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Vintage Madonna!

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These are so, so cool!

Check out these extremely vintage pictures of Madonna sent to us by a Perezcious reader, featuring the pop star in her early days, and hanging with out with Grace Jones (above and below)!

Amazing! It's always so interesting to look back and see how much she's involved over the course of her career!

Not to mention pictures of Madge with BANGS! That's rare, indeed!


Thoughts?? Anyone else have any more?? Ha!

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63 comments to “Vintage Madonna!”

  1. 1

    She looks so beautiful>>>

  2. 2

    pompidour virgin hair line, hi baby doll. they were slippery, sinister odd fellows weren't they?

  3. 3

    Better than Gaga. BETTER. than. Gaga.

  4. 4

    Damage Control! After talking so much shit about Madonna, now you are trying to cover up by doing this. Oh and Madonna and Grace Jones together? LMAO, GaGa has copied both of them to a T, yet you claim the Tranny is original.

  5. 5

    lol what kind of fan are you? these pics ive come across hundreds of times. the first one is from the Herb Ritts shoot

  6. 6

    Wow did GaGa study that pic of Madonna and Grace and say these are the 2 artists I'm going to base my entire existence on?

  7. 7

    Involved /= evolved.

    And I don't think any amount of sucking up can fix you not acknowledging that your precious Gaga has ripped off both of their styles. Of course, people copy and borrow things from others all the time, but not to the extent that Gaga did without owning up to it.

  8. 8

    Evolved, you ass.

  9. 9

    Did you mean how much she's evolved over the course of her career? Or did you just leave out a couple more words? Either way, you really need to work on your spelling and grammar skills. You used to do so much better than this.

  10. 10

    I'm sure copycat Gaga will be sporting these looks soon.

  11. 11

    The real QUEEN of Pop music ♥

  12. 12

    Great . . . send these to Gaga to give her new ideas what to copy and plagiarize next.

  13. 13

    at least she doesn't dressed like an alien freak, unlike drag gag….and oh miss grace jones is classy, your wifey look retard compare to this 2 real icons….

  14. 14

    Re: jesyrene – ha ha ha ha ….so true.

  15. 15

    Hmmmm……how the cheekbones have changed. Do they get bigger as you age?
    Not a natural beauty any longer. A worked-on aging, fading beauty.

  16. 16

    Just have always loved Madonna–whether she has involved or evolved–she is an original and even her early looks rock–she is impeccable

  17. 17

    Mariah Still Queen of Pop Debuts
    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" rockets to a record-setting debut on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart. The first single and title track from the star's third studio album storms Pop Songs at No. 14 with 4,602 plays, according to Nielsen BDS.

    By launching at No. 14, "Born" logs the second-highest start in the Pop Songs list's archives. Only Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" began at a higher rank, having soared in at No. 12 the week of Aug. 14, 1993. Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" and Madonna's "Frozen" follow with No. 16 arrivals.
    Source: Billboard

  18. 18

    Mariah Still Holds Highest 2nd Week Rank in Pop Songs
    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" becomes one of just eight tracks to reach the top 10 in a mere two weeks on the Nielsen BDS-based radio airplay survey.

    Songs to Reach the Pop Songs Top 10 in Two Chart Weeks:

    Artist, Title, Chart Move Into Top 10, Chart Date, Peak Pos.
    Lady Gaga, "Born This Way," 14-6, March 5, 2011, tbd
    Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me," 16-10, Feb. 5, 2011, No. 3 to-date
    Eminem, "Just Lose It," 33-10, Oct. 16, 2004, No. 5
    'N Sync, "Pop," 21-10, June 9, 2001, No. 5
    Madonna, "Frozen," 16-10, March 14, 1998, No. 4
    The Rembrandts, "I'll Be There for You," 22-10, June 3, 1995, No. 1 (eight weeks)
    Mariah Carey, "Dreamlover," 12-4, Aug. 21, 1993, No. 1 (eight weeks)
    Janet Jackson, "That's the Way Love Goes," 29-9, May 8, 1993, No. 1 (nine weeks)

    Rising 14-6, "Born" registers the highest second-week Pop Songs rank since Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" rocketed 12-4 in its second frame. "Born" likewise trails only "Dreamlover" for highest debut in the chart's archives.
    Source: Billboard

  19. 19

    Sorry to tell you, fatback, but these pictures are not rare.

  20. 20

    OH and thanks for showing us what the REAL QUEEN looked like back then. None of us knew. Oh wait, we can just look at CACA now and look at an uglier version of Madonna back in the day.

  21. 21

    To me, Madonna in the 80s reminds me of Keisha now, they both look dirty.

  22. 22

    cheekbones, eyes and nose. she's not the only celeb. w/an ever changing face.

