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New Music From Britney Spears!!! And It's EPIC!!!

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We like Hold It Against Me, but we LOVE this song!!!!!

Britney's team played us I Wanna Go a few months ago and we flipped out over it! We wish it would have been Spears' first single off her new album!

Check out a just-released preview of the song, produced by Max Martin and Shellback (above)!!!!

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111 comments to “New Music From Britney Spears!!! And It's EPIC!!!”

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  2. 2

    Can't wait for all this!

  3. 3

    RIP gaga

  4. 4

    THE SONGS AMAZING! but perez is a hater!!!! go listen to gaga!

  5. 5


  6. 6

    Too much robotic shit. I cant wait til shes freem from jive and the conservatorship. Make some true britney music again with a soul and personality. Not this medicated mess.

  7. 7

    As a Britney fan I refuse to buy this album and got writ of her album Circus too. Ill be waiting for the real Britney to return. Stay strong girl.

  8. 8

    Why sing like a robot?

  9. terp says – reply to this


    It does sound pretty epic

  10. 10

    I love it but i dont trust you, I think that you would rather let britney realse a bad song so gaga can come out better with her second song

  11. 11

    Wow, this song is going straight to my ringtone!!!

  12. 12

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13

    Mariah Still Queen of Pop Debuts
    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" rockets to a record-setting debut on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart. The first single and title track from the star's third studio album storms Pop Songs at No. 14 with 4,602 plays, according to Nielsen BDS.

    By launching at No. 14, "Born" logs the second-highest start in the Pop Songs list's archives. Only Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" began at a higher rank, having soared in at No. 12 the week of Aug. 14, 1993. Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" and Madonna's "Frozen" follow with No. 16 arrivals.
    Source: Billboard

  14. 14

    very fun! Fun is good for her

  15. 15

    The song sounds the same as all of her newer stuff. Ever since her breakdown none of her music has compared to her old stuff. Her dancing is mediocre at best too. You can tell she still isn't right, I hope eventually she can be as good as she was.

  16. 16

    Epic failure.

  17. 17

    Boring, same old crap. This old, washed-up and played-out has-been needs to disappear.

  18. 18

    I like what I heard . . . .

  19. 19

    As someone that portrays herself as a singer is she ever planning to learn how to without all the electronic backup or is that asking to much?

  20. 20

    I liked this song the first time I heard it: back when it was called HUNG UP by MADONNA.

    Enough Madonna rips already.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Am not a big britney fan but out of all her albums I like Blackout the most Circus was okay but I will check out her new songs and buy the ones I like. I don't think I will buy the whole album but this song doesn't sound bad I like it better than HIAM.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    I been a fan since the beginning and I have loved everything she makes and hate any comparisons that are made but the beginning of this songs sounds like madonna's "hung up"

  25. 25

    BTW: This Madonna wannabe is ripping off HUNG UP. Lady Gaga, the ultimate Madonna plagiarist, will be upset.

  26. 26

    Re: Willow127 – yeah she's dead behind the eyes these days

  27. 27

    I'm pretty sure i have heard this beat and rhythm from every other electronic artist out there

  28. 28

    This is ridiculous. This isn't even a VERSE let alone a song. You heard about SIX full words from her, there is no way you can even make a decision on how you feel about the possibility of this song based off of this MINOR clip. Let Britney breathe. Damn

  29. 29

    Sounds like every other auto-tuned piece of Pop shit that this little tard vomits up.

  30. 30

    I like this song different sound I herd this type of electronic music before but it's very rare to have it in mainstream music. This sound is more in underground electronic music. But from so far what I am hearing britney spears seems to be focusing on underground electronic music sounds. diffently will bring her hits.

  31. 31

    The zombie is back with a new auto-tuned song. Epic right?

  32. 32

    that's not britney - that's a computer. oh wait, isn't it always…….nevermind………

  33. 33

    Okay people, you can't say this is a rip off of Madonna's Hung Up, because the beginning of Hung Up was taken DIRECTLY from ABBA's Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!… Does that mean she was ripping them off???? No! It's just one artist paying tribute to another. Seriously, if Madonna has no problem with it, WHO CARES???

  34. 34

    the opening is distorted to keep it sounding different than the official. this is not a Madonna rip off in the least.

  35. mvp says – reply to this


    Re: jesyrene


    hes a stupid mariahs fan with different name

  36. mvp says – reply to this


    Re: jesyrene


    a stupid mariahs fan

  37. 37

    damn you guys are idiots there is no autotune in this it is a synth theres a difference morons!!! sounds like the caca fans are pressed!!! This album will be number 1 period!!! Haters going to hate!!!

  38. 38

    Epic, eh? I think you need a dictionary.

  39. 39

    Fools all of you — including Perez. The only EPIC thing about all this crap is the HYPE. Britney's song fell off the top 10 as soon as it arrived. The video didn't help it either. Britney is over. Thank God, next up Selena Gomez..and make it fast!

