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Lady GaGa Surprises Little Girl That Sang Born This Way

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"I was not having such a good day, and when Perez sent me the video of you singing Born This Way, I was so overjoyed that I began to cry," Lady GaGa told Maria Aragon when she called in to Toronto's Virgin Radio Friday.

The little girl's piano-based cover of the song has gone viral, getting over 5.7 million views in just over 48 hours!

Watch the very touching interaction between GaGa and Maria (above)!

Our wifey even invited Aragon to go see her in concert!!!!

So touching!

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108 comments to “Lady GaGa Surprises Little Girl That Sang Born This Way

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  1. 1

    i fucking love gaga

  2. 2

    Well they couldn't have let the meeting be in person. Cause CaCa would've lost another fan. ;)

  3. 3

    Perez, the remake CUTS OUT THE GAY-FRIENDLY LYRICS! And you are supporting this? Shows you are way up her ass.

  4. 4

    Love it!! It would be quite nice if Gaga made a smaller version of one of her less complex costumes for this little monster.

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Now I'm crying. That was pretty special - both to hear how much that girl's cover meant to Gaga and how much it meant to that young girl to talk to - and SING with - her hero.

  7. 7

    This story isn't real! This is the worst kind of pretend publicity, and I really really hope that the Paparazzi boy (Greyson Chance?) wasn't an invented stunt, but it's obvious that this one is. (Wouldn't it have been better to have had a gay boy or girl cast in the role?)

  8. 8

    I thought Lady Caca was all about inclusion. But she supports a remake of her song that leaves out the gay lyrics? By the way, this is all a PR stunt arranged by her publicity team to counter all the negative publicity she has been receiving.

  9. 9

    this is so touching! she's so adorable and talented!

  10. 10

    Aw, that was really sweet, little Maria was so excited and LadyCaca sounded very genuine.

  11. 11

    Lady Gaga is beautiful and what a wonderful thing she did for this very talented little girl. Very Awesome! Lady Gaga, you rock!

  12. 12

    She did a great cover, and it was very nice of Gaga to surprise her.

  13. 13

    lady drag should thank this young kid………..kid version is much much better than the drag own version.

  14. 14

    This was great!

  15. 15

    Re: FleaDipAmanda – Negative publicity? She's the 1000 #1 on Billboard, Has broken a bunch of records on Itunes, and There a TONS of people praising the song. So what if some people wanna talk shit? Gaga has dealt with that from the beginning and only did this because she really enjoyed Maria's version of BTW.

  16. 16

    there is no other arist who would have done that. both amazing!

  17. 17

    A great story indeed, but it was not Toronto but Winnipeg, Manitoba. She invited to sing with her at her show in Toronto.

  18. 18

    Thanks for sharing…… The world needs to believe that this can happen for anybody who possesses any kind of talent. So genuine… this is a perfect example of why gaga is so successful.

  19. 19

    Re: ohthatj – How is it not real you fucking idiot? Don't you see the girl crying?

  20. 20

    AWWWWWWWWW so sweet

  21. 21

    Gaga is amazing!

  22. 22

    Bunch of haters!!! LADY GAGA IS AMAZING and so is this little girl. I LOVE YOU GAGA!!!!! FUCK THE HATERS, YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY..!!! Get it girl!!!

  23. 23

    Everything out of this drug addled corporate mess is fake.

  24. 24

    That girl is from WINNIPEG not Toronto!!! And HOT 103 is a Winnipeg station. We are very proud of her over here!!!!!

  25. 25


    Little girls that age shouldn't be listening to Lady Gaga

    It wouldnt be that cool if some little kid was surprised by their favorite gangsta rapper, r rated movie actor or porn star would it?

  26. 26

    Oh yes her tour is the perfect place for a small child to be. She simulates sex acts on stage for Christ's sake. Sad…

  27. 27

    OK, that was beyond touching. I'm converted.

  28. 28

    K, so this radio show is in Winnipeg, not Toronto. Pretty sure they said they'd "fly her TO Toronto".

  29. 29

    That was so sweet!! I loved it. Lady Gaga is such an amazing person!

