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Disney Responds To Billy Ray Cyrus' Hannah Montana Lash Out

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disney responds to billy ray

During a GQ interview that was released earlier this week, Billy Ray Cyrus lashed out at Disney and blamed Miley's Hannah Montana handlers for ruining Miley his family.

Now, a source at Disney has responded to Billy Ray's claims:

“We saw it coming for a long time. She wanted to mature herself, but it kind of backfired. Her future without Disney is TBD.”

Okay, so maybe it would have been nice if the Disney folks made a stronger effort to direct Miley down a different path, but as we said before, Billy Ray should have spoken up!

Instead of burning some serious bridges and publicly blaming others, he would be MUCH better off taking some of that blame for himself…and then PRIVATELY taking measures to correct the situation.

What do U think? Is Disney to blame? Billy Ray? Both of them? NEITHER of them???

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56 comments to “Disney Responds To Billy Ray Cyrus' Hannah Montana Lash Out”

  1. 1

    Is she really that much of a mess? cause I don't see it.

  2. 2

    billy ray and his idiot ex wife can't raise children - just look at all of them………they are giving the lohans a run for their money…….

  3. 3

    Well Billy came out and admitted he was being a friend to Miley instead of parent I read the entire page interview. Was really sad. I truly feel worried for Miley we all know how these handlers are that control these superstars….Miley is adorable and really special ID HATE to see anything bad happen to her. She's just so young and may think she knows it all right now but I truly blv in Billy Ray Cyrus.

  4. 4

    Everybody involved in rocketing children into fame is to blame. That includes you, Perez. Children should not have careers. Not even your precious Willow Smith. Your promotion of children damages lives.

  5. 5

    Billy Gay is to blame - HELLO, you're the father A**hole!!! You didn't have to let Disney run your child's life!

  6. 6

    teenage girl is gonna do what a teenage girl wants to do. I personally was raised as well as any 2 parents could have raised a little girl….shit still hit the fan when I got to be about 14. It was even worse in my mid-twenties! Thankfully 30 settled me down a LOT!

  7. 7

    Another fabricated story copied from another blog.

    Perez is sinking fast.

  8. 8

    Here we go again!

  9. 9

    what does TBD stand for?

  10. 10

    Evil Disney's track record speaks for itself with all the damaged kids/products that it has and continues to sell to the masses.

  11. 11

    What exactly should Disney have done differently? At the end of the day Billy Ray is still her parent he should have stepped up and said no. Of course he cant turn the blame on himself so its easier to blame Disney. Dont bite the hand that fed you BR you are one hit wonder and Disney is what semi-revived your career. Miley knows whats right and wrong, she knew what she was doing before she did it, she is also at fault.

  12. Heh says – reply to this


    Did Disney give birth to this child?? I dont think so ..she has PARENTS and they didnt do their job, they got too caught up living vicariously through her I mean to blame Disney is really just unbelievable, Billy Ray has been in the business for a long time so he knew exactly what he was getting into, he should not have done the show with her ..and yes Miley is in trouble we just dont hear about 99% of the shit she is actually doing right now but you can see it in her face and demeanor that she has changed she's not the fun loving girl she used to be

  13. 13

    Re: KatieKatie – Agreed.

  14. 14

    Interesting considering how many times he excused her behavior- like the very inappropriate poll dancing at the Teen Choice Awards. It seems to me that he didn't have any problem with Hannah Montana until him and his wife started to divorce and he lost control of Miley and the money that came with her.

    He made these choices for his minor child and should be ashamed of himself for blaming anyone but HIMSELF.

  15. 15

    Billy ray has just shown himself to be a horrible man.. and Miley isn't even in trouble.. like wth. Its like people forget what its like to be a teenager.

  16. 16

    BTW- I don't think she has done anything that bad AT ALL. She is being an 18-year-old and coming into her own. If I had cameras following me at that age I would have been screwed, as would many of us!

  17. 17

    Sounds like these two parents went to the Michale and Dina Lohan school of parenting. Pimp your kid out for as much as you can make and when it goes wrong deny any responsibility or take any action to stop it.

