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The Ladies Of The View Weigh In On Bieber-Gate!

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Everyone's got an opinion!!

Quite a bit of controversy has erupted over some of the comments Justin Bieber made regarding abortion, rape, and politics in his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, and to the surprise of no one, the ladies of The View were more than vocal about their thoughts on the matter this morning!

Ch-ch-check out the discussion (above)!

Personally, we think that Barbara Walters gets it exactly right when she says, "You can look at it as something coming out of a young mind who is still growing."

Lots of tough questions we're asked during that interview, and although we may not agree with everything he said, we're just happy that he is thinking about these issues and trying to come to his conclusions about them!

What do U think?? Were Bieber's comments out of line??

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50 comments to “The Ladies Of The View Weigh In On Bieber-Gate!”

  1. 1

    Read the article, he's allowed to have an opinion and keep in mind he's a Christian. Not everyone has to be for abortion whether you are 17 or 47. I think he's old enough to grasp the concept. And wait till you love someone before you have sex - that's kind of nice I think.

  2. 2

    He is a 16 year old male that is a very popular entertainer. The key is the "16 year old" part. 16 yr old boys think of sex sex sex all the time ……all the time……that is how their minds work…..it is perfectly normal……As he starts to understand and live life, his views may change one way or the other……or not…..

    Don't ask him talk show questions that can't be answered easily or without grief. Because as you ask this crap, he is wondering what you look like nake or remembering his girlfriend last night nake. That's just life.

  3. 3

    And WHY Do We Care…this Kid will be gone 2 years from now…banished to the land of the Jonass Brothers and boy bands from days gone bye

  4. 4

    I really don't see anything wrong with his comments regarding abortion and sex. After all that's his opinion and people need to chill out and respect it. You don't have to agree with him but I think it's interesting to see what he thinks about it. I wasn't impressed on how some of the ladies on the View were so quick to criticize him when it's just his opinion.

  5. 5

    Peace out to his gay fans. Lolz. Nice message, if one of his tween fan girls happen to get raped it's cool. JB said everythings alright.

  6. 6

    Please…he's a child! Much more interested in music, girls ect. than issues of the day.

  7. 7


  8. 8

    That's his opinion now that he is only 16… We all of us chance concepts of what we think thru life. Just ask him the same questions when he reach 30 see if he still have the same opinion about it !

  9. 9

    They used him for controversy and to sell more magazines. That is the only reason for that line of questioning. They used the kid plain and simple..
    His handlers and parents need to realize there are users out there and
    get the questions handed to them before hand so this doesn't happen again.

  10. 10

    I believe he was asked a question and he answered, it's not that he has been THINKING long and hard on this, it was just an opinion. And really, I don't feel it was appropriate questions to ask him given his age, and now he's under fire for them. Rolling Stone baited him on purpose, but his team of people should have told him what to expect when he got that interview. Like, totally.

  11. 11

    Canada is the best country in the world and the US is evil.

    Suck it amerikkkans.

  12. 12

    Glad to see most people are keeping their comments respectful on something regarding jbiebs(finalllly).
    I pretty much agree with almost everything he said, but those were silly questions for rollingstone to ask. He is 16, he's trying to keep things light and fun for his younger fans. I don't know what lady it was, the one who said adolescents shouldn't give their opinions on stuff like that…well that's what it is. It's an opinion. People can give their opinion on ANYTHING! And he was ASKED, that's the important part. He's not just wandering around spewing out Christian beliefs.

    The point of it is justin handled it very well, and the ladies on the view are paid to throw shit at the fan.

  13. 13

    He didn't say anything wrong.

  14. 14


  15. 15

    The interviewer was out of line. I know they wanted to sell their magazines but you do not ask children about abortion. It's just TACKY and setting him up for controversy. He's a child and he was probably damn flustered at the question. And you don't need to ask a minor about sex either. I don't care if they have purity rings or whatever, asking a minor about sex is inappropriate. Justin's people should've been looking out for him and forbid those questions from being answered at all or printed.

