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Miley Forces Billy Ray To Cancel Appearance On The View!

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Ouch! We had a feeling she wouldn't sit by idly and let him run his mouth for long!

We heard reports that Miley Cyrus was apparently none too pleased her father, Billy Ray's recent GQ interview in which he lashed out at Disney and Hannah Montana for 'destroying' his family, and now, sources close to the actress have revealed that he ALSO tried to schedule an appearance to do more the same on The View - until she put her foot down!

The insider explains:

"When Miley found out her father was scheduled to appear on 'The View' on Wednesday she went nuts. Only last week, Billy shot his mouth off in GQ, and now he planned to sit down with [Barbara and Whoopi] and talk more crap about his family. No way would Miley or her team let that happen. At first Miley defended her dad, wanting to believe he had been tricked into saying bad things by the magazine. Miley truly wanted to give her father the benefit of the doubt, goodness knows she's said things she wishes she could take back. But after she found out about his media trip to New York, no more excuses could be made."

Unbelievable! We can't say we blame here!

Clearly, this family unit has A LOT of problems, and we want to see them resolved, but Billy Ray is a real piece of work for continuing to air it for the world to see! Especially after years of sitting complacently by while all of this 'destruction' seemed to be happening!

Too little, too late, bb! If you're that concerned, the least you can do is attempt to fix things BEHIND closed doors, out of respect for your child!

So sad.

Thoughts?? Team Billy Ray or Team Miley??

[Image via WENN.]

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35 comments to “Miley Forces Billy Ray To Cancel Appearance On The View!”

  1. 1

    Her father is just becoming REALLY creepy. Him and Jessica Simpsons father should meet up.

  2. 2

    WTF, who is the father and who is the child? Seems to me Miley acts like the parent cause she makes more money.

  3. 3

    I guess the loony stage mom role has been taken over by Michael Lohan, Bill Ray, and Joe Simpson.. yes, the girls need guidance but stay away from the media!!

  4. 4

    Are you sure it was Miley who forced him? He bailed on the Howard Stern show too, and Howard blamed Billy Ray's publicists.

  5. 5

    I didnt see Billy Ray doing the first bit of complaining or having conern for his daughter when he was back in the public eye for more than that stupid ass hair cut he had….shes no prize, she needs to have some of those good christian morals come into play once in a while and stop doing stupid shit in public view maybe?? Fame is no excuse for no common sense

  6. 6

    That SNL skit they do about Billy Ray and Miley seems to be dead on. Now that she's 18 and he doesn't have any control left he's doing whatever he can to get in the spotlight, even if it involves selling his daughter out. He should have stepped up to his role as parent a long time ago. He can't blame her "team". HE is the parent.

  7. 7

    He should've been talking and putting his foot down before she turned 18; now all he can do is run his mouth….

  8. 8

    fuck off dick sucker, first of all, she won't let him. If my kid ever told me he wouldn't let me do somehting, i'd know his ass the fuck out. are you kidding me. And respect for your daughter, i have a feeling the daughter hasn't showed the parents any respect in years, you have to give respect to get it. This nasty troll bitch is gonna have a sex tape out soon, she's probably been sucking it since she was 14. Can't wait for her to go away, far away.

  9. 9

    Dark Disney put an end to that.

  10. 10

    Er… How the hell could she prevent him from doing the View if he was invited on the show.
    Another fabricated story?
    Half of what Perez posts here is fabricated stories.

  11. 11

    SHE put HER foot down?? FUCK HER! Since when does the CHILD tell the PARENT what to do? If he woulda not let her run things and BUSTED HER ASS more, he wouldn't be having this problem in the first place. FUCK MILEY!!

  12. 12

    'Team billy or team miley?' wtf perez. they may hate each other but they're father and daughter.

  13. bvang says – reply to this


    You don't see the problem with this "source"? The same website claimed last week that Miley never changes her phone number, so why is the moron who makes up those quotes being given any credibility?

    Besides, if he really were to cancel because Miley/her people told him to, the whole GQ thing would have been pointless. Consider the more obvious; that he probably canceled the appearance because the interview wouldn't be about what it should be about and would only be focused on this stuff.

  14. 14

    while it may not be appropriate to air your family's dirty laundry in public…

    since when does the child tell the parent what to do!!

  15. 15

    seems to me like miley is acting like the parent more then billy ray cyrus is. how come he did not say shit when hanna montana was on??? he said during the 4th season it was terrible. then why did he say nothing???

  16. 16

    Is this even true? I know my parents would kick my ass if I acted like Miley putting my foot down yeah right lol. He should have put his foot down before she turn 18 and became a brat.

  17. 17

    i'm on team who gives a fuck.

