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Lady GaGa To Be Godmother Of Elton John's Baby

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Lady Gaga congrats

Yes! It's true!

In a recent interview, Elton John's partner David Furnish, although trying not to comment, has given more than enough information that Lady GaGa will be baby Zachary's godmother.

What a lucky kid!

When asked about rumors of Lady GaGa being chosen as godmother to his child, David responded:

"We haven’t publicly confirmed that yet but your sources are very good! I prefer not to comment on it because we are going to make a statement about godparents later on."

We are going to take that line about the good sources as a definite YES!

This comes as no surprise to us because the Elton and GaGa have become close friends since the last year's Grammy Awards and he has praised her as the Queen of Pop.

David also had plen-ty of nice things to say about her as well.

Check out this excerpt from the interview:

Q: Do you believe Lady Gaga has the potential to influence today’s generation in the same way Madonna and Elton have?

A: Absolutely. The strongest thing that Gaga has—putting her amazing musical talent aside—is that she has such a connection with her fans. She has 25 million followers on Facebook and she communicates to fans [via] Twitter in a regular, ongoing way.

Q: Her knowledge of civil and human rights is impressive. What do you think about the type of messages she sends out to her fans?

A: She’s all about inclusiveness and tolerance. She believes that you can be whoever you want to be and that we don’t have to live in a world of conformity and that we can all [benefit] from individuality. That’s the best message in the world. The freedom to be who you are, do what you want and love who you want to love.

Q: And you’d like that kind of message to be around your family?

A: Absolutely. Elton and I don’t talk about what we hope Zachary grows up to be—musician, doctor or whatever. We just hope he grows up to be happy and that he’s able to do what he wants to do in life and has the freedom to take whatever path.

Sounds like Elton, David, Zachary and GaGa will be one big, happy family that is a walking, talking example of what it means to accept people for who they are!

We can't wait for the official announcement because we want to know who the godfather will be!


[Image via WENN.]

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83 comments to “Lady GaGa To Be Godmother Of Elton John's Baby”

  1. 1


  2. terp says – reply to this


    Let me be Perez for a sec… "I love Gaga…blah, blah blah, Gaga is god, blah, blah blah, I'm only going to post about Gaga, blah blah, blah, I act like I like Britney, katy and all other artist but only like Gaga, blah blah blah, Gaga did this, blah blah blah, Gaga did that, blah blah blah.

  3. 3

    Mariah Still Queen of Pop Debuts
    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" rockets to a record-setting debut on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart. The first single and title track from the star's third studio album storms Pop Songs at No. 14 with 4,602 plays, according to Nielsen BDS.

    By launching at No. 14, "Born" logs the second-highest start in the Pop Songs list's archives. Only Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" began at a higher rank, having soared in at No. 12 the week of Aug. 14, 1993. Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" and Madonna's "Frozen" follow with No. 16 arrivals.
    Source: Billboard

  4. 4

    wow… pretty dumb if true cause i doubt he's even known her for too long. this is supposed to be with someone you fully trust to watch your kid. i don't think she's it.

  5. 5

    Mariah Still Holds Highest 2nd Week Rank in Pop Songs
    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" becomes one of just eight tracks to reach the top 10 in a mere two weeks on the Nielsen BDS-based radio airplay survey.

    Songs to Reach the Pop Songs Top 10 in Two Chart Weeks:

    Artist, Title, Chart Move Into Top 10, Chart Date, Peak Pos.
    Lady Gaga, "Born This Way," 14-6, March 5, 2011, tbd
    Britney Spears, "Hold It Against Me," 16-10, Feb. 5, 2011, No. 3 to-date
    Eminem, "Just Lose It," 33-10, Oct. 16, 2004, No. 5
    'N Sync, "Pop," 21-10, June 9, 2001, No. 5
    Madonna, "Frozen," 16-10, March 14, 1998, No. 4
    The Rembrandts, "I'll Be There for You," 22-10, June 3, 1995, No. 1 (eight weeks)
    Mariah Carey, "Dreamlover," 12-4, Aug. 21, 1993, No. 1 (eight weeks)
    Janet Jackson, "That's the Way Love Goes," 29-9, May 8, 1993, No. 1 (nine weeks)

    Rising 14-6, "Born" registers the highest second-week Pop Songs rank since Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" rocketed 12-4 in its second frame. "Born" likewise trails only "Dreamlover" for highest debut in the chart's archives.
    Source: Billboard

  6. mw says – reply to this



  7. 7

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – give it up already you do this in every fucken posts about artist. who gives a shit about that 500 pound whale name mariah carey.

  8. 8

    Its well known that Elton John doesn't like Madonna even dissed her once while handing out an award that she won so it doesn't surprise me that he would give the Queen of Pop title to Lady Gaga.