  18. 18

    It's not the people of Disney's job to teach your daughter how to behave. It's yours. They aren't the parents.

  19. 19

    Parents abdicate any responsibility for raising their child, jump on the gravy train to exploit their child and get lots of money for doing nothing. Child gets screwed up and parents point the fingers at evryone but themselves. This is NOT a new story, as long as their are money grubbing parents willingly pimping out their kids this will continue to happen!

  20. 20

    I love how everyone wants to blame the employers — in the case of Charlie Sheen, people are blaming the amount of money he makes and the fact that his employer didn't "punish" him. What are they supposed to do? I believe Chuck Lorre did the one thing he could, which was to cut short the episodic year and post a comment on his vanity cards! As for Disney doing anything for Lohan, Miley or Lovato — you cannot stop a child actor from growing up and exploring their choices. It's OBVIOUS that the parents in all these cases are NOT being parents and they are not seeking psychological help for their kids along the way. That is the ONLY thing I believe anyone can do is make it clear to the kid that certain choices can be certain death.

  21. 21

    Those cyrus ppl r so ungrateful they would be nothing without disney

  22. 22

    Mario, I think YOU'RE to blame. Remember when you posted those NSFW pics of Miley when she was a minor? I do. Too bad the cops don't.

    If you want to throw blame at her father and at Disney, then maybe you should take some blame for harping on her over & over & over again. You're a fucking jackass.

  23. 23

    Re: armywife1026 – exactly!

  24. 24

    She is a BRAT, running about acting like a SL*T. She would be nothing without Disney. I feel bad for her day. I hope he get's her stright, or it's over for her… All I see when I look @ her is another Anna Nicole Smith

  25. 25

    They should have been grateful that someone was actually paying them for nothing.. the show sucked and obviously her singing isn’t going well either. but I guess they want to blame someone besides themselves for having no talent at all.. She tried acting - big flop, I don’t know anyone that is buying her music.. Her dad was a one hit wonder..

  26. 26

    @Becky TBD = To be determined

  27. 27

    Did disney put her on that pole dancing w/ her vag hanging out? They gave her a job when she wasn't really a strong singer and employed his whole family when he had a rowdy past….. He is the dad, he could of said I quit he grew up in Flatwoods KY the cost of living is not that high/

  28. 28

    If peeps at Disney saw this coming, Billy couldn’t have been too far off the mark in his interview. When you are up against a machine like Disney, it’s not so easy to pull the reins in when things start getting out of control. Especially when contracts have been signed and millions of dollars are at stake. He's the girls father and I think to say that he didn’t speak up is assuming a bit too much. This is not the first time this has happened in Hollywood.

  29. 29

    You need to post his entire article if you're gonna totally take it out of context. He is NOT blaming Hannah Montana the show. He is blaming himself for being a friend rather than a parent to Miley during this time, and he only regrets DOING the show cuz that is when things got out of control. That is a HUGE difference. And PS, Billy Ray Cyrus never made a cent off of his daughter. I hate ignorant people who spread lies. He is about as far from Michael Lohan as a parent can get.

  30. 30

    thats ok. just give back the money and let by-gones be by-gones.

  31. 31

    He-he…I don't know if this was intentional or not, but it totally looks like Mickey's feeling up Miley!

  32. 32

    @OriginalRecipe, you are absolutely right. She's not a mess, just a normal teenager doing normal teenage rebellion. Billy Ray is obviously the mess. He's seeing visions of the devil attacking his family. He insists that the reporter from GQ sit with him in the dark will conducting the interview. He's publicly trashing his own daughter with lies and innuendo. This guy needs psychiatric help quickly. The only thing I could fault Miley for right now is not taking Billy's mental illness seriously enough to force him to get help. Since Billy Ray is no longer Tish's problem, it's up to Miley and her older sister Brandi and older brother Trace, the three adult children in the family, to take emergency action to get Billy the psychiatric help he needs, even if they have to commit him.