  30. 30

    OMG Perez, that was so touching and amazing ( I cried). Thank you for posting that! I can't wait to see the footage of their duet! Also, I'd like to say that "I'm really starting to understand the meaning and impact this song has made, not just for the LGBT community, but for people who feel like outsiders as well! Thank You Gaga, I continue to be a loyal fan.

  31. 31

    This is so done on purpose to make people feel "touched" and moved to buy more idiots. Now we can see all who consume her music, gays, kids and retards.

  32. 32

    That is so adorable. Thank you GAGA and thank you Maria because my morning has been made. Happy happy joy joy :)

  33. 33

    Re: RockyoSocks – I agree. Gagas clips arent for children, all around flirting with a bunch od dudes, appearing almost naked touching herself and with lyrics like "Lets have some fun, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick"………………………. I can totally picture that little girl singing that part.

  34. 34

    I love the words to the song, but yeah the music is Madonna. But the fact that she can honor a little fan this way gained her points in my book. Yeah, you can say it's self serving and fake if you want. But she just made that little girl's year and possible career (which that beautiful child deserves btw). Tell your wifey if this child reminds her of why she loves to sing and perform maybe she can lay all the fake shit to the side and do it for the sake of the music and the fans and not just the publicity. Be famous for talent alone and not "What will she possibly wear next."

  35. 35

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble

    umm… what part of the concert does this occur? when i saw her in july, the only thing that was "inappropriate" for a child to hear was her occasional swearing. and i can promise you, by the age of 10 everyone has heard bad language.

  36. 36

    Re: bleahf – Well I'm not Gay, a kid or a "Retard" (as you so harshly put it)…so I guess you're just wrong wrong wrong. I am just a woman who enjoys good lyrics and a catchy beat. All you people calling this a publicity stunt are just hateful and mean. Just because Gaga is famous, doesn't mean she can't get her feelings hurt by negativity like the rest of us. I can't believe I'm saying this, but…some of you need to take a lesson from Perez and learn to STOP Bullying!!!

  37. 37

    It was Virgin Radio Toronto that set up the interview, and she was at a sister station in Winnipeg in order to facilitate.

  38. 38

    They sound good together!

  39. 39

    Re: ohthatj
    The only thing pretend I'm seeing is any common sense you're pretending to have.

  40. 40

    Well I have changed my mind about Lady Gaga. I thought she was a complete twat based on seeing her interviews on Australian and British television when she treated the interviewers with contempt. However, she was new to the industry then and perhaps has grown into her role a bit better. This was really nice. She did not have to do this. She was famous enough without it and it made that young girl feel really special. Bravo Lady Gaga!

  41. 41

    LOVE GAGA, she is so nice. I just LOVE her, I'm crying right now (really, I am). She has a heart of gold. She is amazing, she really loves her little monsters. She is amazing at her shows, she really loves all of us, there is no fake about that love.

    Re: RockyoSocks – Lady Gaga only makes people love them self.
    Before GaGa, I had it though but I learned how to accepts my self more.
    Your only a hater, so stop with the hate and let people love who ever they fu**ing want. The fact that you are comparing GaGa with a porn star just proves that you are an cold moron.

  42. 42


  43. 43

    That was very touching. I don't know how anyone can hate Gaga! She's full of love and she really knows how to show it. ;) I like watching stuff like this. :)

  44. 44

    yeah lets have a 10 year old go to a concert where gaga dresses up like a two cent whore in Hollywood. Great parenting there!!

  45. 45

    ok. i cried. lol.

  46. 46

    that was so flipping awesome, i love her even more than i did before! :) alot of artists lose sight of who made them famous, their fans! but not GaGa, she really sees who loves her!

  47. 47

    Winnipeg Winnipeg Winnipeg!!
    I love how much attention we are getting lately! First the Winnipeg Humane Society's ad, lol, now sweet little Maria!!!
    I'm so happy for Maria and it's so sweet that Lady Gaga is shining all this attention and love down to her. What a nice story! What a dream Maria must be in right now. Way to go girl!!

  48. 48

    Don't care for her too much but this was really sweet. She gained 100 pnts in my book. Sometimes its just hard to take her seriously w all of her wild ways.

