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Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!

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We don't hate it, but….

Wasn't she supposed to be dancing in this video????

Like, REALLY dancing????

Where is it????

We blame a lot of it on the editing, but…. it was probably edited like that on purpose, to mask the fact that something happened, like we've all suspected, and our beloved Brit Brit can't dance like she used to.

This video will also do nothing to squash those rumors that a dance double was used for some bits, like the final setup with the black dress.

Britney looks good in the video, but it's not what we were expecting. It's not what we were told we were gonna get!

If she spent weeks and weeks rehearsing choreography, as her reps say she did, we wanted to see that!!!!

Plus, the concept could have been stronger. Really, a soundstage???? Also, she's done the meta/reflection/camera/paparazzi/fame thing before!


We wanted to love it! But at least we don't hate it!

What do U think????

P.S. We enjoyed the fight scene in the video, like the one in Mariah's Heartbreaker where she fights herself. And the day glo paint, like in Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video was cute too! And, of course, the lips, like in Rocky Horror!

Paying homage to other artists is very in right now!

P.P.S. We aren't hating. We LOVED the Womanizer and Circus video! (If You Seek Amy and 3 were disasters, though.)

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655 comments to “Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!”

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  1. ed69 says – reply to this


    the video is def not a world changing video, but why r u being such a little bitch to britney lately?

    does it has to do with the EPIC FAIL called BORN THIS WAY..????? seriously be a little more consistent like when your vomiting your dinner to loser weight

  2. 202

    Will Britney try to take on Lady Gaga?

    Thomas Chi

  3. 203


  4. 204

    This video was amazing!!! Perez is trash… all you Brit fans make sure you write him an email (link on main page) He has clearly been clouded by his friendship with gaga….Wake up dumbass, she's over. Britney Spears is back!!!! with a vengeance!

  5. 205

    I LOVEDD IT!!!!!! EPIC!!!!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP FATTY. If it were Lady Gaga you would say "AMAZING! BEST VIDEO OF THE DECADE" The fight scene was AMAZING, Just everything was perfect OMG. Have you ever thought when she PERFORMS it there will be a lot of dancing you lard ass? STFU piggy

  6. 206

    The product placement wans't in the MTV broadcast that I recored. Certainly didn't need it in the versions I'm finding online. Can do without that. But I still loved it. Anyone else notice the distorted smile right before the dubstep?

  7. 207

    it sucks!!! BRITNEY JUST LOST IT . . . TO BAD

  8. 208

    Ugh….she can't sing for beans….that was a dreadful video….the song is horrible….my pet parrot could have sung that….and my guinea pig could have danced it!

  9. 209

    BTW. Perez the FAT PIG can bring up Mariah Carey's video and Willow Smith's video but he cant face the fucking truth and say that Lady Gaga's song Born This Way is a MADONNA RIP OFFF???? THAT JUST SHOWS HOW BIASED THIS ASSHOLE IS. FUCK U

  10. 210

    shup ut ugly pig u always making fight
    FUCK U

  11. 211

    LOVE the video! I do wish she danced more…maybe someday. She looked gorgeous and the twinkle was back in her eye!!

  12. ayuu says – reply to this



  13. 213

    Perez, your constant hate on every possible threat to Gaga's career has made you seem like a sad blogger riding on the coattails of a rising celebrity. Sure Gaga is relevant now but Britney has amassed an 11 year career with over 83+ million records sold. Gaga is never going to achieve these numbers, and her constant publicity stunts have become tired and old. This is a brilliant, fresh piece of pop masterpiece from the Princess of Pop. Sure there is a fight scene in another video but have you not heard the similarity of Madonna's "Express Yourself" and Gaga's "Born This Way"? Your constant spew about Gaga sounds like North Korean propaganda. I used to love Lady Gaga, but all this false publicity about her being the greatest thing to hit this earth has made her fall short on all accounts. Gaga can do nothing but disappoint from now on, she is over-hyped and has forgotten her purpose. Her music is not fun anymore, and her Born This Way lyrics, although a great message, are cliche and a bit corny. The song is just not catchy. Sure Britney might just be cranking out another Dr. Luke hit, but at least its fun, and has obviously been more well received than Born This Way. GOOD DAY SIR

