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Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit Has A Very Visual Argument

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Kung Fu Panda Power

Another lawsuit in the film industry is going after one of the biggest animated franchises on the market!

An artist named Jayme Gordon is suing DreamWorks and distributor Paramount for blatantly "allegedly" copying the film from his copyrighted works, collectively titled Kung Fu Panda Power (pictured above).

That's ridiculous!

That drawing looks nothing like DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda. It isn't even colored in! Ha!

The Kung Fu Panda Power creator says he submitted multiple packages to the Walt Disney Company containing original illustrations and stories, then went on to meet with then-Disney chairman Michael Eisner and president Frank Wells (He's even got a picture with them).

But that was SO long ago! How is this even relevant now?

Well, it turns out that the current DreamWorks topper, Jeffrey Katzenberg, worked for Disney under Eisner at the time of the meeting!

Katzenberg left Disney in 1994 to start DreamWorks and Gordon even sent more illustrations in to the new company, but were rejected with an acknowledgement of receipt!

Asserting copyright infringement, Gordon is demanding unspecified profits, statutory damages, and an acknowledgment of authorship on both Kung Fu Panda and its forthchoming sequel.

We can't deny that this guy has a pretty legitimate claim here and we're assuming he's got a HUGE paycheck coming his way considering the first film grossed $632 million worldwide.

So whose pumped to see Kung Fu Panda Power 2 in May?

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14 comments to “Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit Has A Very Visual Argument”

  1. 1

    As someone not in the Visual Arts and rips other peoples work off you wouldn't understand P. You live in Hollywood and must be deaf…scores of writers get their story-lines ripped off. Technical writers alter segments and Viola! a new in house scripted production that our attorneys tells us we can beat a copywrite infrigment case in court.

  2. 2

    It's hollywood..tons of people constantly get ripped off and ideas stolen from them all the time. Whats unfortunate is either a) people don't believe them and think they are just wanting an easy/free paycheck or b) the rich/power studio execs crush the living shit out of the "little guy" in court..

    Hopefully if this guy is telling the truth he gets what he deserves.

  3. 3

    Are you blind? The concept art looks pretty startlingly close to the final product, and there's a lot of coincidences in his story. Don't know why it took his so long to get a lawsuit up tho.

  4. 4

    "That drawing looks nothing like DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda. It isn't even colored in! Ha!"
    these things all start out as illustrations you know and i think they are pretty similar, of course the panda looks a bit different once it has become an animation that will have gone through so much to end up like it did.

  5. 5

    It might not be identical, but it's similar plus he has a whole heap of claims and stuff, probably because it's Angelina Jolie related you want to defend it.

  6. 6

    I think what we have here is yet another painful example of an author not realizing that sarcasm can't always be read into the written word.

  7. 7

    uhh what? those two look identical!

  8. 8

    Pretty sure Perez was being sarcastic. I don't think even Perez is that stupid… then again, who knows…

  9. 9

    Disney is very careful and has in-mouse-house copyright attorneys who have likely cleared the 33% in this case. The pose is common in animation, but what bothers me more than the similar looking character(s) is the title in conjunction. Sad, Disney has SO many talented artists… I'd think they wouldn't resort to this type of intellectual transgression.

  10. 10

    Re: carrie from la – I dont know why you're talking about disney, the guy is suing Dreamworks, the only connection is Katzenberg. He worked for Disney before he created Dreamworks.

    I don't think Perez was being sarcastic. I think he believes the lawsuit has no merit, probably feels the same about the artist who is suing Rihanna from that video he was in that was basically copied.

  11. 11

    A drawing of a stupid panda doesn't a movie make…

  12. 12

    and he got his idea from panda khan from the ninja turtles.

  13. rsvp says – reply to this


    You left out a few details. Like, his creation is named Kung Fu Panda and he's had a clothing line and accessories in an Animation store in NY. Also, the character's friends are strikingly similar. So, yes, he has a very good case against them. He also has a letter from Dreamworks after submitting his drawings and concept stating they aren't interested. Dreamworks should bite the bullet on this one and pay up before it gets really messy.

  14. 14

    Figures you would make a comment as idiotic as

    "That's ridiculous!

    That drawing looks nothing like DreamWorks' Kung Fu Panda. It isn't even colored in! Ha!"

    After all, you ARE a Gaga lover and completely pretend she doesn't totally steal other people's material and spins it into her own…She's the equivalent of a female Vanilla Ice.