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Charo Disses GaGa With Unpleasant Imagery

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charo disses gaga

We understand that people have made the GaGa/Madonna comparison before, but this is the most disgusting one yet!

During Frank DeCaro's OutQ Sirius XM radio show, Charo had the following to say about GaGa:

"I can tell you, to me, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea."

"I don't like it when somebody copies somebody and just adopt it. Like, their own idea."

Congrats on grabbing our attention with shock value, Charo. Somehow, we don't think GaGa is going to take you too seriously with THAT argument though.


[Image via WENN.]

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151 comments to “Charo Disses GaGa With Unpleasant Imagery”

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  1. 101

    Re: jas781

    I'm gay and have not purchased her album. :)

  2. 102

    Re: white_is_ugly

    Perhaps you should look her up on the internet you dumb asshole.

  3. 103

    I like Lady Gaga but this woman is right. Lady gaga IS a madonna wannabe and she DOES take other artists' ideas and dresses them up as her own and lately she's been trying a little too hard (you can tell she's running out of ideas to "shock"). Nothing against Gaga but that's the truth.

  4. 104

    WTF are she?

  5. 105

    Re: Yomama – don't insult drag queens.

  6. 106

    Atta girl Charo

  7. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: DanielDax – I love daniel dax and I agree about the stuff you said about madonna, but I dont think gaga will have the staying power. madonna had one thing lady gaga cant buy or copy…she exuded sex appeal. lady gaga is not a wet dream inducer. she is lacking and people are so annoyed with her already its not like it was with madonna.

  8. 108

    Gaga is the best!!! She is much better than this stupid bitch!

  9. 109

    Charo is right.

  10. 110

    Gaga is a copycat of madonna. Its obvious. She borrowed all the ideas from other celebs like madonna, grace jones and etc. And gaga takes all the credit for it and has the BIGGEST EGO I have ever seen! But guys she does have talent though

  11. 111

    For those people saying that Lady Gaga is "original" must be really young because what Lady Gaga does with her outragious outfits and behavior has been done a long time ago. I do like some of Lady Gaga's music and performances but I would NEVER say that she is original. Although Charo states it in a more harsh way that Gaga is no original, she is very right.

  12. 112

    It's become public knowledge that Lady Gaga is just a fabrication of her record label to sell records because they didn't believe that she was attractive enough to sell just on her voice. Before breaking through to popstar stardom with her gimicks she was normal and was dropped from her previous label. We live in such a superficial world that that is what record companies do to market their artists. Think about it, are there many unattractive artists? Remember when Susan Boyle got so much attention, as if the possibility to have a gorgeous voice and be unattractive don't go together. Lady Gaga although has some catchy songs is no original.

  13. 113


  14. 114

    AGREED!! Gaga is Diarrhea

  15. 115

    She's right. And truth hurts.

  16. 116

    she's absolutely right and THAT is why it pisses you off…. if it didn't you'd have no room to talk based on what you say about everyone else…

  17. 117

    Re: MooMooMario – Amen! Why do you think the bimbo squad are on the hot 100? Gaga, Rihanna and Katy? Their labels pay for it…Charo's right…it's ALL been done before and done better.

  18. 118

    Re: coolfri – Yeah…nothing about Gaga is original, nothing about any of these artist are original. She's catchy and all, but it's all been done before, it's Madonna 2.0 mixed with drag.

  19. 119

    Re: dirtyfinger – I don't Charo is trying to change your opinion and make you hate Gaga, she's just stating a fact. Gaga is a Madonna knockoff, those of us that grew up in the 80's can see that. Love her if you like, but you love something that has already been done.

  20. $onia says – reply to this


    Charo has been around a long time. The woman knows what she is talking about, and I absolutely agree with her.

  21. 121

    It's funny cus it's true.

  22. 122

    Re: WMariah – The Alejandro video was very reminescent to vogue and like a prayer merged into 1 video. Her gun bra was like Madonnas cone bra. Madonna also used Catholic iconagraphy with kissing a black Jesus, burning crosses, etc…again, Gaga is not original, not by a long shot.

  23. 123

    shitriah pig of flops

  24. 124

    Lady Gaga style is similiar to Madonna but, shouldn't it be Madonna complaining? if anyone can really say anything it is definitely Madonna. Also Lady Gaga might have been inspired by Madonna but, she took it farther then Madonna did. So really it's Lady Gaga's style. Twenty years down the road if some girl becomes famous because of her radical style, everyone will say that she is copying off Lady Gaga. And by the way Perez loves Lady Gaga, lots of people have stars that they adore and will defend. How is he any different? You all act as if Perez is the first to EVER adore a celebrity.

  25. 125

    Wow, she just came out and said what a lot of others are thinking, didn't she?

  26. 126

    Charo is an EXTREMELY talented flamenco and classical guitarist, among being an actress, comedienne, and other talents. She has more talent in her index finger than Lady Gaga has in her entire body. Try looking Charo up on Youtube and watching her play. She's amazing.