  40. 40

    I-I-I wanna go-o-o-o buy this CD! These teasers are making me rather impatient! =) I can't wait!

    And this doesn't sound like Hung Up. I have that CD. Sounds different to me!

  41. 41

    Love the song and love Perez for loving Brit Brit!Love Love Love ;D

  42. 42

    Re: Kim Alejandro Germanotta

    Because she can't sing. I've never heard her actually sing. Always lip-synch. I'm not a hater it's just that today's trend in studio techniques cover up a lot of very poor 'singers'. It's not just Brit.

  43. 43

    WTF was that crap?

  44. 44

    Re: mattyesmateo – Your an idiot britney is still number 10 on the hot 100 who cares about itunes!!!

  45. 45

    Re: Kim Alejandro Germanotta – They HAVE to make her sound like that because she can't sing otherwise

  46. 46

    I'd hardly call over synthesized EPIC. May as well be listening to that Heidi mess

  47. 47



    I am no britney fan but im sure if madonna came out with a NEW SONG RIGHT NOW ..IT WOULD SOUND LIKE A ripoff…why ?!??! because some songs just sound alike even though they aren' meant to …

  48. 48

    whoever thinks this is 'epic' from this 23 second sample, needs their ears checked.

  49. Went says – reply to this


    Epic? No. Fun? Yes.

  50. 50

    Sounds so good

  51. 51

    Your excitement scared me. I not used to you using those words toward anything Britney related. This song is going to be orgasmic and this is only the BEGINNING!

  52. 52

    Re: Love Achii – Ita with this!!!! What happened to her music???
    What is, with all this robotic shit???

  53. 53

    This sounds like Madonna's Hung Up

  54. 54

    Britney >>>>>> Gaga

  55. 55

    I wish people would actually do their research.
    Hung Up is a copy of Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme. So if anything it's ripping off Abba. And it's totally orgasmic! I can't wait to hear the full thing. Finally Perez, that's the best thing you've ever said on your blog.
    R.I.P Lady Gaga.

  56. 56

    Re: Scooter99 – Well if you never heard her sang live I advise you to YouTube toxic live on abc special in the beginning she sangs everytime on the piano. Also search for videos of her singing "Girls just wanna have fun" and "Like a prayer" acapella and her singing when she was little, like on Mickey Mouse Club. She could really sang then, but I don't know about now.

  57. 57

    Nooo! I don't like… I want the oops I did it again Britney back! This techno shit sucks!

  58. 58

    Haters gonna hate! all you lady gaga queens take a deep breath and get the fu_k over it! ITS BRITNEY BITCH! SO HOT

  59. 59


  60. 60

    I'm waiting for the Album, I love rock Music, but somehow this girl gets me LOL.. :)

  61. 61

    Sounds like a robot on helium.
    She can't sing!

  62. 62

    its epic shit ! any moron with a computor could make this shit.

  63. 63

    HAHAH you fucking retarded gaga fans are so pissed about the awesome songs britney's putting out that now you're claiming she's copying madonna too? get real

  64. 64

    Re: keloverboard – I do hear the Hung Up song in it, however unlike gaga Britney and Madonna actually know each other and I'm sure Madonna is more than happy :)

  65. 65

    Again first Flop it aganst me vs Born this way , Born this way won and now this shit VS Judas :D Gaga is the best.

  66. 66

    Fuck this is a killer beat, cant wait for the whole song!!

  67. 67

    Sounds like Madonna sorry and Hung up … ._.

  68. 68

    Will all you people saying that sounds like Madonna's Hung up stop, seriously, Madonna couldn't even come up with the beat for that song she had to "borrow" it from an old Abba song

  69. 69

    I love how just because Lady Flopga comes out with a Madonna rip off everyone automatically thinks that everything after that somehow sounds like Madonna. Just because it's filtered at the beginning just like it is in Hung Up doesn't mean its a rip off. Lol. You guys are funny.
    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos
    And Born This Way didn't even come CLOSE to "beating" Hold It Against Me! Remeber that poll on here (that ended up getting taken off, for I imagine that its because the results weren't what Perez wanted and was expecting) where people voted which was better, and 80% said HIAM and only 20% said Born This Way? So don't even give me that people think Born This Way is better, when obviously, its not.

    I don't hear hung up anywhere in here guys. Sorry. And I have that CD. Some Flopga fans are just using an excuse to come back at everyone else because Flopga ripped off Madonna. RIP Gaga. You will be called Flopga from now on!

  70. 70

    Re: KEEFER – Then do it then smart ass!!!

  71. 71

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – Get help honey your clearly delusional!!!! The only copycat around here is your lady caca queen of the uglies so shut the fuck up Little Monster!!

  72. 72

    First Phaggez claims he's heard GaGa's entire album and was proven a liar now he claims he has already heard Brit's next single. Stop trying to suck back up to the Queen of Pop, Godney because she doesn't want or need your support. Please contract H-I-V and do the world a favor Phaggez.

