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Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!

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We don't hate it, but….

Wasn't she supposed to be dancing in this video????

Like, REALLY dancing????

Where is it????

We blame a lot of it on the editing, but…. it was probably edited like that on purpose, to mask the fact that something happened, like we've all suspected, and our beloved Brit Brit can't dance like she used to.

This video will also do nothing to squash those rumors that a dance double was used for some bits, like the final setup with the black dress.

Britney looks good in the video, but it's not what we were expecting. It's not what we were told we were gonna get!

If she spent weeks and weeks rehearsing choreography, as her reps say she did, we wanted to see that!!!!

Plus, the concept could have been stronger. Really, a soundstage???? Also, she's done the meta/reflection/camera/paparazzi/fame thing before!


We wanted to love it! But at least we don't hate it!

What do U think????

P.S. We enjoyed the fight scene in the video, like the one in Mariah's Heartbreaker where she fights herself. And the day glo paint, like in Willow Smith's Whip My Hair video was cute too! And, of course, the lips, like in Rocky Horror!

Paying homage to other artists is very in right now!

P.P.S. We aren't hating. We LOVED the Womanizer and Circus video! (If You Seek Amy and 3 were disasters, though.)

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655 comments to “Britney's Music Video For Hold It Against Me Has Arrived! Watch HERE!!!”

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  1. 601

    I was excepting something better, i thought it was all quite boring and nothing special… Not impressed!

  2. 602

    Yeah, I didn't like it that much either :( She hardly did any dancing and I hated all the stupid camera edits. Love the song…didn't care for the video!

  3. 603

    Holy product placement!
    It's like she's just showing up, doing what she has to do, and that's about it.

  4. 604

    Nonetheless, Britney will always be rich and iconic. It's time she really focus on other lucrative ventures.

  5. 605

    LOLOLOLOLOL i love that you comment on her various small similarities to other videos, but you seem to just brush off the fact that your lovely gag-a is completely unoriginal and rihanna is even worse.

    just face it britneys back bitches and gag-a's time is now up.

  6. 606

    brit's just loving her life really. great miming skills. NAAAAAAAAT.

  7. 607

    I'll have an opinion on her music when she starts singing.

  8. 608

    definitely not what I expected. its actually rather boring and seems poorly planned. Then they've thrown in weird jumbled crap and the video jumps around WAY too much. Didn't hold my interest, but yes she looks good. I will give her that

  9. 609

    I agree, not what I expected, or hoped for, but there's so much more in this video than I can really look at fairly without more views! (the eyeball with 2 pupils, the super long claw on Britney, the imagery of her fighting herself and all versions of her collapse) I'm not sure I understand what it means yet, but it's deeper than I thought. I kind of had the same feeling about If You Seek Amy, which at first looked kind of sexy/sleazy (in the best way, like Gimme More) but then became incredibly sinister and real, because the message is, I'm the same crazy fun girl, but I'm gonna play nice girl for the cameras. Then there is that wig, which obviously has the dark roots on purpose, and when she comes down those stairs, she's determined and icy! So, I'm gonna let it gel for a minute because I suspect it's way more than a dance video.

  10. 610

    She looks good. She can't dance. Video is boring. Waste of money. I now hate PlentyOfFish. Fighting scene was amazing. Song is boring. BORING!

  11. 611

    You're a bit pathetic to thoroughly critique her video. A little threatened she does so well for herself? Yes. If you got your head out of Gaga's ass you would notice.

  12. 612

    I agree with Perez.

  13. 613

    this is an incredible video-when she does dance, gf owns it!

  14. 614

    you're a stupid FAT ANNOYING FUCK PEREZ keep hating your giving her more promo

  15. 615

    @PEREZ HILTON HEY TRY KISSING GAGA'S ASS AND MARIAH'S.. if ur saying that britney just recycled those things, don't look at britney, look at ur own favorite, GAGA!!! yeah she copied madonna!!! if ur an idiot u wouldn't recognize it.. && when she went to jay leno, she said that madonna's team approved of it. BUT THE NEWS BROKE OUT AND SAID THAT IT'S NOT TRUE THAT MADONNA'S TEAM SENT AN E-MAIL TO GAGA! hahahahaha! meaning, lady gaga just wants attention.. although i love her music and i think she really is extremely talented, I think that she needs to stick to her own music.. NOT MADONNA'S!

