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Christina's Downward Spiral Continues, According To Reports

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Uh-oh. This seriously is NOT looking good.

While rumors have persisted for the last few months that Christina Aguilera is heading toward a meltdown of epic proportions - in light of her divorce, film and album flops, a shady new man and increasingly erratic behavior - and now, sources have once again come forward to reveal that her crazy is only worsening!

The insider reveals that the singer has begun to alienate her friends, ignore her SON, and even had sex with boytoy Matt Rutler in the bathroom during a recent family party!

They explain:

"Aguilera flipped out on her mother, Shelly Kearns. Christina was so wasted before guests arrived that her mother told her to lie down and sober up. Christina yelled, 'Who do you think you are?' Then she called her brother's girlfriend a whore. It was crazy! Nobody can get through to her. They think she's trashy. And her ego is out of control. She's really spiraling…I would be shocked if she's not in rehab in the next month or two."


At this point, we're just sad for her, and we sincerely hope that she gets herself the help that she clearly needs before the situation escalates any further. Although unfortunately, we don't think that she's going to want to go willingly, which makes us fearful of what will have to happen for her to realize what a slippery slope she's on.

So sad.

What do U think?? Does Xtina need help??

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81 comments to “Christina's Downward Spiral Continues, According To Reports”

  1. Beccx says – reply to this


    It's Britany Spears freak-out all over again. Christina is a mess and it's been pretty obvious in all of her public appearences. She needs a nice long vaca to get refocused.

  2. 2

    Are you truly concerned, Perez? I recall when you were on a campaign to destroy her. And now you're sad about where Christina is now? Hmmm.

  3. 3

    Why must you take every opportunity to bash Christina, "BB"? "At this point, we're just sad for her" is hideously back-handed. You have trashed her for months now and at this point you are "sad"? Just another example of your passive aggressive bullying.

  4. 4

    It happened to Britney it could happen to Christina :( A ruined marriage can really cause people some issues. Hopefully she does get the help she needs!

  5. 5

    Give it a rest Mario. You'll post ANYTHING about her thats negative. Its a tabloid..that doesnt mean its stating the truth!

  6. 6

    These magazines aren't always real.. And people are so unforgiving. What happened to helping instead of mocking and making fun of people.. People go through this everyday. Shes just being watched.

  7. 7

    Women can never ever be happy when they are self-involved self-centered egomaniacal WILLFUL BITCHES.

    This is a law of Life.

    Of course, the WILLFUL BITCHES will fight this.

    (Let me know how this works out for you.)

    Centuries ago, Billy Boy wrote a play called "The Taming of the Shrew", so, this is not a new situation.

  8. 8

    Blame dark Disney.

  9. 9

    Her husband and a massive PR machine kept this behavior under wraps for over a year now. The behavior ruined her marriage. Now that her husband is out of the picture, her managment can't keep her under control. All photos you see her in with her son are staged.

    It will only get worse - Karma is a bitch - just like x-tina

  10. 10

    FAKE FAKE FAKE…..Christina is a Bad Ass Bitch,but she is NOT crazy….
    this post is LAME and FAKE…..

    You stupid Pig,her MOVIE is a HIT in the Box office….suck my cock,JEALOUS BITCH…..DIE PIGass HOLEton….

    Christina needs to loose weight and record new music….Love Xtina….

  11. 11

    Doesn`t anyone else think this is too much like Britney. Maybe a set up so she can have a `comeback`

  12. 12

    She looks like Sylvia Miles that that photo.

  13. 13

    Same story every two weeks.

    Always fake.

  14. Xisme says – reply to this


    its fake!!! it was made up and proven to be fake! she hasnt been seen out drinking in a while. and why would her friends go off to blab everything about christina to the media.. there is nothing wrong with her apart from being a little bigger than normal.

  15. 15

    It's in US and on perezhilton.com. It MUST be true! /eye roll

  16. 16

    Cant blame the girl…If I had talent and some no Talent trailer park trash like Britney disappears then puts out a single and shoots to the top with a hit
    I would be drinking myself to a coma…Xtina cheer up boo

  17. 17

    LOL at Perez saying he "feels sorry" for her. Don't remember u saying that during Britney's breakdown. Nobody is buying your "nice" act Mario.