  14. 214


  15. 215

    I ve never hated Perez the way I hate him no. Did you guys noticed the irony at the end, when he accuses her of coping Mariah and W.Smith? I mean.. WTF! Her precious Lady Gaga just delivered a song which has the EXACT melody as Madonna`s Express Yourself! THAT is Major!
    Perez you are a moronic who lost any sense of objectivity in terms of music

  16. 216

    Get off britneys dick perez that video is awesome, she looks sexy and she does dance in the video, why are you always diappointed in her but never gaga..i dont get it ? Gaga and Britney are also TWO different artisit, you need to realize that, if the video would have been in anyway like gagas' you would have said she copied her..just saying. Oh and one more thing Britney got you a lot of your fame buy putting you in HER CIRCUS tour you should be thanking her..

  17. 217

    perez, i've been a daily visitor to your site for five years. however, im sad to say i'll never visit your gaga fan page again. you're disgusting. the backhanded "P.S" compliment just shows how sore you really are about the fact gaga literally blended two iconic madonna songs together and put her name on it. sorry you're so disappointed in gaga's "song of the century/gay anthem" that 20% of your readers prefer to britney's original single, but it's not a reason to bash britney. she's come so far since the days you were calling her "shitney". the video is amazing and you know it. also, notice how many comments you get on a britney post compared to the rest of the fake nice bullshit you post all day. i used to love gaga and your site…but your fake ass ruined it for me. you'll soon be completely irrelevant…*sigh* buhbye.

  18. 218

    this video was AMAZING!!! Perez is a hater we already knew that he was gonna have something negative to say

  19. 219

    I agree with Perez. I was expecting so much more with this video. I didn't really get the video at all and I hated that scene with her in the wedding dress?. It just didn't make sense to me!!! Plus she didn't dance at all and when they did show her dancing it was for like half a second!! Too many random things going on in this video! I was expecting better!!!!

  20. 220

    this video left me confused. i'm not sure exactly what was going on there. in the words of my friend "she's not even dancing, she's just…moving around." i like that it's not your typical run-of-the-mill music video, and it was very visually stimulating, but all in all i don't think it was solid or the intended effect came across.

  21. 221

    This video was amazing!!! Perez is trash… all you Brit fans make sure you write him an email (link on main page) He has clearly been clouded by his friendship with gaga….Wake up dumbass, she's over Britney Spears is back!!!! with a vengeance!

  22. 222

    shut ur face ur just being a hater cuz britney is a billion times better then stiupid gaga who copies britney and madonna britney is an icon and gaga is a piece of garbage compared to her!

  23. 223

    Hmm, maybe you're right, Perez. It does seem to be missing something. ……oh, I know! It doesn't look like deleted scenes from Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle. And it's missing that distinct "Express Yourself" vibe that's all the rage in shit!pop pride songs. Maybe 'Needs more "Express Yourself"' should be the new 'cowbell' for making #1 hits? And I like how you inserted the oh-so-innocent comparisons to other artists as a footnote. =| Look, why can't you be this critical about Gaga?

  24. 224

    and her danceing was amazing!

  25. 225


  26. 226

    whats with all this product placement?!?! i find it extremely annoying!!! and i so DONT get the white dress scene.. she looks AMAZING but she cant dance to save her life lol. i LOVE this song.. i even hear it to work out.. it pumps me up! i love me some britney but i just dont get this video.
    On another note.. Lady Gagas born this way rocks too!!

  27. 227

    gaga is dumb! and ugly as heck

  28. 228

    @PerezHilton si no es Britney por que no baila mejor de lo que lo haria ella misma? Duh¡ prrrrrrrrrrrrr

  29. 229

    Mario, SHUT THE FUCK UP and recognize you PISSED yourself because you know this is WAY better than anything CaCa has done! Stop sucking CaCa's dick! He's your husband, we know, but seriously… CaCa ALWAYS COPIES other artists, why don't you talk about it? YOU'VE NEVER DONE IT! TALK ABOUT CACA'S COPIES! People were right, IT WAS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE YOU STARTED TALKING SHIT ABOUT GODNEY BECAUSE OF THE FEAR YOU FEEL FOR YOUR HUSBAND CACA! AND THEY WERE ALSO RIGHT IN THIS: BULLY ONCE, BULLY FOREVER!