  49. 49

    If that wasn't the best 4 minutes or so that I have heard in my life I don't know what was. I can totally relate to Lady GaGa doing this as I was the talented child with the IQ supreme who was shit on all my life and still am to this day. She's such a genius they would say, IQ of astronauts but no money, no further education for me and here I am stuck in the south with a self paid for degree from Tulane that has gotten me absolutley no where.
    Thank you for that GaGa and Perez for sharing. I hold both of you tight in my heart. You too Maria. Best of luck if society will let you.

  50. 50

    geez it made me cry too :(

  51. 51


  52. 52


  53. 53

    Oh my gosh…. that was so cute…. even I, Oscar the Grouch, was touched. Goddammit!

  54. 54

    A dream came true for such a beautiful little girl….thanks to Lady Gaga for showing her sweet fan how much she appreciates her ♥ - luved it!!!

  55. 55

    See its things like this or when we really see her a normal person that reminds me of why i like her. Its like the yin and the yang sometimes she bugs me and the when I see things like this I love her and respect her as an artist and a person. Sometimes I think that all those costumes all those crazy things she does is just a facade because the inside never matches the outside. STILL hate the fact you call her your Wifey -

  56. 56

    This is why I love her, she has such a great heart. I'm glad this little girl could help Gaga in her bad day since she has helped so many of us love ourselves.
    Don't ever change GAGA!

  57. 57

    Perez, this is one of the few decent things you have done. there may be hope for you yet.

  58. 58

    That was pretty awesome.

  59. 59

    people are soooo fucked up that you all legit believe this is a stunt…
    what kind of sick people are you to think that this little girl is somehow participating in a publicity stunt? are you insane? shes so innocent and obviously very touched by Gaga, and here you are… a bunch of LOW LIVES making ridiculous comments. go get a life. you people make me sick.

  60. 60

    Re: xcalibur – JERK

  61. 61

    When that little girl started crying, I lost it. That was so precious.

  62. 62

    Re: ohthatj – WTF

  63. 63

    She was not that good. She is just a gorgeous little girl who can play a little piano and barely sing. I hope she does not get a record contract.

  64. 64

    Love your wifey, Gaga, she is one of a kind!

  65. 65

    I have to admit that Lady GaGa does have some good in her to give a shout out to Maria Aragon. Maria and her family and friends must be so thrilled. GaGa better not disappoint her in Toronto.

  66. 66

    That little girl stole my $200 in bangkok and never had sex with me, THIS is what she goes and does?! Well she owes me $200 yo!

  67. 67

    Im not a gaga fan but I have to admit that was very touching. Watching that little girl have her dream come true. Very nice :)

  68. 68

    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous – Oh you know that many 10 year olds that can play the piano and sing like that do you asshat? Can't you just enjoy it for what it was…cynical fucker

  69. 69

    Hum.. so "we" now back to calling CaCa the "wifey"? Did he finally let you go on and suck the dick, like you like to do? For real Perezita, you are like a veleta, going any where the wind pushes your sorry cuban ass….. so flaky…. by the way.. how much is she paying you for this? I'll probably be able to give her that more promotion for less money… call me cheap but at least I won't be as fake as you…. lol….

  70. 70

    wow!1 i'm an asshole and i cried!! very sweet!!!!!!!!!

  71. 71

    Re: xcalibur – you are fucking delusional, NEXT!!

  72. 72

    awwww that was super awesome of Lady Gaga! Love her or hate her you have to admit what she did for this little fan was amazing!

  73. 73

    absolutely wonderful. so proud of maria!

  74. 74

    I don't really like Gaga but damn that was awesome

  75. 75

    Awwww! I cried that's so sweet of her to do and that little girl is beautiful

  76. 76

    I don't like Lady Gaga,but this…OMG,this is very touching,I even cried :(

  77. 77

    i got freaking teary when i saw this i was so happy for her.
    Maria's cover for Born This Way was phenomenal. i loved it

  78. 78

    Re: JajaPink – Yeah good lyrics lol… the lyrics of her songs are trash,… so you might be trash too.

  79. Nikk says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh, that totally made me cry! As for all the negative comments to this clip, ugh!!!!!! Stop hating!

