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"Roman's a little gay boy who lives in me. And every time I talk he sort of just appears and I tell him, 'Roman, you know, stop it, you've gone mad, I tel… Read more…

23 comments to “Quote Of The Day”

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    oh nicki :)

    i just love you so so much

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    All products of MK Ultra are split.

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    WHAT UP BARBIES!!!!!!!-Kim, Kim who? That bitch BEEN a fan!

  6. 6

    Great, another pretentious fucking pop star claiming an alter ego. I.E. Beyonce, Xtina, MooMoo. What a fucking joke. At least she's learned to pander to the gays, girl knows how to stay in the business even if she sucks. Pander to the gays, like gaga, and they will follow you around like lost puppies.

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    Nicki…You are my new favorite. =)

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    Oh now I get the "I am not Jasmine, I am Aladdin" thing and in "Moment 4 Life" when she says that she is a king. I thought she was saying she's a tranny.

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    I like this chick, but that has to be one of the most idiotic and transparent gay pandering, publicity stunt statements I have ever heard.

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    HAHAH gotta love Nicki…..uhh Roman…whoever she is.

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    Stop it ok, enough! We don't support you and We know you could care less about us!

  12. Rohan says – reply to this


    Somebody needs attention!

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    most stupid quote ever.

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    Re: Unbelievable! – Agreed.

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    she just annoys me! there are people who actually have problems with having split personalities but she just thinks its fine to pretend she has them! shes taking the piss basically!

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    Re: h8twilight95 – Couln't agree more with you!!!

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    so she will say just bout anything to stay relevant. her alter ego should be called Lady Kim since that exactly who she stole everything from. IM gay and I hate this bitch. she doesn't give 2 shots bout gays she just thinks since pop stars use them she should to. GO THE FUCK AWAY YOU TALENTLESS DOPPLEGANGER.

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    don't remove my comment again you fucking lard ass.

    lil kim>nicki minaj and her fat plastic shit stained ass

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    for they she dresses I could say roman is not only gat but also a tranny

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    Re: paulina=dan radcliffe fan #1 – do you read what you type before you post it retard?

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    and people shit on Lady gaga? fuck off!!

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    hunny, please, just dont say anything.

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    Um doesn't she have a son called Roman's Revenge with Eminem? At the end of this song she says just that "you've gone mad I tell you, mad!" in some sort of British accent.