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11 comments to “Yeezy Taught Him Well! Looks Who's Kanye's New Protege!”

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    All these Aholes are using Bieber to sell themselves to a young audience. I couldn't believe even Depp had to reduce himself to the "surprise" Bieber appearance at his Rango press event. But over-saturation will dilute Bieber's ability to garner attention much longer and that's a best-case scenario, really. Cannot wait until we think of him like Hanson!

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    WE do not want preview.

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    Everyone is using him to get their own publicity. LEAVE THE KID ALONE! I hope he doesn't turn out to be a Michael Jackson or Cory Feldman. Let the boy be a kid. To much too soon!

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    The sad part is that kid is SUPER talented, and I'm usually the one bashing everything and anything. He's got more talent than 90% of the shit out there….combined. Why he's standing in a room with a completely untalented hack like Kanye West is beyond me. West sounds, and will always sound, like a mentally challenged 8 year old trying to put together his first rhyme on the playground. West's shit is that terrible, it really is. "The truck hit the puck…cause he was a duck…ya ya ya…uh huh…thats right..ya ya ya…" There. I just put more intelligence into that idiotic shit than West does in a year. Why have people become so stupid? How the hell can one compare "uh uh uh uh i am da mastah of the disastah..uh uh uh" to "I can't beleive the news today…I can't close my and make it go away". Ya…I can. One was done by a fucking child and the other was done by thinking, talented, deep and intelligent souls who put months of thought behind one line of a song in order to express something original at the time. People actually get impressed when idiots like West "drop" an album in a week. FUcking hilarious.

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    Re: Austin TX – Did you just put Corey Feldman in the same sentence as Jackson and Bieber? :)

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    Wait til that kid gets to actually write and play the music HE wants to write. He CANT wait to stop catering to this idiotic teenybopper itunes-in-the-pocket crowd.

  8. 8

    Bieber-Great voice. West-Sounds like a r-tard milk line bully. Bieber-Can dance. West-Dances like a red headed step child. Bieber-Plays multiple instuments at professional levels. West-Can hit "Play" on a Mac with preloaded beats that were generated by Adobe Audition. Bieber-Can read sheet music proficiently. West-Has no clue, but again, can hit "Play" on a Mac with preloaded beats that were generated by Adobe Audition. Oh, ya. And say "Fire" and "Liar" together and thinks it's fucking genius and constitutes music. FUCK.

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    Kanye seems to be one of those tortured soul type artists. Seems like he's constantly wrestling with his inner demons, I reckon he's hoping some alone time with Justin might lead to something more it's the classic Thomas Mann theory of the grown man chasing the adolescent youth who represent something he can never be in this case it's the way Justin deals withthe fame and media scrutiny with ease (as being so young it's all he really knows) and the apparent ease with which he deals with the oppersite sex (I don't think I've heard a single song by kanye that has a single positive thing to say about women).

  10. 10

    I like Kanye as an artist, just not as a person even though he is from my hometown. But still Im hoping that a little bit of Justin will rub off on Kanye and I can't wait to hear what they produced together. Ya know its gonna be beast!!!!!!

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    It's funny because bieber is friend with taylor swift AND kanye west.Choose a team lil bitch