  16. RubyM says – reply to this


    EFFING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She shows all the other wannabes (cough lady gaga) how it's really done.

  17. 617

    I feel like i've heard the tune to this song before… im not impressed… but she looks good in the video.

  18. 618

    Why such a big deal over a video?

  19. 619

    Re: BritneyLand – hardly…grow up

  20. 620

    Good song, bad video

  21. 621

    she's always been fake, does this really surprise you? her voice isnt real, her hair isnt real, her body is digitially manipulated. of course she doens't really dance.

  22. 622

    shes back!!!!!

    dancing is kind of weird but who cares

    at least shes not copying anybody ..

    shes channeling britney love her yyayyyyyyyy

  23. 623

    She should just give up !!!! this was like a very bad infomercial for sony, plenty o fish , some crapy make up line and yeah her perfume …… sorry no good story line have no idea what the hell is goingon and the song sucks

  24. 624

    EPICNESS!!!! sorry perez you loose again!

  25. Eoo says – reply to this


    1) BRITNEY didnt " work her ass off " = > TEAM BRITNEY
    2) she is not interested in music charts and adding develop fanbase anymore . => SHE IS NOT MAKING MUSIC & SHE IS A MACHINE MONEY MAKER
    3) They said it will be lot of DANCING , it doesnt have to be britney .. IT'S THE CAMERA MAN :) )
    4) COME ON GUYS .. This video is EPIC + HIAM is EPIC .. wait and buy the ALBUM .. it will be EPIC too .. = > WAIT FOR BRITNEY 2013comback . IT'LL BE EPIC too lol ..=))
    5) LET HER HAVE A NEW HOME => remamber to buy the EPIC album haha
    6) SHE'S 30 fucking yo .. SHE'S NOT THE PRINCESS OF POP anymore .. SHE WONT TAKE MADONNA place to become THE QUEEN .. => QUEEN GAGA
    7) this pop icon cant dance no more .. cant write song .. CANT SING .. too late for vocals class .. LET IT GO .. BUY WATEVS SHIT SHE PUT out .. thats very loyal and noble :) ) haha ..

  26. 626

    Re: Eoo – you're delusional hahaha

  27. 627

    Re: Jose M.Rodrigues – CaCa's new song sucks! Godney's HIAM is a HIT! Also this video is better than all the shit CaCa has done! Godney looks like a PRINCESS, CaCa always looks like "It" the clown! LOL! xD

  28. 628

    I hope Britney team up with Joseph Khan for her next music video. That would be good too!!!

  29. 629

    Im a huge Britney fan since the beginning and I agree with you Perez. Its not what I was expecting. I don't really like the whole video concept and I was also expecting more dancing. But I understand that she has been out of the game for a while. But she does look super gorgeous and no matter what she will ALWAYS be BETTER than gaga.

  30. 630


  31. 631

    what do you expect from spears!!!!!she looks older but nice job not bad to watch but i think spears and aguilera needs to do better job when they were young they were better they must work harder than this gaga is not better than them she still new and really she did not do something new only her looks and they are in the business for a long time and people still waits form them

  32. 632

    OK if her paid handlers want the public to buy into their FANTASY…they need to keep her off the streets ! LOL LOL LOL LOL we see the paps pics almost DAILY of what she REALLY REALLY REALLY looks like….. and IT AINT PERTY!!this ain her hair…..the makeup must be 3 inches thick….and BODY DOUBLE FOR SURE…….the only thing I hear when I see Britney is "MY PUSSSY IS HANGIN OOOOOOOUUUUUTTTTT" !!!! LOL LOL LOL

  33. 633

    Perez Hilton is criticizing Hold It Against Me because he is pressed that Born This Way got shit reviews. He realizes 2011 is the year of Britney and is trying to stop it from happening.

  34. 634


  35. 635

    I was not impressed at all. I was expecting more.

  36. 636

    what was with all the product placement?? distracted from the actual music video, seemed more like an advertising ploy

  37. 637

    hideous product placement, so indiscrete

  38. 638

    and perez don't say "we" speak about ur self only

  39. 639

    I love the beat to this, but the words aren't very well done.
    As far as the video goes, I feel like she tried and so did the producers, etc. but I just don't think were ever going to get the same britney that we all loved.

  40. 640

    It's like she's marking the choreography instead of doing it full out.