  23. 23

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey
    Give it up little lamb.
    Madonna has sold more records, has more top 10 hits and don't even get me started on Mariah and her "tours".
    Madonna is the most successful female artist in history so posting radio data of all things means absolutely nothing.

  24. 24

    she had bangs for the whole sticky and sweet tour, they don't suit her.

  25. 25

    Re: oopsimawesome10 – Radio data means nothing? Ok, if you say so. If Madonna held thouse records you'd be the first to tout them out. I suppose the number of #1 Billboard hot 100 sogs means nothing either. Typical Madonna fan. You all think that Madonna invented music and that she is the only "singer" out there. You all accuse Gaga of copying, when in fact that is what Madonna did her entire career. Her "reinventions" were ALL rip offs.

  26. 26

    Gorgeous.. someone original finally

  27. 27

    Don't let Gaga see these. It will be her new "original" look next week. LOL

  28. 28

    people talk about perex being up gaga's ass but ALL OF YOU ARE SOOOOO FAR UP MADONNA'S ASS IT ISNT EVEN FUNNY!!!

  29. 29


  30. 30

    what, madonna's with bangs… rare?? i seen plenty of pics of her with bangs, i know she had bangs in the pics of her Immaculate collection album… I seen these photos several times, as any other big madonna fan i'm sure.

  31. Catty says – reply to this


    Damn, she was beautiful!!!!!!!!! I heard Gaga saying that she loved Grace Jones……….now I know why.

  32. 32

    its funny how people call Gaga a rip-off. at least Gaga shouts out her influences. people seem to be forgetting that Madonna STOLE materials and styles. people also seem to forget the various cases she lost because she STOLE WORK from various people. google Madonna vs. Guy Boudin, and Madonna rips of Indigo Chavez and Public Enemy for her song, or better yet THEIR song Justify My Love. and even sadder she ripped off Vogue from Malcolm Mclaren's Deep In Vogue. you people still have the audacity to call Gaga a rip off and dare to compare her to this washed up hasbeen. Gaga is pure talent this bitch was theft and antics.

  33. 33

    madonna is the queen of pop

  34. 34

    you know what why am i fighting with you idiots. i can't wait till Madonna releases her album and she fails. because she is obviously too old and too talentless to hold her own agaisnt Gaga. theres no way she can beat her. not even Britney can hold her own against Gaga let alone this washed up hasbeen.

  35. 35

    bitch step aside theres a new Queen of Pop in town.

    All monarchies must crumble and new ones must rise. All hail the reign of The New Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga!


  36. 36

    Ok, of course, this little pictorial was timed to ensure that more conversation would be wasted on this subject. First, i definitely agree that everyone looks to some inspiration for almost every aspect of who they become… but "imgoingtobeGFF" - dude, know your facts. Malcolm McLaren's single "Deep In Vogue" was released in 1989 featuring Lourdes as the female singer… Ummm… who do you think Lourdes is? "William Orbit" did the remix of Deep in Vogue at the same time as Madonna was recording her Vogue with Shep Pettibone, intended as a the B side for Keep it Together. Listen to the lead vocal on Deep in Vogue… recognize it?

  37. 37

    She was is and will be the queen of pop!Madonna is true original.When you see Madonnas pic like this you then understand how bad and unoriginal GaGa is.word!

  38. 38

    I had pictures just like these all over my walls, no one, not even Gaga can ever top Masonna

  39. 39

    Gaga ran out of ideas. Now she is just taking stuff from the goth subculture, I mean, seriously lol How more pathetic could she be… she ran out of people to copy. Next album she is gona appear emo in pink. lol

  40. 40

    Btw, Maddona in the first pic with those thick eyebrows reminds me to Cicciolina ahaha…. what times.

  41. 41

    Love it!

  42. 42

    Um.. I'm pretty sure GAGA looked like Madonna in the 3rd picture at one point. She's been sporting those glasses and wearing that hair style. Am I wrong?

  43. 43

    yeah- 1985 was her year..OKAY!

  44. 44

    Amazing how her FACE has evolved over the years….she looks like that marionette puppet Madame now. Sad.

  45. 45

    Good gravy it always amazes me when I see pictures like this how much Lourdes looks like her mama! So beautiful!

  46. 46

    Awwwwwwwwwwwww the Queen.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    Gross. She was ugly then and she's ugly now. I really don't get the obsession with Madonna at all.

  49. 49

    yeah — i guess if she hadn't been so "involved" in her career, she wouldn't have "evolved" so dramatically…

  50. 50

    So pretty and young.
    Eat it, wannabes.