  9. 9

    That microphone makes it look like she has a big wart on her face.

  10. 10

    Oh enough with Lady Gaga already!!!
    She has become so predictable and boring!
    She begun like a new Madonna - that to begin with - it means she just copied her style and antics with a twist…admittedly a great twist…! But Madonna didn't copy anyone. She WAS a pioneer! She reinvented herself a thousand times and people followed. Gaga is obviously losing the battle….
    She is running out of ideas to "shock" and it shows!
    All the other sites have been keeping up on the hot topic that is Charlie Sheen and the cancelation of Two and a half men….and here….you post about GAGA! ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  11. 11

    AHAHAHAHA This is interesting. Congrats Gaga ;)

  12. 12

    I wonder why Mario isn't posting what Charo said about CACA:

    "What I don't like is when somebody copies somebody and just adopts it like their own idea. You want me, I go a little further. I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea!"


  13. 13

    This is Super Amanda and I am a huge Madonna fan. Seeing you praise Lady Caca like this makes me angry.

  14. 14

    Yeah, Madonna is original. You see, I used to have an anti-Madonna website because I was jealous of Madonna. Now I love her.

  15. 15

    A little Creepy to use the Kid as a PR stunt

  16. 16

    So is that thing on her face a microphone or a wart? i can't tell…

  17. 17

    How sweet: A whole family of attention whores.

    Elton & David: Quit using a baby for publicity. That's pathetic.

  18. 18

    Re: The joker – Kisses Kunt ! You post what you want, I post what I want ! Have a blessid ass day, you sack of shit ! :-)

  19. 19

    The role of Godparent obviously doesn't mean much anymore. How sad for Elton and David that they have to resort to this creature - if this is even true of course - I'll believe it when I hear it. Surely they have some true friends they would trust with their child's life if it came to that?? My God, I wouldn't give this hoe a rat to look after.

  20. 20


  21. 21

    thats too crazy! i just couldn't see her raising a child!!!! weird!!

  22. 22

    See, this is a story that would have been worth reading… if you wouldn't have burnt me out on Caca 8 months ago. These stories are beginning to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher as I read them in my head. "Wah wah wa wa wahhh."

  23. 23

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – You REALLY need to get a life buddy. You troll any Gaga or Madonna post with your irrelevant Mariah Carey info. NO ONE CARES!!! It's pop radio statistics, which don't equal anything at all. While Mariah was bombing on her last "tour" Madonna AND Gaga were wiping the floor with MooMoo and raking in millions on their own respective tours.
    Also, if Madonna is so over, why has she been able to do that of which you incessantly post on every article more recently than your beloved MooMoo?
    Do keep in mind Madonna had been around for 15 YEARS at that point and MooMoo had been around for, what, three?

  24. 24

    Re: The joker – THANK YOU for pointing that out.

  25. 25

    Elton is just using Caca to get back at Madonna. He is jealous because she has been so much more successful than him. Madonna is original. She borrows from other people, but she never directly copies from anybody. I am Amanda and I love Madonna!

  26. 26

    Poor kid.

  27. 27

    You mean Godfather. The reason Elton likes Gaga more than Madonna is because hermaphrodites are more like him than straight women. I agreed with what Charo said. She hit the nail right on the head.

  28. 28

    OMG shut the fuck up about her already!! I did like her until you kept talking about her every post! If i was her I would seperate from you. You are really causing people to dislike her!

  29. IVIV says – reply to this


    Choosing a godmother for your child who's openly stated she still does ecstacy, coke, and loves her a shit load of pot and whiskey. Well, if you know anything about Sir Elton, you know he ain't always the brightest crayon in the box. But he's outspoken, and musically I could never hate the man. Love Elton but I think he's just caught up in her. A bit of a strange decision. He's done a lot of "stupid" things so this is just another to add to the list lol. Still love him.

  30. 30

    you all are disgusting.
    and yeah perez does overexpose gaga on here, but she's not the only one he constantly writes about.
    i love lady gaga, and she works SO MUCH harder than all of you sitting on your asses writing hate comments about her.

  31. 31

    Poor kid! Daddy doesn't care about women (Diana) and Godmother Gaga's future address may be a Psych Ward.

  32. 32

    Bet you any money that if the Late Princess Diana was alive - SHE would be the Godmother….

  33. 33

    That's awesome. Lady Gaga will make a great godmother.

  34. 34

    That's adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. 35

    I don't understand what people see in this buck-toothed, no-talent skank.

  36. 36

    omg wow that is one lucky kid, he can brag all he want's about his godmother :)

  37. 37

    good, a drug addict as a role model. when will you do a post that doesn't praise this italian rich girl??

