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Archie Opens Up About "Leaving" His Label

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Last week, we reported that David Archuleta was dropped from Jive Records after the sales of his last album were less than stellar, to say the least.

At the time, we felt really bad for him, but considering he's so young, we also felt like that being set free from the label might also open him up to create new music without their involvement. Apparently, Archie agrees with us as he's posted a YouTube video, explaining his side of the story of what went down with Jive.

Take a listen to David talk about his "decision" and how its going to affect his career from now on. (above)

So grown up. He's really taking this massive change in stride. Good for him!

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21 comments to “Archie Opens Up About "Leaving" His Label”

  1. 1

    Hope he's smart enough to go back to school, get educated, invest his money wisely, enjoy life a bit…with his talent, a big career waits for him down the road.

  2. 2

    I went to high school with D and just hearing him talk in this video I can tell how much he really has grown up. he has changed so much but is still the same kid I knew in high school at the same time. I wish him the best in life and his career

  3. 3

    Let's face it, he's never going to be a HUGE star! But he is very young, extremely talented and really likeable. All he needs is that one BIG hit and he can get another shot! I like this kid and I wish him well, who knows what the future holds for him?

  4. 4

    He's not an idol. He has no star power. This shouldn't be a surprise. He's the Rhoda.

  5. 5

    David's "lack of star power", his sweetly unpolished lack of pretense, IS his star power, people. That and his voice.

    And he states Jive was willing to continue working with him, but he knew it wasn't working. And it was Jive's fault.

    This may be the best thing for his career.

    Ciara (also with Jive) said a few days ago, “I spent tens of thousands of my own money only to hear the radio PDs tell me my label didn’t want the song played”.

    And this is exactly what Archuleta fans were told by the PDs immediately post-”Crush” and for two years. Fans were told “Oh, we can’t play that” by the radio stations, no matter how large the number of requests, for any other single after “Crush”.

    Admittedly, not every subsequent single was radio friendly, but some absolutely were.

    While a big hit in numerous places overseas where Archuleta is a big star and played along side the best known American acts, and despite fervent and pro-active fan support for him here, Archie couldn’t get airplay in America because his label didn’t want it.

    If he could be a hit in other countries with multiple top singles, the same could occur in the States. But the label had other ideas.

    Who's to say as to the reasoning. But Ciara has had a similar experience with Jive.

    Are the rumors true that Jive's really melting down from the inside? One can only wonder.

  6. 6

    My gf forced me to listen to Archuleta's "The Other Side of Down" album & (gawd help me) it's actually really good.

  7. 7

    You put leaving in quotes? Jive never said he was dropped. Jive said he was released. Some blog called it dropped and then 60 other articles ran with that. I'm looking forward to wherever David goes with music. And he has plenty of musical resources even right in Utah. And he has plenty of good friends in the business in LA and Nashville and elsewhere. Kudos to him for stepping back from the machine.

  8. 8

    He is so gay, when is coming out? I guess he can't because of his crazy mormon background, even though his controlling dad is going to prostitutes. David is not a star, he is too childish and silly, and he is no going to every be a star.

  9. 9

    Re: Chuckie888 – the same goes towards britney spears. she also signed with jive records. britney has more hits outiside the US then here in the us she also get more airplay outside the US. Jive defently is going down the hill.

  10. 10

    David should record a Latin song. He has a grat voice and heard him sing. Just a suggestion. I wish him well.

  11. 11

    He's only had one hit. I don't honestly think that worth the companies money. he's too freaking awkward. I think he needs to go away for a long while work on his image and presentation and maybe he can emerge in a couple years but for now he's always gonna be a d list singer with just a good voice but no sex appeal. and Lets face it…its all about appeal and not as much about talent these days.

  12. 12

    David is just the kind of guy who deserves success. He's talented and humble and down to earth. Can't wait to see what he does next.

  13. sydbk says – reply to this


    David's a smart young man, congrats for taking charge of your own career and making mature decisions. I'm excited about the new projects and can't wait to see him on tour again!

  14. Parav says – reply to this


    Miley and Demi can really learn from this guy about handling success and adversity. He was on Miley's show and he toured with Demi. Wonder if they still keep in touch. They should call him!

  15. 15

    I love his voice and I think his last cd was really good. What the heck is wrong with Jive. Good luck Archie, I hope people figure out what a huge talent you really are. Just hang in there.

  16. 16

    (is counting the minutes until Madame Glambert gets dropped)

  17. 17

    He's exactly the type of talent who deserves success. He has superb talent, he's humble, appears sane, and has a genuine likeablity. What more could one ask for? To say he has no star power or he's "awkard" is giving into the stereotype that all successful performers have to be outrageous a la Lady Gaga or Michael Jackson. He's going to find success in a way that fits him because he does seem like the average young guy with a guitar and a great voice. He's already had more success than many people his age so good for him in whatever choices he makes.

  18. 18

    So he dumped Jive and his management. HA!! Where did the false rumor come from, then? He got guts. Jive is going downhill and many employees left the company. They gotta change something fundamental, otherwise, I won't be surprised if they are sold or merged with other labels.

  19. 19

    David's fans are the best and we will always be here supporting David and each other in whatever career decisions David makes. I'm glad David is taking control and heading in a direction he is happy about. I can't wait to hear/see what he does next. This is just like David to take the time out of his day to let his fans know "what's up" and not to worry. David is so talented…and I'm glad he is songwriting again. I "trust the Archuleta" … and it will be interesting to see what he is working on now.

  20. 20

    He has so much class. Just puts the right info out there without saying anything about bad press he got all weekend. I also noticed that he only has good things to say about anyone he's worked with even if they weren't good to him. People could learn a lot from him.

  21. 21

    Re: estebanito – Want to say that here in Europe we like artists for their talent not for their personality. I think that's what make Archuleta different - he doesn't care or try to be a copycat. Check out his Elevator, & Stomping the Roses. Pretty good songs.