  30. 230

    Can we say PRODUCT PLACEMENT? It was like watching a commercial for her perfume, Makeup Forever, Sony and Plenty of Fish all in one. LAME!! Not impressed.

  31. 231

    The video is just ok, I definitely think it referenced other music videos, maybe too much? Maria Carey Heartbreaker, Willow Smith, etc. And the very obvious product placement was a huge turn-off for me.

    I guess I was disappointed because I know she's capable of doing so much more - for instance, dancing. We all know she is a great dancer, we wanna see her tear it up! I don't take her age into account…It's not like she's in her 40's/50's, she is still really young and that is not a good excuse.

    She doesnt need all the glitter and flash of the music video. Just get on the stage and dance, Brit! Show us who's boss!

  32. 232

    ahaha. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the song. The video, not so much. It hurt my eyes because it was flashing around so much! And I don't see what she would need a dance double for? there's like two seconds of dancing in it..

  33. 233

    I hate to say it, but I agree with Phaggez for once. I love Britney, but this video was a mess. Sorry…

  34. 234

    Perez…What's it like being on Lady Gaga's payroll? The only double in the video was during the fighting scenes! I am sure that Britney could pull off the choreography seeing how it wasn't all that intense. I still think her dancing was fire!!

    If this would have been a Lady Gaga video you would be praising it as if it were something amazing!!! GET OFF LADY GAGA'S DICK!! You make yourself sound completely irrelevant.

  35. 235

    get out lady gagas ass she doesnt even like you , she writes a gay anthem and now you like her get over your self

  36. 236

    Re: Jacksbquik – ummm…MOST artist nowadays do product placement>>>where have you been… GAGA was not the first nor will she be the last>>> Take a look at some music videos

  37. 237

    The editing was disappointing. The choreography was not impressive…she barely even moved her feet! The part that I disliked the most was her makeup…her eyebrows were WAY too light!!

  38. 238

    Fucking loved the fight.
    Britney looks hot as hell.
    Epic song.

    Too much product placement.

  39. 239

    Perez… man you're never satisfied! at least if it was Lady CaCa… For me the video was Good! the message is simple, this is a new Britney, and she was against her old self, so stop comparing her to older days… this is NEW! another Era…

  40. 240

    wonder how much sony paid her ? whatever shes had like two kids and shaved her head and went crazy with an umbrella i guess you could say this is an improvement ? besides im cool with her trying to make some money you think if any popstar knows how to entertain it would be her

  41. 241

    You are truly pathetic, and apparently still pissy about the cold reception Gaga's over-hyped song got from the majority of the world. Oh, and comparing scenes from Britney's video to other artists' video to try to insinuate she copied them isn't going to make BTW any less an "Express Yourself" ripoff.

  42. 242

    she's fucking amazing. She has done so many amazing things. It's like what can she do to outdo herself?

  43. 243

    i thought it was gonna be better i saw dance her dancers but not her

    i just saw her doing playback :(

    PS: loved the cat fight!

  44. 244

    First I love Britney, but all the products (um plenty of fish anyone?) and I was so bummed about the dancing!! I wanted to see her dance up a storm. It was ok but for a good some it should've been better and the backup dancers were dancing hard just not Brit. She looked amazing tho, must be the makeup she's hocking.

  45. 245

    I love how to say something bad about Britters and her team contact you to put you in your place, hopefully they'll do it again now. To be honest they did hype the dancing, but I don't know, there seems to be an average amount of dancing here, so stop complaining. I want to cheer you on Perez, because there was a stage where you was posted some awesome music and videos on this site, really exciting stuff but the last year or so, bah - awfully biased to Lady GaGa (I don't think you can go through at least 2 pages on this site without something linked to that woman) and only really promoting stuff you're involved with unprofessional (that Travis Garland kid you kept pushing, where the hell is he now after all the hype you made about him?) - Of course you're entitled to your opinion and you said you didn't hate it, yet the way it's worded is basically putting the video down and saying Brit is passed it - clearly she's not.

  46. 246

    Love Britney, enjoyed the video, not her best but it was still fun to watch. She's in a different place in her life so she probably won't ever dance the same. And she doesn't need gimmicks like eggs and horns. Sorry Perez I'm a little tired of Gaga.