  16. 16

    "If rape is inevitable, just enjoy it."

  17. 17

    your last paragraph states - "Lots of tough questions we're asked during that interview….." It is were … we're = we are

  18. 18

    Re: Ivybby
    That isn't what he said.. He said things happen for a reason… Guess you didn't stop to think that the poor rape victim came in contact with a sick
    pathetic, vicious individual… Wouldn't that be a reason? No way did he
    say it was ok…

  19. 19

    Re: Joe Canada
    Sounds like you've spent alot of time on the prison dating circuit.

  20. 20

    I can't stand this little girly girl, but he's 16 for god sakes. Nothing wrong with being naive at that age.

  21. 21

    Re: Joe Canada – Keep telling yourself that douchebag. We are the reason you don't need a military. And the free healthcare thing, is a flat out lie. Nothing is free. You pay over 50% of your income to taxes in Canada and that's a fact. There, you pay the government to pay your healthcare system, here, we pay insurers to pay our healthcare system. Same result, different conduit, except even with our healthcare premiums added into our taxes, it comes no where near 50 percent of our income. And our care is much better. Educate yoruselves you fucking fools.

  22. 22

    What does age have to do with this? I am 30 - NOT religious at all and I am against abortion. Everyone can have an opinion. He is also being a good role model to tell people to not have sex unless they are in love. Casual sex is bad news.. STDS???

  23. 23

    Why does anyone listen to anything these women have to say? Each and every one of them is a complete idiot. Yes, Whoopi Goldberg is an idiot. Yes, Barbara Walters is an idiot. Joy Behar is an effing c-word.

    Can we please get some intelligent women back on the television? The View women do nothing but damage.

  24. 24

    I think what he said is fine. I wouldn't necessarily say everything happens for a reason, but instead that God has a plan for every human created. No, God didn't intend for someone to be rapped, but unfortunantly it happens, so he creates a purpose for that new life.

  25. 25

    a comment that I read on another site that puts what i feel about this into actual worda dn not just gobboldy gook
    "I have no idea how we can live in a world where people won’t just unequivocally be against rape. Seriously? On the scale of “Is Rape All Right?” - 10 being “all the fucking time!” and 1 being “never OMG never ever ever never” - you are all landing on around a 5? Seriously? You can hear about a woman being raped and say, “Oh, well, maybe this is one of those rapes that’s for a good reason. You know, the good kind of rape.” Is that seriously something you think and say? HOW ABOUT WE ALL BE A 1 ON THIS AWFUL SCALE AND SAY THAT RAPE IS NEVER WARRANTED, FOR ANY REASON, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. I don’t understand how, out of all the things in this world that are uncertain and hard to solve and divisive in our culture, being against rape is still one of those things. I don’t understand how people still have trouble saying, “You know rape? I’m against that,” without adding a “but” in there to try and justify it. I don’t understand."

  26. 26

    The ladies on The View need to chill out… He was asked a question and did nothing but give his opinion which he is a hundred percent entitled to, no matter how old he is. I'm only two years older than Justin and agreed with everything he said. Does that mean an 18 year old female doesn't have the maturity to have an opinion on sex and abortion now?
    You go Biebs!

  27. 27

    I don't necessarily think the world of Justin Bieber, but seriously, what the hell was the reporter thinking when they decided to ask a 16 year old kid those kind of questions?? I mean, these are touchy subjects for POLITICIANS! Someone just wanted to make the kid look like an oblivious moron, and for that I KIND OF feel sorry for him.

  28. 28

    Re: TaylorTea
    I agree wholeheartedly.

  29. 29

    A lot of people comment that he's only 16, but plenty of 16 year-old boys get girls pregnant so this isn't really a moot issue for a 16 year-old. That being said, I think that he's entitled to his own opinion.

  30. 30

    Ah come on! being 16 years old is not an excuse! I was 16 two years ago and i remember doing a 1000 words essay about abortion and i didn't say: everything happens for a reason….he is just stupid, period!

