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Billy Ray Backpedals - BIG TIME!

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Uh-oh! We guess that after that MileyBird was through setting him straight, he realized how inappropriate it was to speak out about their family drama publicly!

Billy Ray Cyrus is seriously repenting for the recent comments he made in an interview with GQ magazine regarding his daughter's success and familial problems, and has stated that he will now focus on fixing those issues behind closed doors (hopefully)!

He explains:

"It is very important to me to work on mending my family right now. My family is the most important thing I have, and we are working together to make sure our future is stronger and healthier. It is all a learning process, and we thank everyone for their support and respect of our privacy as we sort through very important family issues."

We agree! The best thing you guys can do is lay low and focus on one another!

Hopefully this will be a step forward for you all, and the healing process can continue on!

Best of luck!


[Image via WENN.]

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20 comments to “Billy Ray Backpedals - BIG TIME!”

  1. 1

    Oh dear! Looks like Miley sent him to his room without a tv, computer or cellphone as punishment.Watchout Billy Ray next she will call in THE
    NANNY and you'll find that your next tv appearance will be on that show.

  2. 2

    Huge surprise, Billy Ray is an idiot. Who would ever have guessed that!

  3. 3

    There is nothing more pathetic than a parent being bullied by their child.

  4. 4

    We know who cracks the whip in that family.

  5. 5

    billy ray cyrus is a dum fuck. he said nothing when he was working in hanna montana he is a hypocrite. miley cyrus doesn't even live with him anymore. but it's true what he did was a low blow and it was something that they should of taken care of in private not public. miley

  6. 6

    who's the man?

    definitely not this weakling father and cuckold ex-husband.

  7. 7

    Billy Ray is such a fucking idiot. Its sad.

  8. 8


  9. 9

    What a poor excuse for a father! How is he going to mend his family when he obviously has no control over it! Silly bumpkins!

  10. 10

    Billy Ray let the world know he is an immature CHILD himself. BILLY RAY FAILED as a father and blamed Disney. It is very odd that after Billy Ray was no longer employed by Disney, he hates Disney. I have always felt Billy Ray had a creepy relationship with his daughter after he posed with her laying all over him in the Vanity Fair shoot when she was a CHILD. GROSS!!! She becomes an adult and totally flips out. CREEPY. Billy Ray is CREEPY!!!

  11. 11

    Why not and try to be HONEST Smiley Virus? Let your dad vent his frustrations and don't be WORRIED about your "IMAGE" for god sakes you already have enough money to last your lifetime. GET REAL SMiley Virus and stop being a FAKE!

  12. 12

    Re: LadyFrank

    How about a parent riding the coat tails of their child?

  13. 13

    just go away…all of ya….go go go go ……..

  14. 14

    Theres a reason why Miley is called the HBIC, she is! I wish the best for them!

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Good for him for stepping back a bit. I'd wager the marital stress contributed greatly to his temporary gasket blowing. Miley seems like a pretty grounded kid apart from the inevitable growing up mistakes she's apt to encounter running with that moneyed crowd, but she mostly seems to have her head on straight salvia incident aside, and she's independant now, so listening to her as well will be part of their new equation.

  16. 16

    Miley, needs some image work, she's shown the dark side, got a spank from daddy, she needs to do something to look like the adult she has become.

    She should be graduating from High School this June. She could hold a grad party for all of her kindergarten class and give them each a scholarship! Disney can write the checks and EVERYONE looks good in the middle of a recession.

    Miley gives back to old childhood friends (most are poor back wood Georgians) DIsney looks good for helping out during bad times. ANd even Dad looks good for raising a great daughter who looks after others.


  17. 17

    Poor Miley. I'm starting to feel for this girl. Both of parents are fame Hungary douche bags just like the LOHANS. Dude, Selena better be lucky she wasn't born with wild parents.

  18. 18

    Did I just slip through a rip in space-time and land in the 18th century when adult women were treated under law as the property of their fathers until they were married and then treated as the property of their husbands? You would think so if you read some of the comment here. An apology was the least that Miley Cyrus was owed after her father violated her privacy in the most public possible way. And I'll remind all the idiots one more time: Miley Cyrus hasn't broken any laws, she's a good moral person, it's not a crime to wear sexy outfits, she is an adult who is no longer required under the law to obey her father, especially when he's out trying to ruin her career with lies from tabloids.

  19. 19

    Re: laythisdown – Marry Me? LOL!

  20. 20

    u know what's the funny part. The fact that all this time people have been blaming all the success of Miley on Billy Ray's shoulders. Now its going to be the other way around. Miley has four movie and a tour lined up for her. Where as Billy Ray is bitching and moaning cause he couldn't make a dime off of his own child. LMAO!