  18. 18

    She should start by loosing 40 pounds.

  19. 19

    Jordan should have full custody of little Max.

  20. 20

    She's copying Britney! Clearly, she is doing this to see if it helps her career too.

  21. 21

    It's not a coincidence that all of these mentally unstable stars are products of the Disney disease. This network isolates these little girls from their families, or they already unfortunately have parents willing to sacrifice the innocence of these children for fame. It's no secret that Disney has a classified file with the CIA concerning the MK ULTRA experiments. People love to call it a conspiracy, glazing over the fact that the CIA ADMITTED brainwashing people. Kids are the easiest, most impressionable targets. Disney knows the fans will grow with the stars and that's why they are pushed to be over-sexualized when they "grow up". Britney, Lindsey, Christina, Demi, Miley. They have breakdowns because they start remembering the sexual abuse that has been hinted at for years. The drinking and drugs are the escape from memories. Thats why they disappear during these breakdowns. To be reprogrammed. Disney still have their hands in everything. It's not a coincidence, Beyonce, Lady GAGA and Rihanna have all sported mickey mouse ears while performing. Its a sick salute.

  22. 22

    divorce is hard on people - some people talk years to get over it!
    who are the sources? one of her "friends"
    and ignoring her son? could have sworn i seen pics of her with him a few days ago and she has talked before how she uses skype to see and talk to him when shes travelling

  23. 23

    its the same story redone every week. its getting old.
    and US Weekly…not a great source.

  24. 24

    ps perez - click the link and it says "other sources close to aguilera are not buying these latest tabliod tales" and she dismissed them herself too

    also - the drunk story is from before her NYE party - she seemed great in all her pics of it and it was her bday/nye, im pretty sure most people would have been drunk then lol

  25. 25

    Why would she call her brother's girlfriend a whore when she has promoted female empowerment her whole career?? If she is neglecting her son, wouldn't have jordan stepped in by now?? There are so many holes in this story that its obviously fake.

  26. 26

    I don't know about her being a drunk but she needs to stop having drag queens do her makeup. She looks a fucking mess with her fat ass!

  27. 27

    Oh YES!! Another crazy hot mess!! I loves me them crazy drunk bitches.

  28. 28

    she is really not in a good situation as career but as person you can not tell but i think she is trying her best but she still talanted and has her mother and sister

  29. 29

    Re: Elron Hubbard - Con Man
    You MUST be single!

  30. 30

    Well they're right about her being trashy…

  31. 31

    i hope shes alright. you never know cause these reports are always made up. but ill pray for her

  32. 32

    Almost nobpdy ever liked Xtina. Just her few fans.

  33. 33

    Re: Chris_Mc – wouldn't the smart thing to do is put out a good album instead. I mean its not like Xtina has the media spotlight on her like Britney did at the time.

  34. Jbo says – reply to this


    Britney Spears 2.0 - seems like divorcing douchebags can really take a toll on these fragile ladies. Get right Chrissy or you'll be in a conservatorship and lose your kid before you know it….

  35. 35

    You love posting negative things about her don't you? Zzzz

  36. 36

    she needs advice from Charlie Sheen

  37. 37

    Boo is Whoretina or IDIOTtina?

  38. 38

    her reaction to being given talent, fame, and ton$ of money has been to act like a kunt……so, what'd u expect ?

  39. 39

    I remember the Britney meltdown and there was hundreds of videos and photos documenting her behavior the bald hair, attacking the paps with umbrella, driving with baby on lap. With Xtina we have literally seen no proof. as far as im concerned its all made up.

  40. 40

    A blind item from a few months ago talked about this celeb "doing a Britney' to revive her career, and how the whole thing was mapped out by her team. I wonder who the blind was referring to? Hmmm…

  41. 41

    well, you should be proud of this Perez… you might have actually helped by bullying her with no end… I wonder how your 'wifey' feels about you doing every single thing the opposite of what she supposedly wants all of her fans to do - accept, love and not bully….