  31. 31

    "Were Bieber's comments out of line?" …..What the HELL does that mean? He shouldn't have stated his opinion? These women are stupid. They're basically saying his opinion is wrong. Maybe he is young, I thought his answer on sex was kind of iffy and means he's shacking up with Selena Gomez. But even still, everyone discards these opinions because "he's young" and "doesn't know better". Being such a huge star that kind of forces them to mature fast, just be glad he turned out a good role model so far unlike alot of people before him.
    I personally liked his answers and this interview all together.

  32. 32

    THis bieber kid needs to get an education, when i was his age i act more intelligent and he is very immature for a sixteen year old.His fifteen minutes of fame need to be over already.

  33. 33

    I think if this were a PALIN daughter - she would have been crucified for those comments!

  34. 34

    Re: gemmarae – 16 is not a child, please.

  35. 35

    Re: JennFrost – he is not a child.

    my kids are kids ( 10& 7), he is 16.

  36. 36

    Re: TaylorTea – do you really think that he and Selena dont have " the sex?".



  37. 37

    Re: Carlo Wally Rob Beecroft – YAY! Thankyou for being awesome.

  38. 38

    Re: mandymay123 – But what do you mean you are 'against abortion'? Do you mean you, personally, would never choose to have one but you recognize that the government shouldn't force all women to carry their pregnancies, or do you believe that the government should actually restrict all women's access to safe medical abortion through legislation because you personally think it's wrong?

  39. 39

    I am certainly glad the opinions I had at 16 weren't published in a national magazine.

  40. 40

    Sixteen or not he is a human being with a brain and an opinion. Yes his views may change as he grows and matures, and they may not. While I am not sure why the interviewer would as some of those questions, the ladies of the view did alot of free advertising by making this a discussion. For those who are not a Justin Bieber fan, why are they reading the interview anyway? Even the haters have to follow him and his career, because if you truly didn't care you wouldn't be remotely interested in anything "Bieber". For example I don't read everything GAGA and dissect it and tear it apart or glorify it because really, truly don't care what she has to say.

  41. 41

    Re: hoochpit – 50% of Canada's wages go to taxes?Are you brain dead or what?

  42. 42

    The women from the View are idiots. Especially, Joy Behar. He is only 16 years old and he is right. Abortion is killing a baby. Yes, it is legal, but you cannot get around the fact that it IS killing a baby!

  43. 43

    EXACTLY! He's a kid. His opinion is most likely a reflection of the way he was brought up, his Christian backgroud, and the things he's heard the adults around him saying about the issues. To judge him for his answers isn't completely fair, considering they're his OPINIONS. And who knows as he gets older he could possible change his mind. While everyone is busy bashing this kid for stating his "opinion" they should be worried about why the hell RS was asking him such inappropriate questions.

  44. 44

    He's a kid! But if ever he thinks that way when he's 30, then that's his right!

  45. 45

    The View needs to issue an apology now for anything degrading they have said about Justin.

  46. 46

    where is his MOTHER

  47. 47

    What the hell do you mean "were his comments out of line"???? Out of line with what?? YOUR opinions? I can't stand this kid, but HOW DARE YOU ask such an idiotic question. THIS IS AMERICA assf@ck, he is allowed to have ANY damn opinion he wants, he DOES NOT have to conform to YOUR opinion. Just like Carrie Prejean did NOT have to agree with you f@cktard. You go on and on about equality and freedom, but you allow NO ONE else to have any freedom of their own. F@CK OFF Perez.

  48. 48

    Re: Joe Canada – HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAA … thanks I needed that. That has to be the funniest thing I have ever heard. Canada …. the world's butthole, yeah, they're the best.

  49. 49

    Everyone needs to leave Justin alone. He stated his opinion. Whats wrong with that? I happen to agree with mostly everything he said cause he just answered it from a Christian perspective. Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I don't see why everyone is making such a big deal about this. geez

  50. 50

    When he is old enough to vote, produce semen and do hard time then he can have an opinion.