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5 comments to “James Franco Gets Ready For The Oscars”

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    You know, reporting on the red carpet would actually be worth something to us if we could COMMENT ON IT!

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    Re: Cassandra Richard – exactly…sick of seeing all these posts that we can't comment on.

    Anyway, why is Mario reporting on fashion? Someone that knows about fashion should be doing it…not this clown….has he looked in a mirror lately? He's always on the worst dressed lists.

  3. 3

    Did you turn the comments off on all the oscar fashion stuff so people can't call you on your nasty comments?

  4. 4

    Re: Reallynowcmon – He did it for all of the award shows. And I think the reason he did it is because he doesn't allow comments for Coco Perez. And you know how normally, he'll just show part of the post on here, and then make you click a link to read the rest at the Coco Perez. But I think he just let it all stay on here (instead of making us link to it) because of how popular these awards posts are.

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    Well, now we know. He sucked the biggest dick in town. He looked like he was made of wood. Maybe he just sucked his own.