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Taylor Swift Spotted With A New Man! A GLEEK!

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Last night, Taylor Swift was spotted cozying up to a new man, Glee newbie Chord Overstreet, at the LA Kings hockey game.

Looks suspiciously like a first or second date to us! Now, the only question is: how did this happen? Both of these blonde beauties have been pretty busy, so we can't imagine where they might have met each other.

Eh, who cares! Think of the beautiful music they could make together.

And Swifty gets a phone call from Ryan Murphy in 3…2…1

[Image via AP Images.]

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23 comments to “Taylor Swift Spotted With A New Man! A GLEEK!”

  1. 1

    They might have met because of Glee. A Taylor Swift's song is going to be in this season of glee.

  2. 2

    Jeeze she gets around. He could do so much better!!

  3. 3

    Again?!? Remember Cory Monteith ? Oh yeah.. they were ”just friends” hihi

  4. 4

    Why is it that when any 2 celebrities are pictured together, it has to be a "date"?

  5. 5

    Still waiting on her response to Adam Young's valentine!

  6. 6

    Jesus… Can she go a week without going on a date? Pathetic.

  7. rcs says – reply to this


    Re: Spixxy666 – Just like when two men are together they are gay…It's just a fact.

  8. 8

    I refuse to allow this. Chord doesn't deserve a crappy song written about him.
    I can see it now: Rachel singing the new hit Taylor Swift song on Glee… about her breakup with Chord.

  9. 9

    Re: shan_non – I was thinking the same thing.

  10. 10

    another staged setup. This girl is pathetic!

  11. 11

    If I dated every dude I've stood next to…

  12. 12

    Perez, why do you fake pretend that you don't know this is a set up. Actually I don't care if it is because they are looking good together. Some publicist should be getting a bonus ,for finally setting up two people that work! Chord will get more famous, and Taylor will look like the little prom princess to sell her records. Win, win, I say. Good for them! I hope they end up liking each other and "dating." I say "dating" bcz everybody knows Taylor is "celebate." LOLOL!

  13. 13

    And it starts, our daily barage of gay ass glee posts. This time, with a little alien head sprinkled in.

    P.S. Ryan Murphy is a piece of shit and should see a doctor. His AIDS cocktail is obviously not working.

  14. 14

    if you dont like her dont comment but does this really have to mean there dating? they would have no time she is on tour and he is filming glee

  15. 15


  16. YUCK says – reply to this


    daaaaang! Tswizzle is going through hollywood c*ck like its going out of business or something, how old is she? she's had more c*ck than charlie sheens porn stars.

  17. 17

    Taylor loves hockey? All the more reasons for me to love her. :)

  18. 18

    Can a man and woman not be friends? Why is it that every time celebrities are seen together it's automatically a date? Absurd!

  19. 19

    Didn´t this guy say in some interview that he has many friends (male, female) and how funny it was, how people always assume he is dating, when he goes out with them? LOL. He was right.


  20. 20

    Run, Chord whilst you can. She seems crazy!

  21. 21

    Way better than the GyllenHO creeper. I'd be wondering about Chord's straightness tho?

  22. 22

    She sure goes around. That's all I can say.

  23. 23

    oh god another thing about this glee. don't like it glee but if it works it works. if not he can always become a song.