  38. 38

    how the hell could she take care of a baby?

  39. 39

    Re: oopsimawesome10 – Ha Ha. Funny. My post was not in any way a "diss" towards Gaga. I like her, for the most part. I like SOME of Madonna's music, but as a person she is trash. Always has been and always will be. Mariah's sales aren't that far behind Madonna's, CD wise. As far as concerts go, Mariah is A SINGER, not a dancer/performer. You can't compare a Madonna concert to a Mariah concert. Real talent vs. "popularity" are two VERY different things. We'll see how Madonna's next CD sells. As far as all the people saying Gaga copy's Madonna all the timie… as another person posted a while back…. "please Google, "madonna the thief" and "top 10 most popular music rip offs," Madonna is #3 on the last one.

  40. 40

    Re: oopsimawesome10 – If pop radio music stats don't matter then you should tell that to all the Madonna fans who quote them and say how many #1 dance singles etc. that Madonna has. As far as Madonna being around 15 years at the time and Mariah 4, well Mariah did in 4 what Madonna couldn't do in 15. I think it's HILARIOUS that me posting a FACT from Billboard got you, and others SO UPSET ! LMAO ! Since Madonna has infact been around longer and is so much "better" than Mariah then shouldn't she have WAY MORE records sold? She only has a few thousand more than MC. Done "debating" the issue, I simply posted a FACT. Pyshco -idiotic Madonna fans think that Madonna invented music and are too blindly stupid to know otherwise.

  41. 41

    Quit calling GaGa the Queen of Pop…that title will FOREVER be owned by Madonna and MJ will be the Queen. GaGa has been relevant for about 2.5 years and has had quick success. Madonna has been around for 30, is the most successful female artist in history and the most influential. She has more hits then any other solo artist. STFU about GaGa!

  42. 42

    Who the fuck cares?!?!?!?!?!?!
    Some stupid Godmother bullshit: It's a dumb fucking title and she'll never see that baby.
    And she's not your God damn "wifey". She's just being kind since you raved about her before her fame. And she likes how you suck her ass and promote her every shit.

  43. SS18 says – reply to this


    ELTON sperm plus GAGA egg equals MOST TALENTED CHILD EVER

  44. 44


  45. 45

    WHY is this news…. shouldn't this be private?

  46. rcs says – reply to this


    I figured it would be that muppet Donatella Versace. Gaga looks alot like a muppet too, so it's full circle I guess.

  47. 47

    gag…who cares…it's not like any of them are religious

  48. 48

    Madonna is an old and used up piece of trash. Lady Gaga RULES!!

  49. 49

    Re: FleaDipAmanda – FAKE! SUPER AMANDA said this about Madonna you imposter: Madonna screwing the Malalwians out of the long promised school is a human rights violation. because the people involved are impoverished the media is ignoring it. She was supposed to live in the country for at least six months before adopting again and I believe she not only bribed officials but made promises like the school to make the baby purchasing possible and to avoid being a true lover of African people and culture. Madonna is nothing better than a New Age colonialist kidnapper.

  50. 50

    Re: FleaDipAmanda – The antimadonna website is going strong and millions hate the concave chested rent boy addict madonna who humps her mothers grave. Stop impersonating Flea, it is illegal you fat ass whore.


  51. 51

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – Oh, honey, no. My point about Madonna having a more recent "record breaker" on your incessantly posted chart performance is to point out that Madonna had done it 15 years into her career and pointing out how sad it was that while Mariah had been able to do it in her second year, she had failed to achieve that status since then. Frankly because no one cares about her. SImple as.
    Second, you just cited Mariah as being so "popular" but then when faced with that fact that Mariah's tours bomb you cite a difference between talent and "popularity", but by your lame "chart facts" isn't Mariah a more popular performer?
    No. She's not. She has about as much stage presence as a box of hair.
    I like some of Mariah's music, it's just blinded lambs such as yourself that help show the difference between a true performer and artist (Madonna, Janet, Gaga) from just a talented singer (Mariah, Celine)

  52. 52

    I grew up respecting Elton John. He was a good friend of the late Diana and was well respected. Am I the only one thinking he might be losing a few of his marbles as his age advances? GaGa for godmother? WTF would GaGa do with a kid? She has no idea how to dress in public, she is an attention whore. She is unable to be herself. She has no maternal instincts. She is full of herself. She is egotistical. She dresses like a 2 bit whore on the streets. And they want THAT raising their kid? OMGm, I fear for that poor kids safety if that is the kind of decisions they are going to make. Poor baby is doomed.