  41. 641

    She's starting to look like Fran Dresher's mother on The Nanny…

  42. 642

    Don't like the song all that much but i do looooove the video!

  43. 643

    This video sucks and was a waste of money. She should have just donated the $$ to the needy instead of paying the freaks that decided to put this together. Plus, Brit's no spring chicken and she certainly lost some of her dance skills over the years. She hardly moves now!! And I don't know if it's her meds or bad makeup artists, but her eyes look seriously whacked, like she's in some kind of a fog 90% of the time. BRITNEY: STOP MAKING VIDEOS. IN FACT, STOP MAKING MUSIC. IT'S A WASTE OR YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Just use the cash you have and raise your sons. That's probably the only way you're going to feel "normal".

  44. 644

    Re: RoyJ

    "Of course she doesn't dance like she used to because she is older now!"

    Erm, she's still young.

  45. 645

    This video was lame, im sure she did alot of dancing but they fixed it so we did not see any of it. LAME. very disappointed and i am not a gaga fan but brit let me down.

  46. 646

    it was awful.

  47. 647

    perez is right it sux..very very boring….the song seems cool for the first time after like 4 times it gets really boring and annoying…very heartless music…too bad she has a good voice and can sing from the heart if only they'd write better songs for her

  48. 648

    Re: sergeliscious – Annoying and boring… REALLY? For you, idiot, CaCa fan… u know… EVERYONE ELSE THINKS IT'S ONE OF HER BEST SONGS EVER! CaCa's song just sucks! DEAL WITH IT!

  49. 649

    Loved it!!!!

    Perez you are such a hater and bashing ALL the HOTT artists except for, of course no surprise here, Lady GaGa.

  50. 650

    I LOVE Britney but this video is terrible. It takes place on a sound stage when she sings about being in a club where they playing her favorite song. That does not make sense. Also the dancing is terrible - do not pump us up if it is not worth it. She looks soo stiff. If she rehearsed weeks to dance like that then I kinda feel bad for her. The dancing in Womanizer was 100% better. I do not see the point of showing her old videos. This is a not reflection song of her past - again that does not make sense. To me it feels like they are trying too hard to be different. The product placements do not fit in. Least with Circus she was sitting at a table doing her make up when she put on her perfume. The flight part would have been the PERFECT place for a dance break down. The whole time watching the video that is what I was looking forward to. But no, she did a kung fu thing that does not even make sense with the song or video. In the song she is not fighting with another girl over a guy - a la Marish's heart breaker video. The paint makes no sense!!!!! It was cute when Willow did it but it just does not work for me.

    I was just hoping for so much more. Least the song is good.

    And for the record I love Britney and Gaga the same - both Hold it Against Me and Born This Way are awesome songs.

  51. 651

    Re-post from : mmf115holland:

    Perez, your constant hate on every possible threat to Gaga's career has made you seem like a sad blogger riding on the coattails of a rising celebrity. Sure Gaga is relevant now but Britney has amassed an 11 year career with over 83+ million records sold. Gaga is never going to achieve these numbers, and her constant publicity stunts have become tired and old. This is a brilliant, fresh piece of pop masterpiece from the Princess of Pop. Sure there is a fight scene in another video but have you not heard the similarity of Madonna's "Express Yourself" and Gaga's "Born This Way"? Your constant spew about Gaga sounds like North Korean propaganda. I used to love Lady Gaga, but all this false publicity about her being the greatest thing to hit this earth has made her fall short on all accounts. Gaga can do nothing but disappoint from now on, she is over-hyped and has forgotten her purpose. Her music is not fun anymore, and her Born This Way lyrics, although a great message, are cliche and a bit corny. The song is just not catchy. Sure Britney might just be cranking out another Dr. Luke hit, but at least its fun, and has obviously been more well received than Born This Way. GOOD DAY SIR.

  52. 652

    I agree w/Perez on this one. She looks completely tired and unexcited. It was confusing and didn't even go with the song. The song is horrible too. Everyone trying to make a buck off her is just pimping her out. She needs to retire.

  53. 653

    britney is britney..
    gaga is gaga..

    stop comparing these ladies guys..
    it's not nice..

  54. 654


  55. Jnix says – reply to this


    Ok I know I'm a little late, but I did enjoy the video. Yes, there could have been more dancing, but she looks amazing!

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