouldn't be so disappointed Perez!! She looks fantastic, her dancing was fine but it was just like every other video…the edit it with so many scenes it hurts your eyes. Just once I'd like to watch a video like that and not have seizure.
    So give the kid a break…she's survived and is doing just fine.

  93. 193

    I liked it! Perez is soo threatened lol anyways I think this is britneys best music video yet! I love the energy of it. Its very creative and she look beautiful. Great job.

  94. 194

    STFU asshole!

    BRITNEY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flopga

  95. 195

    for a women who had 2 children and broke her knee she dances very good. your being to hard on her perez this is not funny anymore you always praised gaga and every other female artist you always talk shit about just like you did to rihanna. you where saying how amazing her video is then she gets sued and you stap her in the back and claim its all her fault. wow perez your such a horrible person hypocrite.

  96. 196

    Britney es una estupenda bailarina.. en el videoclip lo hace genial, al contrario que tu en el videoclip de S&M de Rihanna.. :) Tu eres el que menos puede opinar de baile… ya que un poco más, y ni te mueves!

  97. 197

    Holy product placement.

  98. Bel.z says – reply to this


    The only ones who spent weeks rehearsing the choreography were the dancers! and seriously, she needs get fit quickly. But i don't care, i still love her.

  99. 199

    …but, I will say, that all the product placement was way cheesy! Make Up Forever, Sony, and Plenty of Fish obviously paid for the video. STILL love the video though! HIAM> Born This Way

  100. 200

    Ummmmm, I think Gaga had the Plenty of Fish plug in her video. Video was a let down…..I want more "I'm A Slave For you" kinda dancing.

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