  18. 18

    what about mileys younger sister? shes heading an even worse way. i would like to know Billy Ray's opinion about her

  19. 19


  20. 20

    This family is a perfect example why you shouldn't marry your first cousin.

  21. 21

    I think the family is going through a hard time. And maybe he's finally seeing that she grew up way too fast. That would be hard for any parent. And she is 18, and wants to make her own choices now. I love Miley, and her family, and I hope they can all just pull it together.

  22. 22

    fer ril……shut yer pie holes. shove them full of lobster tails if you have to. especially those dum-fuk lohans. they all need to just shut the fuck up and go away and spend all they're millions.

  23. 23

    Perez Hilton says the 2 of you should fix things BEHIND closed doors?

    Then what the fuck would you have to write about? Your sole existence is airing people's dirty laundry.

    You're a deluded traffiker of shit.

  24. 24

    Im team miley

  25. 25

    I agree about Billy

  26. 26

    I do not really know what to say. I just think the famous should be disciplined and things like that just the way we are, and not because they make more money or not. I don't even watch TV because of all that drama crap.

  27. 27

    I love how you always criticize parents who speak publicly about their children. Maybe they have tried to resolve the problem behind closed doors. If Miley can tell her dad what to do, then don't you think that him trying to be a parent behind closed doors is worthless? I was convinced from the day they discussed the divorce that the reason for their divorce was because her mom was letting her get away with anything that she wanted, and her dad couldn't be a parent. Seems to be the case, and I don't blame him for publicly criticizing his daughter. If he can't get it done privately, might as well do it publicly, where it may have an affect.

  28. 28

    damn! well at least you know shes not the attention WHORE ridiculing herself for scraps of fame.

  29. 29

    It's starting to sound like what happened with Lilo and her father…. not good.

  30. 30

    This has got to be the stupidest story ever. Obviously, Miley Cyrus can't "force" her father to do anything, and in fact, some pretty solid reports have come out that Miley is not talking to her father and hasn't been for sometime because he continuously interferes with her private life, and now, in GQ, he's spreading lies about her and violating her privacy. More likely, Miley's mom, last week in that pet graveyard, convinced Billy that it was not in his own best interests to be airing his family's private matter in public. Also, Billy's new album was supposed to be the topic of discussion on The View, and since his record company has postponed the release of that album, he has probably asked The View to have him on when it is released instead of tomorrow. As for Team Miley vs. Team Billy Ray, GROW UP PEREZ HILTON!

  31. 31

    Let's remember that ABC is owned by Disney. Not sure who put their foot down…could have been the Mouse. I think he should have been able to appear. Those women could have pointed out that he is suffering from depression and that maybe all their choices that they made like allowing her to date a 20yr old while she was a 15 yr old just might have contributed to her not so smart choices. Disney had nothing to do with this one. As far as his wife goes….well…I'll leave that one alone.

  32. 32

    He hasn't done or said nothing bad to or about Miley,so stfu Perez!

  33. 33

    He needs to be in the spotlight now and who is going to listen to anything he has to say unless it's about Miley. She's considered an adult now and so his cash cow has moved on up and out. Now he doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of so he is panicing and doesn't know what to do. I hear that McDonald's is hiring to clean out the grease pits.

  34. 34

    Ok, definitely i'm team miley! I mean you don't act all of a sudden because you're daughter has the spotlights on her and you don't anymore. Hannah Montana is over, and so is billy ray now. I guess he just want to live throught miley. But controlling her NOW is too late. She's not going to be hannah montana forever. She's 18 we all do mistake at that age, and we learn from them, only miley is under the spotlights and her life is not as easy we think it is!

  35. 35

    @knitting nut, statistics show that the average teenage girl who dates is with someone three-to-five years older than herself. That's not new, it's been the same for generations, in fact, for thousands of years, so, why do you pick on Miley Cyrus for that, in other words, for being a normal teenager? Billy Ray introduced Justin Gaston to his daughter because Justin was a committed fundamentalist Christian who told Billy that he believed in abstinence until marriage and Billy knew that was not the case with the alternatives Miley was seeing at the time. In fact, Billy Ray's real problem is that he interferes and manipulates a lot more than the now 18-year-old Miley will put up with. Billy Ray has dug his own ditch to fall into this time, and he's going to have a problem getting out of it. Now that Miley Cyrus is an adult, like any adult, she's not going let her father control her life. She's done nothing wrong, broken no laws and the people who trash her publicly, including her father, are simply showing that there is something wrong with them. Now that Billy Ray has publicly apologized, maybe he will be able to "mend" his relationship with his daughter, but it's also going to take him butting out of her private business.