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Charlie Sheen Vs. His Manager

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charlie sheen gets into fight with his manager

Must be difficult being Charlie Sheen's ex-wife co-workers agent girlfriend manager.

Sources say that Charlie got into a HUGE argument with his manager Mark Burg on the phone over dramz relating to his show Two and a Half Men.

Here's what a source had to say about the argument:

“Charlie was furious at Mark because he thinks Mark rolled over and allowed the number of episodes for the season to be cut."

“He felt that Mark was telling him what to do and that always infuriates Charlie. He screamed at him and told Burg that he was letting Chuck Lorre walk all over him.”

And more:

“Charlie was screaming at him and calling him an a**hole. Charlie told people he fired Burg, but he didn’t. Burg is still working for him."

“In Charlie’s world, no one is allowed to tell him what to do. He’s the star and he is always talking about how everyone around him needs him to make money. He took that attitude with Burg and it didn’t go over well.”

Hopefully Charlie and his manager can work everything out. We're thinking at this point, he could use as many people in his corner as possible.

Do we even have to ask this time…..

Team Manager? Team Sheen?

[Image via WENN.]

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21 comments to “Charlie Sheen Vs. His Manager”

  1. Wrenn says – reply to this


    He's on a fast road to total destruction. I expect him to od anytime.

  2. 2


  3. 3

    Time to flush this loser. I for one, hope he hits rock bottom and doesn't get up again — at least that way he would have minimal influence over his children and they'd stand a chance of coming out of this somewhat okay.

  4. 4

    So, are you not going to write about that crazy radio interview Sheen did?

  5. 5

    Team Charlie - leave him alone friggin do-gooders. Which one of you self appointed judges are perfect….yeah thats what I thought.

    Love Charlie's attitude - keep strong mate!!

  6. 6

    Hopefully, they will kiss and makeup soon. I don't want to lose any of my Two and Half Men episodes. If they cancel the show, I will beat the crap out of both of them. : )

  7. 7

    charlie has always lived in that shitty world of don't tell me what to do shit and look at him now he a drunk and sniffing cocain up his nose sleeping with a bunch of prostitutes each day. it's a matter of time before he hits rock bottom or he is found dead somewhere. all the people around him want to help him out it's his choice really. he doesn't help then good luck charlie because you really need it.

  8. 8

    This just in, the show is done for the season based on these comments! Chuck got what he wanted, now he can spark up a giant crack rock in peace!! Google Search keywords "The Media Jerk" to read Heartless criticism of the day's biggest celebrity news stories!!

  9. 9

    After the comments Charlie made on that radio show I am starting to think that Charlie self medicates for his bipolar disorder. He sounds like he is one crazy nut job. I thought his opinions on the way the towers came down were an example of his wackiness, but wow.

  10. 10

    I would say he's delusional, only everyone's going along with it. That, however, does not mean he's not delusional.

  11. 11

    Wow! Perez you are so off on this story!! Charlie is DONE.

  12. 12

    MEN is canceled for the season. Just breaking.

  13. 13

    he is obviously out of control. i knew he wasnt in rehab this whole time, he obviously doesnt take sobriety seriously. but, i agree with a few of the comments on here that, judging from his bizarre rants on the radio today, he might be bipolar. but, if thats not the case, then he is definitely batshit crazy.

  14. 14

    What a douche nozzle. When is he going to die?

  15. 15

    does anyone actually give a shit about sheen?

  16. 16

    People hook up with Charlie for a PROFIT $$$. The porn stars, the managers, etc. Now that Two and Half Men has been canceled for the rest of the season, Charlie will start losing his "associates" as Charlie will become broke sooner than later. Charlie thinks he has star power but no insurance company will touch him now. He is TOAST!!!

  17. 17

    I like Charlie but it's too bad ppl. who have addiction problems can't see it for themselves. It's also sad that he can't see the lashing out he's doing now, may be part of the withdrawl symptoms of the addictions he "doesn't" have. I still luv the guy though and hope things work out for him…….

  18. 18

    I'm on "team who gives a fuck"

  19. 19

    To Charlie's ex-wives, baby mamas, current girlfriend, manager..etc etc.. next time you see Charlie Sheen..just back away slowly… no no… don't make any sudden moves, this perculiar species of asshole requires calm !!

  20. 20


  21. 21

    Morons! (Barbara & Perez)… When someone is having a drug and alcohol-influenced meltdown, "team versus team" silliness is pathetic, and beneath EVEN you. Beyond that, Charlie Sheen is a brilliant comedic actor who desperately needs help; help from his friends & family AND professional help. One thing he doesn't need is help from "yes" men — like his publicist, Stan Rosenfeld. Has anyone had the guts to ask Stan if he's checked on the status of the "sky?"