  33. 33

    If that show was really destroying his family. Why didn't he do something at the time. Instead of crying the blues now…..you know why… cause it was his cash cow and now that it's over he has no other spotlight platform. So lets start bashing the hand that fed you. Plus if his daughter is as messed up as he is suggesting do an intervention….step in and be a father. People like this make me sick….ship up or shut up

  34. 34

    I don't think she's all that bad.
    So she dresses in revealing clothes, does some 'dirty dancing', and smoked a legal drug that's been used safely for thousands of years? Oh yeah, she's a monster.

  35. 35

    I would blame him. He is the parent and should have stopped it instead of cashing in.

  36. 36

    Are you serious? You wish they'd make these matters private? If celebrities kept their shit to themselves you'd have no job…

    So I guess I agree.

  37. 37

    Yet another case of someone not taking responsibility for their actions/bad parenting.

  38. 38

    Beyond the fact that Billy Ray was obviously suffering a mental breakdown during the time last December when he gave the interview to GQ, and saying outrageous nonsensical false things about his own daughter–and talking about his visions of the devil attacking his family and sitting in the dark while he gave the interview–it should also be obvious to all that even when his attacks were directly aimed at his daughter Miley, they were really aimed at his wife, Tish. For example, Tish is Miley's number one handler–still is to this day–because she is Miley's manager and her mom. If you look at the two sets of pictures taken of the Cyrus's yesterday, one is in the morning of Tish and Miley having a serious discussion at brunch, and the other set is of Tish and Billy, in the afternoon, having a serious discussion at a pet graveyard. It doesn't take much brains to figure out that Miley would not appear in public with her dad, and that Tish, even though she is in divorce proceedings with Billy, was playing the role of intermediary and mediator. Miley's obviously pissed at her dad, with very good reason.

  39. 39

    A lot of girls go on a Pu**y Power ego trip for a while. They think they can rule the world with that thing and that they are sitting on the only one in town.

    It ruins most of them for life, but some recover.

  40. 40

    Billy Ray Cyrus' attack on Disney is actually part of a long-term problem he has. Contrary to the mythology about him, he had a lot more than just one hit in the 1990s and even has had a few in the top 40 in the 2000s. He is not and has never been the "one-hit wonder" dishonest people claim he was. But what he hasn't been is politically smart within the music business. Every time he gets a good record contract, he blows it with the record company. In fact, he's had a different record company for every record he's ever recorded. Even when he got his contract with Disney Records, as part of the deal for him to work for the Disney Channel, he only stayed with that company for one album, and then on his next album, he switched to a different non-Disney company–and that was back in 2007. He's always been disappointed with the promotion from every record company, In my opinion, he'd have had a much bigger career had he stuck with one company and learned to play recording industry politics. And that should be kept in perspective too: he has had a far bigger music career than most country singers have and sold far more records over the last 2 decades. So all of this is relative, and Billy really has nothing to complain about in regards to Disney or any other company he's worked for.

  41. 41

    I blame Miley.

  42. 42

    Re: Onstarr – seriously? he regrets doing the show for how many YEARS? he is IN showbusiness…..he is well aware of what comes along with it. people putting the blame on perez and other reporters…you are replying to his article.

  43. 43

    Perez, I swear sometimes you need to connect your brain before writing. Lets dumb this down for you.

    Disney, AKA his daughters employer has handlers that is shunning Billy. Billy does NOT like HIS employers but he is in a DIFFICULT situation. His employer is trying to run the show and he has a contract. PLUS (according to rumors) good old mom was more than OK for her daughter to be acting too grown up and slutty. So your wife, your employer and your daughters employer are pressuring you. What do you do? Well..as Billy said "he SHOULD have spoke up" (funny how you keep telling him he should have when he has already SAID that himself)…but he did not speak up enough…and now he regrets it.

    What part of "doing the best you can as a parent" do you not get Perez. Continue bashing people….you will be Billy's next bully. Maybe you can bully a little innocent kid for fun…huh?

