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Britney's Back - With Her Boo Boos!!

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Yesterday, Britney Spears returned to Los Angeles, having just taken a little break with her boys in Louisiana. She and her kids, Sean Preston and Jayden James, were spotted making their way through the Louisiana airport with a gaggle of bodyguards watching their every move.

Some reported that Brit-Brit seemed to have put on a bit of weight during her trip to the bayou and speculated that she might be preggers again. We don't really see it, but boy does she look worn out! Maybe she didn't get enough relaxing in as she should've.

Let's hope you haven't stretched yourself too thin in the coming weeks!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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37 comments to “Britney's Back - With Her Boo Boos!!”

  1. 1

    she looks fat in the caboose.

  2. 2

    "Some reported that Brit-Brit seemed to have put on a bit of weight during her trip to the bayou and speculated that she might be preggers again"

    How can she put on a lot of weight in what 4 days? Where do u come up with this crap Perez? Out of your butt?

    And she looks like everyone else does when they get off a plane from a long flight. Dazed, confused and tired.

  3. 3

    I'd like to see what you say about CaCa in 10 years. Brit looks fine to me.

  4. 4

    STFU! wats the deal w. all the britney post lately?!! what gaga doesn't have anything for u to promote?? she just came off a flight of course she's gonna look worn! mind ur fucking business perez.

  5. 5

    I love it when she is with her baby boys. They are growing up so quickly!

  6. 6

    perez, she looks normal. you are such an asshole.

  7. 7

    Brit Brit looks good and healthy :)

  8. 8

    Sorry perez she not dressed in a used condom sorry she she accually wearing clothes unlike lady caca who i have never seen in a pair of jeans or normal clothing!! This is how normal people dress who are not attention whores wearing meat and dairy products!! Once again STFU!!!

  9. 9

    are her legs getting shorter???

  10. 10

    Let's see how you look after a long flight you bastard!

  11. 11

    I believe it's called "Going to seed".

  12. 12

    …a real happy lookin bunch……..

  13. 13

    You don't even have to be rich to look CLEAN. She never does. Ewwwww.

  14. 14

    The stinch of crazy is all around this scank. There is no cure for crazy it just gets worse with age. Kook Kook Kook Kook

  15. 15

    they all look confused in that picture.

  16. 16

    the boys look so presh

  17. 17

    You're calling kids "boo boos'?
    You're being more of an asshole everyday!

  18. 18

    Re: truth in life – They probably look shorter because of the boots she's wearing.

  19. 19

    Ever been on a plane with two young kids….its hell. I remember I was!
    You know shitting on Britney all the time just makes her favorite cause your making her become the underdog. I wonder when Gaga will ask you to stop making haters. I used to like her but ur obsession is making me want to vomit….to much exposure kinda kills the whole thing

  20. 20

    Nothing surprising about how she looks… I look that way after a long flight with my children too… she's tired. As far as her weight, I think she looks fabulous.

  21. 21

    Britney's boy killed Spiderman. Sorry for films, but the series is over ! Haha.

  22. 22

    yeah I'm sure you've never travelled with young kids!!! you know how people get all angry when they get a fussy kid on the plane with them? can you imagine being the parent trying everything you can to make them be quiet and happy?? it can be incredible stressful doing anything with kids in tow, i cannot even imagine how she manages to do anything in public with those boys. give her some damn credit and stop with the over-scrutinizing of the people who keep the money flowing your way… i'm sure you perez employees are supersexy superstars who look amazing all the time behind your keyboards… lay off

  23. 23

    White Trash Avenue next stop. Please be careful stepping off the crazy train

  24. IVIV says – reply to this


    Does anyone know why she's never holding Sean Preston? It's always Jayden who she's with like in every picture of her with the kids. (and that's not me trying to be mean towards Brit I was just wondering)

  25. 25

    She can't get preggo with a pretend boyfriend. She just chunky.

  26. IVIV says – reply to this


    and she does not look like she's gained weight? I havent seen any other reports on anyone thinking she gained weight or is "preggers again" besides here. Surprising. Expect him to post cheap low blow trash crap on Britney, Xtina, & even backhandedly about Madonna, to try and shift any negative thinking away from Gaga right now.

  27. 27

    she looks awfull..just sayin

  28. barny says – reply to this


    She does'nt fat,in fact she looks great considering she's been on a plane with her 2 kids.

  29. 29

    Perez you are Fucking stupid DUDE live Britney be Britney and Fuck OFF….

  30. 30

    Re: IVIV – Jayden is a mommys boy i think!!

  31. 31

    white is always a color that makes you look bigger

  32. 32

    She doesn't look fat. She does look strung out as usual.

  33. 33

    She is wearing heavy layers of clothes. How in the hell would you have heard or anyone know she gained weight. Obvisouly not enough to be noticed.

  34. 34

    of course you would pick the worst picture of the bunch taken at the airpot of our goddess and her babies. why? I don't know, maybe its because your a pathetic piece of sh*t? Or is it because your obsessed with TRYING to ruin the pop queen's carerr which, just let me say, WILL NEVER HAPPEN. with that said, you can go crawl right back up Lady GAGCHOKEMETODEATH's a**hole where you rightfully belong and obviously LOVE being.

  35. Eachy says – reply to this


    STFU Perez (or who ever you have writing for you). She doesn't look fat at all and if that is what you consider to be fat then you are what is wrong with our society when it comes to looks. To me she looks like a beautiful mom with two young sons that just got off a long flight and just because she is not wearing 20 inch heals in a meat costume does not make her any less beautiful than she is. Shame on you and the people that back you up on this sham of a site. I thought you were all about inner beauty.

  36. 36

    Re: truth in life – nah, its just her usual distorted , thick, used up looking body. course her horrible taste in clothing doesnt help matters either. its just our usual loony britney spears.

  37. 37