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MORE Violence At a Chuck E. Cheese!

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more violence at chuck e cheese

AGAIN?!?!?!? Maybe they need to start giving people personality tests before they're allowed into this place!

Last we heard about this establishment, a woman was attacked in a ladies bathroom by a 16-year-old boy at a Murietta, CA Chuck E. Cheese.

This weekend, there was more violence at a Topeka, KS Chuck E. Cheese, where two groups of adults celebrating their childrens' b-days got into arguments that progressed into fighting.

According to Topeka police Capt. Bill Cochran, the fight started in the childrens' themed restaurant and made its way out into the parking lot.

Fortunately, police were able to break up the fight before anybody got seriously hurt. Adults were issued citations for "fighting and disorderly conduct."

We really can't understand what it is about Chuck E. Cheese that attracts so much trouble!

Even worse though, we can't understand the thought process of these adults who would put their children in harm's way by engaging in violence around them. It's upsetting and baffling to us.


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18 comments to “MORE Violence At a Chuck E. Cheese!”

  1. 1

    maybe it's the food that causes severe anger and lashing out

  2. 2

    Have you ever been to a Fhucky CHeese Perez? I went once, made me want to kill.

  3. KateT says – reply to this


    I hate Chuck e Cheese! Some parents just let their children run wild while they just sit around paying no attention! And in that play …thing!! I'm usually the only adult following my kid! Rowdy kids and…bad…kids have no supervision in that thing!

  4. 4

    My 6 yr old wants to go for his 7th birthday in March. Perez, all your post about Chuck E. Cheese makes me not want to take him. Ugg, We live in Texas. What should I do?

  5. 5

    How is this celebrity gossip? More like ghetto gossip.

  6. 6

    Re: RosieIvy – um, simple answer, have a party at home with friends and family

  7. 7

    maybe if the angry monkeys would learn how to act like decent human beings, things would be fine

  8. 8

    They need to close these white trash magnets down!

  9. 9

    Chuck E. Cheese's "Where a Kid can be Killed"

  10. Xenu says – reply to this


    I never worked at one of these places, if I did it would be the parents that would make me crack not the kids.

  11. 11

    Re: djnv2009 – VERY unnecessary

  12. 12

    as a former General Manager at CEC…I feel CEC has no regards for the safety of its staff or it patrons…..I had my life threatened numerous times while working there and had to intervene in disagreements multiple time every weekend and had at least 15 full blown out fights with police called to scene and physical property damage done. asked for security guards to be placed in my location and was told "they cost money so no"……..bottom line is all that counts to them!!

  13. 13

    The bottom line is CEC has become hood. Even in the better parts of town. IT's a long way from the Showbiz I remember as a kid.
    The last time we were there, it was for my daughter's friend's birthday. Everything was going well and then they started the birthday party for all the kids in that time slot. At the end of the singing and dancing and blowing out the candles… they "made it rain" with tickets! Every kid from every birthday party table was in a dogpile at the foot of the stage. WTF?! Making it rain with tickets?? Totally absurd! My kid got hit in the face and trampled on. No more CEC for us.

  14. 14

    Re: RosieIvy – Take him bowling Rosie! It's so not worth it.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Parents need a break, and then they go in and let their yard apes and rugrats run hog wild, so this stuff is bound to happen and it frequently does. The parents have no stake in working out a disagreement with another unknown parent, unlike, say, a neighbor that they might have to face every day. They'll argue for their kid even if NONE of them actually saw what happened.

  16. Xenu says – reply to this


    They should change thee slogan to:

    "Where a kid can be a kid and parents can behave like spoiled tween brats."

  17. 17

    I love it! Especially in the winter, when it's too cold to act like a total fucking asshole outside. Let these losers just kill one another and use Chuck E. Cheese as their personal-yet-franchised Colosseum. Why import lions when a 45 Luger will do the trick faster and with less smell. This is one portion of society I would miss zero were they totally extinct.

  18. 18

    I'm guess it was hot in Topeka.