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Lady GaGa Surprises Little Girl That Sang Born This Way

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"I was not having such a good day, and when Perez sent me the video of you singing Born This Way, I was so overjoyed that I began to cry," Lady GaGa told Maria Aragon when she called in to Toronto's Virgin Radio Friday.

The little girl's piano-based cover of the song has gone viral, getting over 5.7 million views in just over 48 hours!

Watch the very touching interaction between GaGa and Maria (above)!

Our wifey even invited Aragon to go see her in concert!!!!

So touching!

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108 comments to “Lady GaGa Surprises Little Girl That Sang Born This Way

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  1. 101

    Winnipeger cuts out gay lyrics and becomes a hero….how typical in Winnipeg !….Phelps got a lot of support in Winnipeg too!!!

  2. mer_ says – reply to this


    Perfect. I seriously shed a few tears. Gaga, if you ever read this, You are beautiful :)

  3. 103

    pr stunts my ass. honestly people need to stop thinking some people are so contrived. yes the industry is full of fakes but i think gaga is one of the most genuine people when it comes to her fans. she's always been sweet to them, she realizes they're her pay check.

  4. 104

    That's really nice of her, of course you had to go and cut out the only quote in the whole interview that mentions YOUR name. Shameless self-promotion at best.

  5. 105

    The art of distraction - trying to make us forget that she stole Madonna's song - and as someone else here said, the Whitney Houston remark was also distraction. That's ok - Madonna stole a lot of material too. Lawlz

  6. 106

    Re: RockyoSocks – That's funny. Years ago, people said the same thing about Madonna and her stage performances. I idolized Madonna while I was growing up, and I would have given my liver to go see her in concert. Kids don't usually pay attention to some of the antics of their heroes, they just get excited to see or hear them. It was very sweet of Lady Gaga to call in and talk to Maria. You could tell that Maria was in shock that Gaga was even talking to her and acknowledging her cover of BTW. Things like that make kids want to pursue their dreams. People like you are just bitter and too damn old fashioned. If it was Britney, you wouldn't see anything wrong with it. She doesn't exactly dress conservatively when she's onstage, either. I think Gaga just challenges you too much. She's different, yes, but she is very loyal to her fans.

  7. Sam90 says – reply to this


    i say its sad when you play with a kid`s emption for a publicity stunt, hasnt she known this would look good in the media she wouldnt have called her. Anything for fame…If youf of to this kid`s youtube page you;ll see she isnt even a little monster like you`ve been calling her, she cites Michael Jackson and Beyonce as hers faves, she just happen to have sung this song cause its a new thing

  8. 108


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