  80. 80

    Re: wiseguy – Get over it, she's finally exposed what a true copycat she is. Ever her fans hate the song

  81. 81

    Hey Perez! It was in WINNIPEG not Toronto :) Love ya anyway.

  82. 82

    I love how she said "when you GROW UP and become a super star"! kids are not meant to be super stars, maybe a little famous I dont know, but not super stars…!!

  83. 83

    what a phony. It's cute when a little girl mimics her. Not so cute when buttaface copies Madonna every fifteen min. Madonna didn't send her any "I love your song" e-mail. She is such a liar. And you know why? because when she thanked Whitney Houston for inspiration she was basically thanking a washed up crack-whore who has lost her voice and hasn't had a hit in a million years. That was a vicious swipe at Madonna. Gaga plays all nicey-nicey in her interviews, but everyone with an I.Q. over 120 knew that Whitney never inspired Gaga to write that song. It's not even worth a ftf.

  84. 84

    Re: windbourne

    better get retested. Maybe get a "for" year degree in something else. Although I will say you typify the Gaga fan.

  85. 85

    Re: Em….. – No one gives a shit about Canada…..Winnipeg, Toronto, shithole…..who cares?

  86. 86

    Who cares whether you like the song or Gaga?? Fact of the matter is, Gaga made this girl's DAY and an incredibly special moment for her to remember the rest of her life. I wouldn't mind speaking and singing with my hero or idol as I'm pretty sure any of you wouldn't!

  87. 87

    This why I love her she's so amazing and gives hope to young people.

  88. 88

    Re: windbourne – I assume you haven't gotten anywhere with your Tulane degree and supreme IQ because you're a douche…….yea, that's it - you're a fucking douche!

  89. 89

    Re: Shaniqua Jones – truth hurts, doesn't it dumbass? Took my comment pretty personally. What are you her family member?

  90. 90

    Lady Gaga is such an inspiration to everyone! Got to love her

  91. 91

    To all you people who seem to have a high "IQ", and say
    this is a publicity stunt you are just morons. A child will always be
    innocent , and to me she is very talented. Also whether you like the song
    or not, it is not about you. Furthermore to you selfish a**h***'s its about this little girl and how her dream is coming true. Right now the world is full of recessions and protests, and this goes to show to that little girl that even in this bad times their is till joy and hope for happiness. On another note, for those who say this song sounds like Madonna's I clearly see no resemblance the lyrics are way different and convey a different meaning. The beats might have some comparisons but the song is way different and if the Queen of Pop thought this was a stolen song she would fight it out she does not need you stupid morons fighting her battles. Really this post might be this little girls dream at this very moment she might be hitting the replay button five hundred times, she does not need to see this fighting. So grow a heart and live a little.

  92. 92

    Why are you all overreacting to this? It was a nice thing that the original artist complimented this sweet little girl's cover. The cover doesn't have all the lyrics because I think the girl originally did it for a telnt show. In my sixth grade talent show we had to submit the lyrics to songs we wanted to perform and get them approved. Perhaps her school said "You can do this song, but you need to cut some lyrics."

    Chill out. Sweet kid, sweet gesture from Gaga, just relax, for Christ's sake.

  93. 93

  94. 94

    Ummm, no. The radio station station was sending her to the concert and Gag invited the girl on stage to duet! That's even bigger than inviting her to her show.
    And I know some people are going to TRY and talk shit, but let them. You absolutely cannot deny that this woman treats her fans well. A lot of you are gonna say "It's an act!" but so what if it is? She's going along with it and the fans fucking LOVE it. Even if she's only "acting" like she is good to her fans, then give this woman an Oscar. Now.

  95. 95

    that was cute

  96. 96

    de ja vu..didnt she say she cried when that other kid sang Paparazzi? she's just trying to get more sales by being touchy-feely…please stop this Gaga, you're extremely talented, dont go over to the dark side.

  97. 97

    but, if she really is genuine about this, this is extremely sweet.

  98. 98

    awwww i love gaga SOO MUCH :) she can do no wrong in my book, just saying :)

  99. 99

    Perez, it was Winnipeg's Hot 103! Not Toronto! Read the wall behind her!!

  100. 100

    She sounded really sincere and mentoring when talking to Maria. Cute.

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