  47. 247

    EH! she lost it =/

  48. 248

    Re: OriginalRecipe – True but its because Perez judgement that is clouded by his love for Gaga. I'm fine with him criticizing Britney, just make sure you do the same with Gaga, which he doesn't do. That's my point and that is why gaga is brought into anyone who is criticized by Perez.

  49. 249

    I thought you were one of Britney's biggest fan? What happened? You're just up Lady Gaga's ass all the time.

  50. 250

    This is one of her BEST video !!!!! MUCH BETTER than Gaga new song. Britney Forever!!!

  51. 251

    I love it Perez so STFU please

  52. 252

    The video was amazing I LOVE IT!!!!!!! SCREW YOU PEREZ YOUR JUST WORRIED IT MIGHT BE BETTER THEN YOUR GAGA NEW VIDEO IN THE MAKING. One thing Britney has over her is she is smoking HOT!

  53. 253

    Have a just seen some Britney clone(gaga)(PLENTY of fish-telephone) with paws going all mad for attention that got owend by the real Queen of Pop…. Perez i am being very objective you a slippery person selfish and you´re a grey guy with a hidden passive aggressivity you fluctuate more than the weather…almost nothing surprises us this days anymore…but this girl(Britney)sure does know how to create entertainment and even wake up emotions with this superficial stuff she´s selling …she has a star and everything she does is great cuz she has her own seal the rest are just copies…you´re lucky this website works because they love to see how ppl they admire get miserable and make them feel better about themselvs …oh and btw coco perez? dude you need to check on your own style buddy… and all this concern about animals and political rights ….you´d sell your mum to be Britney Spears …all that being said i check this website almost everyday xD cheers

  54. 254

    She can't sing..Seriously this sounds like a synthesized robot on helium.
    I want my 2 minutes back

  55. 255

    your so far up lady gaga you refuse to allow yourself to admit something CAN be better than lady gaga …. something is seriously wrong with her as far as wearing horns and shit like really how is that art?? its weird! AND SCARY. does she want ppl to believe she worships the devil….. Britney may not be the same 17 yr old she once was , but she is still amazing and ppl still love her and she been around for 10 years. get your ass out of lady gagas ass !!

  56. 256

    it's not what you were told you were gonna get?!
    HAHAHAHAHAHA… almost like gaga saying this was gonna be the album of the century (a pretty broad statement to make in 2011) and then she comes out with born this way…

  57. 257


  58. 258

    I wish everyone would stop blaming her age and kids. I'm the same age have a kid and work my ass off and I still dance. It's her JOB to be pretty be in shape and dance and sing hard!!! I can dance great just like when I was a cheerleader ages ago. Don't make excuses!!!!

  59. 259

    Re: kholden622 – Bitch, PLEASE! Godney is the Queen already, she always saves us from CaCa and from that old bitch Madonna who should be a senior citizen already! :D

  60. 260

    Okay, so do you need a REAL Britney expert to break this down for you?

    The choreography… WHAT ABOUT THE FIGHT SCENE?!?! That was intense.
    And the "dance double" AGAIN, she was FIGHTING HERSELF!!!!
    This was an extremely original video for anyone!

    3 was marvolous! It was a great dance video. And If U Seek Amy was a glimps into how people like YOU Perez make celebrity lifes seem.

    The product placement, EVERY singer does it!!!! When THEY have a product that themselves create, they ALWAYS put it in their videos! It's their a great way to show the product off by their CREATER! This video is a smash hit!

  61. 261

    looks like a bad commercial for a broadway show.
    I'm WAITING ON GAGA's Video.

  62. 262

    love it too.

  63. 263

    Re: EmRobbins – finally some who is keeping it real

  64. CesX says – reply to this


    it's not the best video but IT'S A GOOD VIDEO!!!

  65. 265

    I love it when Gaga or Britney "pays homage to other artists," then Perez claims it's very in right now. However, when Christina does it, then he beats her down to the point of calling her Clone-tina. Do the world a favor and stick to your fluffy little site Perez, and never go into any kind of journalism that requires integrity.

  66. 266

    Re: BritneyLand – Born This Way" is the 1,000th No. 1 Billboard single and tops a record set by Britney Spears

  67. 267

    P.P.S. we fucking hate you perez so shut up. let me see your fat ass get on a sound stage & dance like that…until then go suck lady gaga's cock

  68. 268

    this wasnt good and it made NO SENSE. it would have been cool if it didnt switch angles every other second.