  53. 53

    Re: oopsimawesome10 – Who was the artist of the decade and artist of the millenium? It sure wasn't Madonna. Who had the "song of the decade", in the 90's and 00's, according to Billboard? Again, it sure wasn't Madonna. Yes, Madonna's tours sell very well, not gonna deny that. But as far as talent goes . . . please Google, "madonna the thief" and "top 10 most popular music rip offs," Madonna is #3 on the last one.

  54. 54

    Re: oopsimawesome10 – I'll take a talented SINGER anyday, over someone who LIP SYCHS all the time, because their voice is sub par and isn't strong enough to sing more than a few lines live. I'll also take someone who, from the BEGINNING, writes and produces their own music. Rather than paying people to write things for them and then add their name on to the writing credits after all the work is done.

  55. 55


  56. 56


  57. 57

    Re: superamandastompsmadonnashead

    You really need to get a life besides going to a bunch of sites and signing in under screen names to diss Madonna.

  58. 58

    I love Madonna so much. I am listening to "Borderline" right now.

  59. 59

    Wow. She really needs some dental work! Disgusting buck teeth!

  60. 60

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey

    Queen of Pop isnt the same thing as Queen of Pork

  61. 61

    Lady gaga sucks.. I just like Eminem too

  62. 62

    Omg if this is true l lost all respect for elton john how could he choose a drug addict for his babys godmother , l dont buy this until l hear the announcement , l think elizabeth hurley will be the godmother , Mario stop sucking up this slags arse lady gaga is a druggie l saw it with my very own eyes her of her head on something other then alcohol

  63. 63

    Re: unreal5511 – That is blatantly incorrect. Lady Gaga is not Madonna WITH diarrhea, she IS Madonna's diarrhea.

  64. 64

    Re: MJJ – Well, they sound a lot alike.

    Germanotta, although she likes jacking Madonnas style, is very much like the "new" Elton John.

  65. 65

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – Mariah and Christina are the only normal ones out there….. I wonder who buys this Ugly Reptile's songs

  66. 66

    I just love how older artists who have had a career slow down, decide to jump on whats popular at the moment just so they can increase their own profile. Elton/Gaga, Madonna/Britney It's pathetic…and so is all this Gaga shit every two seconds on this website. It's like Perez posts ANYTHING that is six degrees of seperation when it comes to news about Gaga. He has made me despise this woman!

  67. 67

    I just lost some admiration for John…seriously.

  68. 68

    It is sad that elton John is that uneducated , Gaga herself has said she considers Britney Spears as queen as pop and Britney Spears has been the top selling female artist for years and has broken more records then any other female artist, including Madonna and Mariah…His comment lacked education and made himself look ignorant, you do not call someone who may very well still end up being a one hit wonder queen of pop, there are ladies out here who have been working there butts off for years such as Britney, Madonna, Mariah , etc and to cal someone who has been around for a few years queen of pop is a total disrespect to those ladies.

  69. 69

    Are these people SICK or WHAT???? In the words of charlie sheen "clowns"

  70. 70

    Ummmm she's a drunk and druggie and this is someone he wants to make his son's godmother. Okaaaaaaay!

  71. 71

    Re: BAEEAB – If Mariah is the quuen of pork then Hagdonna is the Quenn of WHORES !!!!!!!!

  72. china says – reply to this


    poor baby zac is already scarred for life.

  73. 73

    Sorry but this right here is why people like Elton John shouldn't have kids! Lady Gaga? Really?

  74. 74

    Her face must scare children everywhere. He will change his mind later. He's known for all of 5 minutes. It's just a matter of time before the gay guys and nerds get tired of her.

  75. 75

    Re: Lickey~Dickey~Bo~Bickey – Shuta Fuck Up! Nobody gives a shit about Mariah Carey!

  76. 76

    Re: Edgar Allen Poe – Eat shit kunt, noone gives a fuck about YOU !

  77. 77

    Nothing against GaGa as a person, I like her, I truly do…. but she's a self admitted heavy drinker and drug user. Would you want that for your child??

  78. 78

    Um, how long has he known this woman?

  79. 79

    That poor baby. With all the people in the world they pick that freak to be their baby's godmother????? I thought Elton would have better taste than that

  80. 80

    Re: crickets – One different., he know her private, you don't. She isn't exactly like that in private, even is if she was , that kid would be the luckiest in the world. She comes with the meaning that you should be yourself and not to be ashamed. Just read what he says about her, it really sounds like she has a heart of gold.

  81. 81

    Y would you want her to be god mother:s Hes gunna be surrounded by freaks when he is older,bless!
    And im gay but y have her,what happened to family or friendd as a godparents. And what is elton famous for?theee beast

  82. 82

    now what lol shes gonna turn them into freaks next…lol sit down gaga gain some weight please before u go look off looking like the bitch from the adams family..

  83. 83