  51. 51

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – Dude, we get it, we know it. Mariah Carey has more #1 singles in the US. great for her. But this is not a post about her.
    I'll be as annoying as you are, just for the sake of it.
    If you are so into NUMBERS, just remember that while Mariah has more #1 singles in the US (which is a GREAT accomplishment), Madonna has sold more than Mariah in the US, which means more business, more market interest, more money: Best selling female in the US: #1 Barbra Streisand, #2 Madonna, #3 Mariah carey. And Madonna is the best selling female around the world (Not Streisand, not Mariah).
    So…. does it change your life a bit? No. Does it change mine? No.
    So what's your point in making those comments about Mariah here? She still has more #1 in the US than anyone, she still is a has-been overseas, she still cannot fill an arena when she's touring (not even in the US) and she's a s fat as a pig.
    In the meantime, Madonna is still the best selling female around the world, she sells out stadiums and arenas worldwide (includingin the USA) AND she is the one who defined pop music. That's why every time a new bitch drops a record, she's compared to Madonna, not Mariah (Gaga, xtina, Britney, they are all judged by the standards defined by Madonna).
    Deal with it. Go play that AWESOME album, Glitter (LOL).

  52. 52

    PLEASE. Grace Jones was already an icon before that skeezy tramp crawled her way out of the gutter.

  53. 53

    Re: YouKnowNothing
    She defined pop music? You do realize pop music existed long before Madonna arrived on the scene. She didn't do anything new with music that The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Abba, or Michael Jackson haven't done before her. And look at the type of female artists that are being compared to her. I wouldn't say it's that good of a thing that we have people like Britney because of Madonna, although I would say X-Tina is more Mariah-esque, at least vocally, than she is like Madonna.

  54. 54

    Re: TrannyTakesATumble – and what are you saying Madonna is original? you do know of all the cases Madonna has lost right? She has been proven guilty of STEALING other people's work. why don't you Google Madonna rips off justify my love from Ingrid Chavez and Public Enemy. she also ripped of Vogue from Malcolm McLaren's Deep In Vogue. so please honey. It’s an oxymoron to have the word "original" next to Madonna in a sentence.

  55. 55

    Re: HarleyDexter – really you think Gaga being influenced by them is blatant theft? oh honey have i got news for you. and actually its a well known fact that Madonna is the greatest thief of all time. i suggest you google: "madonna the thief" and "top 10 most popular music rip offs," Madonna is #3 on that last one. Gaga borrows, Madonna straight out stole people's work. so i hope you had a towel for when you bit your tongue. I'd post links but comments with links don't get posted. but do me a favor and google that. but be warned what you read may disturb you.

  56. 56

    Re: jesyrene – haha. i laugh when people use the word plagiarize when they see a Madonna related thing. because Madonna is the queen of plagiarism. Madonna has lost multiple cases for stealing people's work. you people are just so uneducated about it. and even more funny when you dare to compare this washed up has-been to Gaga. there is more originality in Gaga's pinky toe nail than there is in Madonna's entire body. you should google "madonna the thief."

  57. 57

    Re: Louise Parker – lol thats a btter comparison. madonna doesn't sing in her songs either. both of them just talk. and yes Madonna looked like a cheap whore.

  58. 58

    Re: pie107 – you should google "madonna the theif" and "top 10 most popular rip offs," Madonna is #3 on that last one.

  59. 59

    Re: ohthatj – um you are wrong. that means absolutely nothing. William Orbit paints nothing in the picture. McLaren has stated various times that he never gave consent but since she had released the single he just accepted royalties. look either way you look at it Madonna is anything but original. she ripped off so much material from other people. Justify My Love, she was sued by Prince's protégé Indigo Chavez because Madonna stole her song and she took the instrumental from Public Enemy. and she even LOST the case and had to pay millions of dollars. she also stole Guy Buodin's work after HE DIED. his son sued her and he won. google this if you don‘t believe me. No matter what you Madonna fans should bite your tongues every time you accuse Gaga or theft cause Madonna is the greatest thief of all time.

  60. 60

    Re: yooxmax – please google this "madonna the thief" and "top 10 most popular music rip offs," Madonna is #3 on the last one.

  61. 61

    Re: imgoingtobeGFF – LMAO I've said the same thing before. Her lil psycho fans never belive the facts.

  62. 62

    Re: imgoingtobeGFF – Madonna IS THE QUEEN OF POP ! Even GaGa knows that, that's why her WHOLE career is base on her ! Stop with the comparisons, every artist have influences of their idols and use that for inspiration when they make music , like GaGa has for Madonna when she makes music ! The best thing about this, is that Madonna doesn't care ! GET OVER YOURSELF !

  63. 63

    "imgoingtobeGFF" is a troll. She is also known as "Flea," "SuperAmanda," "Pugley" and Prometheus liver. She spams Madonna forums to write bad things about her. I used to be a hater, but I'm a huge fan of Madonna's now.