  69. 269

    SHUT UP! Just because you don't have your head buried up Brit's ass like Gaga, Adele, Kat Gram, etc, doesn't mean you have to diss her. SHUT UP!

  70. 270

    Re: TRUTH-TELLER – BTW. Perez the FAT PIG can bring up Mariah Carey's video and Willow Smith's video but he cant face the fucking truth and say that Lady Gaga's song Born This Way is a MADONNA RIP OFFF???? THAT JUST SHOWS HOW BIASED THIS ASSHOLE IS. FUCK U
    So true. absolutely no mention of gaga's song sounding like madonna's on his website but 2 minutes after britney's video he's already throwing shade at her. Yeah he's not biased. Its such a joke. I'm not even a britney fan and I can see his biased act.

  71. sanaa says – reply to this


    SLOW THE EDITING LET THE CAMERA STAY ON THE SCENE FOR MORE THAN A MILLISECOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 272

    Perez, give our girl a break! Seriously. She is a mother of two, has been through a lot and as a dancer, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up as you get older. Yes, I know she is a performer and that, in a sense is her career "obligation", but let's let her get back on her feet a bit. It's hard to get back in the studio and train and look perfect. She's just barely getting back to her old self. I saw her in concert twice last album and I think she is doing just fine. Don't be so harsh. That's your girl, right?

  73. 273

    paying homeage to other artists????? bitch not ONCE when i was watching the video did i fucking think of mariah carey or willow.. hahaaha ur fucking gaga ripped off madonna you stupid pig. gaga is a freak and reaches out to gays for fanbase, thats the only reason shes famous. shes fucked in the head, tries to hard and is overall a FREAK. britney doesnt need to try in order to own it, fuck you perez.

  74. 274

    I AGREE!!!! IT was SO WACK!! They tried to make it seem like she was dancing but it was all flashy shit. UGH! what a disappointment. I will not be buying her album.

  75. 275

    Jonas Akerlund makes a video for GaGa & you jizz all over the place & let it be known to everyone how much you love it. GaGa NEVER does wrong in your eyes. Yet he makes a video for Britney & you have all of those things listed above to bitch about? You sure do put a lot of pressure on Britney in comparison to other artists. It's like nothing she ever does is good enough for you. You also claim time & time again how you die for a good pop song/artist, which is exactly what Britney does best. I agree with whoever before me said that you let your obsession with GaGa cloud your judgment on any other artist…

  76. 276






  77. 277

    ..I think the video was quite different, stylistically, from anything Britney's ever come out with before. Yes, she's taken on the whole fame/paparazzi thing before, but can you blame her? As seen in the MTV documentary, she has it worse than probably any other artist. I like that she's taking new risks in her outfits. I also sat down the other day & watched all her old videos that she dances in & I don't see a huge difference in the dancing then in comparison to now. I definitely don't think they're editing around it to hide her so-called lack of ability. She's a natural, that doesn't just go away. Her ability is certainly still there.

  78. 278

    oh that's funny perez, but SAINT GAGA copying MADONNA was never mentioned on your site. hypocrite and biased, even if love gaga. The video was amazing! and she's had 2 kids and looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

  79. 279

    ..If you think it's such a terrible video, name what you were expecting to see & tell me how you could've done a better job & then maybe I'll take you seriously. You have no journalistic credibility because you suck GaGa's dick so hard that you can't focus on anything else. (& I'm a GaGa fan so before any of you start to hound me for that, you can stop right now).

  80. 280

    Oh my god, really Perez?! haha ur saying negative comments or u cant totally love it because of GaGa right?! c'mon GaGa's New single is totally rip off from Madonnas singles. you cannot deny the fact the HIAM video is EPIC!

  81. 281

    What happened to her dancing?! She used to project this joy when she performed but now she looks almost sad. I love her, I just wished she was *back*.

  82. 282

    My heart breaks for Britney. You can see it in her eyes that she is not all there. I think it is irresponsible for her father or whomever to allow her to continue down this road. She is their cash cow and it's sad that they dress her up and try and make her look presentable when inside she is torn apart. She didn't even try and lip sync the song correctly. She did very little dancing because she can't. Her mind is a sorry state. I wish someone realize that. I wish someone would take a stand for her and just let her be. Sure she made records, yah she had babies but lots of people have. The problem with Brit is that she had a massive breakdown and is on medication but it is only masking the outside appearance. She's not there, she's not right and she needs to go off and live on an island somewhere to heal her soul. Maybe in 10 years she might be able to find herself again but right now with the pressure of being her, she is not going to make it and I find that so very sad.