  42. 42

    well maybe if the media like you wouldn't throw any little mistake out of proportion. you started this whole shit perez…pitting her against gaga, saying her album was a flop, saying her movie was a flop. then as it always goes, once one media outlet bashes and trashes a celebrity other media outlets follow. the national anthem was awesome…who cares if she forgot or repeated a few lines…half the u.s. population probably doesn't even know the first line. but the media again through it out of proportion. you, PEREZ, have targeted her for so long and now you wan't to act all caring. that's one thing i do agree on with that gaga bitch…that the media wants to see people in power fail.

  43. 43

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – dude you here again?????? Little moster it's not cool ;( is kinder garden let you be on perezita gay Hilton . Com ??? WTFUCK??

  44. 44

    That's why she got so fat. Alcohol slows the metabolism and has tons of calories

  45. 45

    Re: foggy1 – you took the words right out of my mouth. Perez, you are such a hypocrite and a TOOL.

  46. 46

    Re: XTINA IS A POP MUSIC ICON!!! BICHES!! – Leave me alone stupid Koala Pigtina/IDIOTtina/WHOREtina/FLOPtina fan /:

  47. 47

    Christina should bow out of performing and do something behind the scenes, like producing or managing or go sell cheap jewelry on HSN. Or, all of the above. She's earned it!

  48. 48

    It's hard to know because the media makes up so many colorful lies that it's hard to decipher what's real or not. It seems obvious that Xtina has been having some trouble and been doing some drinking but who really knows to what extent. The media is pretty messed up, I mean look at this cover - you've got a family being torn apart, a supposed alcoholic, and a couple struggling to have a baby - forget that these people are who they are; it's just sick that our society likes to go on and on about peoples' sensitive issues like this.

    And it is hard to believe you feel sorry for her after all the bashing; plus it's hard to ever know who's side you are really on - you have made yourself out to be so insincere.

  49. 49

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – fuck you Lolita ;(

  50. 50

    i guess her shady manager is ok with it as long as he gets his money

  51. 51

    Re: XTINA IS A POP MUSIC ICON!!! BICHES!! – Idiotic Koala go suck Whoretina's dick :(

  52. 52


  53. 7tizz says – reply to this


    I smell publicity stunt…it's so obvious.

  54. 54

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – hahaha how ???? If the only one that has a dick is MAN GAGA ;( you are fucking patetic childish fuck off.

  55. 55

    Why don't we focus on artists who really have a problem, like Lady Caca? She admitted to heavy drinking and some drug use. She's on the 'drunk diet' from her loser boyfriends book. Caca needs help badly.

  56. 56

    Her brother's girlfriend? I thought she only had a sister…

  57. IVIV says – reply to this


    Same shit different day. No one posts about how Jeremy Renner denied her "passing out in his bed" story on Kimmel, his rep and hers denied it as well. Jordan did not "keep her under control" lol She had been with Jordan since she was recording Stripped. That's where they met. She fell in love, married, & had a child very early in life, she had ONE MAN during the times everyone called her a skank and she has one man now. She's at a different place in her life and that's apparent considering her & Jordan grew apart & he has had his OWN HOUSE for a while now! But they don't report that do they? They report bs from "sources" saying he won't move out. He DID move out, & he stayed there before because that's what him & Xtina agreed on, because she didn't see any need to take Max out of the home when she had to leave the country to promote Burlesque. There's plenty of non "staged" outings of her & Max if anyone looked at any other sites. & to try & say she flipped on her MOTHER is the most laughable! Christina loves her mom. Her mother is her hero. She always talks about her mom & we've all heard the songs she wrote for her. Her mom is everything to her! People are so lame lol I can't imagine how strong celebs must be to deal with shit like this constantly. hmm.

  58. IVIV says – reply to this


    Re: Deadwing – that was about a "young star". xtina is actually a year older than Britney too. That's someone younger than Brit :)

  59. 59

    innocent til proven guilty. it's the same old crap every week.

