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Record Label Suing So-Called Documentary Catfish

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Catfish lawsuit

Are people STILL talking about this movie?

A new controversy has arisen around the mysterious film Catfish, which is either credited as an incredible documentary or an elaborate hoax.

Threshold Media Corp. is suing the producers and distributors of the Sundance hit that cost $30,000 to make and made $3 million at the box office for illegally using a copyrighted song.

We won't spoil the documentary (or movie?) for anyone who didn't see this one yet, but basically a key plot point involves the filmmakers (or characters?) discovering things may not be quite as they seem when they hear a song on the internet.

The song All Downhill From Here is written and performed by Amy Kuney, who is signed to Spin Move Records, who is owned by Threshold Media Corporation.

Although the company first appeared proud of their chance involvement in the film, after allegations arose that the film may not be as authentic as it claims, the company withdrew support of the films "fair use" of the song on their website.

Producers of the film claim that since the song was part of a real-life documentary, therefore a “fair use” of the copyright, but if the allegations of a hoax are TRUE and the scenes involving the song were staged…did the filmmakers knowingly exploit the copyright?

Who knows! We're as baffled as we were when we watched the movie.

Either way, those still on the fence about the legitimacy of this so-called "documentary" might just learn the truth about the mysterious making of this film if the lawsuit goes to court.

However, that's a big IF because one thing we do know for sure is that Hollywood likes to protect its secrets.

Marc Smerling, one of the film's producers, said:

"This is definitely fair use because it's a true story. We are hoping to come to fair and equitable arrangement with them."

There's only one way to be sure. Get the camera's out and capture all the legal dramz for the sequel! Ha!

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2 comments to “Record Label Suing So-Called Documentary Catfish

  1. 1

    The movie was absolutly a HOAX. so obvious and transparent. Do not see it. it is offensive. someone should slap them with a class-action to force them to refund $ to everyone who sat through that tripe.

  2. 2

    Watched the DVD of this movie last night.
    Perez was that you playing Angela's husband?