  83. 283

    as one bipolar manic depressive to another…Britney, I totally see it,congrats on the album, finding peace, keep your chin up girl, we aren't all "the Roommate"

  84. 284

    Perez you REALLY are so FAR up lady gaga’s ASS. I think you need to take a breather.

    Britney Spears is the POP PRINCESS! I GREW UP WITH HER, I LOVE HER!
    I do agree that the dancing is majorly lacking, and it was probably edited all choppy to hide that…but her dancing hasn’t made its comeback yet and I keep praying for the day. But I love Britney, I love everything she does, I will always support her. She looks beautiful in the video and I LOVE the song, its original…she is true artist. Unlike Lady caca

  85. 285

    Loved it!!!

  86. 286

    OMG. How many times that girl will screw up the chance to make a come back…..and what's with the product placement (her perfume and Make up for ever…) The editing is horrible, you can see the close ups in her black dress that the dancers are not really behind her. Like she did the dance byherself and the back up dancers were added after. When the camera pulls out and you can see everybody dancing together but you can't tell if its her…..

    For a vid that we were looking forward to….YAWN.

  87. 287


  88. 288


  89. 289

    I don't care that she wasn't dancing like before or whatever…even if she was, that was a BAD video in it's own right.
    OVER EDITED…The concept didn't really go with the song…I couldn't follow anything. AND BAD BAD BAD ANGLES…Britney is beautiful, but not from the angle they tried to pull when she was hanging in the air in her lil dress…
    ugh…I'm disappointed. At least the song is good.

  90. 290

    The product placement was waaay much!

  91. 291

    "We enjoyed the fight scene in the video, like the one in Mariah's Heartbreaker where she fights herself. And the day glo paint, like in Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video was cute too! And, of course, the lips, like in Rocky Horror!" - Perez

    You're saying these things to make it look like Britney copies other people to make people forget that GaGa copied Madonna! I thought you have changed Perez? Or are you doing this feuding between artists on purpose?

  92. 292


  93. 293

    Minus the excessive product placement, I kind of liked it. I thought it was neat that all of her old videos were playing in the background. And guess what? She's had two babies, knee surgery, and isn't sixteen anymore. Cut the girl some slack.

  94. 294

    I agree 100% with you, Perez!
    I was totally disappointed with the video!(and the product placements-SO tacky)

    I don't understand why people put down Perez. If you don't like him, then why are you on HIS website?

  95. 295

    Oh Perez, you are so vapid… and predictable.

    She was smoking hot… love the face close-ups. It's just good to see attractive pop artists you know.

    And she used to wear sneakers, not heels… so her dancing isn't as good, she has also had children and gotten older. You can't expect as much from a 29 year old as an 18 year old. Though… she still out dances Gaga by miles who is like what 23?

    Amazing video.

  96. 296

    u sucks perez!

    u think that everythin is gaga
    but not!

    kiss my mexican ass

  97. 297

    ”Plus, the concept could have been stronger”
    MORE STRONGER? you actually watched the clip? The concept is not that what you said! The clip shows: when she came, when she was treated like a princess and everybody put her on a pedestal, shows herself to dirty the image itself, struggling with itself, shows the fall and then return! I will say it is not strong? UR CRAZY xoxo

  98. 298

    Personally, I like it a lot. Its better than getting a song that supposed to have a strong meaning but ends up being some rip off of Madonna's Express Yourself. Does anyone else feel Gaga sterotypes gays more than anyone? i do

  99. 299

    The problems with this video have nothing to Britney - they are all in the directing, choreography and editing. She looks amazing - like she's still 22. Oh, but do spare us the product placements. As if she doesn't have enough money as it is.

  100. 300

    /sigh………first, lady gagas new single that sounds gay…now britney spears music video is boring….. and i was excited for the new shit these two were going to come up with..ugh…. >=| disappointment so far. hopefully BS' next video isnt boring and she actually dances…the only thing i like about this song is when its fast paced..then when it gets slow its poop =)

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