  27. 127

    sorry, but charo is right. madonna always ripped people off but she al least would rip people who were not so much in the mainstream, therefore making what she ripped off more mainstream than it previously was. anyone who knew the more non mainstream music knew what she ripped off but the masses didnt. with lady gaga, she is ripping off madonna who is the most mainstream woman in pop history. then gaga tries to make it seem like its all her own ideas. people are not that dumb gaga. we all know. used to like her, but im over her now.

  28. 128

    Get over it perez gaga is a theif and coke whore. She stole from Madonna, Kylie, CHRISTINA, and Grace Jones. Her music is shit and you have your nose to far up her ass.

  29. 129

    Re: Eric92 – I can see how good gaga's influence has done to you, look how you are, full of love and peace

    yes she is a great influence in your lifes.

  30. 130

    Believe it or not, Charo is a classically trained Spanish guitar player and is actually quite amazing. Yes, she's spent her career on this rather cheap looking image, BUT she's got talent. Look up some of her performances. She actually does have a great deal of validity and is absolutely right. It's too bad Mario here is too far up Lady Gaga's bum to see the truth. Even my 12 year old can hear the similarities between "Born This Way" and "Express Yourself"!

  31. 131

    Way to go Charro A perfect description of Gagme

  32. 132

    Says the whore who wanted to look like the plastic surgery whores and Charo is the 2.0 version of all the women who has like20+ procedures on their face.

    Nobody is original these days anyway.
    But lady gaga has it going out.

    Shut up Charo.
    I think you should just take your cane and go back to sleep.

  33. @v@ says – reply to this


    Gaga's a musician. I've never seen Madonna behind a baby grand pounding out freaky original compositions on the ivories. Gaga seems to be spending more time fronting and doing the dance thing than playing lately, and I miss and love her piano schtick. Maybe she sits down and plays more in her live shows. I also enjoyed a lot of what Madonna did back in the day, so…*shrugs.* I hardly see a similarity; only here and there, and I saw copying in Madonna's stuff back when, too. It's entertainment, people, not plagiarism of a literary classic. It's getting harder and harder to be fun and original when it's almost all been done already, but I give Gaga props for livening the scene back up and for really trying to involve more than just the ears when you go to her shows.

  34. 134

    Why are you surprised? She never had ANY class

  35. 135

    gaga is overrated. I don't see talent or charm. Boring.

  36. 136

    Lady Gaga does a better job at being Madonna than Madonna does.
    as for Charo: I don't agree with you, see you on Celebrity Rehab 5.

  37. 137

    Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. She just said it little harshly specially someone Charo's age come on be a little bit more mature.

  38. 138

    Hahahaha, Charo of all people! Wasn't she on The Surreal Life at one point? A 60-year old who dresses like a teen. Oeh, intimidating!

  39. 139

    Wow you people are so original "lady caca" Y'all should win awards. You people are ignorant.

  40. 140

    this woman just became my hero…meanwhile i love how you are so biased you cant just report in when it comes to GaGa

  41. 141


  42. 142

    Re: jas781 – THAT was offensive! ONLY IDIOTS BUY HER ALBUMS, AND THEY DO IT LIKE 200 TIMES EACH ONE! THAT'S WHY SHE HAS NEVER HAD A #1 ALBUM, 'CAUSE NO ONE BUYS THEM REALLY! xD We gays are WAY smarter than those CACA FANS, we have better taste in music, and we DON'T really like BLATANT RIP-OFFS! SO FUCK OFF!

  43. 143

    Ok, and that lady up top looks like Dolly Parton…. HYPO-FUCKING-CRYTE!!!

  44. 144

    Re: lisamp – Exactly

  45. 145

  46. 146

    perez, you have your lips so far up gaga's ass that you don't see what is right in front of you. gaga is nothing more than a copycat. she stole her first album from xtina aguilera, she stole her new single from madonna, and she stole her multi hair color from cyndi lauper…there is NOTHING original about her

  47. 147

    Loves it.

  48. 148

    She couldn't have said it any better. I don't like Charo but she's correct.

  49. 149

    Re: white_is_ugly – Charo is an entertainer and not in the same vein as a pop star.. she's done the talk show circuit for years.. she's been on many old TV shows. She has NO reason to be jealous. She is older now but her age doesn't de-value her opinion.. in fact, her opinion is much more valid than a bunch of stupid so called Monsters that stand uneducated on anything that happened in the past. Do you know how the marketing and advertising world refers to the highly impressionable age group of 18 - 25 that they can sell their product to? They call them "Monsters".. It's been a term in marketing for the past 5 years. Gaga is ripping off of Madonna 100 percent and everybody above the age of 25 can see it

  50. 150

    too bad frank decaro looks like diarrhea.

  51. 151

    Perez don`t be ridiculous She is right! Everybody knows that gag copied Madonna and that she is also always coping Grace Jones! You are not professional at all! Just because you (Kisses gaga`s a**) like her you don`t give her real reviews like you do to everybody. Greatly we have other voice on the media like Charo to express real point of view! She did a good job with Bad Romance and Telephone(but this new song sucks and the video is as disgusting as a diarrhea!

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