  60. 60

    right! it's a bit funny how everyone calls her whoretina, slut and skank. she has had 3 boyfriends her ENTIRE life(jorge, jordan and matthew). it's really something to think about.

  61. 61

    YOU need help Perezy-Pooh along with the other wankers who feed on to these bollocks!
    Utterly barking mad considering that it is the same tabloid that had to apologise for publishing the fake rant by Sarah Palin against Christina. Yeah, they had to publicly apologise ’cause it was, yet again, BOLLOCKS! Just like this one.
    So much for "working very hard" at not being a bully hey Perez? Guess you have your daily doses of hypocrisy on toast for breakfast.

  62. 62

    I don't know if she needs help. I don't know her. And neither do you. So STFU.

  63. 63

    Do you feel any remorse for your part in her break down Perez? Also, If you believe this story on the cover of US Mag are you saying all the other stories are true as well?

  64. 64

    Christina's career sucks! maybe if she pulls a Britney her career will get better. geez poor thing

  65. 65

    let her drown in her own egotistical misery speaking to her mother that way is horrible I acutally felt sorry for her before when she was going down but now i see she appears to deserve the downwards spiral haveing sex in a bathroom at a family party just plain gross - foul foul foul

  66. 66

    Stupid Koala -.- IDIOTtina fan

  67. 67

    And we are supposed to be surprised? Narcissism is a bi*ch! I never could stand Christina or Mariah. When all you have is a voice (and they both have excellent voices!) but no personality or any other musical talent, it gets old and boring. Christina and MAriah are old and boring. Their music is just rehashed stuff that has no legs.

  68. 68

    Whoretina IDIOTlera Flopz ._.

  69. 69

    Christina does look fake and it wouldn't surprise me if she was indeed the drunken, egotistical bitch that these tabloids are accusing her off. She might have a lot of talent when it comes to singing, but without the right attitude, that can only take you so far until you, and your big fat ass, comes crashing down.

    And everyone who keeps dissing on Perez.. Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here if you don't like the things he say. You bitches who insists on calling him a "bully" are no better. Do everyone else a favor and kill yourselves.

  70. 70

    I hope the Xtina vs Tory Lane video isn't the cause for her meltdown. If you haven't seen it google it. :)

  71. 71

    Re: Marco A. Jiménez Castellanos – get the fuck away from Christina Aguilera category, ulgy idiot…hide your nasty face

  72. 72

    I have curves, so im fat. I wear makeup,so I'm fake. If I like to get dressed up, I'm a hoochie. If I say what i think, I'm a bitch. If I cry sometimes, I'm a drama queen. If I have guy friends, I'm a slut. If I stand up for myself, I'm mouthy. Seems like you can't do anything now a days without being labeled.. So what, go ahead and label me, see if I give a shit. repost this if your proud of who you are.

  73. 73

    She has it coming - she's an arrogant, trashy bitch whose time is up. She's gotten away with treating too many people like shit so this is just karma coming back around. She needs to realize everyone else left her behind in 2004.

  74. 74

    why don't you post that her version of ”CAR WASH” was named number 5 in top 10 sport anthems of all times,SUCKER??? DIE PEREZITA

  75. 75

    This is so not true and Burlesque was NOT a flop and you know it damn wel Perez. You are disgusting. You enjoy to see her go ”downward” and you enjoy writing shit and negative posts about her. How old are you? You're such a child. YOU are the only flop in here baby, your website is nothing more than false rumours and fake reports. Bye Perez disgusting human being.

  76. 76

    I hope karma comes for you Perez. JERK

  77. 77

    Christina from trashy to trash..

  78. 78

    So much hatred and poison.
    Over what?
    Gossips. Fake stories.
    You haters calling people you don't even know "bitches" and worse, plus inviting strangers to kill themselves, are a complete joke and a waste of oxygen.
    Congrats, you just showed how pathetic and ridiculous you are.

  79. 79

    Floptina Flopz ._.

  80. 80

    You have the likes of yourself to blame for her breakdown coming on. People like you just push and push and push

    such a dickhead, when will you learn

  81. lolli says – reply to this


    yeah let's talk about rihanna and ryan, huh? lol