  44. 44

    miley was acting for years before disney. and look at his fuck up of a son. lol

  45. 45

    Re: ForeverWyld – are you seriously taking a stand for B.R.? little bit too late for that…he has spoken up for his daughter many times for things that were clearly wrong……i am not a big fan of trish's,either….as for perez…he just does his job and you DO read his articles…..

  46. 46

    It doesn't have anything to do with Disney. It's called bad parenting skills.

  47. 47

    You pimped out your little girl you disgusting excuse for a parent and turned her into the spoiled dumb whore she is today. Dont blame the mouse. You could always give the money back to ease your conscience.

  48. 48

    At this point, Miley is 18. She's responsible for her own actions, even though I don't think she's done anything that bad. I stop blaming the parents once the kid is about 15 or 16. That's past the age of accountability.

    I'm 17 and I hate when my mom says crap like how my very minimal & occasional "bad" behavior is somehow her fault & whatever she "did wrong."

    Its the same way with me that it is with Miley. Her & my parents taught right from wrong. We understand right from wrong. We just chose for ourselves when we want to chose which one. So…..yeah….

  49. 49

    Everyone keeps putting all the blame on Billy Ray. What about Miley's mother Tish? She's no angel. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case.

  50. 50

    Re: MusicLover678 – Thank you MusicLover678 for letting us know what TBD stood for. I am another person who didn't know what it meant.

  51. 51

    Disney was her employer not her father. Her father should be the one teaching her to do the right thing. He has no one to blame but himself and his (ex) wife. Same situation with parents who blame the media (or video games) for their kids' behavior. If the kids are screwed up, the parents are to blame.

  52. 52

    Can someone PLEASE explain to me what exactly Miley is doing wrong?? She what, smoked weed like once? Possibly more that weren't caught? Are you serious who the hell cares I bet everyone here has done that at least once when you were a teen. All this rightous BS about how she's a slut and crap, come on she's a goddamn teenager that happens all the time, if anything considering she's famous I'm surprised she's not a complete fuck up like lindsay. Get off your highhorse if you're going to honestly going to say you weren't even a bit like this growing up. I don't even like miley but come on, this is kinda being blown out of proportion.

  53. 53

    You know what? That's just sad excuse for parents putting the blame on everyone but themselves. If you're a parent (celebrity or not) are you REALLY going to just take what someone else says and not say "no I'm the parent, this is what I want". Billy Ray needs to STFU and just admit he wasn't a strong enough parent because he wanted back into the lime light so bad that he was willing to let them control his daughter.

  54. 54

    miley is your typical teenager who wants to grow up too fast cuz she is horny as fuck. the only difference between her and everyone else her age is that she has the money to do whatever the fuck she wants. her daddy, like all the daddys of these horny teenage girls, cant do a thing about it. disney doesnt give a fuck about you once you turn 18 anyway. they encourage fucking in the dressing room…with mickey and minnie staring right at u.

  55. 55

    Miley take your money and go to college. There is still time. All Hollywood has to offer you is a spot next to Lindsey on Celeb Rehab. Contrary to what everyone who wants to make money off you is telling you, you can do something else. Gain some grounding from REAL people and come back.

  56. 56

    Your spot on, Billy Ray its to little to late. Miley, bless her heart is going through nothing more than what every teenager goes through except she's got to go through it with the whole world watching. But if "daddy" was so concerned about where she was headed he should have nipped it in the butt when she started dressing more & more innaproprietly when she was 14. Rather than standing by & letting adults looking for more money push miley towards a controversial image, & take advantage of a influential young girl. And as far as disney goes, they're just looking for their next big money maker. It would be nice to believe that the people who choose/create most of the shows and movies that our young kids watch care about how their stars influence them but reality is its a business, a cut throat business, so I never expected them to try & help miley stay on the right path. But I do think Billy Ray wants to repair his family but if he keeps bringing it to the public eye it won't happen, I wish the best for Miley and her family BUT KEEP IT BETWEEN YOURSELVES!