  73. 73

    i got the feeling that i've heard this before…

  74. 74

    Notice how all of the Flopga fans are dirty ass Mexicans here? Go back to your country you fucking wetbacks we don't want your lazy asses in America. Learn to speak English and stop stealing American jobs.

  75. 75

    NOT that epic, it kinda sucks

  76. 76

    it gets too loud

  77. 77

    This is what passes for "EPIC" these days? Music sucks for the most part these days. Brutal.

  78. 78

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – clearly you are gaga stan. you post negative comments about xtina and brit brit. I have a feeling that you like gaga and perez are threatened by any female singer who is better than gaga. I see gaga's demise coming very soon….sooner than i had predicted..hahaha!!!

  79. 79

    This sounds exactly like Hold It Against Me… so that means it sucks too.

  80. 80

    that was stupid.. britney video was beyond stupid also

  81. 81

    So is she starting the new trend in pop music again?

  82. 82

    OMG. It totallllly sounds just like Madonna's "Hung Up"!!! Start "Hung Up" at the 0:29 second mark and then listen to this. It's the exact same!! I guess the Born This Way haters have a reason to hate Brit now!

  83. 83

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – Wow. You call yourself an American? You are a prime example of what is wrong with this country.

  84. 84

    Re: keloverboard

    Hang up is a ripp of from ABBA's Gimme gimme gimme hihi just telling u

  85. Sam90 says – reply to this


    I LOVE Britney and she wil ALWAYS be the top princess of pop, but as someone said here 'Love Achii ', I wish she could go back to the songs with more soul and personnality. Britney rocks, and still I love this song, I dont listen to much pop except her and Michael Jckson (who in reality isnt a really pop singer, he is a calss of his own).

  86. 86

    Re: i love britney spears – Haha they KNOW each other? Yeah, they call each other on a daily basis and try to catch a movie together at least once a week. Please… And it's ok for two songs to sound alike if the artists 'know' each other, but when they don't it's ok to rip them a new ahole? There's a word for people like you…

  87. 87

    i expect so much from Max Martini. this is ok. but it sound like lace and leather. so its max a 3/5 stars.

  88. 88

    FFS. This is horrible! What is wrong with you people? You brainwashed mainstream whores! This is not even music anymore.

  89. 89

    |Its Britney Bitch!|

  90. Laury says – reply to this


    Oh, it's epic alright… as in epic FAIL. HIAM is okay but this is trash. Why does she sound like a freaking robot all the time? Ever since Blackout, her voice is autotuned and altered to death on every damn song. She doesn't even sound human.

  91. 91

    hholy shit i like this soo much i cant even ugh i want this now!

  92. 7tizz says – reply to this


    For a second there, I thought it was Hung Up by Madonna. It seems as though she's echoing Confessions On A Dance Floor from the snippets I've heard. I will say though, the 2 samples I've heard sound way stronger than the HIAM track.

  93. 93

    Epic? Hahaha, no. If you think that 23 seconds of a song is epic, then you really need some help. Let's wait until the full song comes out before we make that call. Besides, it's a pop song. There is no epicness in that.

  94. 94

    [re=5601102]Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey[
    I am not into pop or R&B but when I last checked Billboards history and records, Mariah wasn't the one they tributed and crowned queen of pop, nor gaga, britney or madonna? Is using the word queen for favorites or well deserving artists. Please use appropriately. Lot up billboard again

  95. 95


  96. 96

    Sorry but this sounds nothing like Madonna's Hung Up. I'm sure the only reason you are saying that is because of the intro which was obviously just created for this snippet. I'm also sure 99.9% of the people saying this are GaGa fans.

  97. 97

    I def like better than HIAM

  98. 98

    Re: Samy85Re: londonlife813Re: Kylie Maeio

    madonnas hung up samples abbas Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

    madonna pays abba

  99. 99

    "Hung Up" contains a sample of the pop group ABBA's hit single "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)," for which Madonna personally sought permission to use from ABBA songwriters Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus.

  100. 100

    Songwriters Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus generally do not allow anyone to sample any of their tracks, an exception being Fugees, who sampled their song "The Name of the Game" for their single "Rumble in the Jungle".[3] In order to gain the rights to sample "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", Madonna had to send her emissary to Stockholm with a letter which begged them to allow her to sample the song and also telling how much she loved their music.[3] To the BBC she explained, "[T]hey never let anyone sample their music. Thank God they didn't say no. […] They had to think about it, Benny and Björn. They didn't say yes straight away".[3] The pair agreed to let Madonna use the sample only after making a copyright agreement that entitled them to significant shares of royalty from subsequent sales and airplay.[4] Andersson, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in October 2005, declared "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" to be the essence of "Hung Up" while joking that it was his favourite Madonna song thus far.[4] He further said that,

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