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Canada To Randy Quaid: We Guess You Can Stay

| Filed under: Legal Matters

What Exactly Is A Starwhacker Randy

Randy Quaid and his wife were in trouble a while ago trying to seek refuge in Canada from a "murderous ring" of accountants and what he called "star whackers" who were out to get him.

Well, the good news for them is that his wife was able to gain citizenship and has now vowed to sponsor Randy.

The source says:

“Evi’s Canadian citizenship was formally recognized and we received her citizenship card on Feb. 10. Evi has formally applied to sponsor her husband and it is anticipated that Randy will be granted his permanent resident status in due course and before the refugee claim is scheduled.”

It's strange, however (what isn't strange about this?), that as soon as Ms. Quaid found out about the citizenship, she dropped her refugee claim.

Was it because she didn't need it or because it wasn't so?

Source continues:

"Ms. Quaid dropped her refugee claim when she learned she had status because her father is Canadian. Mr. Quaid’s refugee case had a number of delays. His lawyer had said Mr. Quaid’s claim might be dropped if they could find another way for him to stay in Canada, possibly through his wife."

Why would he drop the claim if what he's saying is true?? Wouldn't he want to continue on to bring the "star whackers" to light??

And there's still that pesky business about those pending US charges, including:

"Outstanding U.S. arrest warrants. They had been charged with living illegally in a California guest house they formerly owned. The couple allegedly caused $5,000 damage to the property."

They're not just going to be forgotten, but they're going to be pursued peacefully!

Stay safe, Randy!

What do U think about this, Canadian followers??

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Canada To Randy Quaid: We Guess You Can Stay”

  1. 1

    well obviously canada is too offing forgiving…. they need to get their asses back to the USA so we don't have to deal with them running here to get away from their problems. All this country is doing is setting a bad example and showing people that they can get away with breaking the law if they flee back to Canada. disgusting!

  2. 2

    Isn't there an extradition agreement between the US & Canada?

  3. 3

    Re: Sarahk__ – This has nothing to do with "forgiveness", this is about the law. As one of Evi's parents was Canadian, Evi automatically has Canadian citizenship. And yes, Canada has an extradition agreement with the US but it's for the extreme end of the crime scale (ie: murder, etc.). Canadian taxpayers' money isn't going to be wasted in the courts on extradition proceedings regarding less serious offences, such as parking violations or rent jumpers. So, in summary, calm down Sarah and think through situations maturely and intelligently before lashing out with superficial and juvenile comment.

  4. 4

    @Sarahk: okay honey, settle down and take a breath. Firstly, one of Evi's parents was Canadian, which means Evi has Canadian citizenship. Secondly, Canada and the US enjoy one of the most peaceful and respectful relationships between two countries in the world. Are there issues between them? Of course, however they are worked through together as these 2 nations are successful allies to one another. Finally, Canada & the US do have an extradition agreement in place; however it exists for crimes of a more serious nature, ie: accusation of murder, etc. The extradition agreement is not used to waste either US and Canadian taxpayers' dollars by dragging every person accused of a parking violation or of rent jumping through the courts to extradite to the other country. Think through issues, research them, and respond maturely before typing out a superficial and juvenile comment on something you clearly know nothing about. Enjoy your day honey.

  5. 5

    I met Randy when I was 13 years old and he was the nicest person I'd ever come across. (And I'm not just saying met him in passing - he was doing a film that a family member was a part of and I spent about 3 weeks on set helping out.) Unfortunately since then I've watched a spiral into complete crazy-town and it's not cool. While I firmly believe that everyone deserves a second chance its just gone too far with Mr. and Mrs crazy. I am disappointed that they will be citizens of Canada but there's really nothing we can do seeing as Mrs Crazy has Canadian parents… so really watcha gonna do?

  6. 6

    This is obviously special treatment and it is unfair to people who are trying to seek residence in Canada but have been refused because of a prior minor conviction. There are Americans who can't even come to Canada for a visit because of a conviction that happened years ago.
    While I understand that Evi can live in Canada because her father was a Canadian, Randi should not be allowed to saty because of the charges he is facing back home. If his application is granted, I hope future residence seekers who are refused permanent visas use this to sue the Canadian government for preferential treatment and make it NEWS!!!

  7. 7

    Randy Quaid, Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence. "Why they so crazy?" Josh Brolin and Paul Haggis speak out against Scientology and will struggle to find work in the future. There is something fishy in Hollywood. For all of you upholding "the law", California doesn't particularly care about your legal rights. Why be America's Hall Monitor and defend a broken and unfair system? Mr. or Mrs. Law Abider, you may be the next person publicly executed by a police officer who thinks your cell phone is a gun. "The law" of the land in CA is to perpetuate a police state in a bankrupt state that is surviving economically on porn, the Lakers, and drugs… and not even American drugs, but MEXICAN drugs! The police will shoot you, average citizen, without causation before they will begin to prosecute a thieving drug addicted entitled liar of a former actress who has been unemployed for years.

  8. 8

    I don't know how many laws the "Starwhackers" may have broken, but I absolutely believe that people tried to extort or strong-arm contact the Quaids and that their paranoia has at the very least some basis in a reality; same with Chappelle or Lawrence or DMX. People steal identities and bank accounts and other people. People rape and murder and extort and connive and lie. It's what we do. Why wouldn't someone lie to and extort and steal from a celebrity actor? Get your head out of the sand, sheep. The powerful are sharks. Don't forget it.

    And for Quaid's mental health, Hollywood is morally bankrupt as well, and that deciding to live in an even more psychotic sub-sect of "normal" society in Hollywood must tax the soul and mind irreversibly.

  9. 9

    As a Canadian all I can say is *face palm*

    Why do I keep reading about hard working legal immagrants always getting deported because either their refugee claim was denied or they're status expired. Yahoos like these two and criminals are allowed to stay in the country instead of getting booted out like they should be. This is just mind boggling.

    Guess Denis has himself an Anchor Wife. *face palms*

  10. 10

    He might not be granted permanent resident status because of his prior convictions and legal immigrants typically don't get deported if they're in fact legally entitled to work and stay in Canada and have done nothing wrong. Also, people often forget that celebrities are just as susceptible to mental illness and delusional paranoia as the rest of us. But who knows, the starwhackers could be real. There's so much shiz that goes on that we're so not aware of and it's naive to think that it's not a possibility. There will be some red faces when the Quaids turn up dead

  11. 11

    Americans can keep their guns, and their Quaids. Send them back.

  12. dodo says – reply to this


    Re: .Beautiful.Stranger. – Yes, to qualify as a permanent resident he will need to submit an FBI clearance showing his past conviction records and outstanding warrants. He will also have to pass a health exam, although unfortunately that is very simple and does not probe for mental conditions.

  13. 13

    Ummm…American people? Will you take your nutcases back please? We've enjoyed spending time with them, but we know you must miss them, and we don't want to keep you apart….

  14. 14

    You can have the Quaids but I'm keeping the mexicans I have working on my farm.

  15. 15

    Marc Emery, a tax paying Canadian citizen, was sentenced in a U.S. court of law to 5 yrs for selling pot seeds from Canada. Seeds! Something that Canada doesn't even view as a crime. He now sits and wastes away in a U.S. prison trying $$$ to get transferred back to Canada to serve out his sentence. With this in mind, the QUAIDS get special treatment from us Canadians? GAWD! Protect your OWN Canada!!!

    I'm embarrassed.

  16. 16

    Re: Meggie2466 – haha why did you replay twice?